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Heh, lets see here, well... im social... sorta... most of the time. When im inspired, i write some pretty good stories.... but hay, im not gonna brag here, others do way better than me im sure.

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"The Darkness. A blight upon the galaxy. Always will the threat it poses exist. But, it is our duty to stand up against this tidal force. Our duty to defend the innocent and purge every threat. We may not be able to stop it..... but we can give it pause. Each and every one of you, Hunters, Warlocks, Titans, Guardians all, have the strength to fight back now more than ever. The Traveler now heals thanks to the efforts of heroes like yourselves. Now we must begin to push the darkness back. Lights behind the veil still flicker with life. Untouched by the Traveler's Light they may be but they may still hold innocent lives that must be protected from the Darkness. The Traveler works through US now. Let us do our duty to protect what remains, and halt the tide of evil before the fate of our Golden Age Solar System befalls others. We have risen from the ashes. Now we must unleash the cleansing flame." The Speaker finishes his speech. Soon the cheers of Guardians all around the Tower echo throughout the air, heard as far as the Last City below.

(Shout out to The laid back hunter for allowing me to use a character that will be appearing in this story. Rock on my friend.)

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Twilight is about to have her hooves full. Who is this newcomer on the edge of town? AND WHY DOES STUFF KEEP BLOWING UP OVER THERE!? What is with the strange shifting star patterns high above? Join Twilight and friends as they discover that a whole new universe of alien life lies out among the stars. They make new friends and acquire new power. But there will be suffering also, for some things the universe holds are not for the faint of heart.

Because war..... war never changes..... no matter where you are.

If you like Halo AND MLP:FIM you may wanna keep reading

Events in this story take place after the events of Halo 4 Spartan Ops, but before Twilight becomes an Alicorn.

(please note, im juggling a few things, so this story may take me a while. But i figured, what the hay? how else can i spend those free hours in my week?)

Disclaimer: I do not own MLP:FIM or Halo and this story is not an official continuation for either franchise. The real owners are Hasbro, Bungie, Microsoft Studios, and 343 Industries. Give them due credit for the characters, locations, and starships they created.

(Status Update 12/29/2014): Sequel status in doubt. Although considering renaming the sequel based on the name of a song from the band Muse and the song itself (source of some inspiration) I'll let you guys guess in the comments page below the sequel what song inspired me to give the sequel more time and basically, you know, give it a chance. :)

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