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Heh, lets see here, well... im social... sorta... most of the time. When im inspired, i write some pretty good stories.... but hay, im not gonna brag here, others do way better than me im sure.


My Stories: Continuations and Updates · 5:05pm May 6th, 2016

Alright folks Gunny here with an update. So, many of you are probably wondering "Gunny, why haven't you posted new chapters in like a year and why is it still taking you so long to post now that you're back?"

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LONG Writers Block Ending/Update · 3:58pm Apr 9th, 2016

I am extremely sorry about my lack of posts and story updates for the past few months. Between college and some very significant personal affairs, I ended up acquiring a hefty writer's block and had to put everything on hold while I got my ducks in a row.....

..... Yeah life can be a real pain like that .....

In any case, I'm back now and throwing my effort into my stories again, hoping to continue the tale of titans, "On the Shoulders of Giants."

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Anthony Dubias, A Biography · 12:21am Jul 22nd, 2015

(This is a first person history profile I made on my original character "Anthony Dubias" from my story "On the Shoulders Of Giants." I created this as the final product of an assignment in a college literary composition course. Got an A+ from the teacher but what do you guys think?)

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Slight Forgetfulness can equal Tragic Endings. · 8:30pm Jun 30th, 2015

Stories, articles, and videos exist on YouTube, FimFiction, Facebook, and so on at this very moment that depict the meaning of this very title. Example, forgetting a child in a locked car on a sweltering hot day. Don't do that. The kid is likely to die after a mere fifteen minutes. Tragedies in fictional stories and in actual human history can be extremely harsh but very real lessons. Not taking said lessons to heart can mean serious repercussions down the line.

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Story Question · 2:33pm Feb 24th, 2015

Alright guys, so I've seen ALOT of Fall of Equestria material on the home page over the months and got curious, took a look and well... I'm shocked frankly this is some dark stuff. Now I am VERY tempted to create a liberation type story to knock the Caribou off their "high horse" so to speak. Considering multiple ideas INCLUDING crossovers.

Liberation army is on its knees and without help it's gonna fall short.

Crossover ideas:
Dragon Age

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Brony Community Strength · 3:35am Jan 30th, 2015

Guys.... it appears our numbers and strength as a community is dwindling. This saddens me greatly. Not only because it will likely affect sites like this in the long run, but also because it is such an amazing community to begin with. Everyone please, for the love of god spread the word. Let others know how great it can be. MLP improved my LIFE! It taught me values that adhered so well to my beliefs and brought me many many good friends all over the world. Let others know how it can make

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Healthy Advice (Can support everyone from students, to authors, to soldiers, to builders) · 4:38pm Dec 2nd, 2014

The following was a post on Google+ by me worth sharing here. This information is compiled solely from data from professionals and experience. This advice is more than capable of assisting fanfiction authors as well so this IS relevant to FIMfiction.net even if it may be indirectly related. None of the following is meant to be an insult to anyone (not even a weight insult) It is STRICTLY a set of helpful tips that may improve overall lifestyle and general abilities/skills, both mental and

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Unfortunate Circumstances · 8:28am Nov 5th, 2014

It's come to my attention that there are a number of users on this site who seem to solely be here purely to hate on other people's works, pointing out ONLY the flaws. Let me be abundantly clear here. NONE OF US APPRECIATE IT!

This site was launched with the obvious intent to allow people to post their literary, fanmade works to SHARE with others and to receive CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and POSITIVE feedback from their fellow users.

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