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A Pegasus, A wolf, and A alicorn set to explore the world filled with anthro animals and mythical creatures. Only to discover that it all what it see. The world is filled with adventures and exploring and monster that will attack anything to protect it secret from them.

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Have you ever read a Nonfiction story on a fiction site before? No.

Well,you about to. Thank to me of course.

and yes, my English hasn't improve since the last time i write but i got better ideas and that worth more then my terrible writing skills.

A young changeling queen who was exile to manehatten for fail to participate in the invasion of canterlot. Decide to overthrow Queen Chrysalis for stealing a another pony perfect mate from her. But she wanting more then that. She want to form a new hive so changeling can live in peace and love with another ponies. But Queen Chrysalis isn't going down without a fight. Will the young queen success her vision of her perfect world or will the evil Queen chrysalis destroy her and let the the rebellious changeling hive die alone.

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