A Traveler tale (A "Traveler" parody)

by BlackAlizebra

A brave new journey

Not all who wander are lost, All who wander are found and discovered . -Queen Phillip

As a young sky blue Pegasus mare, Free Spirit was busy reading a book that she buys from a local bookseller and found a story about a histrionic relic within the town underground tunnel system. She decides to grab her friend for the journey she has for them. Zack (A male Grey wolf) was the group weapons expert, He can craft anything you told him to make. His father runs a tool shop just on the outskirt of the town and he always out to the mine for more materials for the shop. So Zack was always alone and often run the counter in the shop. But Zack also wants to explore and be an adventurer like the zebra alicorn princess striped aurora.

Most people think alicorn are always like a winged unicorn, but not Striped Aurora. She was the first zebra with royal abilities but she wasn't into that. She loves to see the world but at her own pace. She can do spells but she doesn't use them very often. She can also brew potion and poison for the adventurer who wants a magical advantage with them. Striped Aurora spend countless hours and days in her hut perfecting portions and poisons, So she can have them available for any adventurer who comes into her shop. Striped Aurora always looking for herbs and spices around the woods and collect them for her portion and poison.

Free Spirit, Striped Aurora, and Zack meet up at Zack tool shop and head to the basement under the shop. It has a wide selection of tool and weapons down there as well a few exclusive items that zack isn't allowed to sell. They gather around the table and free spirit laid out a map of the nation and dungeons and where they locating at. Zack and Aurora look at it and saw spirit point to one of them at the town across the two sister river in the country. Striped aurora and zack notice that the river is underground water system and dungeon too. But the town underground tunnel is at the end of the dungeon

Spirit ask Aurora that does she have any breathing portions available, Aurora said yes and put some out of her pouch. Spirit and Zack examine the bottle and looking for any warning. Most potion makers don't put a warning label on it to tell the traveler about the symptoms it might contain. But Aurora is confident that her portion is safe enough that the children could use to for fun and trick. But Zack and Spirit can't risk it and even the most professional of potion maker can't keep up the end of the promise. Aurora wouldn't do that to her friend and it customer too.

Zack and Aurora Look at the route that leads to the river and zack notice that the route also contain a Bunch of monsters surrounding there. Zack wasn't much as a warrior then spirit and Aurora are, But he wasn't afraid to pick one up and use it. Been surround with tools and weapons all his adult life make it easier for him to get used to. Zack grab a sword, an ax, and a few iron and steel ore just in case to make the repair of the tools and weapons on the way there. Spirit think it didn't need it but zack always want to be prepared for anything on the adventure. As the gang starts to pack and prepare to leave for their expedition.

An all griffon adventure group enter the shop and stop the gang in the path. Sorry, we closed said zack before the griffon said something. Well, you open for the best expedition group in the world AKA we Now said the griffon leader. Well, except now because we off on an adventure added striped aurora. What kinds of kiddie adventure you three are off to ask one of the members. Our Adventures are kiddie and unlike you Misfits. we are nice to everybody and inspire kids and teens to explore the world too. We encourage kids and teens too said another griffon member. They just don't need to go big and end their life quickly like fools, He added. See, That not encouraging to them said Striped Aurora.

Well, they can't handle big, dangerous quests like us and we did a lot of amazing feats like the slaying ten dragons in one day said the leader. Oh, boy said Striped Aurora, Here we go again added Zack as the Griffons start telling the tales to them for hours. The Group was very uninterested in the story, But the griffon was so vain in the adventuring achievements that they can shut up about it. After a few hours (which feel like days to them) of listening to the griffon story. The gang was bored out of the minds and Zack was ready to kick them out of his father shop. But the griffon was leaving because they are tiring to entertaining the amateurs they think they are.

Free spirit was furious at them for making fun of her group. But luckily Aurora was there to calm her down. Zack grabs his keys and grabs the bags as they ready to go exploring. Free spirit, Striped Aurora left the shop, so zack can lock the store and leave a notice for the customers. After leaving a friendly reminder to the customer, They are off they go on the adventure to the underwater dungeon. The group battling obstacles, monsters, and crafting at the night. So they can be ready for another day traveling to the river before it runs too low. They have been traveling day in and day out until they made it there on day 8. The group put on they snorkel mask on and get ready to dive in. Free spirit and zack were stretching out and bend over to improve the ability to swim as aurora put out the portion for them to take to make breath underwater without the mask. If they manage to lose it in the water.