The Tragic tale of a Risen Changeling Queen.

by BlackAlizebra

Queen Phillip public debut

As the rising sun made her appearance for the day to start. Virta hoof got up and wash up and made breakfast for her daughter and himself. Queen Phillip was still asleep in the very soft bed, Virta hoof walk in and wake her up to eat her breakfast and get dress for the day. After a few minute of morning prep. The Duo was ready to take on the world and start the day.The Virta hoof and Queen Phillip start walking down the tough street of manehatten to Virta hoof place of employment. Queen Phillip was nervous about this, Because she was going to stick out like a sore thumb at the workplace and everypony is going to judge by her cover.

But Virta Hoof want to introduce her to some another little foal beside staying in the apartment all alone with herself. As Virta hoof walk in the reception area and sign in and her for bring your foal to work day. Queen Phillip follow Virta hoof to his office and sit in the couch directly cross from him. Virta hoof turn on his computer and waiting to start up, Queen Phillip curiosity was at her peek as she look around the office space and Figure it out with he do all day. She notice a couple posters around the office that look like some kind computer animation. Couple of her predication start to form in her mind and Thinking his could a developer of some kinds or he is some kinds creative advocator.

Few of the employer around the building starting whinny about the president who for the first time bring a foal to work. Even some foal some chatting about that too. But some start asking themselves who is this foal? and how does the president got her? The foals and the employer were start foaming some idea about the two questions either with logics or illogic's thought of the president dating lifestyle or the adoption of her. But most employer who work with virta hoof are married and have foals of they own. Half the time they were discussing about they family life and marriage they had. It mostly make the president feel left out because he be single for awhile.

As most of employer were on they lunch break leaving the foals in the separate room with a table filled of snacks,drinks,and various sweets. Queen Phillip grab herself a plate and fill it with a couple sider, Cola, and a Chocolate bar. She sat at the table all by herself for a few minutes and a couple of foals from the another employer come over and try to get her in engage with the conversation that everypony was talking about her.

Um, hi I'm shiny quartz, Shiny quartz is a glam-uped Pegasus who interest in jewel and the life of the royalist. even through her parent are game developer, She decide try to make the best of it she can. Mostly because She believe royalist doesn't waste they days playing on game that they couldn't go outside and socialize without using a keyboard and don't see a pony face. Her coat was grey while her mane and tail are anime white. The mane style is flirtatious while her tail is styled in a playful manner. Her parent don't mind her interest in the royal lifestyle but she want her to understand that not everypony can be regal and be a royalist like the princesses or the elite.

Sitting beside her and want to know the queen better too is a unicorn stallion name pixel shoe. Pixel shoe was a stallion who has very creative yet impossibly crazy idea for equestria gaming industry. One of them which bring the real world into the game world with the power of creating Augment reality game(s) for the smartphones but he also notice some company create handheld console with AR Technology built in. So his idea could go to them too because he believe that mobile games is just a fab for the cool foals to join in. but he also went to rebirth the console generations with augment ideas.

While the two trying make headwave with her, Queen Phillip was being in anti social with the foals but she does want some friends. So she want be lonely when her father is at work but she not sure that they live in the same apartment building like her. But she don't like to be lonely all day with nopony talk to like before. So she try to engage in they convention. But the conversation is about her and virta hoof relationship and how they meet. Queen was unsure how to answer the questions they about to ask. But she we try her best to answer it she could.

Pixel shoe and Shiny Quartz introduce them (Well Shiny Quartz already introduce herself,So she do it again). So Shiny Quartz introduce himself to her. Hi, I'm Pixel Shoe he said as he extend his hoof for a shake. But Queen phillip look down at her empty plate but she quickly get up and throw it away in trash can before she return to the table with Shiny Quartz and Pixel Shoe. The two ponies ask her about Virta hoof and her. The first question is: how do you and Virta hoof meet Shiny Quartz asked queen phillip.

Meet reply queen phillip, Yet meet, converse,chat,giggle, Hug, play said Shiny Quartz. Well, uhhhhh, mmmmmmm before queen phillip answer the question. Virta hoof come in and said that break time over and it time to test some game that they are working on. Since today was kids day, is the kids are the tester. Normally the company will hire some grown ponies to test the game like most game developer do. But Mareplay 5 was different, They let the foal test the game because most developer are making game for grown ponies and teens but some are making kids but they are no many kids studios like maneplay 5 is.