• Published 17th May 2016
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The Tragic tale of a Risen Changeling Queen. - BlackAlizebra

A Revolutionary nonfiction about a infamous Changeling queen throw the Current one.

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A new beginning 2

The celestia sun is rising and Virta Hoof wake up and start getting for another day of work at his studio. He walk over to Queen side of his bed and kiss her on the cheek as he leaving the suite. Queen start waking up around 11:00 A.M, Wow,I never knew bed were so soft and cuddly she said as she was hugging the pillow. She jump out of the bed looking for virta hoof but he wasn't around to been seen. At first, Queen thought he was going to a store to buy her some new clothes. But then he didn't know what her size is, so no. Then Queen knew around the suite some picture of him and a group of ponies on computers making 3D animation.

As the queen continue her tour around the suite of her new father figure, she trip on a game console and look at it. Hmmmm, interesting as she examine it. What is this she asked herself. She putting down on the floor and notice a power button on it as along a eject button below it. ok, let's see what it do. She touch the power button and the system start powering up but nothing happen yet. Huh, That it. She think as she look at it and think what could wrong with it. ok, the thing it on but it nothing is happening. as she look around the console again, she notice some cables to connecting to it.

Huh, this is new she said as she follow the cables to a yet another electronic device. hmmm, this is fascinating she said looking around the another device. Hmmm, another button. Wait, this have a few more buttons then the last one. She turn on the device and saw at screen with pictures and name on it. She look around for another device, hopefully something to control it the two things (or one of the two things). She spend the last few minutes looking a controller to the devices. But she didn't know how to use it and don't know which one she is controlling it. But she notice the rectangle outline is moving left and right on the screen.

Huh, what the. she react to the screen action and wonder what is happening to it. She look down at the bottom left corner and look at the button and what they do. She press one and it went to another screen with Application and games at the bottom and social features at the top. She continue pressing the directional pad left and right and it highlighting different features. hmmmm, which one should i try first. she thought as looking at the home screen. hmmmmm, i wonder what happen if press the down button and she did. The screen move down and she play around it for few more minutes and accidentally press the action button and went into the game. oh no, she said worried that she mess up the screen on the t.v.

Oh, curd no no. I mess up i mess up bad. She said to herself as she panicking around the suite figuring what should she do. ok i can just leave, she think. But before she could leave word appear on the screen and it said "The Playroom". huh, she thought as she look at options on the screen. She select the option that already highlighted and another screen show up but nothing happens. The screen then show a diagram of a hoof and it flick up on the touchpad. She flick on the touch pad and more option show around the controller. As she move left and right on the touchpad and see the various modes to pick from.

She press on one of them on the touchpad and and another screen pop up show a drone. huh, a drone she said as she getting scare by it. She hide behind the couch and shiver in fear as the drone fly around but little does she know it on the screen. As she peek her head from the couch she see the drone is sad and lonely. Huh, she said and start walk a little more out from the couch and start interacting with it. Oh,it friendly as she playing it and make it happy as well as her and tickle it. As smile appear on her face Virta hoof walk in on her. You know i was worry about you leaving you alone with to do but it seen you pretty entertain yourself.

Queen Phillip stop and said huh. The game you know you playing it, right. Oh, yeah that. well, i can't find you and i was alone and tip on the system and start playing around on it.

So you was alone and don't have any friend except for a virtual drone on a PlayStation. Virta Hoof said watching her playing with it. Then he notice that she is a young earth pony and She probably was very tired from the first night in the suite. So that why she was so tired and the bed was soft to sleep on. So he go with that theory and set down some bags filled with clothes. So are you done with the drone uh uh.

Queen Phillip set the controller down and close the application, leaving the system on. She walk over the bags and wondering what in it. Hmmm, what is it. she said.

Well, while you was sleeping and playing with a virtual drone on PlayStation. i went shopping for you and buy some swag for you. I actually don't know your size is. So i grab some medium size shirts,shorts,pants,and some undergarment. He grab the clothes out and hand it her. Now go to the bathroom and try them out he instructed. Queen Phillip went to the bathroom and put on a white t-shirt and blue jeans and went out to show Virta hoof the outfit. Virta hoof look at her and smile at her. Ok, good. he hand her more clothes and tell her to them all on.

As minutes which felt like hour to her went by. Queen phillip try on ten different outfits with different colors and designs combinations. Virta hoof was liking the way she smiling as she trying the clothes she wearing. Queen phillip was wondering why he was treating like a children. She know that was a little earth filly form but she actually a grown changeling at heart. But she like being a child and be wild and free like the cool kids. But she still want to truthful to virta hoof and help to spread advocate for a united equestria that the princess could improve on. and Virta hoof is the key to that success.

As Queen phillip try the last of the clothes on. She turn her attention to virta hoof and decide to ask him. Um, mr. virta she said. yes as virta hoof was in the kitchen and cooking some dinner for her. um, why do you buy my some clothes she asked. Because you going to a very special place tomorrow he added. Really, How special is it. she asked. Very special he responded. okay, can't wait. She smiled as the answer. Queen phillip wonder what the very special place he talking about.

Queen Phillip sitting at the table waiting for Virta Hoof to finish cooking and have a little talk about his day. Virta hoof was fixing her a royal meal of hot dogs and fries. Hm,i hope she like it he thought as he finish it up, But she is something special I can tell her by her interest and backstory. He thought as he walk over there to her and present her plate to her.

Queen Phillip look at the plate with cautions and wonder it is poisonous or not. Virta hoof look at her with worry and concern. But he was her caretaker and he is helping her to grow up as a responsible and productive pony in manehatten and equestria. Queen phillip was still playing with her food and wonder what it is. Virta Hoof is worry about her, He knew she was homeless and never have a mare (or Stallion) to care for her. But he was determine to rise her. So he come over and help her feed. But Queen Phillip is old enough to feed herself.

Virta hoof pick up a wiener and feed her like a foal. Queen Phillip take a bite and chew it careful before swallow it down her throat. Queen smile with glee and she didn't die, So she pick another and start eating it that too. mmmmmmm Said Queen Phillip as she continue to eat the dogs and fries. Virta hoof was happy that she enjoy it and her being here as the foal in the city. Virta hoof feel like a dad to her and he never raise a foal before. So it a win win for him and to her because she never have a actual parent rise her. As Queen Phillip finish up her hot dogs and get up from the dinner table.

Virta hoof was washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. Queen Phillip was in the living room and start thinking what is the special event that Virta hoof is taking her to. Queen phillip was happy to be here and being care for, As she look over the entrainment system and wonder what it is does and wonder why he know that you were playing with it. Although he couldn't figure it out on his own or have a special security system in his suite. But he couldn't figure it out, because he was at work and he didn't wake her up and tell her what she can and can't do.

Virta Hoof walk in and sit on the couch with her and start telling her the good news. Queen Phillip was listening and seen interested at the same time. Virta hoof telling her about his Studios and what they do. Queen phillip was surprise at his announcement and start smiling very big at him. Virta hoof was happy too and like the way she smile at him. As Virta hoof continue to explain the news, Queen phillip was smiling and wags her tail like a dog. Virta hoof notice and clam her down, whoa there nelly. it just for a day. added Virta hoof. Yeah, but I just so excite about this and I can't wait. said Queen Phillip.

Well,Let get ready for bed said Virta hoof while he walk into the bathroom to brush his teeth and help Queen Phillip to brush her and get her in newly-purchased pajama and laid her down to sleep. Virta hoof was satisfied that he finally had his own foal to take care of and see it grow. Virta hoof was happy that she was happy about getting out of the house and seeing the world for the first time since he take her in. Virta hoof realize that being out the street for quite some time could be challenging but he has high hope for her. She been home trained for short amount of time now. Virta hoof worried that she could be a problematique to the another pony around her since seeing her around try to figure the console.

But Virta hoof had confidence in her and she will behave like civil city foal 2moro morning as he turn away from her and fall asleep getting ready for tomorrow morning.