A Traveler tale (A "Traveler" parody)

by BlackAlizebra

The Adventure end but the journey Continue

As Aurora and Spirit recover from the last encounter with one of its citizen. What the happened asked Zack with a concerned look on his face. We were attacked Answered Aurora, Well, We are the visitor and don’t live here added Gloria. I know it not helping right now but - it ok said Spirit interrupting Gloria. But we come and explore the place, we can’t do it with random citizen attacking us said, Emily. No, duh added Knuckle. Well, let split up and regroup here in a few said Spirit. The griffon and the ponies split into 3 couples and went to different directions.

In one pair, They were Knuckle and Emily and in the another it Zack and Gloria. As the 3 pairs continue to explore and look for the answer, The citizens were on high alert for the on them. Aurora and spirit were looking at the poster and decide to the alert the another remain visual at all times. But Aurora and Spirit were knocked out and tied up and bring to an unknown location. The others have no better luck neither and were brought to the same location as Spirit and Aurora are at. As the Darkness of the holding cell coincides them the another is out and about and exploring the civilization.

Dang, The buck, said Emily as she getting back up on her claws. ouch, Those jerks don't like a visitor, don't they added Emily. I don't think so added knuckle as he lay on the floor and open a book to casually read it. Emily starts banging on the bars as the attempt to escape the dungeon. She continues to bang on the bars as the guard were patrol around it. Emily eventually was tired and stop banging out of the dungeon. But they were about to less lonely than before. Aurora and zack were also captured and throw in the dungeon as Emily and Knuckle.

As the group start get together, The leaders were getting worried about the group but if they have a problem of their own. As Gloria and Spirit start to look around the empire for any of the members. They are standing in front of palace and Gloria were worried but her group but Spirit want to go in and talk to higher up for they assistant but the guard were busy looking for anymore trespasser and Gloria and Spirit are the marked ones.

Wait, what do you mean that we are the marked one asked Spirit as she starts to get worried and scared about their future. But The high-ups got another plan for them, But it comes with a price that they don't want to pay. Well, Visitor ain't encourage but we need help at this disparate time said one of them. Ok, what the story asked spirit as she wants to help them. It Complicated but it also not pretty, It all starting with her as one of the members begin the story of the problem. We used to live by the day but the darkness covers the lights. Cover It up, how? asked Gloria It-it-it still complicated said the high-ups well, is there anything we can do to help you asked spirit.

Ok, If you can figure it out where the light has gone to then we set you free from our kingdom. Really, said Spirit. Of course, we won't lie to you. Added the high-up. Ok, But what about our friends asked Gloria. um, can you not angry what we about to tell you asked the officer. Depends, what happens to them asked spirit. The officer sigh and start walking to the dungeon. Follow me he said leading them to the cell. Um, What are you leading us t-, Spirit, Said, Zack, as he interrupts Spirit as she coming down to the cell? Zack Zack Zack are you down here Said Spirit as she runs to the cell where he stationed at with Aurora.

Spirit Arrive at the cell where Zack and Aurora are at, She touches the metal bars as an attempt to hug them. But the bars are blocking her embrace and warmth. But her friends were happy to see her safe and sound just like them as well. As Spirit was happy to see her friends are doing well, Gloria begins to worry about her friends too. The guard was also polite to take Gloria to her friend cell and to hug them. Gloria friend was in the cell further down then Aurora and Zack were at. But her friend was very worried about her as well.

As Gloria was heading to her friend cell, She was still worried about them, but her friend doesn't care about her much as to themselves. But Gloria was worry that her friend is not safe too like Spirit friend is. But they don't care about their safety as Gloria did. Gloria was glad they are safe and alive. The guard happily freed them and spirits friends too but they have the stand in front of the rulers. who is a grey female wolf dress like a hula dancer holding a staff with the orange orb at the top? The orb is seen to hold mystical power and power the city up.

But she troubled from the recent event with her descendant sister. Her sister has left and she has something big for the world with a price. She fears for her life and everybody else including her people. Um, What seen to be trouble your highness asked spirit with a hint of concern in her voice. I don't talk about it answered the ruler with a hint of wariness in hers. but something is worrying her and The problem isn't going to go away on its own but it a big and she not sure if they are the heroes for it. But desperate time call for desperate measures and the city is definitely in desperate times as of late. With the city going rogue and the second half of sister separate from herself from her. The empire has fallen under some dark times ahead.