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We all know of Celestia and Luna. We all know the deeds that they have done, allowing all pony kind to live free from terror. What we do not know, is how they came to be, or the one who created them.

Throughout his later life, a pony born an outcast due to mixed blood is dreaded throughout the known world. On the night of his master spell, he suddenly disappears from the land, bringing forth slight amounts of joy to those who suffered under him. This, however is not about them, but the pony who disappeared; the pony who held infinite power; the pony who created the Alicorns.

Cover Art done by Reverie Wisp.

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Mathew, or rather White Wind, has returned home, after going to Equestria. The memories he has made have been forced to the back of his mind as the life he originaly left, becomes his again. But what happens when he returns to Equestria, and with his son none the less? Will he be able to live with the one he thought didn't care about him? Will he be able to satisfy his son with the new life? Many questions are raised, even more to come about. The answers, might not be as clear as hoped.

Sequel to "The New Beginning" (read first for background (Important for understanding a few things)
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"I was a human once, I think. Now, for some reason, I'm a pony. The only reason that I know that I was once a human, are accounts of others, and returning memories."

Follow the story of a man self proclaimed as 'White Wind' as he makes his way through his subconscious and his new life as a pony, and tries to recover his real past.

For those reading this because of the sequel, please still read the sequel after you read this, even if you hate this story. Reason being, you read this to understand the sequel, so if you don't read the sequel, then you kind of wasted your time.

Edit: Changed the description of White Wind slightly.

Sequel to this story is named "The Life Returns"

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