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I’d heard rumors of people going missing while attending conventions around the world. Never crossed my mind until I’m whisked away to an anthro Equestria as one of my favorite anime characters after buying said anime ship in a bottle. Now I travel across space to protect my new home and the ponies I care for from both outside threats and within. Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!

Crossover with Mlp:fim and Space pirate Captain Harlock.

Mlp is owned by hasbro

Captain harlock is owned by leiji Matsumoto.

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the kingdoms of Equestria and the deer have long been distant from each other. as twilight has become the princess of friendship the day after her defeat of Tirek the princesses and the rulers of the deer kingdom have come to an agreement to bring their kingdoms together. but is twilight ready to be wed so early in her life? or will she come to realize that she and the young prince of the deer have much more in common than she realizes?

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Spike and Twilight have yet another experiment to conduct from Twilight's studies. but do to the after effects of the experiment, Spike is on the run from the royal guard and has to stop them from making what hes become into a weapon for them. little does he know that an Abomination to their ranks will cause havoc to both of them.

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