My little Pony: Rise of the Arcadia

by Geek Crossing

Chapter 3

-With prince Blueblood in his study at the castle-

“Damn that Fetlock!!!” Blueblood cursed loudly as he tossed his bottle of liquor at the wall nearly missing his butlers head. It had been years since Fetlock had arrived in Equestria and became a massive thorn in Blueblood’s flank. He amassed a crew consisting of the Elements of Harmony and a few of the populous of that hick town of Ponyville among others across Equestria that shared the belief that the nobles were corrupt and only sought to benefit themselves.

“Sir, perhaps you should-“ his Butler began.

“Be silent, Alfred, and get me another bottle!” Blueblood yelled and sat in his chair his head in his hands.

“R-right away sir.” Alfred said before exiting the office quickly.

’How? How do I deal with him once and for all? He has the Elements on his side for Faust’s sake!!’ Blueblood thought bitterly, then an idea came to him, ’Of course! That little filly of his!’ he then called for Alfred.

“Yes, sir?” Alfred said entering the room with the bottle Blueblood asked for and setting it on the desk.

“That filly with the black coat and blue cat-like eyes? What’s her name again?” Blueblood asked.

“I believe her name is Nyx, sir.” Alfred said.

“Yes her! Send for Shining Armor and have him meet me here. I have a plan for dealing with Fetlock.”

-At an observatory in Canterlot-

Night Light and his son, Shining Armor, observed the stars seeing a massive black sphere approaching the planet Equis.

“What do you think it is dad?” Shining Armor asked.

“I’m not sure son, but whatever it is, it doesn’t bode well.” Night Light said. Then a guard knocked on the door to the observatory and stepped in.

“Excuse me, Captain, prince Blueblood wishes to see you at the castle sir” the guard pony said.

“Ugh, probably about Fetlock as usual. Alright I’ll be there thank you.” Shining Armor said then the guard exited the room, “sorry Dad but duty calls.”

“I understand son, I’ll be here if you need me.” Night light said smiling to his son. Shining Armor hugged his father before taking his leave.

-Above Equis in the Arcadia-

“Captain, are you sure it’s safe to visit her at this moment?” Twilight Sparkle asked.

“Twilight my love, you know the kind of life Nyx lives with us here in space. I have to make sure she’s alright.” Fetlock said before going up to the wheel of the ship and pressing the “instant transport” button and beaming down to the surface, to Ponyville.