My little Pony: Rise of the Arcadia

by Geek Crossing

Chapter 1

At a convention somewhere in the eastern United States strode a young man with a black coat and cape with the skull and crossbones on the front of the jacket, blue jeans, brown cuffed boots and gloves, a belt and holster carrying a weapon that looked to be a mix of a rapier and a futuristic rifle, brown hair and eyes with a patch covering the right eye, and a cross hatched scar from the bridge of the nose to the edge of the face underneath the left eye. This man, named Michael, strode into the convention hall with as much confidence he could muster but inside he was fangirling at everything.

’Wow! I can’t believe I’m actually here and in cosplay for once!’ He thought as he got tons of smiles and compliments on his costume of the anime protagonist “Space Pirate Captain Harlock”. He looked around the many booths at all the wheres being sold and on display: there were gundam, mazinger, the Yamato, some people were dressed as clone troopers selling vertech fighters inspired by Star Wars, and even a guy cosplaying as mr conductor from shining time station but mixed with the 12th doctor as his TARDIS looked to be made from steam engine parts. He kept looking around until at one booth a small bottle with a ship inside caught his eye. He strode over to the booth and inspected the ship in a bottle. Then a securitron from the fallout games came from behind the curtain.

“Oh hello good sir! How may I be of assistance?” The securitron said it’s face showing a suprised look then a happy one at a customer on its screen.

“Yeah I was wondering how much this is?” Michael said picking up the ship in a bottle, “by the way nice R/C cosplay!”

“Ah the great Arcadia! A fine choice for the very captain who commands it,” the securitron said smiling before a young man with a Facial capture headset and an R/C controller stepped out, “normally I would sell it for $100.00 but judging by your costume you most likely spent most of your money in the construction of said costume am I right?”

“Yeah you’re dead on. Took me years of scrimping and saving every paycheck just to afford the material and gas to go aquire it all.” Michael said rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Well you seem like a decent fellow. Tell you what, I’ll have you look through my entire stock and see if anything else catches your eye and if you like it I’ll throw in the Arcadia for free sound fair?” The man said before getting everything from the back and laying it on the table. Michael looked through the stock and found many things such as a mmpr legacy morpher with a power coin with an image of Gamera embossed on it, a lightsaber that looked to be based on the Quindent from Aquaman, and an Archer cane that doubled as a sonic screwdriver, but the one thing that grabbed his attention the most was a small badge in the shape of a wireframe earth with wings and a horn on it’s sides and top and a sun with a crescent moon making one side of the sun in the middle.

“How much for the small badge?” Michael asked.

“Excellent choice! $20.00 please.”

Michael gave the man a $20.00 bill and placed the badge on his coat collar and was handed the bottle before a bright light surrounded him and he disappeared.

“A Space pirate in equestria. This should be fun.” The man said before putting away his stock with the help of his costume.