My little Pony: Rise of the Arcadia

by Geek Crossing

First published

So...I’m a Ponified Captain Harlock displaced? And I’m accepted by the royal sisters as an ally? Great! Unfortunately a certain spoiled prince wishes me dead and the planet is threatened by equine Mazon? This should be fun.

I’d heard rumors of people going missing while attending conventions around the world. Never crossed my mind until I’m whisked away to an anthro Equestria as one of my favorite anime characters after buying said anime ship in a bottle. Now I travel across space to protect my new home and the ponies I care for from both outside threats and within. Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!

Crossover with Mlp:fim and Space pirate Captain Harlock.

Mlp is owned by hasbro

Captain harlock is owned by leiji Matsumoto.

Chapter 1

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At a convention somewhere in the eastern United States strode a young man with a black coat and cape with the skull and crossbones on the front of the jacket, blue jeans, brown cuffed boots and gloves, a belt and holster carrying a weapon that looked to be a mix of a rapier and a futuristic rifle, brown hair and eyes with a patch covering the right eye, and a cross hatched scar from the bridge of the nose to the edge of the face underneath the left eye. This man, named Michael, strode into the convention hall with as much confidence he could muster but inside he was fangirling at everything.

’Wow! I can’t believe I’m actually here and in cosplay for once!’ He thought as he got tons of smiles and compliments on his costume of the anime protagonist “Space Pirate Captain Harlock”. He looked around the many booths at all the wheres being sold and on display: there were gundam, mazinger, the Yamato, some people were dressed as clone troopers selling vertech fighters inspired by Star Wars, and even a guy cosplaying as mr conductor from shining time station but mixed with the 12th doctor as his TARDIS looked to be made from steam engine parts. He kept looking around until at one booth a small bottle with a ship inside caught his eye. He strode over to the booth and inspected the ship in a bottle. Then a securitron from the fallout games came from behind the curtain.

“Oh hello good sir! How may I be of assistance?” The securitron said it’s face showing a suprised look then a happy one at a customer on its screen.

“Yeah I was wondering how much this is?” Michael said picking up the ship in a bottle, “by the way nice R/C cosplay!”

“Ah the great Arcadia! A fine choice for the very captain who commands it,” the securitron said smiling before a young man with a Facial capture headset and an R/C controller stepped out, “normally I would sell it for $100.00 but judging by your costume you most likely spent most of your money in the construction of said costume am I right?”

“Yeah you’re dead on. Took me years of scrimping and saving every paycheck just to afford the material and gas to go aquire it all.” Michael said rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Well you seem like a decent fellow. Tell you what, I’ll have you look through my entire stock and see if anything else catches your eye and if you like it I’ll throw in the Arcadia for free sound fair?” The man said before getting everything from the back and laying it on the table. Michael looked through the stock and found many things such as a mmpr legacy morpher with a power coin with an image of Gamera embossed on it, a lightsaber that looked to be based on the Quindent from Aquaman, and an Archer cane that doubled as a sonic screwdriver, but the one thing that grabbed his attention the most was a small badge in the shape of a wireframe earth with wings and a horn on it’s sides and top and a sun with a crescent moon making one side of the sun in the middle.

“How much for the small badge?” Michael asked.

“Excellent choice! $20.00 please.”

Michael gave the man a $20.00 bill and placed the badge on his coat collar and was handed the bottle before a bright light surrounded him and he disappeared.

“A Space pirate in equestria. This should be fun.” The man said before putting away his stock with the help of his costume.

Chapter 2

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-Princess Celestia’s POV Canterlot, Equestria in the royal garden night-

I strode through the garden this very night to clear my head of the troubling thoughts spinning around and around. It had been a tiring day with the noble ponies demanding more bits for their trivial pursuits of entertainment and greed all the while the common pony struggled to make ends meet and provide for their families. Some nobles, such as Fancy Pants and his wife and famous actress, Fleur De Liss, tried to help their fellow pony by donating to organizations to help the less fortunate and made trips to local Soup Kitchens and provide food for the starving and allow them shelter. Unfortunately it was not enough and the common pony kept getting poorer while the nobles kept getting richer. She cursed under her breath at the thought it was her nephew Blueblood who orchestrated this whole debacle as a means to take the throne. He didn’t succeed mind you but many noble ponies supported him and his ideals that unicorns were superior to the other races and that they deserved no compensation for their efforts to grow food and care for the animals and the simple things that made life grand and beautiful as it was “trivial commoner’s work”.

“Faust I beg of you, send us a savior to aid us in these troubling times. I fear for my little ponies and the lands beyond my own kingdom. Please! Give us a sign!” Celestia cried out in anguish before sobbing. Then she heard hoofsteps behind her followed by a voice saying,

“My princess, good evening. What troubles you?”

Celestia turned to see a cloaked stallion standing behind her with a worried gaze.

“Oh forgive me my subject,” she said wiping the tears from her eyes, “it’s nothing you need to worry yourself over. I will be fine.”

“I see. Well I’d hate to interrupt you but may I ask a favor?” The stallion asked calmly.

“Of course my subject. What do you desire?” Celestia asked. The stallion shifted through his cloak before pulling out a knife.

“You’re eternal silence.” The stallion said before rushing towards her in an attempt to assassinate her.

-hours earlier on the edge of the whitetail woods-

Michael slowly woke to the bright light of the sun piercing through his eyelid before rubbing it and sitting up. He looked around to find himself in a field of dandelions at the edge of a forest of maple trees.

“Well this is great. I got whisked away to a forest. Must have drank something with alcohol in it and gotten so drunk I wandered here. But I don’t have a migraine or feel sick or anything.” He said confused then looked ahead of him only to find a weird protrusion that wasn’t his nose. He felt it with his hand to find out it was a peach muzzle, then traces his hands to the top of his head and found horse ears. There was only one thing that he could do at the moment: Scream.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I’M A HORSE!!! WHAT THE HELL?!!” He ranted then suddenly he punched himself in the jaw, “ OOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!! Ok not dreaming. Mother puss bucket that hurt!” He then slowly got up and dusted himself off before seeing the bottled Arcadia next to him and grabbed it. He then decided to find a river and once he did he went downstream and then came across a sign that read: ‘WELCOME TO PONYVILLE’

’So, I ended up in Equestria. An Anthropomorphic Equestria judging by my ability to walk on two legs instead of four.’ Mike thought and began walking through town noticing there was no pony about the streets. He then looked up at the sky and realized it was early in the morning so no pony had woken up yet. As he walked he found a trashcan with a newspaper inside and took it out and read it.

“Well, seems the Canterlot nobility for the most part controls the very lives of the rest of Equestia. That is not good. I knew the nobility to be full of themselves and at times xenophobic to anyone outside of themselves but this?! This makes my blood boil.” He then sees a tabloid telling him about a campaign to swear Blueblood onto the throne and an article on a possible coup attempt on the princesses, “Strike that. this makes me livid!” He then tossed the paper into the trash again and began his trek back to the field and then tried to think.

’Now how do I get to Canterlot without causing suspicion? I can’t afford the train as I have no money.’ he then glanced at the bottle in his pocket and took it out again before asking himself, “I wonder...?” He then popped the cork on the bottle and suddenly in a flash of light found himself in the Arcadia’s bridge with the planet Equis below him.

“Well that went better than expected.” He said as he stepped up to the wheel and saw next to him a small control panel with various buttons and knobs and switches with labels below them. He saw a button that said “quick transport” and then an image of him appearing in a beam of light like the teleportations from Star Trek at the surface of the planet came to mind and he smiled, “Perfect.”

-hours later in the gardens-

Celestia could only sit in fear of her assailant as he came towards her to end her existence. But before he got close a loud bang rang out and the stallion stopped before dropping the knife and looking at his chest to see blood pouring from where his heart would be and finally looked up before falling to the ground dead. Behind him stood another stallion wearing a black coat and cape with a skull and crossbones on its front, blue Jeans, and brown boots, a strange saber like weapon in his hand the tip of it smoking, looking up to her to show his scarred face and single brown eye with the other covered by a patch, his chocolate mane blowing in the wind.

“A pirate?” Celestia said still visibly shaking at the thought of her almost being assassinated but only sat there in awe. The pirate stallion quickly sheathed his weapon in a holster along side his belt and then looked to her with a kind smile.

“Are you alright my lady?” The stallion asked with genuine concern.

“Y-yes I’m f-fine. Thank you for saving me.” Celestia quickly said coming out of her stupor, “W-who are you?”

“My name is Fetlock. Captain Fetlock.” The stallion now known as Fetlock said before bowing then said, “I’m afraid I must leave you now Princess but before I go I must ask you to tell your guards should they ask that I am a friend to Equestria and her ponies as well as all creatures save for Blueblood and his ilk. I do not wish anypony harm unless they attack me, my ship, or any innocent ponies or creatures. With that I bid you goodnight.” He then turned and began walking away but Celestia stopped him.

“Wait! Why have you come here? I must know.” She asked his retreating form.

“To save Equestria from threats both domestic and beyond. Farewell.” He said and like that he was gone. Celestia sat there quietly before a guard came and asked what happened.

“A great stallion saved my life.” She said before smiling and walking away as the guard disposed of the assassins body properly before returning to their posts.

Chapter 3

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-With prince Blueblood in his study at the castle-

“Damn that Fetlock!!!” Blueblood cursed loudly as he tossed his bottle of liquor at the wall nearly missing his butlers head. It had been years since Fetlock had arrived in Equestria and became a massive thorn in Blueblood’s flank. He amassed a crew consisting of the Elements of Harmony and a few of the populous of that hick town of Ponyville among others across Equestria that shared the belief that the nobles were corrupt and only sought to benefit themselves.

“Sir, perhaps you should-“ his Butler began.

“Be silent, Alfred, and get me another bottle!” Blueblood yelled and sat in his chair his head in his hands.

“R-right away sir.” Alfred said before exiting the office quickly.

’How? How do I deal with him once and for all? He has the Elements on his side for Faust’s sake!!’ Blueblood thought bitterly, then an idea came to him, ’Of course! That little filly of his!’ he then called for Alfred.

“Yes, sir?” Alfred said entering the room with the bottle Blueblood asked for and setting it on the desk.

“That filly with the black coat and blue cat-like eyes? What’s her name again?” Blueblood asked.

“I believe her name is Nyx, sir.” Alfred said.

“Yes her! Send for Shining Armor and have him meet me here. I have a plan for dealing with Fetlock.”

-At an observatory in Canterlot-

Night Light and his son, Shining Armor, observed the stars seeing a massive black sphere approaching the planet Equis.

“What do you think it is dad?” Shining Armor asked.

“I’m not sure son, but whatever it is, it doesn’t bode well.” Night Light said. Then a guard knocked on the door to the observatory and stepped in.

“Excuse me, Captain, prince Blueblood wishes to see you at the castle sir” the guard pony said.

“Ugh, probably about Fetlock as usual. Alright I’ll be there thank you.” Shining Armor said then the guard exited the room, “sorry Dad but duty calls.”

“I understand son, I’ll be here if you need me.” Night light said smiling to his son. Shining Armor hugged his father before taking his leave.

-Above Equis in the Arcadia-

“Captain, are you sure it’s safe to visit her at this moment?” Twilight Sparkle asked.

“Twilight my love, you know the kind of life Nyx lives with us here in space. I have to make sure she’s alright.” Fetlock said before going up to the wheel of the ship and pressing the “instant transport” button and beaming down to the surface, to Ponyville.