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new fic idea. · 12:29am Feb 11th, 2015

Recently I purchased smallville season 1 on dvd for my birthday and it got me thinking. What if someone were to make a mlp crossover of smallville based on mare of steel by Iowa forever here on fimfiction? Now I realize there are ten seasons of smallville and I only own the first but I have a solution to that. The fic I propose will be similar to smallville season one but after it will branch off into the authors own ideas. What I need is conference if this would be a good idea and someone to

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idea for an audio drama. · 2:26am Jan 29th, 2015

Hello all. A couple days ago I went shopping with my family for my birthday and I bought smallville season 1 on DVD. Then yesterday an idea came to me. I've read mare of steel here on fimfiction and I thought what if I made an audio drama based on mlp and smallville using the idea from mare of steel where rainbow dash is Clark Kent. Here's what I'd need to make this a reality: writers, artists, and voice actors/actresses. If anyone is interested contact me on Facebook or Skype (account names

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sorry i havent updated. · 12:33am Oct 11th, 2013

hey everyone. sorry I've been inactive for so long and not been working on my stories. I've been buisy with life issues and other sites I'm apart of. also to the people who have sent me hate coments on my doctor whooves fanfiction, I hold no ill will against you but you guys need to not be so critical. fan fiction is about expressing ones personal ideas for something that they love to read/watch. yes the doctor isnt with derpy and i understand it is not "cannon" but that story is a "what if?"

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