• Published 27th Feb 2015
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the Princess and the Buck - Geek Crossing

twilight is to be wed to a young prince. but is she ready to do so so early in life just after discovering her purpose as a princess?

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a meeting with the Deer kingdom

Disclaimer: I do not own Mlp: Fim or any characters/products, tis solely owned by Lauran Faust and Hasbro inc. the only thing I own are the oc’s presented in this story. Please give honest and kind feedback on this fic. Its most appreciated. Enjoy. Also this takes place after the season 4 finally but before season 5.

Princess Twilight Sparkle sat in her throne of the castle, looking over a checklist of items that were to be transferred from the old Golden Oaks library (at least what could be salvaged from the wreckage of Tirek’s attack on her home) as well as a few things from the Canterlot archives, for lost tomes that could be replaced. As she looked over her list, a young baby dragon with green and purple scales, walked towards her with a satisfied smile on his face.

“Well Twilight, I think everything’s in order.” Spike said happy to be finished with the work for the day.

“Good job Spike, the Great Prince Mosshorn should arrive any moment now. Just think, after so long Equestria and the Deer Kingdom are finally meeting together and becoming allies.” Twilight said her eyes sparking at the opportunity to learn about a new civilization that many of Equestria’s common folk know little to nothing about.

“Don’t forget he’s bringing his….what do they call it….Fawn?” Spike asked

“Correct, Spike. Though I am curious as to why the Little Prince is coming with his father in the first place.” Twilight said as she placed a hoof to her chin and pondered the possible scenarios in which the Young prince could be arriving as well. Just then, a Chariot was seen in the distance by the young dragon and he informed Twilight of it’s arrival. The princess of friendship and her assistant quickly ran to the castle door and waited outside for the chariot to land. Once it did, the purple Alicorn and dragon bowed before the great rulers of Equestria as well as their guests.

“Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Cadence, it’s so good to see you.” Twilight said smiling as she stood to look at her mentor, her sister, as well as her sister-in-law.

“It is good to see you too my faithful student,” Celestia said with a warm smile, “This is Great Prince Mosshorn and his son Young Prince Whitetail.” At this, a great Buck the size of princess Celestia with massive antlers, and a young fawn with smaller antlers stepped beside Celestia and bowed.

“It is an Honor to meet the element of Magic as well as the newly crowned Princess of Friendship.” The Great Prince said standing with a calm but warm smile.

“The honor is mine your Highness.” Twilight said smiling and bowed again.

“This is my son Prince Whitetail. say hello son.” Mosshorn said to the young prince, who surprisingly hid a little behind his father in nervousness.

“H-Hello...” Whitetail said almost quietly.

“Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you Whitetail.” Twilight said smiling. The young prince looked away, still nervous, but occasionally looked back so as not to be rude or upset his father.

“Well now that introductions are finished, shall we head inside?” Celestia said noting the Young prince and his slight fear of her student but smiled knowing he would warm up to her eventually.

“Tis a grand idea sister” Luna said smiling, and the group of royalty entered the tree-like, crystalline castle and walked to Twilights meeting room.

“Forgive me Celestia, but I don’t recall a third castle in Equestria. Care to explain?” Mosshorn asked in a kind manner.

“Yes, my faithful student recently acquired this castle after her recent defeat over Lord Tirek.” Celestia explained casually

“I see. Well I am glad he was dealt with quickly. Should he have succeeded in over powering this land then there would be nothing to stop him from taking over my kingdom as well.” Mosshorn said sternly but with slight relief in his voice. As the group continued to traverse the castle, they eventually arrived at their destination and took their seats to begin their discussion.

“Now that we are all settled down, I believe we must discuss the matter at hand: The alliance of our kingdoms.” Mosshorn stated.

“Agreed, the union of our kingdoms will be concluded though a marriage between your son and my student Princess Twilight.” Celestia stated calmly, but the group was surprised to hear the sound of a spit take as well as slight choking from the young Alicorn princess.

“I’m sorry. I’m not sure I heard correctly, I thought I heard you say you wished to betroth me to Prince Whitetail?” Twilight asked

“You heard correctly Princess Twilight,” Prince Mosshorn said stoically, “you and my son are to be wed in order to unify our kingdoms.”

“WHAT?!!!” the young Alicorn shouted surprised, and a bit shocked at the new information.

“Celestia, didn’t you inform your pupil that was our agreement?” Mosshorn asked the sun princess.

“I did indeed. Twilight, did you not receive my letter informing you of this development?” Celestia asked.

“I received your letter, but I don’t recall anything saying about me marrying Whitetail.” Twilight said, still shocked at the prospect of marriage.

“Actually Twilight, it says so right here.” Spike said and showed her the letter again and the purple Alicorn looked where the dragon pointed on the scroll, then looked up again.

“I-I see. Well then, if you’ll excuse me, I think my brain needs to rest a bit.” Twilight said before passing out right then and there in front of the group and hitting the table with her head.

“Oh dear. This will not end well.” Celestia said mostly to herself and looked at Prince Mosshorn who looked as if he was ready to burst out laughing, but trying to contain himself for the most part before roaring with laughter at the spectacle before him and only after calming himself he said to the monarch,

“Celestia, I believe your student and my son will get along just fine.”