• Published 6th Mar 2013
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Teeny Weeny Spikey Wikey - VanillaBeam

Spike always loves to help. But one day he accidentally shrinks himself with Twilight's shrinking powder, and Pinkie is about to throw a party at the library.

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Quick Swimming Lesson

Quick Swimming Lesson

"Ahhhh, now this is the life. No ponies interrupting my rest, a giant bowl of punch to supply me for..... well the rest of my life, and no more worries about being squished. Now that's what I'm talking about."

Spike just laid on the surface of the punch, not caring about anything else having to do with the giant world outside the bowl. He was finally at peace for the first time today. Just as he was about to sleep, something hit in his mind. His nose began to tingle, his eyes began to water, and he softly began to cry to himself.

"But I miss Twilight, and the rest of my friends." he said. "I'm so close to them, but yet they can't see me. It's so hard to try to get them to see me again, and they didn't even bother to try to look for me at all. *sniff* I guess they were too busy worrying about the party to worry about tiny little me *sniff*."

As he cried, a shadow loomed over the bowl. Spike quickly turned around to see the giant cyan pony hovering over the punch bowl, and seemed to look down at him.


It turned out, she wasn't looking at him, but more of the punch that he was floating in. As she looked at it, she had a kind of nervous look to her, like she was trying to do something bad, but couldn't follow through. She looked left, then right, then behind her. Then looked back to the bowl, this time with a devious look to her.

"D-Dash, what are you doing?" Spike said.


Wh-What?!" Spike said in shock.

Then out of no where, Rainbow Dash stuck out her tongue and slowly approached the bowl of punch. "WAIT! DASH! STOP!" No use. Her tongue dipped into the punch, causing waves in the bowl. Then Dash lifted it back up out of the bowl, taking Spike with her. Spike was stuck to her tongue and needed to get off before she put her tongue back into her maw.

Spike clawed and struggled, until luckily, he unstuck himself from the moist muscle, and fell back in the punch.


"YOU ALMOST SLURPPED ME UP!!" Spike said, outraged. Suddenly, Dash began lifting a giant metal object. It looked like....... a ladel. She quickly dipped it in the bowl, taking Spike as well, and poured it into a cup.

"Well, might as well give the princess hers." Dash said, as she flew back into the room.


Dash gave Luna her beverage, and flew off to mingle with the others. Luna smiled at the wonderful service and started drinking. Before she finished, Twilight came by to have another conversation with her.

"Hi Luna, I hope that all is well here for your party."

"Oh it has been a festive evening so far Twilight Sparkle. I have not attended this fun of a party in decades." she said.

It was turning out to be a really fun party, Applejack was bobbing for apples, Rarity was busy having ponies admire her dress for the occasion (and, making sure it doesn't get ruined), Rainbow Dash was busy talking to the other pegasi on her goals of becoming a wonderbolt, the Cutie Mark Crusaders were busy looking for something small, and Pinkie Pie was busy........... being Pinkie Pie. All seemed to be fine at the party.

"Yep, all is well.." Twilight said.

Luna just smiled and trotted off to talk to the other ponies. Twilight looked down, still thinking about Spike, and how she was so worried about him. He has never been away for so long, and she feared something might have happened to him. But nothing was to be worried, as Fluttershy and Luna's guards were looking for him. Everything was going to be fine.

"Ew, a bug." Twilight then said, looking at the floor.


Spike was getting sea sick from the movements Dash was making carrying the cup. 'Who was this for? What am I going to do? How do I get out of here?' Spike thought. The cup finally stopped. and he saw from the top that Rainbow Dash was leaving the cup.

"Whew, am I safe?" he asked himself. But then suddenly, he felt the cup moving, and so was he to the side of the cup. And to his absolute horror, he saw the gigantic face of the princess looming over the cup, but he only saw the top of her head. And even worse, the punch was starting to drain, into Luna's royal mouth.

Spike had no choice but to swim, and swim for his life. As the cup tipped more, the punch flowed more rapidly, almost like a river. He saw the cavern of Luna's maw closing above him. He believed it would be the end. He needed to think of something fast, and that's when he saw an opening in the corner of Luna's maw, and the edge of the cup.

Spike then saw the cup starting to tip back, so Spike had to hurry out before he would be trapped again. He lunged and luckily made it out of the cup, but he was dangling from the rim of the cup about 150 feet above the library floor. He quickly thought about it, and leaped off of the cup, and grabbed hold of Luna's neck fur. It worked!

"I made it! I MADE IT!" he proclaimed with joy. "Now I just have to get down."

"OH IT HAS BEEN A FESTIVE TIME TWILIGHT SPARKLE." Luna boomed, hurting the tiny dragon's ears.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" he screamed. He was right next to Luna's vocal cords, so it was terrible to his ears. He then decided to climb down from Luna. He let go and free fell most of the way, then latched back on to her shoes, and slid down the rest of the way.

He took one look up and her, and fell over. She was HUGE! Even bigger then the other ponies. He shivered at the thought of seeing Celestia at his size. Then the floor really shook, as Luna stomped off to see the others. Then Spike began to hit himself.

"WHY DIDN'T I CLIMB UP?! I COULD'VE SCREAMED IN HER EAR!" he shouted at himself, ashamed of his self stupidity.

Then he saw the best sight he could see at any time. Twilight was standing right above him. She was just looking around, not even paying attention to her hooves.

"TWILIGHT! PLEASE! I'M DOWN HERE! I WANNA GO HOME! I WANNA SEE YOU GUYS AGAIN! I WANNA........ I WANNA........... y-you can't hear me." Spike finally realized he was just too small for them to hear. He could do nothing else. Nothing........... but sit there and cry. He looked up with teary eyes, and heard Twilight boom something that would crush his heart at that moment.

"EW, A BUG."