• Published 6th Mar 2013
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Teeny Weeny Spikey Wikey - VanillaBeam

Spike always loves to help. But one day he accidentally shrinks himself with Twilight's shrinking powder, and Pinkie is about to throw a party at the library.

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Swept Away

Swept Away

Spike just stood at the hooves of his now gigantic care taker and just tried to cover his ears as her voice boomed to him. "I need to find some way to get her attention, but how?" Spike pondered. "Her ears are like, 20 miles from here, I'm never gonna make it."

"UGH, I GUESS I'll HAVE TO FINISH IT MYSELF." Twilight boomed. Spike quickly snapped out of his self questioning when he heard that. He looked to the broom and saw a purple ora lift it into the air. "Nonononononono. TWILIGHT! DON'T SWEEP HERE!" the tiny dragon cried. But once again, his voice was just too tiny for it to be heard. There was only one option that Spike had left to do in his little predicamant......... RUN FOR HIS TINY LIFE!!!!

The broom touched down with a huge THUD, and proceeded forward in his direction. Even though Spike has ran longer ways to carry long messages to his friends, and to escape perills, he couldn't really run that fast. The giant bristles of the broom closed in, but then lifted up. Spike had a quick sigh of relief, until it was ended when the broom landed in front of him again. So now Spike ran in the other direction.

"TWILIGHT! PLEASE! STOP!" he cried, loosing his breath. There was really no where he could turn. Everywhere he ran, Twilight seemed to stop him where ever he was going. Dust was clouding his vision as it was being swept up. "Oh, why didn't I just sweep the place and do my job?" he thought as he once again had to change directions as he was running for his life. As he ran, he could swear he could hear Twilight humming over the sound of the broom rubbing against the floor. "Gee, at least she's happy." he thought, trying to get his mind off of his situation.

That would prove to be a big mistake. While he wasn't thinking of running, he ended up tripping on a crack in the floor board. "OOF!" he said when he fell. Then as he looked up, he could see his doom approaching fast. The broom was closing in on him, and it was too late to get up and run again. He screamed with such terror, and he never screamed like that before, as he was engulfed into the bristle prison.


Twilight began sweeping the floor, knowing that she really had to do this fast, becuase she needed to get the others to help her decorate, cook, and do what they can to get the place ready for the party.

"It's okay Twilight." she thought to herself. "Nothing is going to go wrong. Everything is as it should be, and everyone will do there parts to help out. Spike is out probably spreading the word to the others on what I need them to do, and I know that Rainbow Dash will be here in an hour to help me with watering the grass and planting some nice flowers. Everything will be fine." Twilight then began humming a little tune to herself to get her mind off of the work.

"Hm, I guess Spike did do a lot of the sweeping, I'm already done." Twilight said. "Ew, but I should probably shake this off. Don't want any of this to be in the house during the party." She then went outside, and beat her broom over the lawn. "Once Rainbow makes it rain, this should all wash away."

"OH! I need to go over to Pinkie's place, NOW!" she said. She then threw the broom back inside and ran off to get Pinkie Pie to help her with baking the food.