• Published 6th Mar 2013
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Teeny Weeny Spikey Wikey - VanillaBeam

Spike always loves to help. But one day he accidentally shrinks himself with Twilight's shrinking powder, and Pinkie is about to throw a party at the library.

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Watering The Flowers

Watering The Flowers

Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie arrived at Sweet Apple Acres, and saw Applejack was already at work bucking for apples.

"Uh, Pinkie, make sure Winnona or any of the other animals don't get into the food, okay?" Twilight asked.

"Okie Dokie Lokie! And if any of them do, I'll just make them a treat instead." Pinkie replied with a huge smile. Twilight just shrugged it off and trotted over to Applejack. "Hi Applejack."

"Howdy Twilight. Ah already know bout that lil' party fer the princess tonight. Ah already got a head start on the apple buckin'." Applejack was always a hard worker, and would always lend a helping hoof for her friends.

"Oh that's great. That looks like it should do the trick for tonight." Twilight said pleasantly. Then she remembered something. "Hey Applejack, you didn't by any chance see Spike come by did you?"

"Haven't seen hide or scale of the lil guy. What's up?"

"I haven't seen him since I left to go to the market. I went home and he wasn't there. And he didn't stop by Pinkie's either."

"Oh, ah'm sure he probably paid Rarity a visit."

Just then, another thing hit Twilight. "RARITY! Oh my goodness, she and I were suppose to decorate the library. I got so caught up with you guys, I forgot about my other plans." Twilight began to panic again. Then Pinkie came out of nowhere and wrapped herself around Twilight.

"Ugh, thanks Pinkie." Twilight said in annoyance.

"Anything for a friend." Pinkie replied with glee.

"Hey, why don't you and Pinkie head on over back to the library and get Rarity to help ya'll decorate. Ah'll get Fluttershy and we'll be there later, okay?"

"Yeah, I guess that does sound like a good plan." Twilight sighed. "Alright come on Pinkie, y-you can let go now." She did so. "Let's go before we're more behind schedule. See you later Applejack."

"See ya Twi!" Applejack waved.


Spike continued into the grassy jungle. He had traveled for over an hour now. But luckily, thanks to his............. unlucky encounter with Rarity, he was three quarters of the way there. He couldn't wait to get back inside. After the Rarity encounter, he was nearly trampled on by a stampede of ants. They, surprisingly, were the size of ponies to him.

"Whew, at least I'm almost home." he said. "I can't wait to at least get out of this place. Who knew the front yard could be a very dangerous place to play in?"

He continued his journey through the dirt and grass. Then he noticed it start to shadow up. "Oh no, someone else is coming." he thought. But there were no big tremors coming toward him. This confused him, so he decided to climb a grass blade and check it out. No one was coming. He looked around when he saw the cause of the shadow. There were little patches of clouds hovering over the lawn. And he even saw Rainbow Dash putting them in place. He didn't even bother to call out to her, she was WAY too high to catch his ears.

"Well, that outta do it." Dash said to herself. "This should give the flowers just enough water to grow."

"Well that's nice of her." Spike said. "Wait........ WATER?!" He realized he was in grave danger. "WAIT! STOP! NOT YET!"

Too late. Dash gave the cloud one back kick, and the rain slowly started coming down. Spike suddenly heard the sound of bombs crashing down. He quickly slid down and made a run for it. Every explosion brought a cloud of water pushing him over. No matter where he turned, the rain was coming down hard on his tiny head.

"I gotta find shelter, FAST!" said said. He examined the area as he ran, so he wouldn't get hit. Then he saw it. Three pebbles that made the shape of a cave that the water didn't hit. Spike made a bolt for it, occasionally slipping due to the ground starting to get wet, and finally dove for cover. He was finally safe for now.

Spike just watched the giant raindrops fall, and as he sat there, some sad thoughts crawled into his mind. "I screwed up. This is what I get for playing around instead of doing what I was suppose to do." He shivered and thought of nothing but how bad he must be to Twilight. He broke her vase, got himself shrunk, and is setting the plans for the party behind. "I don't even know if they will ever find me, *sniff* or if they want to find me." Spike just sat there with tears in his eyes, as he listened to the rain fall.


Rainbow just sat on Twilight's front step and waited for her to come back. After a few minutes, Twilight, Pinkie, and even Rarity came back.

"Hey Twi. I've been waiting for you forever." Dash said acting all tired.

"Silly Dashie, it's only been ten minutes." Pinkie exclaimed.

"I was kidding Pinkie." Dash replied in a sarcastic tone.

"Never mind that." Twilight said. "Since you're here. would you mind coming in and helping us decorate and set up?"

"No prob." Dash said. They all went inside and of course, Twilight had to pop the question. "Hey Rainbow, by any chance did you see Spike today?"

"Uh uh, not at all. What, is the little guy off sending messages to us all?" Dash asked.

"None of us has seemed to see him at all today. I'm starting to really get worried."

"Oh, I'm sure Spikey Wikey is just out playing with the younger fillies today. You know how he is, being a child." Rarity said as she started placing the decorations in, in her mind, the right places.

"Yeah, you're probably right." said Twilight, as she too began the decorating.

"Pinkie, you set up the tables. Rarity and I will organize, and Dash, you hang up the banners and streamers."

"Ai Ai captain." Dash rebutted. And they all went to work.