• Published 6th Mar 2013
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Teeny Weeny Spikey Wikey - VanillaBeam

Spike always loves to help. But one day he accidentally shrinks himself with Twilight's shrinking powder, and Pinkie is about to throw a party at the library.

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A Normal Morning

A Normal Morning

Spike got up and out of his bed with a nice, long stretch. He had a pleasent sleep, and couldn't wait for the party tonight. Pinkie had been planning this party for a while now, and Twilight would usually not approve of it taking place at the library. But it was different this time. Princess Celestia sent a letter, saying that her sister, Princess Luna, was coming over to Ponyville for a visit, and was so excited to actually see Twilight and her friends again. This, for Spike, meant that he had to do everthing in his power to make sure that everything would be ready at the library for the party.

"Morning sleepy head." said Twilight, carrying some party supplies in her bags. "I hope you got plenty of sleep, because we gotta get things ready for Luna's party, and I know you'll want to stay up with the rest of our friends."

"Yeah, and I know how hard it must be to have to host this kind of a party." said the little dragon. "I mean, this is one of the princesses we're talking about. This party is going to be great."

"Yes I know, but what if something happens, and the part becomes a disaster?" Twilight stated as she started to panic.

"It won't Twi-".

"And what if Celestia found out about it, and then ends up being very disappointed in me?"

"She would nev-".

"And what if I end up making her so mad that....... I won't be her student anymore?!"

"TWILIGHT!" Spike finally snapped. "None of that is going to happen. You have the others to help you, especially Pinkie Pie. She will help you with all the party activities, props, and keep it fun and safe."

"Oh Spike, you always know how to cheer me up and calm me down." Twilight says as she rubs his head. Indeed he is always a good friend to Twilight. She has raised him since he hatched, and he has always been her number one assistant, and friend. Although he never will admit it but...... he really does love her, as a close sister.

"Aww, I know it racks your nerves Twilight, but you'll do fine, I promise." Spike then hugged Twilight, ensuring her that it will be fine............. for her.

"Thanks Spike." said Twilight. They both then went down stairs, and into the main room, where Twilight holds her books and various powders.

"Hey, what's this one?" Spike said as he pointed out to a new jar of powder.

"Oh, that's something I got from Zecora today. It's shrinking powder. I figure it could help me with my studies later on. But be careful around this, any pinch of this could shrink anything a couple inches. Even more, could make it really small."

"Gotchya." said Spike. Then Spike got his broom, and went to do his daily chores to prepare for the party.

"Oh darn it." exclaimed Twilight. "Here I wanted to make sandwiches for the party, and I didn't get any bread." Spike giggled at the remark, and Twilight sort of did as well.

"I guess I'll have to go to the market, AGAIN, and get some, and maybe a few other things while I'm at it."

Twilight then emptied her bags and started heading out. "You can watch the library for a couple of minutes, can't you?"

"Does a pegasus fly?" Spike asked in a jokingly tone.

Twilight just giggled. "Oh you. Alright, I should only take a half an hour. See you when I get back."

"Okay, I should have the floor sweeped up by then Twi." Spike said as he began to sweep the floor. Twilight smiled and trotted out the door and shut it behind her. Spike just went on with his sweeping and thought happily on what will happen at the party.