• Published 6th Mar 2013
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Teeny Weeny Spikey Wikey - VanillaBeam

Spike always loves to help. But one day he accidentally shrinks himself with Twilight's shrinking powder, and Pinkie is about to throw a party at the library.

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Now, The "Smaller" Dragon

Now, The "Smaller" Dragon

Spike began pacing around like Twilight would when ever she panics. He needed a way to get an antidote, or better yet, let somepony know his situation. He was so small, he was the size of an ant.

"Oh man, Twilight is gonna be so mad once she finds out I messed with her shrinkng powder."

Then all of a sudden, there was a huge booming noise that pierced the tiny dragon's ears. "SPIKE, I'M HOME!!"

Spike recognized that booming noise instantlly. "Oh good, Twilight's home!" said Spike with joy, but it then quickly turned to fear. "Oh no, Twilight's home." He then heard a loud creeking sound, that being the door opening and closing. He then heard various booming noises, which followed with the ground starting to quake. And it got bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER.

Finally, she rounded the corner and into his sight. She was god-like. She must be standing above him at like 500ft, or at least at his point-of-view. Then, the titaness unicorn began to burst his eardrums again. "SPIKE, ARE YOU IN HERE? SPIKE? HEH, MUST BE OUT GETTING STUFF READY."

"TWILIGHT! I'M RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! I NEED HELP! HEY!" the little dragon tried to yell, but it was no use. Twilight's ears couldn't pick up his tiny cries for help. And what made it worse, she started stomping his way, making the earth beneath him shake more and more as she got closer.

"TWILIGHT! WATCH OUT!" he screamed, and even though she didn't hear him, her massive hoof stopped right in front of him. The impact of the step pushed him back a few feet. Once she was right above him, she looked even bigger than before.


Twilight then looked around and saw that the little vase that Rarity made her was missing. "Huh? Where did my vase go?" she asked herself as she went to investigate. She stopped and thought to herself again, "That's going to have to wait until later. I have to get ready for the party. Princess Celestia is counting on me, and I have no time to waste."

She then took a look around, and saw that the floor was barely swept. "What the hay?" she said out loud. "I thought Spike was supposed to sweep this place up. This is the party room of all places, and yet he doesn't finish this room before getting something else ready? Ugh, I guess I'll have to finish it myself." She then levitated the broom, and began to sweep the rest of the floor.

Little does she know, it is causing utter chaos for the tiny world below her hooves.