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Resurgence of Harmony - satyrnidae

A pegasus florist and a powerful unicorn plot to overthrow Discord.

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Chapter 2 - Your Lord and Ruler

This won't unpublish, so here you go.

By: CenturionFox13
I do not own My Little Pony, nor am I affiliated with it in any way. MLP is a registered trademark of Hasbro.


Discord panned his vision around the master bedroom. To think, I live here and rule here for nearly one thousand years and leave this room unchanged, he thought, shaking his goat-like head. For shame. What a slip-up. The draconequus looked at the fireplace, an ornate brick-and-silver along the leading edge of the room. “Bo-ring,” he yawned, snapping his talon. Immediately, the silver decorations began to writhe, changing into snakes and falling to the floor. “Better, yes, but still lacks… how to describe it… pizazz.” As he snapped his talon again, the bricks solidified into black obsidian and a purple fire roared up inside of it. The snakes began to writhe as they were burned by the heat given off by the furnace.

Discord yawned once more. “I thought that that might’ve looked better…” Again, he snapped his talons. Another burst of magic entered the fireplace, making it melt into a bowl shape, which proceeded to float into the air, magically hovering above the floor. A large hole had been left in the wall where the fireplace was. Discord frowned again. “No, no, no, it’s all wrong. And now I’m hungry.” Snapping his talons once more, he transformed the fireplace-bowl into a piping hot bowl of clam chowder soup. After gulping the soup down, he stared at the bowl for a second, then, still displeased, threw it Frisbee style into the streets below. Now where was I? Ah yes, the room.

A few hours later, Discord stood outside of the door to the master bedroom, admiring his work. “You know, nothing like a few hours of converting a room into a veritable black hole to help you wind down,” he remarked, staring into the void that the room was now composed of. “Oh well.” Snapping his talons again, he shut the door and teleported to the throne room.

The throne room. Now that is a room to adore. So chaotic. I do believe that most of my work towards breaking the laws of physics is compounded into that one room, thought Discord as he rematerialized on the throne. The room was indeed a room to behold. A large dragon, made of solid glass, lay curled up behind the throne, which floated three feet off the ground. The stained glass window, which once depicted the sun and the moon on their eternal path through the sky, now depicted the overthrow of the royal family by Discord. All around the room, there were things that made little sense to no sense at all. Every source of light was floating, fire burned downwards, a fountain worked in reverse (and was also upside down) and vines fell from the ceiling in multicolor strands, swaying in a nonexistent wind.

Discord snapped a goblet into existence and took a sip as he turned to admire the dragon and the window. The dragon was actually once a real dragon captured by Discord’s guards and turned to glass. “Ah, memories,” thought Discord aloud as he stared at the large window.

Suddenly, he heard a door open and a rather blank-faced pegasus guard walked into the room. In a monotonous voice, he spoke. “Discord, sir.”

“Yes, Captain Polet?”

“The mayor of Ponyville is here to see you.” The pegasus showed no emotion, his voice betrayed none of his feelings, and his face was as blank as a canvas. Discord smiled. Mind control might not be his favorite method of chaos, but it worked nonetheless.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Send her in,” Discord commanded. The pegasus guard nodded, his face blank as ever, turned, and left the room. I wonder what’s happened this time. ‘Oh, Discord, could you please stop the hailstorms?’ ‘Oh, Discord, the crops have all died!’ ‘Oh, Discord!’ ‘Oh Discord!’ Discord rolled his eyes with the memory of the annoying encounters. There were several per year, half of them from Ponyville alone. Why can’t these towns be more like Alicorn’s Rest? I kill all their unicorns and they don’t even raise an eyebrow, much less send their Mayor to contact me! Maybe they all died.

The doors opened again, and Captain Polet and another guard marched in with a parchment colored unicorn. Her purple hair was combed neat, and her eyes were filled with cool anger. A pair of golden half-moon spectacles rested on her snout. Her tail was cut short, and her cutie mark, a parchment and quill, shone brightly on her flank.

What? thought Discord. He’d never seen this pony before in his life. Last time he remembered, the Ponyville mayor had been a chartreuse pony with a pink mane, no spectacles, and a lyre for her cutie mark. “Who is this?” he asked the captain.

“This is the mayor of Ponyville,” replied the guard.

“No it’s not, you fool, the mayor’s an annoyingly bubbly green pony, not some prim and proper beige unicorn,” replied Discord.

“This is the mayor of Ponyville,” repeated the guard, still without emotion.

“Forget it, Captain.” Discord turned to the unicorn. “You, who are you?”

The pony stared up at the chimera in his floating throne. So, this is Discord, she thought. “My name is Priscilla Barley,” she said, “and I am indeed the mayor of Ponyville.”

“Why’d they need a new one? I was just getting to like the old one,” said the indignant draconequus, with more than a hint of sarcasm.

“The old one died because you didn’t cure her,” replied Priscilla, her eyes narrowing.

“Oh. That’s sad. I’m sad,” said Discord, with absolutely no hint of sadness in his voice. He took another sip from his goblet, and then threw it behind him. It made a resounding clang as it hit the floor and dematerialized. “So, why are you here now, Mayor Prissy?” Discord continued in a patronizing voice, “Are the hardships of mayoral duties in Ponyville just too much for your little head?”

The unicorn’s eyes flashed dangerously. Both guards stepped back a pace and leveled their heads at her. “Don’t patronize me, Discord. I’m not as feeble as you make me out to be.”

“Maybe not,” replied Discord, inspecting his talon hand, “but I do know that you are not me. And nobody is as powerful as me.”

The mayor snorted. “That stance will be your undoing. Nobody is all powerful, Discord.”

Discord’s patience ran out. Who was this mare, to talk down to him like this? He’d had enough. He swooped down from his chair, coming to a stop not a foot away from the unicorn, sticking his face into hers. “I could wipe your mind with a snap of my fingers,” he growled menacingly, brandishing his talons.

“I’d like to see you try,” countered the parchment colored unicorn.

Discord came within three inches of accepting her challenge. His fingers pressed, and he got ready to snap the disobedient little pony’s mind to oblivion. Then he stopped. His fingers slackened, and a smile grew on his face. The unicorn took a small step backwards, taken aback by Discord’s sudden reaction. He’s smiling? Why is he smiling!?

Discord flew back to his floating throne. “Very well, have it your way.” Discord snapped a file into existence and began to sharpen the claws on his paw, smiling quite creepily.

Priscilla’s determination was returning. “Have it my way?” she said.

“Well, yes,” Discord said, now examining the claws on his paw. “Isn’t that what you want?”

Priscilla scoffed, a small sound that annoyed Discord quite a bit. His smile faltered for just a second, and he went back to filing. “What I want, Discord, is for you to let it rain again.” Discord raised an eyebrow. “I know it’s you! After the old mayor came through here asking for just a bit more rain was the last time we actually saw any precipitation! Now, you’ve put a stranglehold on our weather production!”

Discord blew in is claws. “This is a ridiculous accusation,” he said. “You have no proof that any of your weather producing facilities have been in any way affected by me!” Discord’s smile widened. “Do you?”

“I most certainly do!” yelled the unicorn, stomping her foot. “That day when you sent some royal guards to ‘help’ us was when all the pegasi in the factory seemed to stop thinking! They all look like these two, all… blank.”

Discord tossed the file over the back of his throne and laughed, a short, mirthful burst. The mayor seemed appalled. He’s laughing now. Laughing at us.

“You caught me! I did indeed take control of your weather factory,” Discord said, wiping a tear from his eye. “It’s a riot, isn’t it? No rain, and you had no idea why!”

“You’re despicable.”

“Call it what you will,” replied Discord.

“Well, now that that’s settled, could you perhaps release the factory workers?” asked Priscilla. Her disgust towards Discord was evident in every syllable of that sentence.

Discord snapped his fingers, and teleported beside the irate unicorn. “Why don’t you follow me to the balcony,” he said, running his talon through her mane. “I want you to see this.” Discord grabbed the pony by the nape of her neck and flew to the stairs. He carried Mayor Barley all the way up to the top balcony. “Now,” he said, setting her down on the floor, “I want you to look out at the cloud layer.”

“What cloud layer?” asked the mayor. “There are no clouds. There aren’t ever any clouds.”

Look,” commanded the draconequus. The mayor reluctantly did as she was told, staring down towards the ground. “You want precipitation?”

“Yes. I do.”

Discord smiled again. “Very well.” He snapped his fingers, and a thick layer of clouds began to form.

At first, the mayor couldn’t believe her eyes. Discord was doing what she requested? She never thought she’d see the day… However, something seemed off. Weren’t clouds supposed to be white, not dark purple…?

“Do you like it?” asked the draconequus, sneering. “I call it ‘ink-cipitation’!” He frowned. “Wait, that doesn’t sound right… prec-ink-itation? That sounds closer… Never mind, the point is that it’s ink.”

“What!? INK?” yelled the unicorn. “You said rain! You said that you’d make it RAIN!”

“No,” replied Discord, “I said that I’d make it precipitate. And it is!”

A chorus of cries rang out from the streets below as the ponies below realized what was falling onto them from the sky. Priscilla stared down in horror as pegasi attempted to fly up and clear the clouds, only to get shot by lightning as the clouds roiled and fumed. Discord laughed and laughed.

“You know, why didn’t I think of this earlier?” he said, practically rolling on the ground. “Mystery clouds! I love it. Look at it! They fly up, then, BOOM! Oh, what a riot!”

“You’re a monster,” said the unicorn, her voice practically dripping with disgust.

Discord stopped laughing for a moment, eyeing the unicorn, still smiling widely. “Look at me," he said, referencing his mish-mash body. "You didn’t figure that out earlier?” Another crack of thunder and a cry as yet another pegasus was shot down sent Discord once again into a laughing fit. “Oh, that’s just great! “ he chortled.

“You can’t do this,” said Priscilla, her eyes flashing once again. “I can’t just let you do this!”

Discord’s laughs died down. “Oh, Mayor Barley disagrees with me? She’s going to stop me?” The smile disappeared from his face, replaced by a malevolent frown. “I’d like to see you try,” he said, echoing the mayor’s earlier words. He even used her voice. The unicorn stepped back a bit, her conviction gone, replaced by fear.

Discord smiled again, assured that he had the upper hand here. “Let’s face it, mayor, you’re just one unicorn. Just one little insignificant unicorn way out of her league.”

“What are you…” Priscilla said, her fear threatening to creep into her voice. How did he know about that?

Again, Discord’s smile widened. “But me?” he said, spreading his hand apart. “I’m, well, me. I’m Discord, Lord of all Chaos and Equestria. But I’m also every guard in this castle, every worker in your precious cloud factory, and even several different animals, watching your every move as you go about your pitiful lives.” Discord leaned in close. “And you will never be able to change that.”

Just then, several guards appeared in the doorway. “Discord, sir. You requested our assistance.” they said, perfectly monotonously, perfectly in sync.

“Why, yes, yes I did,” replied the Lord of all Chaos and Equestria. “Seize this traitor! She has threatened me and, by extension, all of Equestria!”

“Yes, sir.” The guards began moving towards the terrified unicorn, who had backed up against the edge of the balcony.

There was no way she was getting back through that door. Even if she could, the palace guards would have no trouble overcoming her and arresting her. So, convinced that it was her only option, Priscilla jumped. The fall seemed to take an eternity, the clouds rushing towards her. When she got within a foot of the angry looking puffs, her brain recognized a metallic taste, but could do nothing as a bolt of lightning rushed up to greet her, hitting her midriff and sending her into a spin.

“Ooh, direct hit,” remarked Discord.

“Should we pursue?” inquired one of the mind-controlled guards.

Discord thought for a moment. “No,” he finally replied. “I highly doubt that she survived the fall. And even if she did, what can she do?”

Discord snapped his fingers, teleporting himself back to the throne room. The ink was coating the windows, blotting out whatever sun could make it through the clouds and staining them the color of tar.

Discord switched his view to that of a rat that he currently had under his control. The rodent looked out from a drainage pipe into the streets of Canterlot. Pegasi scattered the street, either dead or unconscious. Ponies and unicorn ran to and fro, trying to get out of the inky downpour. The once pristine cobblestone roads were now stained dark black. The cries and screams of the Canterlot ponies were occasionally cut through by a burst of thunder, and the whole scene was nothing but chaotic.

Discord withdrew from the rodent’s mind and came back into himself. Once again, he conjured himself up a goblet and took a sip. The din of the inky rain and screaming ponies certainly added to the chaotic atmosphere of the castle. Once more, Discord smiled.

First Discord centered bit!
This pretty much goes to explain why the ink rain started falling.
Also, first mention of Ponyville!
I can’t tell you much about Priscilla without spoiling anything.
So, anyways, comment please! Your suggestions and criticism are taken very seriously, and I do appreciate them!


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