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It is a time of peril in Equestria. Discord has reigned for several thousand years, and his recent blocking of pegasus flight has been viewed as the final straw. However, Centurion Amethyst, a unicorn, and Lilac Blossom, a pegasus, have found evidence that the princesses of Equestria may have survived the overthrow of the royal family. Can they overthrow Discord and restore the royal family's rule over Equestria? Set around 1200 years before present-day Equestria.

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Shazam. Sorry, just felt like saying that. ANYWAY - you've got a nice idea going here. I've read several "Discord in charge" fics, but never one like the circumstances you've presented. I am truly curious to see where this goes, and hope that it goes at all. So many good ideas never make it past the prologue, and I strongly hope this will be an exception.

A few typos, and the flashback to Discord's speech was a little confusing. Aside from that, pas bene, mate. 4/5 stars and tracking.

Who can take the sunriiiiiiiise
Sprinkle it with deeeew?
The candyman, the candyman can!

... Well, either him or Discord.

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