• Published 20th Feb 2013
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Morning Wood - Pancakes.

What would life be like if Discord had succeeded in taking over Equestria?

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Spike Wakes Up


Spike woke up with a start, immediately sitting up in his bed. His breathing was fast and erratic, and his bed was soaked with sweat.

He looked at his palms. He let out a sigh of relief, knowing the world he was in seemed realistic. A quick look around the library confirmed his thoughts. Nothing seemed to be random, nonsensical, or out of the ordinary.

...Spare a lump under his blanket.

He lifted it up to look. After a moment, his gaze was directed upon the cause of the lump, and would no doubt explain any questions about his dream.

"...Bucking morning wood..."

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Suddenly, everything makes sense.

... Wait, no it doesn't. :trixieshiftleft:

Wait... no. I do not have anything to say to this.]
I am quite literally speechless. :applejackunsure: :applejackconfused:

Words need not be said.

That explains it... :rainbowkiss:

Probably a combination of be taking 4 sleeping pills during a crash induced by two monsters that were drank 4 hours ago plus the fact it was 4 AM and that it was on the first day of track and that my room had just been repainted.

Yeah, I was probably pretty damn high.

... I liked the part were it seemed like Discord had taken over more than the climax. It gave an excuse to make the following statement:

Oh, I perfer upvotes. Because ties like to climb Easter.

I'd gladly accept an upvote, given that the deorodant has been golfed into Finland.

I never got over the fact his ear is on his neck.

2254162 Yet you wrote a story about randomness? It turns out he was purposely disfigured that way when he lost his fairy godparents(Cosmo and Wanda actually.) but for the most part it's just to make him seem even more quirky.:twistnerd:

Regardless, it still bugs me every time I see him.

...But! I'm still as random as can be. Not much denying that.

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