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Have you ever felt cursed? Have people died all around you and you felt powerless to stop it? What if you could actually do something about it? With inner power manifested as outer strength, witness the tale of one young man's journey to stop horrible events beyond his understanding from transpiring. He is not alone however, as the power of friendship is all he needs to fight on.
This story is actually the third in a series, but it is the first one written. As it is based on the persona games, several elements from the games will be mixed in as well, so don't be surprised if dialogue boxes or music show up in the middle of the basic story. if you see this: ♪ that's when the music starts, it appears again when it ends. If the music ever shifts from track one to another, this symbol: ♫ will be shown instead. If yet another song is shifted to, a different musical note will appear. Story is told in 2nd person, however this is only because the persona games refer to the main character as "you" his back story has been predetermined, as well as his future. All music is used with the permission of the original posters on youtube.

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