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The land of Equestria is a realm where freedom of magic has been long since outlawed and all unicorns are to be sent to private military academies. However, the populous is kept happy enough to keep down most resistance. That is, unless one is a unicorn who is constantly on the run…

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The dialogue is really the driving force behind the story in its current state; the rest could use a bit of work, try using some more descriptive language: Show don't tell (you can find many places on the interwebs about that).

The plot itself has caught my interest, but it's still a bit too early to comment much on the story. I'll be following this.

Oh, one more thing. How often can it be expected that this will update?

well this is a group effort, we are writing as we post. Alas I expect another one hopefully next friday

sorry for the week delay, just life happened and got distracted from the ponies

What is this a crossover with and why is magic so restricted? Are the Royal Sisters still in power?

yea after chapter Five there will be a back story chapter explaining why magic is resistriced, where are the sisters, etc.
but the sisters were defeated by an Evil Alicorn know as the Dark King. Celestria was banished and luna fled into hiding. the Dark King now controls equestria, but he rules to keep the masses happy and under his control. we have a few characters that will appearing later that are crossovers to others things, just we have a lot to ground to cover, and i know its a tad confusing, but please stay with us along our journey in a dark equestria.

yours truly

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