• Published 13th Dec 2012
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Study Buddies - fitanon

You are...you can't remember, so lets just go with Anon. You are Anon, and you have arrived upon Equestria as the result of a magical spell cast by Twilight Sparkle...your new roomate.

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Chapter 1 - Dynamic Entry

>Day 1 in Equestria

WARNING: BRAIN has recovered from a serious error.
Start BRAIN normally?
Welcome, ANON
PASS: *****
Password Accepted!
Starting BRAIN


You wake up.

Oh God your everything is pain. Consciousness is a cruel mistress. What the fuck just happened?

Play fuckup.avi?


You can't remember shit. With a groan, you try your limbs.

Arms? Working. You use them to bring your hands to your face in pain.

Legs? Working. You kick them weakly across the...floor?

Yeah, floor. The distinct feeling of grainy wood reverberates through your sneakers.

Torso? ...Working but not at capacity. Your back is roiling with pain. You're lying on what feels like a bunch of broken wood. Might be a good idea to open your eyes...you do.


You clench your eyes shut as the sun viciously assaults them. You wait a few moments and try again. Allowing your eyes to adjust to the light, you find yourself in a very strange home. It appears almost cylindrical, the interior is all wood and looks to be...carved?

High on the far 'wall' is a massive hole. More than likely where you fell through. Peering through it you notice massive tree branches above...You are in a giant fucking tree. What the fucking fuck?

Bro, I think we need to take a look around.

Agreed, BRAIN.

Jerkily, you lurch yourself upward. Looking down you see that you smashed through a table. That would explain all the shattered wood...

You slowly peer around at your surroundings. You see...books? Books! Thousands of books! YOU FUCKING LOVE BOOKS!







With a bit of difficulty, you hobble to your feet. A quick glance over reveals no major injuries, just some bruises and a few cuts, but that’s unimportant.

Books. They draw you to their shelves like a moth to flame. All of your life, you have had an inexplicable obsession with books. Big books, small books, new books, old books- it didn't matter. If it was a book with something worthwhile to learn confined in its pages, you were all over that shit.

Giddily, you peruse the nearest bookcase. Your excitement grows when you see that none of the books have titles on their spines. That meant two things. One: they were old, and old books were your favorite. Two: every choice was a surprise, a potential new world of knowledge just waiting to be discovered.

With a feeling of wonder you reach for the first book to catch your eye; a large tome with a green binding. You slowly pull it out with care. You shudder at the sound its cloth covering makes as it rubs against its neighbor. You don't turn it over right away; instead you take a moment to run your hands across it. You sigh at the rough texture, the bumps in its spine. This book was old, it had history. With a deep breath, you turn the tome over to read its title...and find none!

Even better. Books without titles on their covers meant two things: the book was either meant to be in a dustcover...or it was hand-bound. You could tell this was more than likely the latter. You bite your lower lip in anticipation as you open the front cover. Your eyes involuntarily roll up into your head at the smell of aged parchment; a scent you now realize is omnipresent in this...tree. You fucking love the smell of books.

Grinning, you glance down at the first page for the book's title...and quirk an eyebrow in confusion.

" 'A brief history of Equestria'? What the fuck is Equestria?" You say aloud to apparently no one. With a shrug, you turn the first page and begin to read-


You aren't alone.

Every muscle in your body locks up as you realize your situation.

You just crashed into this...tree, and began to read books off the shelves, books that more than likely BELONG TO SOMEONE.

What the fuck is wrong with you? If anyone did what you were doing to your own vast collection of tomes you would flip shit. With a sharp *SNAP* you close the book and shakily place it back on its shelf.

"Oh God Im so sorry!" You ramble, not even turning around. "I just saw them and they looked so interesting I couldn't help myself!"

"I-i-i-it's o-okay! R-really! Um...are you hurt?"

You hear the nervous female voice grow closer along with...those didn't sound like normal footsteps.

You turn to face the newcomer.

"No, no I'm okay. Hey do you think you could tell me where I-"


"Oh! Um, this is my library, in Ponyville! My name is Twilight Sparkle and I- are you alright?"




What...what the fuck am I looking at?

Looks like a horse bro...a tiny, talking, adorable purple horse with a...yep thats a horn.

Huh. I thought so.




Faint in three?

Try one.

Your eyes roll up into your head for the second time as you keel over onto the library floor.

----------Twilight Sparkle-------------

It worked...

It worked!


You've done it! You have successfully summoned a being from another universe!

Granted, the portal opened OVER your house rather than within it sending the poor creature through the wall. You were so shocked that you had hid behind a chair when it woke up and merely watched it. There had been warnings in the book to be wary of what you summon, that the creatures could be very dangerous.

But this creature looked more like an ape than a monster. Plus, it had taken an interest in your books! Then apologized for reading them without permission! It couldn't be dangerous...

Now it’s unconscious on your fl-


At least you think it’s a 'he', it had a deep voice like a stallion but for all you knew-


Your attention is torn toward the hole in your house. Rainbow Dash is fluttering within it.

"Rainbow! Yes! Yes I'm fine! Better than fine! I did it!"

The cyan pegasus gently lands inside your library wearing a look of confusion. "Did what?" Before you can answer the door is bucked open.

"TWAH? What in tarnation happened?!"

Applejack rushes into the library, the rest of your friends in tow.

"Darling what happened to your home?! There was a flash of light and what sounded like an explosion!"

"Wowee! I don't think my party cannon could even pack THAT much of a punch! Speaking of punch, did anypony want some? I-" She is silenced by an orange hoof.

"Oh- Oh goodness! What happened to your table Twilight?"

"GIRLS!" You scream, getting their attention. "I'm fine, and the library will be too as soon as-"

"HOLY BUCK WHAT IS THAT?!" Rainbow screeches, jabbing a hoof at the unconscious creature lying on your floor.

The other ponies gasp. You clear your throat.

"That's what I've been trying to tell you! I DID IT!" You giggle. "I perfected my transuniversal summoning spell! That is the first thing I was able to pull through!"

A group of blank stares is your only response. You sigh in exasperation.

"I brought that creature into Equestria from another world!"

You smile smugly when your friend's faces mouths open in shock.

A blur of blue fills your vision and you are staring face to face with Rainbow, her nose inches from your own. "Are you serious?! That...-thing- is like, an alien?!"

You bring a hoof to your chin. Technically, it did fit the definition.

"Yeah! I guess it is!" you affirm with a nod and smile.

"Oh goodness!" Fluttershy floats over to the unconscious alien. "He looks hurt! We should get him to a doctor..."

You shake your head.

"Fluttershy it was fine before it- wait 'he'? You know it’s a male?"

The pegasus nods. "I can tell things about animals. It’s...it’s probably a 'he'."

"I see. Well, he'll probably wake up on his own-"

Now the yellow pegasus was in your face. "Nonono! That won’t do Twilight, those cuts could get infected! We need to get them cleaned and dressed."

You gulp. She wasn't using the stare but it was close. Your will eventually breaks.

"Agh...okay fine. But we can't bring him to the hospital, it could cause a scare in town."

"Oh! Well, um, -I- could keep him at my cottage and tend to him..."

"Darling that’s perfect!" Rarity chimes in. "That way he would be away from town!"

"Ah can go git mah cart from the market. We could haul him to Fluttershy's with the tarp on."

"Alright, sounds like a plan girls. Once Applejack gets back we-"

"Is this really a good Idea?" Rainbow says while casting a nervous glance at the creature.

"I mean he could be, like, dangerous...he IS an alien..."

"I don't think he is Rainbow. I'll explain on the way to Fluttershy's."

"Oh BOY!!!" Pinkie Pie exclaims. "I get to throw a welcome party for an alien! This is gonna be soooo much FUN!"

Before you can stop her, Pinkie has already bounded out of the library and out of sight...but you CAN see a growing number of ponies standing outside the library wondering what was happening.

You see a certain diminutive reptile push his way through the crowd, a stack of books in hand.

He waddles through the door balancing the books precariously. "Got that order Twi! Also, did you know there’s a whole bunch of p- HOLY GUACOMOLE!" The little dragon drops the books to the floor when he notices the hole.

Applejack takes this chance to make her way outside and shoo the ponies off before leaving to grab her cart.

"Twilight what happened to the w- WHAT THE BUCK IS THAT?!"

"SPIKE!" You fume. "Language!"

The dragon's cheeks darken as he grins sheepishly. "Sorry Twi but, seriously, what IS that?" he nods toward the creature.

Fluttershy is lying next to the alien looking him over. Her face is full of worry. Rainbow is hovering warily over it, eyeing it with suspicion.

"THAT, is the result of my newest spell!" You declare proudly. Suddenly an idea hits you. "Spike! Take a letter..."

Your assistant blinks before pulling out a scroll and quill from nowhere. You really needed to ask how he did that sometime. But for now, you have a letter to dictate. You clear your throat and-

"Dear Princess Celestia..."


Meanwhile in Canterlot, a certain sun goddess was enjoying her morning coffee. Delicious, invigorating coffee. Without it, the Kingdom of Equestria would have long ago crumbled, its ruler unable to perform her duties.

It was a daily ritual. A necessary habit. For it to be interrupted without just cause was tantamount to treason against the crown. But her little ponies had learned better than to do something like th-


Her coffee mug, specially monogrammed with '#1 Princess', falls from her telekinetic grasp in surprise as the scroll materializes in front of her face. It falls with a resounding shatter, leaving the Princess with a mouthful of undrunk coffee and a scroll on her snout.

Eye twitching, she angrily unravels the scroll. The bucking kingdom better be burning down if-

The coffee which she had yet to swallow spews out of her mouth in shock. She reads the letter again, to be sure.

'Dear Princess Celestia, I am proud to announce that I have successfully cast a transuniversal summoning spell! The creature I have pulled through resembles an ape, but is mostly hairless. 'He' appears to wear clothes to make up for his lack of a coat. The creature took immediate interest in my library's literature, before fainting at the sight of me. He also brought with him a pack of some kind with items from his world! This is could be magical history in the making! We are in the process of moving him to Fluttershy's cottage to tend to a few minor injuries he sustained from the spell. I anxiously await your correspondence!

Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.

PS: He likes books! Isn't that wonderful?'

The princess takes a breath. Then another.

She gently rolls up the scroll, then banishes it to her royal archives.


A white pegasus stallion glides into the throne room. Landing, he stands at attention before his monarch.

"Prepare my chariot."

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