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Just a fan of MLP: FiM and many of the works of the creative community. My favorite setting is Skies of Arcadia with Chrono Trigger second, though I enjoy the MLP universe, more so in adventure fics.


After Arizona's battle with Oleander and FHTNG leaves her unconscious, Paprika carries her away to safety.

Though she at first struggles to understand Paprika, they will form a bond that may change the course of her adventure and of Foenum itself.

A baby step for an attempt at finishing the story we may never see completed.

I can't know or write the story Mane 6 would have told, but I can try to tell my own while respecting their vision: without the limits or opportunities of story mode gameplay.

Not a crossover or a shipping story.

There are two retcons here: that Paprika carried Arizona out of the temple instead of Arizona waking up on her own, and that the RSS Donner/Prancer stayed at port for a few days instead of leaving in the morning.

Since Velvet and Stronghoof appear to understand her, I chalk it up her incomprehensibility to an accent and a speech impediment.

To represent Arizona initially struggling to understand Paprika, I've mimicked the Papdings system used to code what she said: there will be a key alongside a spoilered, plaintext version below.

💋A 🍎B ❗️C 🌸D 🌺E 🌠F 🌀G 💕H 💛I 😊J ☁️K 🐂L 👀M ✨N 🌟O 💞P 💗Q 🍩R 💫S 🧺T ⭐U 💥V ⚡W ❕X ❌Y ➰Z

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Does this mean there’s going to be a squeal to this story, with Them’s Fightin’ Herds OCs in it?


I have ideas on sequels following other playable characters, and eventually Arizona and Paprika again, but no concrete outlines on that yet.

Some time I may add one or two OCs in, since I think there'd be more champions than what we got in game, but developing the actual cast is a much bigger priority.

They were adorable together. Love how they slowly got along together. We may not get an official continuation of the story, but the fans will continue it for sure.



That's a lot of my motivation for writing: if we're not getting any more official story, then continuing it falls to the fans.

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