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If you would ask creatures what they thought of Twilight Sparkle, most might say she is one of, if not the most successful mare in the country. Along with being a princess, living in a castle, and running her own school at such a young age, she has the most amazing group of friends she could ask for. They have helped her get to where she is now, and they enjoy helping her, right?

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That was a good story.

Quite an adorable little read!

Such a cute Raritwi fic. It’s like all of my favorite ones condensed into a neat package, boiling the couple down to their most fundamental, key parts. Rarity, the fashionista drama queen, generous and as loving as can be. Twilight, the socially anxious and awkward bookworm, yet such a brilliant sorceress who is very passionate about her interests. Rarity being one of them :twilightsmile:

From reading the description I thought this was just friendship, but it does seem to have blossomed into something more.

I love them, and I love this.

On a side note, I relate to Twi’s self-deprecation wayyy too much, thank you for including it.


Thanks! I worked hard on this so that really means a lot. I understand the self deprecating behavior all too well also, so I wanted to try and incorporate it into the story somehow. Thanks for reading!

Of course! Very much appreciate all the effort put into this fic! Love the story and the romance hehe :heart::raritywink:

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