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But if, say, Adagio got out of the house before Aria awoke—maybe first to fetch ingredients for a cake, which of course was then an intricate, demanding process to bake and would absolutely start a fire if she left it unattended while Aria dragged her to a bed, and of course it was not the thing that one would trust Sonata with—

I always got the impression that Sonata was the cook among the Sirens. Maybe because she's the Pinkiest of them.

This was a pretty good time. I like the interplay between Aria and Adagio, their somewhat bitter resentment and contempt towards one another making for a pretty engaging dynamic. It never feels like it strays all the way to outward malice in a way that I feel a lot of these stories would do, which is nice. In most instances, I don't think any of the Sirens should actively despise the other two,not even Aria, and you do a good job of keeping just shy of that.

I do wish we knew more of how these rules worked so we know what Aria and Adagio are and are not allowed to do. That seemed like an aspect that was thought up, written in, and forgotten about. Even still, very enjoyable.

Thank you for your submission!

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