• Published 22nd Nov 2021
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Equestria Needs Control - ultspideyfan

Spike and an old friend tackle a new world order.

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A Clue

Seven years had passed since Ultron's reign began. It ruled over the world with no opposition. Life in this new world was rather simple to live in. Don't cause disorder, don't approach the bots, and don't assist any costumed hero that could still be alive. That last rule made Ultron sound paranoid. There hadn't been a hero sighting since it showed up. The villains of the world disappeared soon after the heroes fell. Something that caught everyone by surprise. No creature knew what happened to them, they were just whisked away one night.

Spike didn't have the time to worry about that, work had taken up most of his attention. The Web is where he worked, a small newspaper in Manehatten. It didn't get much traction like the Daily Bugle or the Planet, but it put money in Spike's pocket and it offered him a low profile. Something he desperately needed especially with how frantic Twilight had become over the years. She had been swearing up and down that Peter was alive. Her evidence was that a voice had told her this one night. Spike could only watch as Twilight fell further into madness every day.

Today was no different. Spike pushed open the front door, a loud creaking sound followed the action. He removed his cap and jacket as loud hoofsteps approached. Twilight stepped into view, looking ragged as ever. Bags rested underneath her eyes, her mane was a wild tornado, her eyes bore that crazed tint Spike had grown accustomed to. Something was different though. He couldn't quite place what it was, but Twilight's eyes seemed more vibrant.

"I'm so glad you made it home! I have something to show you." Spike raised a brow.

"What is it Twi?" Twilight smiled and bounced off to the right. Spike, without skipping a beat, followed after her. He followed her into a small room that quite frankly, Spike forgot existed in this shack of a house. The room wasn't much to look at and the bulb above them did very little to illuminate the place. Twilight's smile hadn't faltered since entering this room which furthered Spike's belief that something was up.

"I know you think I've gone crazy since Ultron's reign began, " Spike wanted to protest but Twilight raised her hoof, "I know I haven't made it easy for you and I'm sorry for that. I am very thankful that you kept this place in tip top shape since we hid out here. I think May would've been pleased if she were still with us."

The two sat in silence for a while. This house was filled with memories of an elderly mare and her young nephew trying to make it in the world. An uncle's presence that never left was welcomed with the presence of the aunt. Yet the house was never complete. The nephew never joined them. Twilight could never feel Peter's ghost in this house with May and Ben. She could only feel his memories, his echo.

"The voice that I talk to frequently told me that they've seen him. They told me that Peter was alive and hiding out in Manehatten like us."

"Twilight...." Spike was cut off when Twilight's horn ignited a bright light in the room. When Spike's eyes adjusted he finally took in what was in front of him. Rarity would shriek if she were still with them. Webs coated the room from head to hoof. That wasn't what caught Spike's attention. It was the pictures the webs held. Each one of a stallion who sported a beard and black rimmed glasses. His mane was slicked back and noticeably long. Each of the photos showed the stallion in various places, wearing trench coats and fedoras to conceal most of his features. All these pictures were around an area Spike was quite familiar with. Still, he couldn't quite believe that this was the same Peter Parker that died years prior. Twilight on the other hoof was clearly gung-ho with the idea that this was Peter.

"Could you please just check and see if it's him. If it isn't...then I'll drop this. I'll accept that he's gone and try and move on. But if it is him Spike....bring him home. Please." There eyes meet. Spike contemplated things for only a moment. If this wasn't Peter Twilight could move on from this fanatic behavior. If it was....well that was a big if.

"Fine. I'll head on over tomorrow and see if I can find this guy. If it's Peter I'll try and bring him to you. If it's not you have to promise me that you'll get over this whole mess. Deal?"

"Deal." Twilight gave Spike a somber smile. She hopped off the stool and exited the room with the teen dragon following behind. "I'm going to head to bed. Try not to burn the place down while I'm out." She says with that glint returning to her eyes. Spike watched Twilight disappear upstairs and into one of the bedrooms. He let out a sigh before plopping down onto the couch. Spike's claws found their place at his face as he became lost in thought. There was no way Peter survived, he watched him die. At least, he watched him get overwhelmed. Could he really be alive?

All this thinking became made Spike's head hurt. He got up, grabbed his jacket and cap, and exited the house. Twilight watched his actions from the staircase. She was holding something in her hooves, making sure to keep it close to her chest. Whatever it was she intended to give it to her lover if his death was proven to be exaggerated. Only time could tell.

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