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"With a single touch, all of Canterlot would fall before me."


Twilight Sparkle has become the new princess of Equestria . . . but she might be the last as well. An old enemy of the nation demanded control over the sun and moon more than a thousand years ago, but Celestia refused. War broke out and Equestria almost lost. Now that Twilight is the ruler, they will either gain control . . . or a second war will be born. As the Elements of Harmony defend their home however, there is more behind their demands than they thought.

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Finally!!! I've read it's great keep at it 😁👍

Great start! This is an interesting premise and I look forward to seeing where it goes :)

"Appears your past aspired to obscure your atrocities. Our ancestors combated with Equestria before, reason being the reality you are thieves and heathens."

"What are y'all even talking about?" asked Applejack. "We've never stolen anything from you."

"Are you that forgetful of your past?" Ash questioned with a hint of concern.

Tell me about it! :facehoof:

And technically, it is Celestia's fault for hiding it.

These Ares Fire Ponies are just like the Greek Spartans, and the honorable Sangheili/Elites from Halo.

I was definitely inspired by the Greek Spartans after watching God of War on Youtube and by Twilight's fiery state in Feeling Pinkie Keen.

Hey is there a way to see what these Ares look like because I'm having a hard time seeing these what they look like?

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