• Published 8th Mar 2021
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I'm What?! - DanishDash

It was going to be a normal awesome day for our dear Rainbow Dash. Though except she gets some news that turns her entire world upside down. She's pregnant.. And if we look at how-wait what?? O_O

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Chapter 1

Another beautiful day in Ponyville!

The sky was blue, the birds were singing, and everything just seemed to be perfect today!

Rainbow Dash certainly thought so as she flew through the sky, leaving her classic rainbow trail behind her. She was meeting up with her friends today, and she might as well practice an awesome entry to impress them with her awesomeness. When she got into the Wonderbolts, she needed to be even more awesome, and anything she could practice now would help her nail it later.

She looked forward to hanging out with her friends, they were going to have a nice picnic by the lake. Rainbow was pretty hungry, she did not feel so good this morning, and she even threw up randomly at some point. At the time she was worried she was sick, but the feeling went away, and she decided to just move on with her day.


Just thinking about throwing up made her feel a little sick, luckily enough she had the lake in sight, and also her friends, who were all waving at her. She smiled, and started to descend, trying to think about an awesome thing to say when she landed, or an awesome pose she could do.

Trying, being the key word here. Because now that she had thought about throwing up into the toilet this morning, she suddenly felt sick again. It didn't help that she was flying, it was like it felt all wrong and she didn't have stability anymore, something her mind couldn't handle, or her stomach.

"Erhhh... Oh... Noooo.." She groaned, feeling more and more sick the more she thought about it. She had no choice but to dive to the side, near a bush and- "Hrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh!!"

Her friend all looked shocked and confused as Rainbow was seemingly throwing up into a bush. That was certainly not the entry they had expected, or was used to. They all looked between one another, all worried, but decided to give Rainbow some time to recover before they asked if she was okay.

Didn't take too long, soon enough Rainbow moved her head out of the bush, and wobbled towards her friends, still a little out of it. When she sat down, Rarity was kind enough to levitate some water her way, which Rainbow gladly accepted to wash away the foul taste of whatever was left to hurl up.

Finally someone spoke. "Well, that was quite the entrance, sugarcube. How ya feeling?" Asked Applejack.

Rainbow removed the water bottle, gasping for some air as she had been downing the entire bottle in one go. "Bhah... I'm fine, though I think I'm coming down with something.." She said, not sounding too worried. "But yeah, it ruined my awesome entrance!" Rainbow huffed a little, then looked at the food. While she was hungry, she was going to let her stomach settle a bit before digging in.

"Maybe you've just eaten too many cupcakes!" Pinkie suggested, bouncing a bit where she sat. "I've never thrown up, but I've heard other ponies do when they eat too much!" Then she pointed at Rainbow Dash's stomach section, laughing a bit. "You've even grown bigger!"

"What?!" Rainbow looked down at herself, but she couldn't really see anything different about herself.

The other girls looked as well, all trying to see what Pinkie was seeing. Rarity was of course the first one to notice. "Oh my! Pinkie is right, you have grown, darling!"

The others started to notice it too, it was VERY subtle, but they could see her stomach had grown a little. Even Rainbow could see it now. "Wha, but I, but I fly every day! I'm not some couch potato!"

"Well, maybe it's a diet thing..?" Fluttershy suggested.

Twilight nodded. "Yes, Fluttershy is right. Most likely it has something to do with your diet. Have you been eating more than usual?"

Rainbow moved a hoof to her muzzle in a thoughtful way. "Hmmm, well, maybe a little bit, but not by that much. Mostly I've just been starting to try out some new dishes."

"What kind?" Asked Fluttershy.

"Well, I've enjoyed fresh pickles coated with honey, and sprinkled with rainbow pops." She told, almost getting hungry by the mere thought.

The others on the other hoof looked more disgusted. "Rainbow pops? The cereal?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah, exactly!" Rainbow smiled. "It really gives the sour and sweet flavor that extra pop!"

The girls looked at each other, a bit worried. "How do you even come up with something that ridiculo-"

"You like that too?!" Pinkie interrupted excitedly.

Twilight didn't like the sound of those things, but pushed on. "Well, as strange as that is, I guess it's not bad? Uhm, anything else?"

"Hmmmmm..." Rainbow thought again. "Well, a fish calzone with pancakes and an avocado, sprinkled with rainbow pops."

Rarity went from having a pure white coat, to something more green. "Again with the rainbow pops?" She exclaimed, looking away.

Rainbow just shrugged. "What? They taste awesome, and are part of a complete Pegasus breakfast!"

Pinkie nodded in agreement. "Rainbow pops are pretty awesome.."

"That's not the issue here!" Applejack reminded them, then looked at Rainbow Dash. "Sugarcube, since when have you started eating fish calzones?" The concept was so strange, and even she felt like throwing up now.

Rainbow just shrugged. "I don't know, it was just something I craved one evening." She really didn't seem bothered by it, which was strange by itself. Rainbow however, now seemed to have had enough of this. "Can we just have a good time and eat, I'm okay? I'm just going to drink some juice when I get home, and sleep in tomorrow, then I should be right as rain!"

Again the five friends looked at one another, trying to figure out if they should let it go or not. Rainbow wasn't hiding the fact she was feeling strange, and she had said she would rest when she got home, so maybe it really just was a small cold or something, nothing to be alarmed about. Looking back at their cyan colored friend, they relented.

"Alright, Rainbow, if you're sure."

Rainbow snorted. "Pfffft, of course I'm sure! Now, Applesmack, give me some of that apple alcoholic love potion!" She said excitedly. "I've been looking forward to this all week!"

Applejack chuckled, taking out the bottle. "Alright, hun. You get the last bottle of it I have, you won it fair and square, but are you sure you should drink it while you're feeling down?"

Once again, Rainbow snorted. "Pffft, give it to me already!"

"Alright then, but let me warn ya, it's strong stuff." Applejack replied, moving to give it to Rainbow.

"Yeah, yeah, just-"

Before Rainbow could finish that sentence, the bottle was smacked away from her hooves by a pink one, and the bottle was smashed against a tree, spilling the alcoholic contents out on the ground. The whole scene made everypony freeze up at the culprit.

"Pinkie!" Rainbow glared. "What the hay was that for?!"

Pinkie looked at Rainbow with an apologetic expression. "Sorry, Dashie, but my tail told me you shouldn't drink that. It would be dangerous."

"What are you talking about, I've tried alcohol before!" Rainbow said, still in a mix of anger and disbelief.

"Well, my tail just warned me of the danger of you drinking that stuff, but.." She looked back at it. "Something is different.. Hmmm.. Maybe my tail is sick too..?" Then she looked at Rainbow, a strange serious look in her eyes. "Rainbow, I don't think you should drink any alcohol for some time."

Rainbow looked stunned, then over at the shattered bottle, then back at Pinkie. "I was really looking forward to that!" She protested, her eyes watering, which took everypony by surprise.

Fluttershy was at her side quickly. "My gosh, Rainbow, are you crying?"

"No!" Rainbow insisted, trying to wipe some tears away. "I mean, yes, but why?!" She started sobbing, then straight out crying. "It's just, I've been... Sob... Sniff... Sniff... Working so hard to... Sniff... Sob... to get that last bottle from Applesmack, and now... Sniff... It's just gone, and I... Sniff... Have to wait until next year!!!"

"There, there.." Fluttershy cooed, embracing her friend, letting her cry into her chest.

The rest of the group all turned to look at Twilight, who looked concerned, and said. "I think we need to see a doctor.."

Author's Note:

This will just be a short story, so not long chapters, and not so many of them.