• Published 8th Mar 2021
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I'm What?! - DanishDash

It was going to be a normal awesome day for our dear Rainbow Dash. Though except she gets some news that turns her entire world upside down. She's pregnant.. And if we look at how-wait what?? O_O

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Chapter 4

Tea, that was something that always helped Fluttershy calm down and relax.

She knew it wasn't exactly Rainbow's way of relaxing, but she was going to have to do what was best for her pregnancy for a time, so maybe this would be a good time to reintroduce her to some more healthy habits. Though more importantly, Fluttershy wanted to lend her friend an ear, to be there and listen to her.

Of course she hoped she could convince Rainbow to talk to her parents, but she wasn't going to pressure her. Rainbow needed to take her time, but she also needed to understand that the longer she waited, the more difficult her pregnancy would be to hide.

Then there was the question about the father. While Fluttershy didn't know the story behind that, she was pretty sure Rainbow Dash was not in any committed relationship. Rainbow was not the best at keeping such secrets, at the very least they would have noticed something sooner. So whatever had happened, she didn't imagine it was a stallion she was in a relationship with.

Fluttershy would be lying if she said she wasn't curious, of course she was. But, she respected Rainbow and her right to privacy, and she hoped their friends would too.

Speaking of which..

Turning around, Fluttershy walked into her living room where her friends were gathered. "You know, I'm not sure Rainbow will feel very comfortable if we're all here from the start." Fluttershy pointed out, moving a tray onto the coffee table and looked at the group with concerned eyes.

"Well, we just want to make sure Rainbow knows we're here to support her." Twilight smiled, though seeming unsure about this whole thing as well. "Also, we might get some clues about who the dad is."

Fluttershy frowned. "I thought we were going to let Rainbow take her time?"

"We are." Rarity insisted. "But anything that might let us guess who it is will be most helpful!"

"But for what?" Fluttershy asked, not following the logic here. "You said we shouldn't interfere."

"We won't." Applejack assured Fluttershy. "If I'm bein' honest, which I always am, I'm on your side, Fluttershy. Though I will say I would like to see how Rainbow is doin'."

"And you, Pinkie?" Fluttershy asked, finally turning her attention to Pinkie Pie, and the massive cake that had suddenly appeared in her living room.

"Well I thought we could celebrate Rainbow having a foal! Like a pregnant celebration!" She smiled happily.

The other girls turned to look at the massive cake. Rarity then tilted her head. "Is that rainbow pops..?"

Pinkie nodded. "Yeppers! I used it instead of normal sprinkles!"

Rarity shook by the mere mention of rainbow pops, she still hadn't gotten over the fact Rainbow was eating honey covered pickles and fish calzone, all of it sprinkled with rainbow pops.

Fluttershy was stunned for a little while, but soon enough got it together, shook her head and tried to look firm. "Listen, I know we're all concerned about Rainbow Dash, but I don't think we should-"

Knock, knock knock.

"What comedic timing!" Pinkie giggled.

Before Fluttershy could even attempt to say just a minute, or to open the door herself, Rainbow Dash walked in. "Hey, Flutters, sorry for being early, but I wanted to-" She stopped, seeing all her friends and a giant cake in the living room wasn't exactly what she had expected to see. "Uhm, morning..?"

"Oh dear, I didn't expect this.." Fluttershy mumbled, already gearing up for an apology, but Rainbow just sighed and shook her head.

"It's fine, Fluttershy, I know there isn't any way around it.." She looked at each of her friends, each of them well meaning and full of care. It felt good, and Rainbow wanted to share with them. "I guess we might as well get it over with." Then she eyed the cake, raising an eyebrow as she did so.


Pinkie gestured to the cake, and whispered a tiny. "Surprise~"

"Okay.. Well, do you mind if I sit?" Rainbow asked, trying to change the subject and ignore the cake that Pinkie was pushing out of frame. "Where're all the animals by the way?"

Fluttershy trotted back into the room, carrying a tray on her back with four more tea cups. "They're all outside, they get very protective when they can sense someone is expecting." She explained, while Twilight used her magic to take the tray and share the cups amongst them. Rarity filled the two up Fluttershy had prepared for herself and Rainbow. She nodded a thank you to her two friends, and along with the others, sat down.

There was again, silence. Every pony in the room is a little afraid to start the conversation straight out. "So.." Twilight then started, her eyes moving around the room, her lips moving up into a nervous smile. "Nice weather we're having."

"Ergh.." Rainbow groaned hen rolled her eyes. "I suppose you all still want to know about what happened, and with who?"

All of them, except for Pinkie, looked away, all trying to look innocent. Pinkie just smiled, letting out a joyful, "yes!"

Rainbow sighed, and then nodded. "Alright.. I suppose it's better to put it to bed now anyway.." She mumbled, and her friends all focused their attention on her. "First I'd like to say that nothing happened. This wasn't him versus me, nopony was forced into anything, the whole thing was not even planned, it just happened, okay?"

All of them nodded. "So who was it?" Rarity asked.

"Wow, so much for patience." Applejack mumbled, eying the unicorn.

Rarity just waved her off. "Oh hush, darling. She is sharing, and I'm caring, so tell us, is he handsome?"

"Well..." Rainbow started, looking away as she thought about it.

Twilight perked up. "Is he smart?"

"Well I guess, but.."

"Is he fun?" Asked Pinkie.

Fluttershy followed up by asking. "Is he kind..?"

And then Applejack. "Is he honest?"

"Well, come on, Rainbow Dash." Prompted Rarity. "How is he?"

"He's a dork." Rainbow finally said, her tone flat. "He's a nerd with nerdy tastes. He is totally lame, and can never get close to my coolness."

"But?" Prompted Fluttershy.

"Well.." Rainbow relented. "He is cute, I guess, and he is very sweet and caring.." She started to blush. "He's a friend, and I've never really seen him as anything else.."

Fluttershy thought this over for a moment, then her expression became one of utter surprise. "Is it Doodle?!"

The others looked at Fluttershy. "Who?"

Before answering that very legit question, Fluttershy looked to Rainbow, who was all red and trying to hide behind her wings. Confirmation! It was Doodle!

Looking to the others, Fluttershy started to explain. "Doodle is a Pegasus that grew up next to Rainbow Dash back in Cloudsdale."

Then they all looked at Rainbow. "A foalhood sweetheart?" Rarity asked.

"No!" Rainbow exclaimed. "He was just this dorky colt that was picked on a lot. He just happened to live next to me, and I took pity on him!"

"Now that isn't fair, Rainbow." Fluttershy said a little sternly. "You two did hang out quite a bit back in Cloudsdale."

"Yeah, but you know, out of pity! It kept his bullies away!" Rainbow tried, then added. "And he made me laugh..." Her blush increased. "Well, fine! We were friends, we still are, and he came to visit a few months back, and one thing led to another, and.. Well.. Erghhh... I'm gonna kill him.."

Applejack raised an eyebrow. "This Doodle fella, how did you come to meet?"

Pinkie squealed. "Oh, oh! Flashback time! But It has to wait for the next chapter!"

"Next chapter? What do you mean Pinki-"

Author's Note:

Pinkie! You can't just end my chapter like that!

But if you kept writing you would not make your deadline... :pinkiesad2:

Even so! Stop breaking the fourth wall! I can't be talking to you! You're ruining the interdimensional laws of storytelling! You could break the very fabric of the universe!!

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