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In the space between worlds, time, space, gravity...these things have no meaning. They don't exist.

But just because all of the things mortals understand as part of existence are not part of that space does not make it a void, an empty nothing of darkness and cold. Darkness and cold, after all...are something. ...and Void implies an opposition to existence itself. The In-Between is not the violent opposite of existence, not the anti-matter to the matter of reality. It is the potential of all things yet unrealized, all of the "might have beens" and "could be's" and possible "nows" all at once, in a glorious, infinite singularity that curls around an equally infinite multitude of realities...

It's also not empty...

A sidestory, of sorts, in the same universe as Cross the Rubicon and my other stories.

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Not that hard to figure out who the second awareness is... but wonder if the first one is the "birth" of Stupid Little Voice...


I don't think so. The Stupid Little Voice comes off as Sunset's natural self-reflective thoughts, not something supernatural in nature.

Author has implied there's more to SLV than just being Sunset's self-reflection.


Have they? That's interesting.

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