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Did anyone ever wonder 'why those five girls out of all the teens in the school? Until that week, they'd not been much different than any of their peers. Or was it that no one else ever looked close enough to see them for what they could be?

...Perhaps that was it...

Perhaps, before the night of that fateful dance, no one had really seen any of the girls for who they were...and more importantly, who they could become.

But on that night, when everything Changed, Something saw deeper, saw the truth of each of them, and found within their souls the seeds of what could be.

Takes place in the same universe as Cross the Rubicon and the rest of my stories. You don't really have to read all of those to read this, but it does help...and hey, if you're new, and you like this, then feel free to check out the others! This gem is a project collaboration with one of my creative team, the wonderful woman who is my editor, beta-reader, co-author, and so much more. She's totally responsible for Chapter One, and we wrote the prologue together.

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magic and its other, gay jewelry :twilightsmile:

and the other somehow got stuck on the other side of the portal *and* is attached to sunset...


fun things ahead i'm sure

pinkie having "accidentally-ish make things pink" power...


oh dear yes :pinkiehappy:

very intrigued as to where this is going...


“Gay jewelry”

Well, the Elements do form a rainbow.

And its pinkie. Pinkie just...does things. We dont ask too many questions about how. There are some things man is not meant to know.

Many fun things. The updates on this one will be spread out, but, if you havent read it yet, the main story for this universe—as well as a number of the side stories—flesh out the greater story being told. Please feel free to check them out!


i haven't gotten around to the other side stories yet, but am fully caught up on rubicon and am greatly enjoying it

ah true, rainbows are pretty gay

Pinkie Pie is like a bleeding marker in the wash. Making everything kinda tinted. I like this take on the magic (I’m assuming?). Anyway, I’m very curious as to where this goes and how it’ll expand the world of Rubicon. The formatting kind of confused me at first, but I picked it up really quick and now I’m invested.

Scary concept of the magic being sentient and possibly vengeful. Was a little hard to follow since the names were obscure so I read it twice. Feel better after that.



Yes, pinkie does things. Its pinkie.

And im glad to hear youre invested, lol.


I mean, the elements of harmony are described as the most powerful objects in Equestria in the very first episode, and anything that powerful usually has some kind of awareness. In this case Magic isnt a fan of being misused.

So good! I’m excited to see where this goes!
Thanks for the chapter!

So, effectively a direct sequel of Uncertainty in Space and Time... I'm going to hazard a guess, based on the emphasis Magic is making on feelings, that its "Other" is Empathy, or something similar.

What is really interesting is that it chose Sunset way before that, according to the previous story.

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