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This story is a sequel to Cross the Rubicon: Choices

From the beginning, Spike was there, watching, listening...knowing things that he could tell no one.

He knew something bad had happened. He knew something was off about Sunset Shimmer. He knew something was hurting Twilight. But no matter how much he barked or howled, he could never explain what he knew to anyone--they would never understand him.

It didn't mean he wouldn't try.

He would give everything he had to protect his human.

A companion piece to my main story, Cross The Rubicon: Choices , from the perspective of Spike the dog.

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This is before her reformation right? I wonder if Spike can smell something different post harmony blast to the face?

Spike is the best of boys. But his "bad thing" and Sunset smelling like it, this close to her rainbow blast? Did Twilight put herself, or find herself, in danger of those thugs because of the dark magic of CP? Or was Spike somehow picking up on Sunset all the way at CHS?

Either way this looks good. We know he warms up to Sunset, but it does take him a bit.

i think its more like he had that instinctual feeling something gone wrong and he didn't know Sunset was the one who saved her. He could smell the bad guy's smell on Sunset so mistook her as the actual bad guy or he sense the negative magic on Sunset and yeah this chapter IS set before the first movie so post first movie Sunset might be smelling different probably

Getting into the mindset of a newborn puppy must've been interesting to write. I like it

iirc, the attack in the park happened post-rainbow blast so the second half of this chapter is after the first movie. But I do agree, Bad Thing on Sunset is either the scent of the actual bad guys, or the lingering dark magic from her demon transformation.

I think you did an amazing job of conveying Spike's puppy mindset.

The end part with Twi was also really heartwarming.

Spike's desperation to keep Twilight safe in the second half of the chapter was so gut-wrenching, because we know what happens that night.

And the fact that Spike can sense Sunset's demonic transformation makes a lot of sense. After all, the trope evil-detecting dog exists for a reason.

The prologue and first half of chapter one are actually several years before the events of Rubicon. The latter half of chapter one literally takes place the night of the formal and the week following.


Its a little bit of both, truthfully. Animals—especially dogs and cats—are reputed to have a sensitivity to metaphysical phenomena. There are plenty of stories that talk about how pets react to houses or buildings with (particularly malicious) hauntings or presences, and how they seem to be able to predict certain disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis and tornados. So he is perceiving something that he only knows is “Bad” that could hurt his people.

It was a fun writing exercise, getting into the mindset of something not just nonhuman but an animal whose perceptions are vastly different.

You are correct.

Small Spike was fun to write. And im glad tiny Twilight made people get fuzzies for her and Spike.

Yes. He was desperate to protect his human, and knowing it was doomed to fail was…part of the punch i wanted for the chapter. And yes, the history of animals detecting the wooj is long standing.

I've read other stories about different perspectives of characters. I think this is the first I've seen or at least the first time I've read one for Spike. This will be a great companion piece.

Well this sure caught my interest. Shame I ran out of chapters to read in this story.

Please write more! Not enough Puppy Spike on this site!

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