• Published 3rd Mar 2021
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Mario, Luigi and MLP: Bowser's Inside Story and Chrysalis' Journey - XLR8 Fox

When Queen Chrysalis meets King Bowser, they must travel together to stop Fawful from taking what's theirs, Revenge

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Chapter 5: Bowsers Mistake, the Inside Story begins

While everyone back in Princess Peach's castle relaxed a bit after Bowsers attack, they didn't realize what would happened next

Bowser laid in a small field in a forest, surrounded by boulders, unconscious, next to him was his faithful servant and caretaker since he was a child, a magikoopa named Kamek, he wore a blue robe with white cuffs on the sleeves, a blue hat with white rim around the bottom of it and round glasses and carrying a golden staff with a red jewel on the top of it.

Kamek casts a spell on Bowser, "Hey!", he then casts another, "Hey!", he casts another spell, "Wake up!".

The third spell had finally done it as Bowser woke up and stood up, he shook his head awake from any remaining dizziness.

“That oughta fix you up.” Kamek said.

“Those guys make me so MAD! Gah! It does NOT end like this!” Bowser said, upset over his quick defeat, “I’m going back to that castle and kidnapping Peach for real! Maybe that blue horse as well!” Bowser said.

Kamek then spoke up, “Unless… Mario’s there, in which case he’ll once again kick-”.

“DON’T SAY THAT NAME!” Bowser yelled in rage as he breathed fire in anger.

“Just thinking about it makes me RAGE!” Bowser said as he growled in anger.

“Whoa… Chill out” Kamek said before he turned his staff into a broomstick, to which he rode on and flew out of the areas exit.

“I’ll chill nothing! I’m going to Peach’s Castle right now!” Bowser said before looking around to see where he was, only to get confused, “Wait, where am I, anyway?”.

Bowser then decided to follow where Kamek went and left the area, he sees his path is blocked by giant boulders.

“Your Surliness!” he heard Kameks voice call him as Kamek flew above Bowser.

“There’s a ton of boulders scattered around here.” Kamek said, “Use your punches to shatter them, and you can find a way through.” He advised before flying ahead.

Bowser then unleashed a punch onto the boulder currently blocking his path, it completely shattered as he punched it.

“Heh! Now that's REAL Dragon-Koopa strength!” Bowser said before he continued on his path, he kept shattering more boulders as he went down the path, he then came across a part of the forest with large trees blocking his way.

“Your Grouchiness!” soon Kamek flew to Bowser once more, “This is a pretty dense forest.” Kamek told him, “You oughta be able to use your fire breath to burn down these trees, careful though. If you breathe flames for too long, you’ll get all tuckered out.” Kamek advised him as he flew off.

Bowser groaned in annoyance, “I know how my own abilities work Kamek” he said before he started to breath fire onto the trees, the trees quickly burned up as the flames left nothing behind.

“Man I can’t wait for Junior to start breathing flames like me” Bowser said as he thought about his son.

Bowser Jr., one of his 8 children and the one to take the throne once he is finished being King of the Koopas, but he has a long way to go before Jr. can even think about ruling his castle and his minions.

As Bowser finished burning the last tree blocking his way, he enters a open area in the forest, he also sees someone in a grey hooded cloak run off, he decided to investigate who it was.

“Maybe they’ll show me the way out, or else they’ll get burned” he thought to himself as he followed a stone path, 2 large warp pips were set almost like a entry way before he heard someone.


Bowser looks to where the voice came from and saw what looked to be a store front, it was placed in a wall, many lights flashing on the stores design, a turning platform on top with pink mushrooms moving around and the stores logo, a green and yellow mushroom on top, the owner of the store was the cloaked figure from before, Bowser could faintly see strage round glasses under the hood, along with greenish skin.

“What? Win what?” Bowser asked, confused.

“JACKPOTTING!” the cloaked owner said.

Kamek then flew in and landed next to Bowser, his broom turning back to his staff.

“Your Burliness! What’s going on?!” Kamek asked as the store owner then brought out a mushroom that looked almost exactly like his stores logo, except the white spots were purple and the dot eyes on it were closed.

“The customer has luck!” he said as he presented the mushroom, “And with luckiness comes a tasty Lucky Shroom!”.

Bowsers curiosity got the better of him as he approached the stall and the owner, “A Lucky Shroom? I didn’t even buy anything!” Bowser said, confused but still curious, “What's this about jackpotting?!”.

“Do not have worries for details! No, do not have the worries!” the owner said, “Have the wonderful Lucky Shroom of tastiness instead!”.

“Man this guys talks weird” Bowser thought to himself.

“Scoff this down and your luck will power up to super luck! Luck enough to beat Mario!” the owner said, that definitely got Bowser's attention and curiosity peaked.

“Beat Mario?! Seriously?!” Bowser asked, almost excited at the thought.

“I say to you YES!” The owner said, “With every attack, lucky hits will shower in a happy waterfall! You will have such fury! Your strongest enemies will fold like napkins who are crying!”.

Kamek then moved behind Bowser and had Bowser turn to look at him and away from the store owner.

“Your Beefiness! Dude is WEIRD.” Kamek said, getting bad vibes from the cloaked owner, “Don’t eat that thing, seriously.” he tried to warn Bowser.

Bowser however was confused on why his most loyal minion would say to NOT eat the Lucky Shroom, “What, didn’t you hear him Kamek? It’ll help me beat Mario! Duh!” Bowser said before marching straight to the counter of the store

“You! Weirdo! Gimme that Lucky Shroom!” Bowser demanded.

“Oh, yes, of course! ENJOY THE EATING!” The Cloaked owner said as he wasn’t at all threatened by Bowser's demand, he then gave Bowser the ‘Lucky Shroom’.

[Bowser got a Lucky(?) Mushroom!]

Bowser and Kamek moved a bit away from the Store and next to the giant Warp Pipes as Kamek watched silently as Bowser ate the Lucky(?) Mushroom whole.

Bowser didn’t feel anything at first before suddenly, his mouth felt weird, painful even, he held his mouth as soon his whole body started to feel weird.

“Hurf! BUUURF?!”.

Kamek immediately saw his master acting strange and started worrying.

“Whats wrong?! Your Queasiness!” he asked, 2I told you not to snack on that thing!” Kamek said before looking to the store owner for answers, “Hey! You creepy little weasel! What did you feed Bowser?!” he demand, before seeing something he didn’t expect.

The store owner was now on a flying platform, 2 jets on the sides of the platform keeping it afloat, the owner laughed maniacally before taking off his hood and changed his cloak inside out, making it look more regal as it was red and yellow lined with 2 yellow buttons and a yellow string keeping the cloak from falling off him, he showed his face with his teeth were much larger than they should be for any normal person.

“Such easiness! So easy it gives me the gleeful chortles!” the owner said, “I have such Strategy! And now for the leaving! You are having a date with Peach’s Castle!” he said before quickly flying away.

Kamek was confused on why the creep hightailed it outta there before suddenly Bowsers mouthed opened up by its own.


Suddenly Bowser started to inhale everything in sight, rocks, bushes, trees, even the Warp Pipes next to them, his mouth was now like a black hole.

Kamek quickly flew away, not wanting to get inhaled by Bowser.

As the mysterious owner flew away, he suddenly heard something in the forest.

“Ugh, the queen will not be happy about this”.

“Lets hope she won’t be as angry as the time she lost her hive”.

“Don’t say that you idiot! If she’s nearby she’ll hear you!”

“Well, what is the voices I’m hearing?” he asked himself as he flew to where he heard the voices, what he saw brought him curiosity and glee.

“I have curiosity, I have never seen creatures such as these” he said as he looked on what will soon be his newest soldiers, strange bug looking horses.

Back at Peach’s Castle, in the conference hall, Everyone was finally calm after the recent attack, Luigi and Spike were still asleep even after all that’s happened.

“Well, that’s one way to break up a meeting…” Peach said as she observed the damaged room.

“Seems like it’s pretty much adjourned, by boogity, should we cancel it?” Toadbert said.

“Hrm… Young man, we are facing an international emergency, if we cancel the meeting, nothing will get solved.” Toadsworth said.

“Absolutely. The blorbs are more pressing than Bowser, the meeting must go on.” Princess Peach said.

“Mercy, you ARE the princess!” Toadsworth said as he faced everyone but Princess Peach, Luna and Twilight, “Take heed, gentlemen, ladies and star! That’s how one does things!”.

“Indeed, the blorbs are more important than the likes of Bowser” Luna said.

Toadsworth looked around the room in worry, “But we surely can’t use this ravaged room anymore…” he said, “Should we continue someplace a touch less demolished?”.

“I certainly agree, we can’t continue the meeting in this room anymore, it was so beautiful until that brute marched in here” Rarity said, upset that the room was ruined, she liked the design of it.

“As everyone was about to leave the room, Toadsworth was suddenly sucked into something, everyone then felt a very strong wind as they saw the cause.

“HWAAAAAARF!” It was Bowser! He was still inhaling everything around him and he somehow made it back to Peach’s Castle, he then sucked in everyone that was near him, not even Rainbow Dash was fast enough to escape the strong inhaling wind.

Moonlight tried changing into a large boulder to escape, but not even the added weight stopped it as she was sucked in too.

Bowser stopped inhaling temporarily as he walked over to where Luigi and Spike still slept on the table.

“HWAAAAAARF!” Luigi and Spike finally woke up as they saw Bowser trying to inhale them, they both got lifted into the air as they tried to escape, even swimming in the air to avoid the inhaling, but it wasn’t enough as they both got sucked in, Bowser laughed evilly.

“GWAHAHA! Gwa ha ha...ah...ha...haaf…” Bowser then passed out as he laid on the ground.

It’s then shown that the mysterious owner was behind Bowser as he smiled evilly, “I HAVE VICTORY! Easy as bread sandwiches!”

“And now for the proceeding with the plan I have planned!” he said before he spoke once more.

“Midbus! Come! Fawful calls you!” he said, now revealing his name as Fawful.

“Of Course...Lord Fawful” another voice said as they approached.

Meanwhile, Mario was still traveling through Bowser's body, falling without any control in his direction, he had lost track of everyone else as he continue to fall, he still didn’t understand how he was shrunken down as he fell inside Bowser's body, he soon saw his landing point and braced for impact before he crashed into the ground, knocked out from landing head first.

Author's Note:

Looks like the Inside story begins now! Also this will now be coming close to where the original story started off before I made this version

also to those that asked if there will be Bowser Jr.'s Journey, well, kinda-sorta-not really, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings will have important roles in this story, just not the way you think