Mario, Luigi and MLP: Bowser's Inside Story and Chrysalis' Journey

by XLR8 Fox

First published

When Queen Chrysalis meets King Bowser, they must travel together to stop Fawful from taking what's theirs, Revenge

When the mysterious disease, the Blorbs has been seen in Equestria, the Mane 6 and Princess Luna travel to the Mushroom Kingdom to attend the meeting about the disease, however things soon turn out for the worst as Bowser, King of the Koopa's inhales everyone into his body.

Meanwhile after experiencing another loss, Chrysalis and her new army are suddenly defeated by a creature named Fawful and a strange accomplice of his, now Chrysalis must get her army back from that creep.

Then in some twisted fate, Bowser and Chrysalis meet and decide to work together, now they must work together and get back what is rightfully theirs, Revenge against those that took away their victory.

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Chapter 1: It begins...

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Chapter 1: It Begins...

Twilight was thinking many things as her and her friends ran towards the Canterlot Castle, why? Because Princess Celestia had sent a message to her via magic fire from Spike, the message stated it was an emergency so Twilight gathered her friends and made their way to Canterlot.

“What do you think the emergency is?” Rainbow Dash asked as she flew next to her friends.

“Hopefully its not a end of the world emergency, I was in the middle of working on a new order” Rarity said as she ran.

“Maybe it has to do with the missing ponies lately” Pinkie said as she ran backwards… somehow.

“What missing ponies?” Applejack asked, Twilight also wondered what her friend meant as she led her friends to the castle.

“Well normally I know everypony in Ponyville and I was supposed to give a cake to one of the ponies today, Storm Drop for her birthday but her brother, who is her room mate, told she she had went missing and he was told by the royal guards she’ll be back soon, then I went to see if anypony else went missing and some other ponies went missing too” Pinkie explained in one breath as they finally made it to the castle.

“Then they must be the reason we were summoned, to find these missing ponies” Twilight said as they made it through the castle and to the throne room, as they walk in they see Princess Celestia and Princess Luna standing in front of the throne, but also one of the royal administrator ponies who had yellow fur and silver mane, it was a unicorn stallion who was wearing a black suit jacket and white undershirt and was holding a clipboard with his magic.

There was also two creatures the Mane Six were not familiar with, one of them was short and standing on too legs, had peach tone skin, wearing white pants, brown shoes, a blue sleeveless jacket and a large round cap of sorts? It was white and had red spots, its eyes were black.

The second creature looked more like a turtle, only its skin was pure yellow, its shell had a white rim with the rest of the shell being dark red, it was wearing a white scarf around its neck, wearing black and blue boots with white socks and is wearing a brown satchel, its eyes were blue.

As they approached, Princess Celestia took notice of them, “Twilight, I’m glad you and your friends could make it” she said.

“We came as fast as we could” Twilight said, “So what's the emergency? Does it have to do with the missing ponies?”

“Yes, it does” Celestia said before motioning her hoof to the strange creatures, “But first, let me introduce you to our visitors, who are also part of the emergency” Celestia said as she began introducing them.

“The small one is known as Toad” The now known Toad waves, “he is a race of mushroom like people from the Mushroom Kingdom”.

She then motions to the turtle, “This is Kooper, his species are known as Koopa’s, turtle like species with tremendous abilities” Kooper nods to them, “Hey there” Kooper said, which surprised the Mane Six, they didn’t expect him to really speak.

“Now that introductions are out of the way, let us address the emergency” Luna said as she walked forward.

“In just a couple of days, we have had reports of the strangest things that have happened, ponies from Canterlot, Ponyville and even the Crystal Empire, had grown into large orbs, research had shown their their entire muscle mass and their fats had grown unhealthy large in a short manner of time” Luna had explained, which shocked the Mane Six.

Celestia then continued, “Yes, the sickness was unknown until residents from the Mushroom Kingdom has encountered the same thing and identified the sickness as, The Blorbs” Celestia said.

“NOOO! NOT THE BLORBS!” Pinkie said dramatically, before quietly whispering to the mane six, "I don't know what that is".

"The Blorbs?" Rainbow Dash asked skeptically, she really didn't believe a disease could have such a silly name.

“Yeah, it's just terrible!” Toad said, “Most of the people in Toad Town have been diagnosed with the Blorbs, no one knows exactly what's caused them”.

Kooper then joined in, “I even got reports from my folks in the more...dangerous parts of the Mushroom Kingdom that Koopas, Goombas, even Thwomps have gotten the Blorbs...though I think the last one could’ve been a exaggeration” Kooper said, the Mane Six were scared on what other damage this disease could to, but also confused on what Kooper said, Goombas? Thwomps?

“Fortunately, an old friend of ours, Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, has organized a meeting to figure out a plan against these Orbs, I would go myself-” Celestia said before being interrupted by the royal administrator pony.

“Absolutely not! If Princess Celestia were to leave Canterlot, Ponies will start to question her whereabouts and the populace will soon find out about the Blorbs being found here in Equestria! We cannot allow it” the stallion said.

“Yes Silver Buckle, we understand” Celestia said, exasperated by the stallion, Silver Buckle said, it's obvious he has said this more than once and it annoyed her to no end.

“Fortunately, I, as well as you Six, will be permitted to go to the Mushroom Kingdom to attend this meeting and figure out how to fix the Blorbs” Luna said.

The Mane Six thought about this and it made sense, Celestia leaving would make most of Canterlot's citizens panic since they needed her presence in the city to feel safe, Luna has been free to wonder outside of Canterlot without much trouble and the Mane Six are the Elements of Harmony, they are Equestrias heroes, so it made sense for them to go.

“Then you can count on us, we’ll help the Mushroom Kingdom find a cure for the Blorbs!” Twilight said as the rest of her friends agreed.

“Yeah! Road trip!” Pinkie said excitedly.

“Great!” Toad said “I’ll lead everyone to the Mushroom Kingdom” he said before Kooper chuckled a bit.

“Hehehe, oh no you don’t shroom head” Kooper said as he poked Toads head, “I’m leading us back”.

Toad looked confused, “Huh? Why?”.

Kooper however looked annoyed at his question, “Why? Why?! You had us get lost for a whole night on the way here!” Kooper said.

“What? No I didn’t!” Toad said, now getting annoyed himself.

“Yes, you did!” Kooper argued back, “You didn’t bother checking the map and we got lost in the Everfree Woods! You’re lucky I was able to fend off any monsters in there” Kooper said.

“You somehow got into the Everfree Forest on the way to Canterlot?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Yeah, blame shroomy over here” Kooper said as Toad got annoyed, he then turned to Toad, “I’ll guide us back, at least I will check the map and keep us on the path” Kooper said.

“Very well Kooper, let us prepare for the journey and we shall leave” Luna said before looking to the Mane Six, “You best head back to Ponyville and gather what you need for the trip, it will be quite a journey to the Mushroom Kingdom” she advised.

“Of course” Twilight said before looking at her friends, ”Come on girls” she said as they started to go back to Ponyville to prepare.

“Toad and I will wait for you all by the train station,” Koopa said to them all as the Mane Six left before he and Toad left the Throne Room as well.

Luna turned to her sister, ”I shall get ready myself” Luna said before noticing Celestia’s worried expression, “Do no worry sister, I will be alright, I’ll have Equestria’s greatest heroes protecting me, as well as the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom, we will find the answer to the Blorbs” she said.

“Just please be careful Luna, you know how that brute of a king over there is like when he sets his mind on something” Celestia warned her before Luna nodded and teleported away, Celestia then turned to the administrator, “I still should have gone, my sister would be fine ruling for a few days” Celestia said, still annoyed that she wasn’t allowed to go.

“I’m sorry Princess, but with how long you have been ruling, your subjects are too used to you being the face of the city and country, seeing you missing will cause the citizens to panic, you must remain here while your sister attends the meeting” Silver Buckle said.

Celestia sighed as she looked to the exit of the throne room, “It doesn’t mean I have to like it” Celestia said.

Chapter 2: Preparations and Departure

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As Luna prepared herself, she began to think on her sisters warning, it was true that the King of the Koopas in the Mushroom Kingdom was known for doing the most evil of things when his mind is set on it, but she was sure that not even he would dare to interrupt a meeting about a possible global crisis...right?

Meanwhile in Ponyville, the Mane six had split up to their respective homes to gather what they needed for their trip.

At Suger Cube Corner

Pinkie had grabbed her saddle bags and somehow managed to pack her Party Cannon into her mane

[Pinkie Pie obtained Party Cannon]

“Of course I did silly” Pinkie said as she giggled before quickly packing some cupcakes into her saddle bags and ran out of Sugar Cube Corner while quickly saying goodbye Mr and Mrs. Cake and the Cake Twins who waved goodbye to her, wishing her goodluck.

At Carousel Boutique

Rarity knew she couldn’t pack ‘everything’ so she went with what was important to her, a few dresses and a bag filled with gems before putting them into a white and purple suitcase, having diamond patterns on the suitcase.

[Rarity obtained Gem Bag and Dress Case]

“A lady should always be prepared” Rarity said before suddenly squealing, “Oh I’m going to meet a princess from another kingdom! Oh I wonder what kind of mare she is like, maybe somepony powerful! Or elegant! Or maybe even drop dead gorgeous! Oh I can’t wait!” she said as she grabbed her suitcase, not noticing her sister, Sweetie Belle, had heard and saw everything, with curiosity getting the better of the filly, she followed her sister after locking the Boutique.

Rainbow Dash flew around her home as she gathered what she thought was important for the trip, she had grabbed her Wonderbolt outfit and goggles and folded it neatly and put it into her saddle bag, she wasn’t as a fanatic on outfits as Rarity, but even she agreed that her Wonderbolt uniform should be taken care of properly.

[Rainbow Dash obtained Wonderbolt Uniform]

“Alright! Time for another adventure!” Rainbow Dash said as she flew out of her house to meet with the girls, not realizing Scootaloo who was riding near her house, had heard what she said.

“Rainbow Dash is going on an adventure? I wonder if me and the girls can tag along?” she said to herself before flapping her small wings, pushing her scooter as she rode to meet with her friends.

Fluttershy had said farewell to all of her animals friends as she prepared to leave, visiting a whole different kingdom was thrilling but also scary for her, but she had to be brave and help those ponies that had caught the Blorbs, so after finally gathering her things, she left her home and made her way to meet with her friends.

Applejack had finished whatever chores she needed to do and was now preparing to leave for the Mushroom Kingdom, she prepared what was needed, including her lasso.

[Applejack obtained Lasso]

But then Granny Smith had called her to the kitchen, so she went there to see why Granny Smith was calling her.

“Now I heard your going to the Mushroom Kingdom, been there ma self in my younger years, just wanted to pack you with somethings that can be mighty handy in that there kingdom” Granny Smith said as she gave Applejack a jar filled with what Applejack guessed was syrup, it had the apple family label on it.

[Applejack obtained Apple Syrup]

“Be careful ye hear? That place can be mighty dangerous if yer not” Granny Smith said as Applejack put the jar of Apple Syrup into her saddle bag.

“Don’t worry Granny, I’ll be fine, ah got my friends to back me up” Apple jack said as she said her goodbyes and ran out, leaving the farm to join her friends, not noticing her little sister Apple Bloom sneaking past Granny Smith and Big Mac to follow her sister.

Twilight was almost over packing if not for her assistant and friend Spike, he was making sure she didn’t over pack her saddle bag with books she didn’t really need or parchments and quills she didn’t need either.

“Come on Twilight, just take one book, a few parchments and 1 or 2 quills, that's it” Spike said as Twilight packed.

“But Spike, this is a meeting about a disease that could affect all of the world, what if I don’t have the right book on hoof? Or I need to write down a specific detail so I don’t forget?” Twilight said before Spike spoke up.

“Then why don’t I join you? Starlight can watch over the castle and I can join you and help with whatever you need during the meeting” Spike suggested.

Twilight wanted to argue but found she couldn’t, he made a good point, besides, Starlight should be able to keep a watch over things while she is gone, granted if she can keep Trixie from breaking anything.

“Alright then Spike, you’ll come with us, but remember, this meeting is important, so try not to sleep through it” Twilight said as she finished packing her saddle bags.

[Twilight obtained Book of Equestrian Creatures]

“Please, when do I sleep through important stuff?” Spike asked, finding it impossible that he has slept through any important things.

As the Maine 6 and Spike met back together, they went to the Ponyville Train Station, where they see Luna, Kooper and Toad waiting for them.

Kooper saw them approaching spoke up, “It's about time you girls got here” he said before noticing Spike, “Who's the dragon?” he asked.

“This is Spike, he’s my assistant,” Twilight said.

“Oh, I see, I guess he also is like your royal advisor Princess?” Kooper asked.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t say that, he’s more like a little brother than an advisor, and please call me Twilight, I don’t like friends addressing me as my title” Twilight said to which Kooper nods.

“Whatever you say Twilight, now come on, the train is arriving” Kooper said, to which the ponies looked to where the train should be approaching, but saw nothing on the tracks.

“Uh I think you got the timing wrong turtle boy, the train doesn arrive for another half hour” Rainbow Dash said before Kooper chuckled a bit as he walked near the main building of the train station, specifically the walla which was between the ticket booth and a bench.

“I don’t mean the Equestrian train Rainbow, I mean the other train” Kooper said before knocking the wall three times before the wall suddenly opens up, revealing a tunnel that lead to underground, the Main 6 and Spike were surprised and looked to Princess Luna who had a knowing look on her face, she turned to the ponies as they walked to the new entrance.

“This entrance was made years ago for any visitors outside of Equestria so they could visit, unfortunately with many events in their own kingdoms, this station had not been used as much, luckily after Discords second defeat, news traveled further outside of Equestria, which then led to other kingdoms wanting to visit Equestria and see its sights, so as of late this station has become quite busy with new visitors” Luna said as they all walked down sets of stairs, they all then see a underground train station, they also see many different creatures waiting in the station.

The creatures ranged from Dragons from the Dragons Lands and Manehatten, Diamond Dogs they haven’t seen before, even a couple of ponies were there, as Main 6, Spike and Princess Luna admired the many creatures waiting for the train, Twilight caught sight of a creature which made her blood run cold, it was a changeling, but it wasn’t like the reformed changelings Thorax now ruled, it was one that looked like the changelings that were during Chrysalis’ reign, however instead of black, its body was grey and it had eyelashes, presuming it was a female.

“Girls, look” Twilight said to her friends, directing their attention to the Changeling, the girls got worried before they decided to head to the changeling, Kooper saw them approaching the changeling and got worried and told Toad, Spike and Princess Luna to wait for them, he then retreated into his shell before it spun fast and it raced over and past the ponies and in front of the changeling who noticed the girls approaching and had a look of worry on her face.

Kooper then popped out of his shell and stood in front of the ponies.

“Whoa girls hold up” Kooper said to which Rainbow Dash got annoyed, “What are you doing Koop? It's a changeling!”.

“Well sorry for defending a friend” Kooper said, surprising the Mane 6 before he stood to the side to give the girls a full view of the changeling, “This here is Moonlight, I met her during one of her visits in the Mushroom Kingdom”.

Moonlight looked to the ponies and bowed to them, “Greetings Elements of Harmony, I had heard of what had happened to Chrysalis’ Hive, I am happy to hear that my kind in that hive were freed from her reign and are under better rulership” Moonlight said to them, she looked at them as she saw they were surprised, “Is something wrong?”.

Rarity was first to speak, “I’m sorry darling, but if you aren’t with Chrysalis and aren't evil, then why are you” Rarity tried to finish but couldn’t find the words until Rainbow continued for her.

“Why are you still full of holes?” she said bluntly.

“Rainbow Dash!” Rarity said to her friend, appalled at the bluntness and how rude it was.

“What?” Rainbow Dash said, not understanding why Rarity sounded shocked.

“It is alright Miss Rarity, I am what is known as a defective changeling, I can not feed off of love like the changelings used to, instead I eat like a normal pony would, that and I can eat things other species can as I change into them, like eating gems as a dragon” Moonlight explained, “The reason I haven’t gone through the change as other changelings have in Thorax’s kingdom, it is because I had left that hive when Chrysalis had organised the invasion on canterlot”.

“But that was years ago, how come we never saw you until now?” Twilight asked.

“Well I had my disguise most of the time” Moonlight said before whitish blue flames covered her and she then looked like a grey earth pony, her main was short had dark shades of blue and grey in them, her legs now had patterns of her leg holes and on her back her changeling wings become a coat pattern, on her head where her horn should be was no replaced with a blue gem, her eyes were sky blue, her tail no longer had holes and her culture mark was 2 crescent moons with one of the moons having grey spots on it.

The ponies looked amazed at her disguise, “Wowee, that's a neat looking disguise there Moonlight” Pinkie said.

“Indeed Darling, you look simply marvelous” Rarity said as she walked around Moonlight, admiring the form, “You incorporated your own normal looks to this forms coat patterns, simply a splendid fashion choice, and that gem, it must be a placeholder for a horn yes?” Rarity asked, to which Moonlight nodded.

“Looking good Moonlight” Kooper complimented as Moonlight looked at the Koopa, “Not bad yourself Kooper, the scarf is new,” Moonlight said.

Applejack then spoke up, “If ya don’t mind me askin’ Moonlight, are ya headin’ to the Mushroom Kingdom too?” she asked.

“Oh yes, I wanted to visit some changeling hives that were there, they need to hear the news about Thorax and his rulership, they will be very happy to hear it” Moonlight said before changing back to her true form, “What are you heading there for if I may ask?”.

“We’re heading to a meeting about a disease that could be affecting Equestria” Kooper said to which Moonlight gasped, “Do you mean...the Blorbs?!” Moonlight asked, shocking the Mane 6 and Kooper.

“You know about the Blorbs?” Twilight asked to which Moonlight nodded, “I heard it was affecting some of the hives at the Mushroom Kingdom, I wanted to visit them to not only to tell them the good news, but to also help in anyway I can, but if your going to a meeting to sort this mess you think I could join you as a representative to the changelings?” she asked.

The Mane 6 pondered at this, if good changelings were also being affected, it would be beneficial for a changeling to help and attend the meeting so relations could be better with them, plus Moonlight wasn’t bad, so what harm was there?

Twilight smiled as she looked to Moonlight, “Of course Moonlight, you may join us in the meeting” Moonlight smiled as she jumped in joy, “Oh thank you Princess Twilight! I will help in any way you wish!” she said before they hear Spike running to them.

“Twilight! Toad and Princess Luna said the train is approaching” he said.

“Thanks Spike” Twilight said before addressing her friends, Kooper and Moonlight, “Lets get ready for the train” she said as they all regroup with Toad and Princess Luna, with the 2 and Spike meeting Moonlight.

They then all hear a train whistle as the train arrived, it was definitely different from the Equestrian trains the ponies were familiar with, the trains passenger cars were painted red with green stripes and yellow triangles along the bottom of the cars, with the main train being red with pink stripes and pink hearts on it, the ponies could see the conductor of the train was a koopa like Kooper, only this one's shell was green and it wore a conductor's hat on its head, the cars doors open to show some creatures the Mane 6 and spike never saw before, some looked like walking brown mushrooms with fangs sticking out from their lower jaws and some looked like ghosts with black eyes, sharp teeth and long tongues, even some koopas and Toads walked out of the cars.

“All aboard for the Shroom Express! Next stop! Mushroom Kingdom!” they all heard before the Mane 6, Princess Luna, Toad, Kooper and Moonlight boarded one of the passenger cars, not noticing 3 familiar fillies sneaking onto the train, as they did, they didn’t see a unicorn pony leering at the group, she had mint green coat with orange mane, part of the main obscuring one of her eyes, her cutie mark showed a ladybug with three little leaves under it, her eyes were many shades of green, next to her with figures that couldn’t be identified due to them wearing black cloaks, they all boarded another passenger car in secret.

“Soon Princess Twilight, you and the rest of your friends will feel my revenge soon enough” the unicorn said before the cars doors closed, the train began its departure, traveling to its next stop.

The Mushroom Kingdom.

Chapter 3: Arrival and Battle

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As the Mane 6, Spike and Luna rode the train with Toad, Kooper and their new friend Moonlight, they saw that the train moved from being underground to finally being on the surface, the train moved much faster than the Equestrian train they were used to.

As they rode on, Each of the ponies passed the time with whatever they could, Twilight with her book she brought with her, Fluttershy was talking with Kooper about the many creatures from the Mushroom Kingdom, Spike talked with Toad as they shared the quality of being the little guy of the group, Spike even found out Toad was a fan of comics, so they talked about what comics they liked.

Time passed on as the ponies tried to make the most of the time on the train, Pinkie even finding a catering car as she bought many treats for her and her friends, one thing they also found out about Moonlight, she loves chocolate, apparently to changelings, chocolate is another form of love for them to feed, so Moonlight was able to have her fill on love, even if she couldn’t feed on love like normal changelings used to.

Meanwhile in another car, the unicorn from before was sitting on a seat while the cloaked figures with her differed in placements, there were 5 of them in total, 2 were tall, which were standing by the unicorns seat, 2 were the unicorns height and were on 4 legs , they also had taken a seat but on the opposite end of her, and the final one was the shortest, reaching just over the unicorns legs, this one was sitting on a seat slightly close to the unicorn, glowing red eyes peering from the cloaks hood, the unicorn noticed before turning to the other cloaked figures.

“Why is Private Cluck not blindfolded?” she whispered, the other cloaked figures turned to each other before one of the taller ones shrugged, which annoyed the unicorn, “Blindfold them, now! Before somepony gets suspicious!” she hissed before one of the taller figures notices a long piece of cloth on a empty seat, they grab it before going behind the small one known as Private Cluck and pulling the hood off them, Private Cluck is seen now as a Cockatrice, they have white feathers on their chicken head with fangs poking out of their beak, the scales can be barely seen with the cloak but the scales on them are purple and dark green, the taller figure then quickly blindfolds them and puts their hood back up, stopping anyone from seeing the hidden cockatrice.

One of the pony sized cloaked figures walks to the unicorn, “Your majesty, we near the next stop, our enemies are still unaware of our presence” they whispered, the unicorn smirked evilly.

“Thank you Lieutenant Dogma, soon revenge will be in my grasp” she said as she chuckled evilly before turning to the other cloaked figures, “How are the rest of the troops?” she asked, one of the taller ones spoke up.

“Our flight soldiers are above the train using the clouds as cover as we speak” they said before the other tall figure pulls out a blue gem that lays in a black and brown paw, soon the gem makes a bright light before making a circle grid map with multiple glowing dots following a large dot in the center.

“My diggers are working hard on following the train from underground, they should arrive just as we depart” they said in a gruff female voice.

“Very good Commander Scorch, Sergeant Razer, once we depart, alert them to start the attack” the unicorn said as she smiled evilly.

After a few more minutes of traveling, the train finally made its destination, the Mane 6, Princess Luna, Toad, Kooper and Moonlight exit their car as they admire their surroundings, the Train Station was much like the one back in ponyville, however instead of ponies in the area, it was Toads, it was a small town that consisted of Toads with the occasional Koopa or Goomba walking by.

Moonlight was first to speak, “Princess, Elements of Harmony, welcome to Toadrey Station, the town that acts as a greeting point for any visitors outside the Mushroom Kingdom” they all admired the town before they suddenly hear something behind them say “ow”.

The ponies turned to see what it was, and Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were very much shocked at what they saw.

Sitting in a pile was Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, they had tried to sneak past, unfortunately one of the fillies had tripped and cause them all to be in a tangled pile, they looked up to see their sisters (Sister figure in Scootaloo’s case) staring at them, they laughed nervously before Applebloom spoke, “H-hey Applejack, hows it going?” she asked with a nervous smile.

“Applebloom? Sweetie Belle? Scootaloo? What in land sakes are you three doing here?!” Applejack asked, she probably knew the reason but was too shocked and upset at them to even think right.

Scootaloo decided to speak up, “Well we heard about your adventure and we wanted to join you guys, we just wanted to see you and the Princess in action!” Applebloom and Sweetie Belle glared at her for being a blabbermouth, then Rarity spoke up.

“Well unfortunately for you girls, you are going straight back to Ponyville and will wait till we get back and then you will receive punishments for not only sneaking out of your homes, but also onto a train and to another kingdom no less!” Rarity said, which the three fillies were scared of what would happen next, they just wanted adventure, instead they might be grounded forever, no one even noticed the unicorn and the cloaked figures sneaking by them.

“They can’t go back Rarity” Kooper said, gaining the ponies attention.

“And why not Kooper? These three shouldn’t be here” Applejack said.

“I don’t mind them being here, could be awesome having them with us” Rainbow Dash said, immediately getting glares from Applejack and Rarity.

“Because the train left” Kooper said pointing to the tracks, the ponies indeed saw the train leaving, it was too far now for them to catch it, so Rarity and Applejack sighed in defeat.

“Fine, but they can’t go on their own anywhere, they stay with us” Applejack said, to which the three fillies smiled in victory before shrinking back when Rarity and Applejack glared at them.

“This doesn’t mean you're out of trouble you three, you're still getting punishments when we get back” Rarity said.

Suddenly everyone heard screaming, they all look to where the screaming was and they see a Toad screaming in fear, next to him was a statue of a Toad, only they could see it wasn’t a statue, it was a Toad stuck in fear, the culprit for the stone Toad, they look to see a large Cockatrice, it was Private Cluck without their cloak and the makeshift blindfold on the ground, the rest of their body was seen, a purple scaly body with green scales and green scaly wings with red tips, red spines along their back and tail and large talons, it was plain to see that Private Cluck was anything but a normal cockatrice.

“Cockatrice!” Twilight said as everyone closed their eyes to avoid the sight of Private Cluck, “Don’t look at its eyes, you’ll be turned to stone!” she warned everyone nearby, any Toads that heard her took the warning and covered their eyes, only to suddenly hear what was described as dragon roars, everyone decided to look where the roar came from and didn’t like what they saw.

Flying down from the sky were 3 types of creatures, there was a group of small dragons, a group of griffins in battle armor and what they feared the most, a large swarm of evil Changelings.

“Everybody! Take cover!” Kooper yelled as Toads, Koopas and Goombas ran for their lives, Kooper then looked to Toad, “Go get the Bros! We’ll need their help!” he then turned to the CMC, “You three, go with him, it will be safer for you to get away from this battle till more help arrives” with hesitant nods from the CMC, Toad nods confidently before running through the chaos to somewhere unknown to the ponies with the CMC following him, avoiding the battles, Kooper then ran towards any of the flying beasts that had landed.

“Hey fly brains! Over here!” Kooper yelled as Changelings and Dragons looked at the Koopa, he then charged at them and quickly went into his shell, it spun fast before it started colliding into the evil changelings, dragons and griffins, the Mane 6, Spike and Princess Luna decided to join in on the fight as they charged into the battle, Rainbow Dash and Applejack took on some griffins, Pinkie was facing against some dragons with her party cannon and Rarity, Twilight, Spike and Princess Luna fought off any charging Changelings.

A changeling tried to sneak attack Pinkie before being tackled to the ground by Moonlight, the changeling looked at her and hissed, “Traitor!” it tried to kick her off but she teleported before it could attack, Moonlight then appeared again before changing her form into a grey Swamp Hydra with blue eyes, the changeling looked in fear before fleeing, Moonlight then chased off any evil forces with her hydra form.

As they all fought, the ground suddenly started to move, then everyone saw diamond dogs rise from the ground, wearing silver armor , as they climbed out, soon enough more cockatrice appeared from the holes, these cockatrice just having different shades of green scales and being smaller than Private Cluck.

“Where are all of these creatures coming from?!” Twilight said as she blasted a changeling with magic, then everyone heard evil laughing before they saw the unicorn with the other cloaked figures, Private Cluck standing next to them.

“I would have thought you would have figured it out by now Princess Twilight, my changelings should have been a dead giveaway” the unicorn said before being engulfed in green flames to reveal her true form, her height matched that of Celestia, her legs full of holes and one of the few changelings to have an actual mane, her horn was long and jagged as she wore a black crown on her head, the Mane 6, Spike, Princess Luna and Moonlight gasped at seeing her true form.

“Chrysalis?!” Twilight said incredulously.

“That’s QUEEN Chrysalis to you, and I am not alone this time” she said before the other cloaked figures ripped off their cloaks.

One of the taller ones was a Dragon that was the size of a teenage dragon, but he looked older, his scales were black with his underbelly scales being purple, his eyes were golden yellow and he had curved grey horns on his head, this was Commander Scorch.

The other taller figure was seen to be a female Diamond Dog, she looked to be a Doberman breed, she was wearing a black buttoned up vest and a silver war helmet on her head, she has large claws and large teeth to boot, this was Sergeant Razer.

One of the pony sized figures was a griffon that had crimson red feathers, grey feathers on her head with a sharp beak, her head had large feathers acting as bangs with purple shade on the feathers tips, her eyes can be seen as dark green.

The other pony sized figure was a Changeling, however he looked different from the others, he had purple armor around him with his eyes having pupils like Chrysalis, his eyes were a dark shade of orange with his wings having an orange shade to them.

“Meet my new members of my army, Commander Scorch of the rogue dragons, Sergeant Razer of Diamonds dogs known as the “Ruff Diggers”, General Glynda of the griffins, ones that care for more than just bits, and finally Private Cluck with their large flock of Cockatrices, you have already met Lieutenant Dogma back at the Canterlot Invasion and at my old hive, he has gone through a bit of...evolution since then” Chrysalis said as she introduced her army, she then saw Moonlight change back into her changeling form.

“Well well, if it isn’t the first traitor, here I thought you might have died already from no love to keep you alive” Chrysalis said.

“Well sorry to disappoint, “your highness”, but I don’t need to act like a parasite to survive,” Moonlight said as Rainbow Dash chuckled at Moonlights comeback.

“Nice one Moonlight!”.

Chrysalis growled before smirking, “It doesn’t matter, my new army is clearly too much for you, there's only 10 of you, and Hundreds of us!” Chrysalis said before she started to laugh evilly, her generals joining her as they laughed, suddenly they hear some commotion as they stop laughing and look to where the commotion is coming from.

The ponies, Kooper, Spike and Moonlight look to where it was coming from and soon 2 newcomers arrive, defeating the dragons, griffins, changelings, cockatrice and diamond dogs they came across, one was a short man in blue overalls, red shirt, brown shoes, a red cap with a M logo on it and a nice mustache.

The other newcomer was a taller man in blue overalls, green shirt and green cap with a L logo on it, brown shoes and also having a nice mustache.

They both charged through the forces with ease as they jumped on their heads or even punched and kicked through them, the Elements, Princess and Spike were very much impressed with these two newcomers skills in combat, Kooper smirked in confidence and Moonlight smiled with hope.

Chrysalis was appalled and horrified that her supposed powerful forces were being taken down easily by 2 newcomers, she glared at Lieutenant Dogma, “What's going on?! Who are those two and how are they beating my army?!” she demanded.

Dogma stuttered his answer as he feared what his queen might do to him, “I-I’m not sure your majesty, I have never seen them before in my life”.

Chrysalis growled before flying up in the air, “I will take care of this, you 5 deal with the Elements, Princess and their pathetic backup” she said as she flew towards the 2 men, Kooper yelled to them.

“Mario! Luigi! Take her down! We got these chumps!” Kooper yelled before he started to attack nearby changelings and dragons with his shell attack.

The two men, Mario and Luigi nod to each other before facing Chrysalis.


“Okie Dokie!”

Mario and Luigi charge at the queen as she attempts to fire green fireballs at them, Mario and Luigi dodge the fireballs before leaping and jumping onto her head hard.

Chrysalis growls as she glares at them, “So that's how it's going to be is it?” she then calls upon a few changelings before they changed into duplicates of her, however the bros saw the duplicates were imperfect, one had derpy eyes, one had no mane and another had large crooked fangs, so the Bros focused on the one they knew wasn’t a fake, the 4 Chrysalis charge at the bros, the bros leap into the air and jump onto each Chrysalis, the ones that were changelings changed back once hit, while Chrysalis was knocked back.

Chrysalis was starting to feel weak, she didn’t know why, something was amiss before she then saw Mario and Luigi leap up and land kicks to her head, knocking her down, barely conscious.

Chrysalis groaned, “H-how? I’m not supposed to be defeated so soon and so easily…”

She notices a blue aura around her before Princess Luna walks near her with her horn glowing, “That is because of my magic and strength dampening spell, your forces are defeated Chrysalis, it's time you face your consequences!” out of a bit of anger and spite, she lifted Chrysalis and her army into the air and flung them away into the distance, the ponies, Kooper, Moonlight, Spike, Mario and Luigi were surprised by her action.

Twilight then approached Luna, “Um, Princess Luna? Wouldn’t it have been better if they were placed in custody instead of thrown away?”

Luna thought about it before chuckling to herself, embarrassed by her choice, “I am sorry Twilight Sparkle, I am still upset over last time, I wasn’t thinking straight” Luna said before everyone took the focus to the Bros who approached the group.

Kooper was first to speak, “Elements of Harmony, Spike, Princess Luna, allow me to introduce to you, the Super Mario Bros, Mario and Luigi” Kooper said.

“Hello!” Mario said to the group as Luigi waved to them.

“Nice to meet you Mario and Luigi, thank you for helping us deal with Chrysalis and her army” Twilight said.

“Indeed, such a task on facing a threat such as the changeling queen is quite noble, then our progress for coming here would have been halted” Luna said before Kooper let out a short gasp.

“The meeting! We’re going to be late thanks to that bug queen, lets get going!” Kooper said as he started running, getting everyone's attention.

“He’s right, we must go” Princess Luna said as everyone, including the Mario Bros started running and followed Kooper, to the castle of Princess Peach.

Chapter 4: Meeting and a Kings arrival

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It was a peaceful day in Toad Town, many of the Toads in the town wandered around the town, enjoying the day, a small Toad, a child, walked into his house and saw his mom cooking what he could guess was dinner.

“Mom! I’m home” he said.

“Well, hi there, sweetie! Home early today huh?” his mother asked.

“Ms. Ingletoad just couldn’t stop talking. Blah blah blaaaaaah!” the kid complained, “So I snuck out and came home!”.

“You naughty little scamp!” his mother said to him, “You’ll never grow up into a fine Toad with such bad behavior” she said.

“Fiiiiiiiiine, Mom, whatever.” the child said before sitting himself at the table.

(Yeeesh this kid is terrible, even I wasn’t like that at that age)

“So, is dinner ready yet?” he asked.

The mother Toad had checked a pot that was cooking the food inside before turning to her son, “Yes dear, it is”.

“But call your dad before we eat,” she said.

“Ok” the boy said before going to the next room, “DAAAAAAD! Dinner’s ready!”



Suddenly the boy runs back into the kitchen/dining room and runs to his mom.

“What is it dear?” she asked her son.

“It’s Dad! He’s…” before the small Toad could finish his sentence, the whole house started shaking, then the wall to the next room suddenly broke apart as a very large Toad that is bloated like a ball, wearing a green vest and green dots on his head and a mustache.

He rolls through the wall and stops on the house's main wall.



“Mushroom Kingdom Marred by Mystery Malady! The Blorbs!”

“It comes without warning! First, you balloon to blimp size! Then the rolling! you roll away! Oh, the horror of the blorbs”

“As of press time, the cause and cure unknown…”

“Day by day, the number of blorbed Toads swells, even races from outside the Mushroom Kingdom have been diagnosed with the blorbs…”

“Seeing how grave the situation is, Princess Peach convenes an emergency meeting at her castle…”

We are now shown to a meeting room, a large table in the middle of the room with Toads a plenty at the meeting, on a raised platform at the end of the room with a pedestal was the leader of the kingdom, Princess Peach, she wore a pink dress, white elbow length gloves, a blue gem on the front of her dress, long blonde hair that reached past her back, a gold crown on her head with red and blue gems on it and blue round earrings.

Next to her was her royal advisor, Toadsworth, he is a Toad with beige cap and brown spots, purple vest, whitish grey mustache, glasses, white shirt and cane.

“Oh! How absolutely wretched…” Toadsworth said, “Such a thing has never happened in the history of the kingdom!”.

“Soon the entire Mushroom Kingdom will get the blorbs…” one of the Toads said, “We’ve gotta find the cause and get this place back to normal!”.

“Yeah, obviously, but we’ve never dealt with something like this!” another Toad said, “I have absolutely no idea what to do! I suggest we panic!”.

“Pull yourself together, man! We have to do something!” the first Toad said before starting to sob, “My son… He’s also… He’s also got the blorbs.” he then started to cry over his loss.

Toadsworth turns to Princess Peach, “Princess! We still await…” he said to her.

“Yes...we’ve sent word to the Star Sprites for help, even to Equestria, we have had word help from Equestria is on their way as we speak, but… we’ve gotten no response from the Star Sprites.” Princess Peach explained, while she was happy help from Equestria was coming, the Mushroom Kingdom had dependence on the Star Sprites for years, they needed a sign from them that they would help them in their time of need.


Toadsworth and Princess Peach turned to the sudden new voice, “Ah, glorious! I daresay our Star Sprite has arrived!” Toadsworth said.

Just then, entering the room was a round creature, its body was round like a ball, yellow, had brown feet and a small flashing star floating above its head and its head was its body.

“Sorry I’m late! This castle is huge!” the creature said before Toadsworth looking at Princess Peach with uncertainty, “Princess...this thing is...what?” he asked.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Starlow!” Starlow said as she introduced herself, “Peach sent word of trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom… So as a representative of the Star Sprites, here I am!”.


“Mercy! Such pep! Such verve! Such unswerving confidence!” Toadsworth said, “So you’ll be able to simply cure the blorbs, then! Correct?”.

Starlow then looked nervous before answering, “Oh… Uh… Well…“.

After explaining herself, the good news turned bad once more, Starlow as now at the table with the other Toads, “Hrm… If this is even beyond the power of a Star Sprite…”

“Well, I did some research on similar afflictions, but…” Starlow said, “The blorbs are in a class of its own. It seems incurable” she said.

“If we could just find a cause, we’d have a place to start…” she said.

Then a Toad wearing a nurses uniform with pink dots on her head spoke up, “The medical staff did what we could to ease the swelling, but as far as we can tell, we can’t reverse the effects”.

Another Toad spoke up, “You docs gotta do SOMETHING! This is a national, turning international, emergency!”

The nurse Toad replied, “Thanks for the news flash! Obviously we want to help!”.

Starlow then whispers to the Toad next to her, “Psst… who is that over there?”.

The Toad then speaks to her, “Dr. Toadley’s intern”.

“Dr. Toadley?” Starlow asked, never hearing about this person before.

“He’s a really famous doctor. He knows EVERYTHING”. The Toad said, “He couldn’t make it to today’s meeting, so his intern is here”.

“Hmm...” was all Starlow could say.

“Well, I have many patients, so you’ll have to excuse me” Dr. Toadleys intern said before leaving the meeting room to help with blorbed patients.

Toadsworth then started to word his worries, “Blast… Doctors are stumped… The Star Sprite is helpless.. To whom might we turn?”.

“Look, I’m really sorry, ok?” Starlow said, she felt bad enough that they couldn’t just help with the blorbs right away, “There are some things that even a Star Sprite can’t do!” she said before frowning in sadness.

“I guess we just give up, huh?” she said.

Toadsworth however was having none of it, “Hmph! How insolent!”.

Princess Peach then spoke up, “Both of you… calm down” she said in a calm tone.

Then a Toad with a blue head and white spots, glasses and blue yellow zipped vest spoke up, “Yeah, what’s wrong with you Toadsworth?! There IS someone we can count on, by boogity!” the Toad, known as Toadbert said.

This caught Toadsworth's attention as he remembered, “Oh! Quite right! Hope endures”.

Toadbert then looked around, confused, “So uh… whats up? They’re not here yet? The bros...” he said, confused on why their country’s heroes aren’t in the room with them.

Meanwhile at the entrance hall of the castle, Toad and the CMC were waiting, “Oh I hope they got there in time” Toad said as the CMC looked worried for their sisters, just then, the giant wooden doors opened up as Toad rushed to the door to see the group running to the entrance.

“Hey! Mario! Guys! Hurry! Hurry!”.

Then Mario jumped in letting out a “Wahoo!” before he landed, the group of ponies, dragon, Koopa and changeling entered as well, each of them panting from running so far.

“So...tired!” Pinkie said before slumping down onto the ground with her tongue rolled out, panting loudly from exhaustion.

Mario then noticed someone in the group was missing before seeing his brother Luigi catching up to the entrance.


Luigi then accidentally tripped on a rock, causing him to barrel into the entrance and crash into Pinkie before flying in the air and crashing face first into one of the bright pink pillars, the group winced at his landing with Rainbow Dash laughing a bit before helping him out, she grabbed Luigi and put him on the ground, his face being flat as a flat tire before he shook his head, his face turned back to normal.

(I just realized that the Mario Bros’ have the same reality breaking powers as Pinkie...just be glad they don’t break the fourth wall here folks)

“Anyway! The meeting started sometime ago but there’s still time to get in! You gotta hurry! Please! Everyone's waiting, Mario! In the conference hall in the back!”

The CMC then went to their sisters.

(Again, sister figure for Scootaloo’s case)

“Can we come aswell? Please?” Sweetie Belle asked as the three fillies put on the puppy eyes act.

Rarity and Applejack were more resilient, Rainbow Dash wouldn’t mind, but the other grown up ponies in the group were hesitant, Princess Luna however had a soft spot for the Cutie Mark Crusaders ever since she helped them with their nightmares some time back, she would be lying if she said she didn’t like the dream hangout sessions with them, especially the one time the CMC helped pull a small prank on one of Celestia’s dreams.

“Serves her right for taking my last slice of chocolate cake” Luna thought to herself as she smirked at the memory before looking to the CMC before Rarity and Applejack could say anything.

“You may join us, but please remember this meeting is important, so remember to only speak when spoken to and not interrupt anyone speaking, understood?” she said, missing the shocked expressions of Rarity and Applejack as the CMC nod to the night princess, she smiled. “Good, now let us head to the meeting everyone” Luna said as she and everyone else started heading to the conference hall.

Twilight on the way was sneakily reading a special book she picked up on the way to the castle, “A newcomer's guide to the Mushroom Kingdom”, she wanted to learn everything she could on the new kingdom from it’s creatures and special items the kingdom called Power-Ups.

As the large group walked through some halls, a Toad saw them, mostly Mario, enter the courtyard and went to them.

“Hey there! The conference hall is just up ahead. Yup, everyone’s in there, and I’m sure they’re eager to see you!” he said before noticing Princess Luna, “Oh! Princess Luna of the night, I’m sorry but we were expecting Princess Celestia coming to attend the meeting” he said apologetically.

“Tis alright young one, my sister would’ve really wanted to come, but the delegates back in Equestria suggested I come in her stead”.

“I understand, anyways, don’t let me hold you up, head your way forward and you’ll find the conference room past the throne room” the Toad said before walking off, Rarity was a stuttering mess as she registered the information.

“Th-Th-Throne room?” Rarity said before going into a dramatic faint, only for Pinkie to catch her.

Twilight looked around the courtyard and saw many Toads before gasping, catching the other pony’s attention, just in the left corner near where they stood, was a blorbed Toad, he was very large and could barely move, they approached him as Mario and Luigi saw this and were upset at this, poor Toads were catching a disease that had no found cure yet.

The blorbed Toad saw them and saw Mario.

“Ooooog, Mario” he said, his voice sounding like his mouth was full but it wasn’t, he also sounding tired just from speaking, “Phew! You’ll fix me up, won’t you?! I can’t wait, seriously. Not a fan of the blorbs.” he said as he wiggled a bit, but barely even moving an inch from his spot..

“Don’t worry big guy, we’ll take care of this” Rainbow Dash said before the group started to head to the conference room.

The group passed a very elegant statue of what the group could guess was the ruler of the kingdom, Princess Peach, Rarity commented on how fabulous the statue alone looed, Toads nearby talked with Mario and Luigi as they walked.

The group then entered the throne room, it was very much similar to that of the throne room back in Canterlot, however here was statues of Princess Peach in all corners of the room, the Throne itself was on a raised platform with steps, the throne having comfy red fabric on the white and gold throne, with some mushroom styled lamps on the platform.

The group saw one of the hallways blocked by a blorbed Toad so they went to the right hallway.

As they entered, the group saw the meeting was still taking place.

Everyone in the room then noticed them enter as Toadsworth spoke.

“Ah! Master Mario! Master Luigi! We’ve awaited your arrival!” he said before looking at the ponies, “As well as the Princess and heroes of Equestria, Princess Luna and the Elements of Harmony”, He then looked to Kooper, “Excellent job bringing them here Master Kooper”.

Kooper shrugged with a smile, “Eh, no biggie, also I hope you don’t mind us bringing a friend with us, she wanted to be part of the meeting for important matters” Kooper said as he showed Moonlight.

“Not at all Master Kooper! Now, let us resume the meeting!” Toadsworth said as everyone then took their places at the table, Princess Luna standing next to Princess Peach near the platform, Twilight and her friends sitting near Mario with Kooper and Moonlight on the other side of him while Luigi sat at the other end of the table next to Starlow, Spike right next to the green taller brother, the CMC stood next to their sisters.

(You know what I’m gonna say)

Toadbert then brought out a book before starting to explain.

“Now then, going on what little information we’ve unearthed, the cause MAY be from a mushroom sold by a local merchant” Toadbert said, no one noticing Luigi and Spike were having trouble staying awake.

“Oh dear! A mushroom?” Princess Peach asked, “You mean to tell me that a mushroom causes the blorbs?” she asked.

Luigi and Spike are now seen just sleeping, Luigi’s head on the table and Spike just on the table, using Luigi’s head as a pillow of sorts, still nobody took notice.

“Well, yeah, we interviewed all the blorbed Toads we could, even some of the blorbed ponies and changelings we could get to cure them…” Toadbert said.

“And? What did they say?” Twilight asked, concerned for the Toads, Ponies and Changelings that got blorbed.

“Well Princess Twilight, they all said they’d bought a strange mushroom called Blorb Mushrooms” Toadbert said.

Toadsworth was confused by the name, “Blorb Mushroom? Perplexing… Not a local variety, of that I’m quite sure” he said.

Kooper then spoke up, “Yeah, I would know, I have come to know a lot of different kinds of items sold in the kingdom, these Blorb Mushrooms sound like a foreign item” he said before looking to the ponies, “Have you girls heard anything about these Blorb Mushrooms?”.

“Heavens no darling, never heard anything of the sort” Rarity said.

“Ma family are known for growing apples, sure we find some mushrooms sometimes in the fields, but never heard of Blorb Mushrooms before” Applejack said.

“Never heard of ‘em” Rainbow Dash said.

“They sound like a bad ingredient for special mushroom cakes,” Pinkie Pie said, getting some stars from her friends, “What? They make those types of cakes here”.

“I’ve talked with Zecora on different flora and many types of items she needs for ingredients for her potions, I never heard of Blorb Mushrooms either” Fluttershy said in a sad tone, upset she couldn’t help with the answer.

“I have gone through my own notes on Equestrian Flora as well, I have never heard of such a thing” Twilight said.

“Even in the badlands we have no such thing” Moonlight said.

“Then either they are sold in a different kingdom entirely or they are man made” Kooper said.

“What sort of rapscallion would sell such a thing?” Toadsworth asked.

“Well, according to one witness, it was a fellow in a cape, all signs point to the suspect not being from this kingdom” Toadbert said.

“Well, whoever he is, he’s our only lead” Starlow said, “So, it’s decided! Let’s go find him!”.

“Master Mario! Master Luigi! Your hour is at hand!” Toadsworth said, Luigi, nor Spike we even awakened by Toadsworth, “Go forth and stomp this fellow as if he were bowser!”.


Everyone (except Luigi and Spike, still asleep, go figure) was surprised at the sudden laughter, everyone but the Mane 6 and the CMC knew who that laugh belonged to.

“Did someone just page the king of awesome?”

Everyone looked to the entrance of the room as were shocked and scared, the Toads mostly scared as they ran away.

Entering the room was a giant turtle like beast, it looked like a Koopa like Kooper, only more menacing, his shell was green with large spikes growing out of it, the beast has yellow scales like a dragon all over its body, arms, legs and tail, a beige carapace over his body, his tail having spike spines on it, claws instead of hands, his face having beige for his mouth and nose and green scales for the rest of his head, sharp horns on the sides of his head, red eyebrows and a red mane of hair on the top of his head, his eyes are red and he’s wearing black spiked armbands over his wrists and arm biceps, he’s also wearing a black spiked collar around his neck.

This is the Koopa King, Bowser.

“Sweet Celestia what is that?!” Rarity said, scared of the beast as her sister hugged her for safety.

“PEACH!” Bowser yelled, “So I’m an outcast huh?! What’d I do to deserve this?!” Bowser then punched through where the table connected and marched through and towards Peach who still stood on the platform behind the pedestal.

“What are you doing here?! We’re in an important meeting! The kingdoms in danger!” Peach said.

“Gee, PARDON ME! Guess what? I live here, Your Royal Genius!” Bowser said rudely, “I’ve got as much right to be in this meeting as anyone!”.

“I mean right? Help me out here! Toadsworth! Back me up!” Bowser said, trying to get his reason to be justified.

Toadsworth stuttered, “That… Erm… That’s… Well…”.

Starlow however decided to add her own 2 bits into the conversation, “Don’t be ridiculous! You have no right to be here! Get out!” she said rudely.

“Um, darling, not to interrupt, but maybe you could have put that in a nicer way?” Rarity said before everyone saw Bowsers enraged face as he breathes in deep, Mario, already knowing what's going to happen, jumped over the table and grabbed Peach, he then jumped away as Bowser unleashed a torrent of flames from his mouth, “Crud!”.

Everyone moved away as the flames appeared, except Luigi and Spike who were still sleeping, the fire had left the projector screen in tatters and the podium burnt to a crisp and the platform covered in soot.

Mario leapt onto the platform in a battle ready pose.

Bower looked furious, “MAAARIO!”.

“Are you seriously trying to start with me again?!” Bowser complained, “I hear about this big meeting, and I’m all ready to act nice… But man, the second I see your face, Mr. Nice Bowser is GONE!” Bowser yelled.

“Yeah, forget your dumb meeting! I’ll pummel you and grab Peach!” Bowser said as he got into a battle stance.


As Mario got ready for battle, Toadsworth called him out, “Master Mario!” he then walked to Mario, “Your first battle in some time! Shall I refresh you on attacks?”.

Mario didn’t want to inform Toadsworth of the battle that happened before back at Toadrey Station yet, so he didn’t contradict him, instead he replied, “No thanks Toadsworth”.

(NANI?!?! Mario can speak?! All jokes aside I’m letting the man speak, anyways…)

“Ah! But of course not! As if Toadsworth could teach YOU about battling” Toadsworth said as he went to stand at the sidelines of the battle.

The Mane 6 wanted to help, only for Kooper to stop them, “Don’t worry, he’s got this”.

Mario then proceeded to jump onto Bowser's head, jumped up again while doing a backflip and landing on Bowser's head again, he then landed back where he stood.

Bowser wasn’t having any of that as he took a deep breath before firing a ball of fire from his mouth, Mario was quick to dodge it as he jumped over the fireball.

“Very good Master Mario! This gargantuan lout fazes you not at all” Toadsworth said.

“Shut up!” Bowser yelled, clearly knowing the old Toad insulted him, “I’ll burn you too, Blabby!”.

As the Mane 6, The CMC, Kooper and Moonlight watched the battle, they didn’t notice Princess Peach, Princess Luna and Starlow sneaking behind Bowser.

Bowser let out another fireball to which Mario dodged with a jump, Mario then proceeded to double jump on Bowser’s head again, Bowser tried to attack with more fireballs, only for Mario to keep dodging.

Mario then heard something flying above, he looked to see Princess Luna flying in the air while using her magic, a faint blue aura covered Bowser as well as hearts and little stars, Mario seeing this battle was coming to an end, decided to finish the battle, he got a running start before charging at the Dragon Koopa.

Bowser, not seeing what was transpiring behind and above him, thought Mario was making a death wish as he tried to throw a punch at the plumber, only to miss as Mario dodged at the last second, Mario then jumped up and performed one last double jump, causing Bowser to topple over as if he had just been in a large scale battle.

Bowser laid on the ground, groaning in pain, “Where are my skills? That was not my “A” game…” he groaned, “I mean, I’ve lost before, but not THAT easily…”.

“Tis because it was our magic that helped in your defeat” Princess Luna said as she descended onto the ground next to Peach and Starlow.

“Yes! It was my star power, Peach’s wish power and Luna’s night magic” Starlow said, “It weakened you, didn’t it?!”.

Bowser just groaned in confusion, “Whuh… What…”.

“Alright Peach” Starlow said, “Lets clean up this mess!”.

Princess Peach then used her own power to lift Bowser in the air before launching him out of the castle, far away.

Princess Peach then approached Mario, “Thank you Mario, you’ve saved me once again. Thank you” she said before kissing Mario on the cheek, Mario sighed lovingly as Rarity let out a squeal, she always loved romance.

And not surprisingly, Luigi and Spike were still asleep.

However, nobody realized that it was far from over.

Chapter 5: Bowsers Mistake, the Inside Story begins

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While everyone back in Princess Peach's castle relaxed a bit after Bowsers attack, they didn't realize what would happened next

Bowser laid in a small field in a forest, surrounded by boulders, unconscious, next to him was his faithful servant and caretaker since he was a child, a magikoopa named Kamek, he wore a blue robe with white cuffs on the sleeves, a blue hat with white rim around the bottom of it and round glasses and carrying a golden staff with a red jewel on the top of it.

Kamek casts a spell on Bowser, "Hey!", he then casts another, "Hey!", he casts another spell, "Wake up!".

The third spell had finally done it as Bowser woke up and stood up, he shook his head awake from any remaining dizziness.

“That oughta fix you up.” Kamek said.

“Those guys make me so MAD! Gah! It does NOT end like this!” Bowser said, upset over his quick defeat, “I’m going back to that castle and kidnapping Peach for real! Maybe that blue horse as well!” Bowser said.

Kamek then spoke up, “Unless… Mario’s there, in which case he’ll once again kick-”.

“DON’T SAY THAT NAME!” Bowser yelled in rage as he breathed fire in anger.

“Just thinking about it makes me RAGE!” Bowser said as he growled in anger.

“Whoa… Chill out” Kamek said before he turned his staff into a broomstick, to which he rode on and flew out of the areas exit.

“I’ll chill nothing! I’m going to Peach’s Castle right now!” Bowser said before looking around to see where he was, only to get confused, “Wait, where am I, anyway?”.

Bowser then decided to follow where Kamek went and left the area, he sees his path is blocked by giant boulders.

“Your Surliness!” he heard Kameks voice call him as Kamek flew above Bowser.

“There’s a ton of boulders scattered around here.” Kamek said, “Use your punches to shatter them, and you can find a way through.” He advised before flying ahead.

Bowser then unleashed a punch onto the boulder currently blocking his path, it completely shattered as he punched it.

“Heh! Now that's REAL Dragon-Koopa strength!” Bowser said before he continued on his path, he kept shattering more boulders as he went down the path, he then came across a part of the forest with large trees blocking his way.

“Your Grouchiness!” soon Kamek flew to Bowser once more, “This is a pretty dense forest.” Kamek told him, “You oughta be able to use your fire breath to burn down these trees, careful though. If you breathe flames for too long, you’ll get all tuckered out.” Kamek advised him as he flew off.

Bowser groaned in annoyance, “I know how my own abilities work Kamek” he said before he started to breath fire onto the trees, the trees quickly burned up as the flames left nothing behind.

“Man I can’t wait for Junior to start breathing flames like me” Bowser said as he thought about his son.

Bowser Jr., one of his 8 children and the one to take the throne once he is finished being King of the Koopas, but he has a long way to go before Jr. can even think about ruling his castle and his minions.

As Bowser finished burning the last tree blocking his way, he enters a open area in the forest, he also sees someone in a grey hooded cloak run off, he decided to investigate who it was.

“Maybe they’ll show me the way out, or else they’ll get burned” he thought to himself as he followed a stone path, 2 large warp pips were set almost like a entry way before he heard someone.


Bowser looks to where the voice came from and saw what looked to be a store front, it was placed in a wall, many lights flashing on the stores design, a turning platform on top with pink mushrooms moving around and the stores logo, a green and yellow mushroom on top, the owner of the store was the cloaked figure from before, Bowser could faintly see strage round glasses under the hood, along with greenish skin.

“What? Win what?” Bowser asked, confused.

“JACKPOTTING!” the cloaked owner said.

Kamek then flew in and landed next to Bowser, his broom turning back to his staff.

“Your Burliness! What’s going on?!” Kamek asked as the store owner then brought out a mushroom that looked almost exactly like his stores logo, except the white spots were purple and the dot eyes on it were closed.

“The customer has luck!” he said as he presented the mushroom, “And with luckiness comes a tasty Lucky Shroom!”.

Bowsers curiosity got the better of him as he approached the stall and the owner, “A Lucky Shroom? I didn’t even buy anything!” Bowser said, confused but still curious, “What's this about jackpotting?!”.

“Do not have worries for details! No, do not have the worries!” the owner said, “Have the wonderful Lucky Shroom of tastiness instead!”.

“Man this guys talks weird” Bowser thought to himself.

“Scoff this down and your luck will power up to super luck! Luck enough to beat Mario!” the owner said, that definitely got Bowser's attention and curiosity peaked.

“Beat Mario?! Seriously?!” Bowser asked, almost excited at the thought.

“I say to you YES!” The owner said, “With every attack, lucky hits will shower in a happy waterfall! You will have such fury! Your strongest enemies will fold like napkins who are crying!”.

Kamek then moved behind Bowser and had Bowser turn to look at him and away from the store owner.

“Your Beefiness! Dude is WEIRD.” Kamek said, getting bad vibes from the cloaked owner, “Don’t eat that thing, seriously.” he tried to warn Bowser.

Bowser however was confused on why his most loyal minion would say to NOT eat the Lucky Shroom, “What, didn’t you hear him Kamek? It’ll help me beat Mario! Duh!” Bowser said before marching straight to the counter of the store

“You! Weirdo! Gimme that Lucky Shroom!” Bowser demanded.

“Oh, yes, of course! ENJOY THE EATING!” The Cloaked owner said as he wasn’t at all threatened by Bowser's demand, he then gave Bowser the ‘Lucky Shroom’.

[Bowser got a Lucky(?) Mushroom!]

Bowser and Kamek moved a bit away from the Store and next to the giant Warp Pipes as Kamek watched silently as Bowser ate the Lucky(?) Mushroom whole.

Bowser didn’t feel anything at first before suddenly, his mouth felt weird, painful even, he held his mouth as soon his whole body started to feel weird.

“Hurf! BUUURF?!”.

Kamek immediately saw his master acting strange and started worrying.

“Whats wrong?! Your Queasiness!” he asked, 2I told you not to snack on that thing!” Kamek said before looking to the store owner for answers, “Hey! You creepy little weasel! What did you feed Bowser?!” he demand, before seeing something he didn’t expect.

The store owner was now on a flying platform, 2 jets on the sides of the platform keeping it afloat, the owner laughed maniacally before taking off his hood and changed his cloak inside out, making it look more regal as it was red and yellow lined with 2 yellow buttons and a yellow string keeping the cloak from falling off him, he showed his face with his teeth were much larger than they should be for any normal person.

“Such easiness! So easy it gives me the gleeful chortles!” the owner said, “I have such Strategy! And now for the leaving! You are having a date with Peach’s Castle!” he said before quickly flying away.

Kamek was confused on why the creep hightailed it outta there before suddenly Bowsers mouthed opened up by its own.


Suddenly Bowser started to inhale everything in sight, rocks, bushes, trees, even the Warp Pipes next to them, his mouth was now like a black hole.

Kamek quickly flew away, not wanting to get inhaled by Bowser.

As the mysterious owner flew away, he suddenly heard something in the forest.

“Ugh, the queen will not be happy about this”.

“Lets hope she won’t be as angry as the time she lost her hive”.

“Don’t say that you idiot! If she’s nearby she’ll hear you!”

“Well, what is the voices I’m hearing?” he asked himself as he flew to where he heard the voices, what he saw brought him curiosity and glee.

“I have curiosity, I have never seen creatures such as these” he said as he looked on what will soon be his newest soldiers, strange bug looking horses.

Back at Peach’s Castle, in the conference hall, Everyone was finally calm after the recent attack, Luigi and Spike were still asleep even after all that’s happened.

“Well, that’s one way to break up a meeting…” Peach said as she observed the damaged room.

“Seems like it’s pretty much adjourned, by boogity, should we cancel it?” Toadbert said.

“Hrm… Young man, we are facing an international emergency, if we cancel the meeting, nothing will get solved.” Toadsworth said.

“Absolutely. The blorbs are more pressing than Bowser, the meeting must go on.” Princess Peach said.

“Mercy, you ARE the princess!” Toadsworth said as he faced everyone but Princess Peach, Luna and Twilight, “Take heed, gentlemen, ladies and star! That’s how one does things!”.

“Indeed, the blorbs are more important than the likes of Bowser” Luna said.

Toadsworth looked around the room in worry, “But we surely can’t use this ravaged room anymore…” he said, “Should we continue someplace a touch less demolished?”.

“I certainly agree, we can’t continue the meeting in this room anymore, it was so beautiful until that brute marched in here” Rarity said, upset that the room was ruined, she liked the design of it.

“As everyone was about to leave the room, Toadsworth was suddenly sucked into something, everyone then felt a very strong wind as they saw the cause.

“HWAAAAAARF!” It was Bowser! He was still inhaling everything around him and he somehow made it back to Peach’s Castle, he then sucked in everyone that was near him, not even Rainbow Dash was fast enough to escape the strong inhaling wind.

Moonlight tried changing into a large boulder to escape, but not even the added weight stopped it as she was sucked in too.

Bowser stopped inhaling temporarily as he walked over to where Luigi and Spike still slept on the table.

“HWAAAAAARF!” Luigi and Spike finally woke up as they saw Bowser trying to inhale them, they both got lifted into the air as they tried to escape, even swimming in the air to avoid the inhaling, but it wasn’t enough as they both got sucked in, Bowser laughed evilly.

“GWAHAHA! Gwa ha ha...ah...ha...haaf…” Bowser then passed out as he laid on the ground.

It’s then shown that the mysterious owner was behind Bowser as he smiled evilly, “I HAVE VICTORY! Easy as bread sandwiches!”

“And now for the proceeding with the plan I have planned!” he said before he spoke once more.

“Midbus! Come! Fawful calls you!” he said, now revealing his name as Fawful.

“Of Course...Lord Fawful” another voice said as they approached.

Meanwhile, Mario was still traveling through Bowser's body, falling without any control in his direction, he had lost track of everyone else as he continue to fall, he still didn’t understand how he was shrunken down as he fell inside Bowser's body, he soon saw his landing point and braced for impact before he crashed into the ground, knocked out from landing head first.

Chapter 6: Enter the Trash Pit

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Mario had landed what could be best described as a literally trash pit, there was junk everywhere, planks of wood, rocks, blocks, mushrooms, lots of stuff was wedged in the walls of the area.

Mario suddenly woke up from movement that bounced him up.

“Ugh...where am I?” Mario said to himself as he looked around, deciding not to stick around, he left the area to explore.

He saw a large pit filled with some sort of substance, not wanting to take the chance, he leaps onto some floating platforms above the pit.

He then sees a question block, however the colour of it was different, instead of the usual yellow, it was sort of white, and the shape of it looked different too, Mario couldn’t tell why.

He jumps up and hits the block, after a couple jumps, he gains 10 coins, he then sees another weird question block on lower platforms, he goes to it and hits it, he gains some Mushrooms.

[Mario got x 3 Mushrooms]

Mario then makes it back to his original path and comes across a strange block, it was yellow and its inside was filled with fluid with 2 blue balls and a red line, curiosity getting the better of him, Mario hit it, it suddenly changed shap as he looked like a face with a massive head.

“What in the name of globin?” it said, “Strange to meet you, O visitor.”.

Mario was surprised to see such a thing, he had never encountered a talking block before.

“Some call me an Emoglobin. Of secret-ish things in the body of Bowser, I know them all.” The Emoglobin said.

Mario then remembered, he and everyone else was sucked into Bowsers body, but still, the question of how lingered in the air.

“I can impart this knowledge to you, if you have the globin.” it said, Mario thought this thing talked strange.

(You ain’t the only one)

“And I have Emoglobin brethren. Hit them, O jump-ish creature.” it said, “Being struck bothers us none… for such is the way of globin, anyway, O traveler, about what are you curious? The nature of globin? The meaning of globin?”.

“BRZZZZZZZZZT!” it made a noise similar to a buzzer on a game show.

“I tell you NOTHING!” it said, “But I will let you pass, since your globin reminds me of me”.

“By the way, O traveler, like all things in life, I am temporary, so be careful-ish!” it said before it reverts back into its block shape.

Mario then proceeds to go to the next area, which then he hears a familiar voice.


Mario looks to see Starlow, she seems to be trapped in a pink bubble like thing, Mario couldn’t tell what exactly, only that it was alive and had captured Starlow.

“NOW! RELEASE ME!” she said, demanding to be set free, Mario also noticed someone else in the room, it was one of the ponies from Equestria, it was Princess Twilight, she was knocked out like he was.

“RRRGH!” Starlow struggled as she tried to free herself, “NOT how to treat a lady!” she complained.

“YAH! QUIT IT! That… Tickles!” she said embarrassingly as her captor tickled her, “QUIT IT! NOW!”.

Mario tried to find a way to help free her, he noticed something looking like a pipe, it was pink and strange looking.


Mario then sees another Emoglobin appear as it floats down from out of nowhere.

“I am a wandering Emoglobin. I come bearing knowledge” it said, it moves lower and in front of Mario, looking at the pipe, “O strange pipe-ish thing I see! How I long to sink down below into you! For then I might fly skyward! Or perhaps travel to far places. There are many pipe-ish types.” it said before looking to Mario, “O traveler, when you find a pipe-ish thing, please sink below! Remember, or be forever globin!” it then reverts to block form and floats away, “See you globin!”.

Mario then looked to the pipe and looked above it, seeing an activation block, it was pink and had a exclamation mark on it, Mario then jumped up and onto the pipe before sinking into it, it then shot him out, “WAHOO!” Mario yelled as he hit the block and landed.

Then rising from the ground was another pink pipe, Mario looked above it and saw another activation block, he then climbed into the new pipe before being launched out and hitting the block.

Then a third and final pink pipe appeared from the ground, Mario saw it was directly under Starlow.

“Hang on!” he said before entering the pipe and then being launched out.

He hits the bubble Starlow is in and lands on the floating platform, he spins before lifting Starlow in the air, she looked somewhat exhausted from being captured.

Starlow then floats off his hand before floating in front of Mario.

“Mario! You saved me!” she said.

Suddenly something drops from the roof of the room, Mario and Starlow look to see what it is, it resembled a goomba, only it was pink and see through and has a yellow ball inside its body.

The strange creature then proceeds to charge, “Watch out! Here it comes!” Starlow said as the goomba creature tries to tackle Mario.

Mario quickly jumps up and lands a hit on the creature, the creature then tries to tackle again, Mario seeing it’s plan was only doing one thing over and over again, decided to try and end this quick, Mario quickly jumps onto the creature and performs a double jump, quickly defeating it as it disappeared.

[Mario gained 3XP]

Suddenly another creature attacks from out of nowhere, catching Mario off guard, before he could try and attack it, it's suddenly blasted away by purple energy, Mario looks to where it came from and sees Twilight awake, she is still on the ground but managed to blast the creature before Mario could enter another battle.

[Twilight gained 3XP]

“Thanks Princess Twilight” he said as he went to help her up.

“No problem Mario, and it’s just Twilight” Twilight said as Mario helped her up, then more platforms appeared near the bottom and towards the exit of the room.

“Thanks for saving me Mario” Starlow said before Twilight asked, “My memory is a little fuzzy, where are we?”.

Starlow looked around before speaking, “Hmm, I’m pretty sure we’re inside Bowsers body” she said, Twilight however looked disturbed.

“You mean, we’re INSIDE Bowser?! The massive Koopa that charged in the castle and ruined the meeting?!” she asked.

“That's right, I’m still stumped on the situation myself” Mario said before Twilight gasped.

“Our friends! Your brother! The Princesses! They must be in here too! We got to find them!” Twilight said before she tried to leave, Mario grabbed a hold of her.

“Calm down Twilight, we need to stay calm and get our bearings, we can’t rush ahead just yet” he said, “I’m just as worried about them as you are, but we need to remain calm for us to find them”.

Twilight took a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

“Your right, your right, I’m calm now” she said.

“Anyways” Starlow spoke up, “After Bowser inhaled me, I woke up and wandered around and then that amoeba thing grabbed me outta the blue” she said.

“Well what about the others?” Mario asked.

“Hmm, the others? I don’t know” Starlow said as she looked around, “I didn’t even really understand I’d been inhaled until I realized I might be inside Bowser.”

(Does that line sound weird to any of you? It sounds wrong to me, not in ‘that’ way, I mean grammatically wrong)

“I bet everyone else is in here somewhere, but right now I have no clue where anyone is…” Starlow said as he flew around the room, inspecting it.

“Yep, Definitely inside Bowser” she said as she flew back to Mario and Twilight, “Who knows how in the world THAT happened, but one thing’s for sure, if we don’t find the others soon, we’re all in BIG trouble” she said.

“Then we best get moving“ Mario said.

“Yeah, your right, we’d better just press on, someone might be nearby!” Starlow said.

“Lets-a-go!” Mario said as they started to exit the area.

They then entered the next room and encountered more creatures, Starlow had decided to call the creatures, Goombules, as they resembled Goomba’s.

Both Mario and Twilight fought a Goombule each as it seemed only 2 resided in the area for now.

[Mario and Twilight gained 3XP each]

Mario then encountered more of the strange question blocks, which he jumped and hit them, gaining 10 coins out of one of them and 5 coins in another.

“I’ve been meaning to ask Mario, why do you hit these blocks? I notice yellow ones floating back in Toad Town and Princess Peach’s castle” Twilight asked.

“Well you see Twilight, these blocks are what we call Mystery Blocks, these blocks can give us anything, be it coins, power ups, some even give nasty surprises” Mario explained.

(I gave the name Mystery Blocks because its too obvious calling then Question Mark Blocks)

“So anyone can just use the blocks and get whatever they can from them?” Twilight asked.

“Yep, they are pretty helpful on some of my adventures with my bro” Mario said as they descended down a hole, they encountered another Goombule and Mario defeated it easily.

(I’ll lay off the ‘someone gained XP’ stuff after someone does it for the first time or if its a new enemy they encounter with more XP)

The trio then found a orange pipe, with nowhere else to go, they enter the pipe.

They then enter a new area as Mario notices a Emoglobin block, however it was orange instead of yellow, Mario jumped up and hit it, causing the Emoglobin to awake, its eyes were green and had a yellow mouth.

“Some know me as an Emoglobin with a Kind-ish heart, for I alone soothe the soul and heal the weary globin, shall I heal yours?” it asked.

Mario pondered on this before deciding to go with it, even with Starlow and Twilight not wanting to try it.

“A wise decision indeed. Stand...right...there-ish” it said before dropping a orange liquid onto Mario, Mario suddenly felt re-energized, like he was given back all of his energy and any injury from battles healed instantly.

[HP and SP fully restored]

“Until next globin” it said before reverting to block form.

Mario, Starlow and Twilight continued on as they encountered more Goombules and descended downwards, Mario got 4 coins from another block and a mushroom in another.

As they continued to the next room, the trio saw something that surprised and relieved them.

It was Luigi, Rarity and Spike, Luigi was stuck in a amoeba thing like Starlow was but he was
knocked out, Rarity and Spike were on the ground knocked out as well.

“Luigi!” Mario said as he ran to help his brother.

“Rarity! Spike!” Twilight said as she rushed to her friends.

Mario looked up to his hanging brother (Did not feel right writing that), trying to figure out how to get him down, Starlow looked up to the unconscious bro.

“Hey! Luigi, why are you goofing off up there?!” she asked, expecting an answer, however Luigi just groans.

Rarity groaned as she started to wake up, “Ugh, keep it down darling” Rarity sai before being hugged by Twilight.

“Rarity! You’re ok!” she said to which Rarity was fully awake and hugged back to calm her friend.

“Of course I’m alright darling, why wouldn’t I be?” she asked.

Twilight nervously asked, “Whats the last thing you remember?”

Rarity pondered a bit, “Well, last thing I remember was we were in the meeting room after that brue Bowser interrupted, then I believe he came back and did something, but my memory is fuzzy beyond that point” she explained.

Twilight winced as she knew what was going to happened next, “Ok Rarity, just try to remain calm on what I’m about to tell you” she said as Starlow and Mario conversed on how to help Luigi.

“Um, why should I remain calm darling?” Rarity asked nervously.

“You see...Bowser inhaled us into his body and now we seem to be trapped inside his body with no sure wait out” Twilight explained as she smiled nervously.

Rarity’s eyes shrunk in horror as she looked around her, before anyone knew it, she let out the loudest horrified scream she ever one as she realized where she was standing.

Everyone winced at the scream, even Spike woke up from it as he held his ears to block out the scream, even Luigi was stirred by it but the amoeba seemed to make him stay asleep.

"OH SWEET CELESTIA!!! WE ARE INSIDE THAT BRUTES BODY?! HE ATE US?!?!” Rarity asked as she began to panic, even hyperventilating as Twilight made a paper bag appear as Rarity took it and breathed very fast into it.

“Man that was loud” Spike said before realizing what Rarity said, “Wait, we’re INSIDE someone right now?!” Spike asked.

Starlow looked at Rarity with a deadpan look, “Sheesh she is overreacting, no need to be screaming your head off” she said.

(Look I’m writing Starlow as Nintendo and Alpha Dream did, she was very rude at times so I see her saying stuff like this with peoples appropriate reactions)

Starlow then looked to Mario, “Mario, see if you can jump up and grab Luigi and pull him out” she said.

“Okie Doki!” Mario said before he leaped up and grabbed Luigi by his legs, he hung for a bit before Luigi finally slipped out of the amoeba, which had split apart into pink slime near the bros.

“Luigi!” Mario said, hoping his brother would wake up.

Luigi then woke up and jumped up and stood up, before he faced Mario and quickly hugged him and cried, “MARIO!” Luigi said as Mario patted him on the back to calm him down.

Luigi and Rarity finally calmed down as then the pink slime took shape, transforming into many Goombules as the creatures surrounded them.

Starlow then floated above the group, “Mario! Jump and Stomp ‘em! Twilight! Charge and zap ‘em!”.

Mario and Twilight did just that as they performed their attacks, starting the battle.


Okie Dokie!

Let's do this!

I’m ready for battle Darling!

As the battle started, the group consisting of Mario, Luigi, Twilight and Rarity, Starlow and Spike stood by the sidelines.

The battle starts as 4 Goombules attacked first, Twilight noticed an attack pattern as each one lifted a specific foot in a direction of the ones fighting, 2 went after Luigi, with one of the 2 managing to hit Luigi, one went after Mario and one went after her.

It was their turn to attack, Mario and Luigi used the jump attacks as they attacked a Goombule each, Twilight used her horn to fire a magic blast at a Goombule, Rarity doing the same.

It was then each Goombule tried to attack again, targeting all 4 of them each, Mario and Luigi countered by jumping over their charge attacks and landing on their heads, defeating them.

Twilight countered by turning around and using her hind legs to buck her attacker back defeating the Goombule, Rarity had also done the same thing and bucked her attacker away, defeating it.

[Mario, Twilight, Luigi and Rarity gained 6XP each]

“Phew” Starlow said as she flew past the group, accidentally knocking over Luigi, Luigi took offence to that and got angry as Starlow looked up, “Even inside Bowser's body, there are enemies to fight”

She then looked to the new members of the party, “Luigi, Rarity, Spike”.

Said people turned their attention to her, “Have you seen Princess Peach or Princess Luna anywhere?” She asked

“I haven’t, sorry” Luigi said

“I’m terribly sorry darling, I haven’t either” Rarity said.

“Me neither” Spike said.

“Hm...Not you either, huh…” Starlow said, “Looks like they’ll be tough to track down…”.

Spike looked around their area and saw a white suitcase, “Uh, Rarity, is that your case?” he asked the unicorn to which she looked and gasped.

“Oh my Celestia it is!” she said as she picked it up with her magic, she examined it before sighing, “Oh thank goodness, it's in perfect condition!” she said.

Starlow examined the case before getting an idea, “Hey Rarity, do you mind if I take a look at your suitcase?” she asked.

“Well Darling, to be accurate, it is a Dress Case, but of course, I don’t see why not” she said as Starlow looked around the case before the star above her head glowed brightly as a light enveloped the Dress Case.

The light then disappears as the case now shows a big yellow star in the middle, surrounded by purple diamonds, “There, now you guys can access the Star Menu!” she said, confusing the party.

“Star Menu?” they all asked.

“Oh yeah, the star menu lets you keep track of all kinds of useful information, I had made it more useful to give you access to it through Rarity’s Dress Case” Starlow explained.

“Wanna hear about the star menu?” she asked.

Mario looked to the others, they were curious and Twilight looked excited to learn something new, “Sure, why-a not” he said.

“Alrighty, open up the case and we’ll see the star menu!” she said, since Rarity was still holding the case in her magic, she set it down and opened it up.

Suddenly night sky blue light illuminated the area as they saw many small stars float up, creating shapes as objects appeared in the shapes, one was a Mushroom that had black eyes and white spots, one was a pair of overalls, one was multiple books with different colours, 2 books can be seen as red and green with Mario and Luigi’s logos on them and the final one was a map, 2 star shapes however had no objects in them however.

Starlow then floated next to the stars and objects, “Ok, so this is the Star Menu.” she explained before she hovered to the mushroom, making a purple screen appear, showing the mushrooms Mario and Twilight had collected, there was also a green mushroom in there with them.

“In here, you can use items you’ve found…” she then exit the “Items” part and to the overalls, making another screen appear, this time showing special stats of Mario and his current overalls, which the item is called Thin Wear.

“Change gear...” she left the “Gear” part and into the books, which showed different stats of Mario and symbols, one of the symbols was a mushroom with a sign under it saying Mushroom Rank.

“Or check out your info in detail.” Starlow said before looking at a yellow bar which showed a number with a symbol of coins next to it.

“You can also take a look at the coins you’ve collected…” she then looked to a clock with a set time next to it, “You can even see how much time you’ve spent adventuring.” Starlow said before going to the basic info that appears above the stars, showing info on the group, Mario, Luigi, Twilight, Rarity and Spike.

“Your basic info appears up on the top here, so you can take a look whenever you want, its smart to open the star menu to check in now and then” she said before looking to Luigi’s info, “For instance, Luigi...”.

“Did you get dinged up in that last fight? Or did you just trip? Either way, your health's down...” Starlow said as Luigi’s HP was at 29/30.

“You better restore your health, just use a mushroom from the items” she explained, Luigi being curious, tapped the mushroom symbol and the list of items appeared again, Luigi then pressed the icon for mushrooms, then a single red mushroom appeared floating in the air before Luigi grabbed it and ate it, his info then made a ding sound as his HP went up, the list disappeared as Starlow then floated down and manage to close the case, making the star menu disappear.

“So that’s my spiel on the star menu” she said as everyone got a good understanding on the star menu, Spike then picked up the Dress Case, deciding to be he one to carry it around.

“Ok then, lets go look for the Princess’!” Starlow said as everyone agreed.

“Lets-a-go!” Mario said.

“Oki dokie!” Luigi said as the group then continued on their journey.

They see a green pipe at the end of the room and go through it, prepared to find their friends and find a way out of Bowser’s body.

Chapter 7: Traveling through the Trash Pit

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As the group exit the pipe, they come across more Goombules, once they were defeated, Rarity’s Dress case lighted up before opening to show the Star Menu, but it was showing flag poles being raised with each party members logos on them, Mario’s and Twilights flag poles rose to the top and text appeared, saying


Mario’s stats appeared as they increased with certain numbers and logos, then it changed to show Twilights stats.


Twilights stats rose up as well, showing similar numbers and logos next to them, only replacing the Stache section was Mane, Twilight didn’t know what this meant but decided to wait for later, but she also noticed her rank, with Mario his rank was Mushroom, but her rank was different, it showed to be a symbol of a Earth Pony with the words under it saying Earth Pony Rank.

After battling more Goombules with Spike even joining in, his attacks consisted of the same jumping technique the Mario Bros. used.

[Spike gained 6XP]

After the battle was won and Mario hit a block for some coins, they entered the next room.

As they entered, Mario saw another Emoglobin block, though hesitant to hear the weird speech patterns, he hit it, causing the Emoglobin to form.

“Do mo globins deceive me? Odd to see a traveler about… let alone a group of them!” it said, “You are fortunate, for the paths ahead are uneven-ish and better navigate by teamwork, you are also fortunate that I have wisdom for your globin, hear my wise-ish lecture?”

They agreed, turns out the “Wise-ish lecture” was just about jumping, something they already knew, they moved on to the next room and see a purple pad on the ground with 2 floating blocks above it.

After figuring out the contraption, Mario and Luigi had to jump and punch the blocks when they showed their logos in order to make the platform rise up.

After they got lifted up by the platform, they went into the next area, Starlow observed the area, seeing a lot of junk around.

“Wow, looks like Bowser inhaled all kinds of junk huh?” she said, 2Lets hope some of it turns out to be stuff we can use!” she floats over to a wooden crate with a logo of a hammer on it.

“Maybe in this wooden crate… if we could break it open…” she looked above to see a platform above with a purple activation block above it, she then looks to the group, “Lets try and get to that block, it might help us out” she said, the group agreed as they continued on their path.

They see the bottom path is blocked by so crates, so they leap onto some platforms to go through the top path.

As they enter the next area, they leap over a small pit that had the weird substance in it, however Luigi wasn’t so lucky as he slipped and fell in.

“MARIO!” Luigi cried out in panic, Mario saw his brother sinking in the weird substance and quickly tried to pull him out, “LUIGI!” Mario tried to pull him out, but he got pulled in too, both of them sank into the substance, leaving the group petrified.

However, they hear the two bros come from a orange pipe on the ceiling, they then see the bros fall out of it, completely unharmed.

“M-M-Mario, w-what was that?!” Luigi asked.

“I’m not-a sure Luigi” Mario said, also confused.

Spike chuckled nervously, “Well, at least we know we won’t get hurt if we slip into that stuff” Spike said, Mario and Luigi gave him a deadpan stare before they got up and jumped over the pit again, not falling in again.

As they continued on, Mario noticed a strange block, it had a capital A on it nd it was in four colors, red, green, yellow and blue, deciding to see what happens, Mario punched it.

Coming out of the block was a sort of puzzle piece in the same colors as the block.

[Trash Pit Attack Pieces: You got piece #1]

[Pieces left to find: 9]

Suddenly, a door at the end of the tunnel opened as Starlow observed the piece Mario found.

“Ooh, is that an Attack Piece?!” she asked, “So Bowser swallowed some of those as well…”.

The group looked confused, “Attack Pieces?” they all asked.

“Hm? You don’t know about them? Attack Pieces are fragments that form Special Attacks, if you collect 10 of the Attack Pieces, you’ll be able to use that Special Attack” she explained.

“What do you mean Special Attack?” Spike asked.

“What’s a Special Attack? Well… I’ll tell you later.” Starlows answer caused everyone to anime fall.

“If there’s one Attack Piece here, I’m willing to bet that there are others nearby…” Starlow said, “Lets find them!” she said.

The group agreed and leapt over another pit as Mario hit another Mystery Block, coming out of it was 3 jars of Syrup

[Mario got X 3 Syrup Jars]

They go into the next area and see more platforms and even more Attack Piece blocks, everyone had split up and hit the blocks to collect the Attack Pieces

[Everyone got 8 Trash Pit Attack Pieces]

[Pieces left to find: 1]

They then see another door open and follow to the next area.

They see another door blocked and the final Attack Piece block, Mario jumps up and hits it, getting the last piece

[Trash Pit Attack Pieces: You got piece #10]

[All Trash Pit pieces found!]

[You got a new Special Attack!]

Starlow counted all the pieces they collected, “You got all the Attack Pieces!” the pieces then started to glow before they all smashed into each other, putting themselves together and formed into a picture before the picture created an object.

The object landed in Mario’s hands, it was a green Koopa shell.

“Awesome! Now you can use a Special Attack!” Starlow said before she started to explain, “Special Attacks are powerful offensive battle moves! If you get good at using them, you’ll dominate battles!” before the Dress case opened and it showed a new menu, it shows the green shell with 3sp next to it.

“You can now use Green Shells!” she said, then a red button appeared with the words DEMO below it, “Huh?” Starlow looked at the button, “Hey, check this out! Out of this menu, you can practice your Special Attacks” she said, “You can watch demos, too! Practice and watch all you like!” before she turned to the group.

“You want to watch a quick demo before you try it in battle?” she asked.

The group conversed before agreeing, “Why not, it will be useful for us” Twilight said before she pressed the red button, the menu then changed into a starry area with Mario and Luigi facing a Goombule.

The group watched as Mario pulled out the green shell, the 2 bros proceed to kick the green shell into the Goombule, the shell kept going to the other bro as it hit the enemy.

After watching the demo, they exit the Star menu and the dress case closed, two new enemies appeared, they looked like blue goombules with hard shell like hats on their heads.

“Perfect timing!” Starlow said as everyone took their battle stances, “All right, you guys! Give em’ a taste of that Special Attack!” she said before the creatures attacked.


Oki Doki!

Lets Do this!

I’m ready for battle Darling!

Battle Time!

As the battle begins, Mario decided to follow Starlows command and pulled out the Green Shell, “Green Shell!” he yelled as he aimed at one of the Elite Goombules and kicked it, the Elite Goombule wasn’t prepared for it and got hit, Luigi then kicked the green shell, hitting it again, the bros kept hitting it until it was destroyed, then performed the same thing with the second Elite Goombule, destroying it completely.

[Everyone earned 8 XP]

The door then opened as the battle ended, they entered the next room, which was the platform from the room before Mario saw the purple block and hit it, but nothing happened.

Everyone looked at the block with confusion, before the floor disappeared, everyone fell and broke the crates below, causing 2 hammers to fall out, Mario saw the hammers and showed them to Luigi, they both grabbed them and presented the large hammers in the air.

[Mario and Luigi got Hammers!]

Starlow saw the hammers and examined them, “I bet you break all kinds of things with those hammers!” she said as Mario proceeded to swing his new hammer around to get a feel of it, “You just KNOW that’ll be useful all over the place! Try it out!” she said.

Mario sees the crates that blocked the bottom path from before and decided to use his new hammer to smash the crates to pieces, everyone followed Mario as he smashed the crates, unblocking the path.

They come across a pit, seeing nothing on the bottom that could hurt, Mario and Luigi jumped down, Twilight used her wings to carry her and Rarity down while Starlow let Spike fly down with her.

(This is after Season 6 btw, so no wings for Spike yet)

Mario saw another crate and smashed it with his hammer, what they saw next was a red button like thing in the wall and Applejack and Fluttershy who were knocked out.

“Applejack! Fluttershy!” Rarity said as the group went to the ponies and tried to wake them up.

They both groaned as they opened their eyes and stood up, “Ugh, what in Equestria’s name happened?” Applejack asked as she rubbed her head.

“Believe me darling, this is going to be the craziest thing you ever heard” Rarity said.

“Come on Rarity, it can’t be that bad” Applejack said.

One explanation later

“Ok, that IS the craziest thing I ever heard” Applejack said.

“W-we’re inside that scary monster?!” Fluttershy squeaked as she was scared out of her mind.

As the girls and Spike tried to calm down Fluttershy, Luigi looked at the button.

“Hey Mario, maybe that can help us get outta here!” he said.

Mario looked at the button and shrugged, “Only one way to find-a out Luigi” Mario said before he used his hammer to hit it, suddenly they see a yellow electrical current travel through the wall and above, it opened lard doors that let a strange ball-like egg roll, it fell and crashed into the ground next to the group.

The sudden appearance of the egg made everyone jump, Mario looked at it cautiously, Luigi thought something in it might help them, so he prepared to swing his hammer, Mario saw this and panicked.

“Luigi! Wait!” Mario said but it was too late as Luigi slammed his hammer on it, the egg was destroyed and out came weird green slime like creatures with spike red shells on their backs.

Everyone prepared for battle, except for Fluttershy who hid behind the group.


Oki Doki!

The battle starts as Starlow observed the creatures, “Mario, if you stomp on these things spikes, it’ll hurt, I think a jumping attack is out of the question here” she explained, “instead, what you ought to do is use your hammer” she said.

Mario pulled out his hammer and ran to one of the Spike Blops and swung his hammer, Luigi followed suit before they destroyed it, however another one took its place.

“Mario!” Starlow said as she floated in front of the red plumber, “Same deal on defense! You can’t stomp on the spikes to counterattack! You need to defend with the hammer” she said before one of the Spike Blops tried to attack, Mario defended himself with a hammer swing, hitting it as it retreated to its partner.

Luigi then got an idea as he looked to Spike, “Hey Spike! I got an idea!” Spike went to him as Luigi whispered his idea to him, Spike then nodded, “I can do that” Spike said as Luigi pulled out the green shell, “Green Shell!” Luigi yelled as he set it on the ground, Spike then jumped onto the shell before Luigi kicked it.

As Spike approached the Spike Blop, he blew flames from the side, causing the shell to spin faster as he let a few claw swipes hit the target.

Mario saw the plan and smirked as the shell approached him and he kicked it back, the shell destroyed the first one before it continued hitting the second Spike Blop, Spike did the same technique and spun the shell with his fire and slashed the Spike Blop, it was then destroyed as Spike leapt off the shell and ran back to the group.

[Everyone earned 10 XP]

The battle ended as then the Dress Case opened showing Luigi and Spike leveled up, Spike’s Ranking was shown to be called Hatchling Rank with a Dragon Egg as the logo.

As the battle ended, a pink launch pipe grew from the ground, Mario, Luigi, Applejack and Spike climbed into it before they got shot out and onto the platform above, Twilight used her magic to levitate Rarity up while she and Fluttershy flew up.

As the group continued their trek, they saw more Spike Blops and battled, , these ones showed more of a challenge as they climbed the ceiling to attack, Mario and Luigi however use their hammers to swat them away.

After that battle finished they ventured on, Mario obtained 20 coins from another block and they battled more Spike Blops.

After they used the same combo attack again with Spike on the green shell, they called that combo the Shell Slash.

They traveled more and gained some more syrup jars on the way, they then finally made it to the end of the area as Starlow looked around.

“Looks like we finally made it out of that messed-up area…” she looked around the many tunnels around them, “We may be able to access some other areas of Bowser’s body…” she said as Rarity whined.

“Oh do we have to? I just want to get out of here!” Rarity said, not wanting to spend more time in Bowsers body.

“We have no choice Rarity, we could find the way out if we traveled in here more” Twilight said.

“Your right Princess” Starlow said as she looked at the tunnels, “These tunnels represent places we can probably reach, just follow the paths to get to where we want to go...I wonder if there’s a place where we can get ready for what lies ahead...” Starlow said as she joined the others.

Mario looked at the tunnels available before he picked one of them, “Lets go through here, follow me” he said, nobody disagreed as they followed him.

Chapter 8: Toad Square and Bowsers Awakening

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As the group finally made it out of the tunnel, they see a Toad on one of many blue platforms, the toad turns to see them in surprise.

“Master Mario! And Master Luigi! And the Equestrians!” he said excitedly, “You guys also got inhaled! Phew, thats kind of a relief! With you guys in here, we might actually have a shot.” he said.

“But, what about the others?” Mario asked.

“What? All the others?” he asked, “I think all of the Toads Bowser inhaled are gathered here…”.

“All gathered here?” Mario questioned.

“Folks are doing what they can. Y’know, scavenging stuff from inside Bowser, opening shops, problem is, this isn’t exactly a high traffic shopping zone” he said

“Yeah, tell me about it”

The group heard the new voice and flying up to them, was Rainbow Dash.

“Rainbow Dash! You’re ok!” Twilight said happily.

“Of course I am, I’m awesome, no way some big ugly turtle is gonna take me down!” she said confidently.

“Wait, where's Pinkie Pie? As well as Kooper, Moonlight and the Princesses? They aren’t with you?” Twilight asked.

“Sorry Twi, I woke up alone, except for all these Toads” she explained, “I was kind of waiting to see if any of you showed up, luckily you did” she said, glad some of her friends showed up ok.

“Everyone got pretty antsy, sitting around doing nothing, opening up these shops was a nice diversion y’know?” the Toad said, “So c’mon, you guys, give us a lift and buy something, huh? Me, I’m gonna go scout around and see if I can’t find some more useful stuff” he said before walking to the tunnel.

“Could you perhaps keep an eye for a Pink pony, a Red shelled Koopa, a changeling and the princesses for us?” Mario asked

“Sure thing, see ya later” the Toad said before leaving.

“Come on guys, lemme show you around here, been here for an hour or so and its not that bad” Rainbow Dash said as she began showing everyone around what was called Toad Square.

The group explored around and even bought some stuff in the shops for their adventure, some Nuts which can heal everyone in the battle, some new gear, such as Picnic Wear overalls for the bros, they even tried some of the Emoglobin Juice on Toad was selling for 10 coins, it was surprisingly delicious.

They then come across a shop that has a Diamond Dog as its owner, he was a German shepherd breed, he was wearing a black hat with a red band around it and a red and green plaid shirt with ripped off sleeves, he also had a robot arm instead of a normal left arm, there was also a special logo on the shoulder of the robot arm, his shop was selling special Pony gear.

“Hey there” he said to them.

“A Diamond dog?” Twilight asked, confused on how a Diamond Dog ended up in Bowser's body.

“Yeah, surprise me too” Rainbow Dash said.

“Nice to meet you all, my name is Mektaveus Armaldo, but you may refer to me as Mekarm for obvious reasons” he said as he moved his robot arm around.

Luigi noticed the symbol on his robot arm, “Excuse me Mekarm, but was that arm made by a man named E. Gadd?” he asked.

“Why yes, it was, E. Gadd had found me in town some time back and saw me with no arm, due to an accident I prefer not to say, so he opted to make a new arm for me, even equipped it with many tools for any situation if needed, but for now, I am selling special items that have mixed both Mushroom Kingdom and Equestrian Magic, for example” he said before he shows some hoof bands, “These special Hood bands, these little things were made in the Mushroom Kingdom with tough but stretchable material and infused with equestrian magic, here, these cost only 30 Mushroom coins”

They decided to buy 3 Hoof bands, which went to Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy, the special Hoof Bands increases the users defense by 10%.

Everyone got Rainbow Dash up to speed on what’s been happening since they got inhaled.

(Get it? Up to speed, because she’s fast-ok)

“Sweet, I’d love to try out that Special Attack you got Mario!” Rainbow Dash said as they all approached another stall, however the Toad there looked nervous.

“, well, you see...Mario...well, Toadbert was gonna brief you on his current investigation of Bowsers body, but...he went off on some errand, and he never came back” the Toad said, “Oh man, I’m really worried… what could’ve happened…” he said, clearly worried.

After looking through all of Toad Town, the group decided to go and search for their missing friends as well as Toadbert.

They traveled through the tunnels before coming across an area full of bones.

“This place…” Starlow said before noticing something ahead, “Will you guys wait a moment?” she said as she floated on ahead.

“What the…” they heard her say, “This can’t be… Yeah it must be!” she then came back.

“Sorry for the wait, I found something up ahead that bugs me” Starlow said.

“What do you mean?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“It’s faster to show you than to bother explaining, head in there” Starlow said.

“Well, lets-a-go!” Mario said.

“Okay” Luigi said as the group then journeyed on through the area.

As they move through the bones, they see a giant yellow button like thing.

“This! This is the thing! The sticking-out part... it seems to be connected to Bowser's major nerve.” Starlow said as she turned to the group, “If we can stimulate this thing, something will happen…” she said.

Mario was thinking for a second when he got an idea, he pulled out his hammer, he pulled it back before slamming it into the nerve. Everyone felt the entire ground shake before they heard-


Rainbow Dash smirked, she had put two and two together and decided for a little payback, she turned around and then bucked the nerve, sending another pulse through Bowser.


Outside, Bowser was now wide awake and holding his gut in pain.

“Whoa, what did I eat?!” he said to himself, “That’s some serious pain going on down there!”.

Back inside everyone heard Bowser talk, “Oh you don’t even know” Rainbow Dash said as she and Mario hit the nerve again at the same time, hammer and buck together.


Starlow looked up, “That got him up” she said before yelling to Bowser, “HEY! HEAR ME?”.

Back outside, Bowser heard her voice, but couldn't pinpoint it where exactly, “What the-- HEY! Is somebody there?!” he looked around, it was so dark where he was, couldn’t see a thing for now, “Who is that?! Where am I?!” he demanded.

“Don’t bother looking! I’m actually down here! Inside your body!” Starlow said, however this did not sit well with Bowser.

“You gotta be kidding! It’s in my BODY?!” he said in anger before looking to his own body, “HEY YOU! IN THERE! WHAT ARE YOU?! WHY ARE YOU IN MY BODY?!” he demanded.

“You don’t remember? At Peach’s Castle...?” Starlow asked.

“Peach’s Castle?” Bowser questioned before trying to remember, 2Mario pounded me at Peach’s...I got chucked into a forest…” he then looked to his body again, “I don’t remember the rest…” he said.

“Oh… you don’t?” Starlow asked.

Bowser thought more before he remembered something, “Wait--I ate a weird mushroom from some weirdo in the forest” he said, “Weird forest mushrooms… From some weirdo…”

“I DON’T GET IT!” he said angrily, “I don’t get what happened to me at ALL! This is stupid!” Bowser said.

“You're telling me” Rainbow Dash mumble, not wanting to draw attention.

“And you, partying in my body like you own it, How dare you?!” Bowser said, clearly not happy someone is in his body.

Starlow looked to the group, “This is really lucky, lets not tell him yet that he inhaled us” Starlow said before speaking to Bowser, “Maybe I should explain who I am later… It’s a long story…” she said.

“Whoa, hold it! Long? I hate boring stories…” Bowser said before suddenly remembering something, “Hey, wait! You! You in my bod! I’ve heard your voice before…”

Everyone in the group suddenly got nervous at this, “Oh...uh, really? Weird” Starlow said, trying to make it not obvious.

“Listen, to change the subject, uh, where are you right now?” she asked

Bowser then realized he had the same question, “Oh yeah, right! Where am I?” he asked before looking around, he saw he was in a dark cave of sorts.

“Kind of a dim, dank cave” Bowser said, “What in the world am I doing in a dim, dank cave?!”.

“A cave?” Starlow asked before turning to the group, “This is just weird...he doesn’t remember inhaling us at all, he doesnt know where he is right now, what happened up there?” she wondered out loud as everyone began thinking on what could have happened.

Starlow then spoke to Bowser again, “Hey, up there! First, shouldn’t you find a way out of that cave?” she said.

“Hrmph! I was gonna do that anyway, genius!” Bowser said.

Starlow turned to the group, “Lets let Bowser do his thing for a while.”

Everyone agreed, if they were gonna figure this all out, they better let Bowser do what he wants for now.

Bowser looked around before he saw an exit of the current area, he then went to the exit.

Chapter 9: Cavi Cape and Midbus Battle-1

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As Bowser went through the exit, he saw many boulders in his way, not wanting to stay in the cave longer than he wanted to be, he punched through the boulders and carried on.

He sees a metal bar door, however it was locked.

“Damn it!” Bowser said to himself before noticing a sign on the door, “huh? Whats this?” he then began to read the sign.

“This door is pure technology. It is also retro-vintage chic. If you want to open the door, hit the left pillar’s switch. If your hand can’t reach it, slam it with something else. This door is a technological miracle, it will not break.”

Bowser looked to where the switch was and noticed some large cannonballs falling down a ramp, this gave him an idea.

He stood on a metal platform near the edge of the hole, he then winded up a punch.

“Lets see if you like this!” he then lets out a punch at the right time, punching a cannonball and it launched into the switch, he looks to see the door lifted up.

“Hah! I’m a genius!” Bowser said as he continued on with his journey.

"Where did I go wrong?" Chrysalis asked herself.

Chrysalis had laid in the spot she had crashed in, this has been the second time she was sent flying because of some princess, the plan was supposed to have been fool proof, yet two fools in red and green ruined her plans.

"Damn them!" she shrieked at the sky, gaining a small amount of joy as birds scattered in fear. However that joy quickly disappeared as she realized that Princess Luna and the Elements could be sending guards to capture her soon.

'If I stay here I'm a sitting duck' Chrysalis craned her head up and began to survey her surroundings, Trees, Trees, Rock, Trees, A dark forest was all that surrounded her. Staring back up at the sky through the hole she had torn through the tree Canopy the rays of sun shining through the hole as if to mock her.

'They won't find me' she told herself. 'By the time they get here I'll be long gone and once they've let their guard down, I'll strike again'.

Chrysalis was able to climb to her feet with surprisingly little effort. However it was only after she tried to walk when she discovered the full extent of her injuries. She dropped back to the ground as a sudden jolt of intense pain flooded her senses. She looked down and saw that one of her legs had a deep gash. "Damn, I guess I wasn't as lucky as I thought" she said aloud, grimacing at the pain.

"Okay, okay, we've got this, we've been through worse. All we have to do is get out of this forest and then we can just fly away. There is no way those foalish ponies can keep up with me." Chrysalis continued to speak aloud, doing her best to motivate herself without giving away her position.

Once again, she began pulling herself up and once again she fell.

"Damn it" she swore, "If I don't find a way out, this will be nothing compared to what those fools will do, if they find me."

Chrysalis began to run through her options in her mind. Flying out of the forest was out of the question. The canopy that hid her was far too thick, and any attempt to break through it would draw too much attention. Using her magic was out of the question. Everything had been drained when she was hit by that strength dampening spell Princess Luna casted on her, leaving her with just enough to move small objects.

The bushes begin to rustle. "Pssst my queen, are you here?" came the muffled voice from inside the bush.

Chrysalis was surprised she hadn't expected any of the changelings to find her, especially not so quickly after they had been scattered.

"My queen? Are you here?" rang the voice once again, Chrysalis quickly recognised the voice as Lieutenant Dogma

Chrysalis let a small grin slip across her face; she might make it out of this yet.

"Yes Lieutenant, it is me, now hurry and help me." she answered

Lieutenant Dogma then walked out from the bushes, he saw the changeling queens injuries and winced, he quickly moved to where Chrysalis is, the Changeling began to use his magic to try to heal the wound, after a few moments all the wounds had been healed and Chrysalis was once again free to move.

"Come my queen, I'll take you to the others." Dogma said as he began to lead Chrysalis to where her army resided for now, Chrysalis knew she had to make better plans for her revenge.

Bowser continued smashing through some boulders, Bowser looked for a way out of this cave. The cave was a mining cave as far as he could tell, there was still some machinery littered around the cave.

Finally, he saw daylight filtering through the gloom and hurried around the corner. The exit was blocked by what appeared to be a giant cobweb, there weren't any giant spiders, so he figured it was all clear.

“Look at this flimsy little thing." He scoffed. "Time for some burnage!" He took a deep breathe, ready to unleash his flames like back in the forest, but when he tried breathing flames, hot air was all that came out.

Blinking in confusion he tried again, and again, but all that came out was air. “Wait, what happened? HEY! Why did no flames come out?!” Bowser was getting worried, as if his day wasn't bad enough, now he can't breath fire! Then a thought accrued to him, he looked down on his belly accusingly. "Hey! You in my belly! Wake up! You hear me?!"

Starlow and the group heard him calling and Starlow decided to see what was wrong with the Dragon-Koopa.

"What’s wrong?" she asked.

"I'll tell you what's wrong! My flames aren't working!” he said angrily, “You probably messed something up in there!" he sai, blaming Starlow.

"I didn't touch anything, don't blame me for this!" she said, getting angry that Bowser accused her of something she didn’t do.

Bowser was getting even more mad. "Hey jerky! I never had any trouble until you got in there!” he said “I was a burning MACHINE! And now you broke me!” he said, he knew he was right, he was a prime Dragon-Koopa till she came along, “SO FIRE ME BACK UP!!!"

"Now just hang on for a sec! what would I have to gain by disabling your flame system?" Starlow asked, trying to bring reason in this argument, the group just stared and listened to this argument.

"Do I look like I need logic!?" Bowser didn't care how it happened, he just needed it now! Without it, it made him feel.... vulnerable. "Listen, I NEED to breathe fire!" he said angrily.

"I'm sure you do! And I'm also sure I didn't disable it! So have a good time trying to fight without your fire and all” she just as angrily before yelling “YELLO GOOD-BYE!"

"HEY! HEY!” he said, trying to get her to listen, “Why you! GRAAAAHHH!!!" Bowser couldn't believe this, who was she to talk to him like this! HIM! The king of the Koopas. "This is complete garbage! I’ve gotta get my fire back!" Bowser turned to the cobweb and sneered.

“Someday, I'll get that punk." he said before he continued on, going the different direction while breaking more boulders to clear his path, but also to relieve his anger.

Bowser enters the next area and sees a large stone platform, he proceeds to step onto the platform, it then starts to move, Bowser sees 2 large stones jutting out of the wall which could make him fall off his platform, so he punched the stones, destroying them.

As he makes it to the other side, he walks off the platform and sees it go all the way back to the other end of the area, Bowser then sees a Brick Block, it was larger than any he ever saw, so he decided to punch it and out came one of his favorite foods

[Bowser got x 3 hot drumsticks]

“Oh yeah! Drumsticks! The best food a koopa can eat!” Bowser said as he stored the drumsticks in his shell for now, “Thank god for hammer space” Bowser mumbled to himself as he started to walk to the next area.

"This is it?"

Chrysalis looked around the small clearing that Dogma had taken her, in front of her were about 100 changelings, and none of her newer forces in sight, "This isn't even half of the invasion force! Where are my generals?!"

"This was all we could find my queen, we could not find any of the generals." Dogma said,

Chrysalis groaned in annoyance, “If it wasn’t for those 2 fools in red and green, then I would have defeated those foals!" this failure was just reminding her of the time she failed to conquer Canterlot, she didn't want to be reminded of that day.

Suddenly the bushes began to rustle and from it came out four changelings. "*Hiss*"

Chrysalis growls. "Great, seems we've landed in another hives territory."

However she noticed something about these changelings, their bodies were a very dark green and their eyes had a faint swirl pattern in them, they were wearing some type of devices which hung around their necks by chains.

"What is your surprised face? Is there forgetting about your minions" Above the four changelings stood another creature, who was beanish in appearance. The beanish creature wore blue glasses, red robes and was standing on a floating platform, it was Fawful.

Chrysalis tilted her head in confusion. "What?"

Fawful looked behind Chrysalis and gains an expression of happiness at the site of the changelings. "Oh joy for Fawful! More bug-horses to spread the delicious mustard of doom!"


Two floating saucers appear behind the grinning bean, from under the floating saucers came out a speaker-like object, the speaker's fired a strange signal at the changelings.

Instantly all of the changelings, except for Dogma, started to grab their heads in agony, doing anything they can to prevent the signals from entering their heads.

Chrysalis turned towards Fawful, a look of outrage on her face, "What do you think you are doing to my changelings!".

Dogma took a battle stance, “Surrender now fool, or face the queen's wrath!”

Fawful looked at Chrysalis still grinning. "The horse-bugs will help me spread the delicious mustard of doom onto the bread that is the mushroom kingdom, also the horse-bugs are more tougher than any Goomba or Koopa."

Chrysalis was a bit confused by his words, 'Goombas?' 'Koopas?' and something about mustard and bread. "Look I don't know who you think you are! But I demand you to release my changelings!"

"Who do I think I am!? I am Fawful!" Fawful flew straight up to Chrysalis. "The changelings belong to me!" Fawful started circling around her and Dogma, while chanting me! me! me! Fawful came to all full stop in front of Chrysalis. "All mine!"

Chrysalis laughed. "Yours? Ha! The changelings obey me!" Chrysalis leered at Fawful, who was still grinning. "And want to know why? Because I'm their queen!" Chrysalis turned towards her small army. "Changelings attack him!"

They didn't move.

"What's the matter with you!? I said attack!"

They still didn’t move.

“Soldiers! Your queen gave you an order! Attack the this Fawful now!”

Fawful suppressed a giggle at the pathetic attempt Chrysalis and Dogma did to get her changelings to obey her. "Changelings!" All of the changelings stood up looking at Fawful. "Eliminate your queen!"

Chrysalis looked on in shock and horror. All of her changelings were obeying him and not her. "Stay back! I order you!"


Dogma quickly casted a spell that made a wall, pushing the hypnotised Changelings back.

“I’ll hold them off my Queen!” Dogma said to which Chrysalis nodded and flew off, while Dogma may not have been the smartest changeling, he certainly was the strongest and most loyal.

Bowser gazed out into the ocean beyond the cliffs, he briefly wondered if there was a volcano nearby that was causing the sun-reddening haze, but he didn't care, he just wanted to gather his bearings enough so he can figure a way to his castle and have his fire-breathing problem looked at. Bowser was pretty high up on the cliffs - which made sense considering how much climbing he did in the cave. Turning away from the cliff, he started walking around seeing if he could find any landmarks, when a shadow flew over him, putting all of his thoughts on hold.

Fawful, having already secured the two castles and his position as ruler of Bowser's castle, decided to go see if Bowser was awake. Fawful flew towards the edge of the cliff seeing Bowser running up to meet him.

"Hey! Hold up!" Bowser yelled as he neared Fawful. "Quit hovering!"

"What is your surprise face? Was there forgetting about me?" Fawful grinned as he hovered to the now stationary koopa.

Bowser thought for a moment, and his eyes snapped open. "Wait, I know you! You're that weirdo who tricked me into eating that mushroom!" Bowser said, now remembering Fawful.

"You are the one who is correct!" Replied Fawful, continuing circling his prey. "Wasn’t it full of delicious!? Such a special treat is called a Vacuum Shroom! I, Fawful, invented it to make you inhale everything you see!" Fawful revealed.

The name rang a bell for Bowser, but he wasn't as good as remembering things as Kamek was on a good day, and he couldn't make the connection with the Beanbean Kingdom misadventure. He was still having trouble remembering what happened to him this morning, he did remember eating a mushroom, and then pain, nothing but pain.

Fawful caught the look on Bowser's face and had to suppress a giggle. "And I, Fawful, am betting that you remembering nothing. You inhaled like a hungry syrup pig at the free pancake buffet. And then you had the napping. And then I put you in a cave!" Fawful explained in his weird way.

"WHAAAAT?!" Even if Bowser couldn't remember what happened, he was still angry. "What's your problem pal?" Bowser snarled. "What's your beef with me!?".

Fawful looked confused, "Beef? I am lacking in beef. Fawful is beefless, but I am having a goal!" Fawful flew higher, and cried out on the top of is lungs. "The Mushroom Kingdom...WILL BE MINE!!!"

Bowser blinked in stupefaction.

"All of Mushroom Kingdom spread for Fawful like power punch!" chattered the young bean. "First the appetizer of making toads round with blorbs! Then a side order of using Vacuum-shroomed Bowser! Fawful is gorging on his plan of win! And he still has hunger!"

Fawful however didn’t realise that Mario, Luigi, the Equestrians and Starlow were eavesdropping on the conversation, they found the culprit for the blorbs, but for now they just had to wait.

"You're nuts!!" Bowser growled.

"No hunger for nuts, just to Mushroom Kingdom....First, the emptying of the castle of Peach, AND THEN!!!" Fawful circled around Bowser. "ANDTHENANDTHENANDTHEN!" He came to a stop, looking at Bowser with his mad grin. "The castle of Bowser for me! I will be powering it up into the castle of Fawful!"

"Whoa! Hold up, chump! What's this about my castle!?" Bowser demanded.

Fawful chuckled as he reminisced on the attack on Bowsers Castle. "I had the attacking of it, explosions of plenty. Koopa's had the flight like freighted sparrows, but Fawful's minion are like the sparrowhawk: he had captured Bowser's toadies. Now they sing the song of caged birds.... Or have them working for Fawful."

"I say it again, you're nuts! My minions will defend my castle with everything they got! There's a reason why toads tremble in their boots whenever the koopa troop makes a move! You're out of your league pal!"

"Hmm...We will be seeing..." Fawful started to circle Bowser again, watching him from the corner of his eyes, he knew the Dragon-Koopa was rather stubborn. It was a miracle that he was still conscious considering what he had gone through. Fawful didn't like miracles. "Anyway." Fawful faced Bowser again. "I thought you would be sleeping long, like a lazy bear." He paused. He'd like to know why Bowser wasn't still asleep. But curiosity killed the cat. "And I thinking you should be sleeping more! COME! MIDBUS!!!"

As Fawful flew, Bowser hurried to give chase. "Hey! HEY! COME BACK HERE! I'm not done with you!" However, he had barely taken two steps, when a pink blur came out of nowhere and tackled him.

"HRRRGH!!! You. No longer needed. Here, you taste defeat."

Bowser glared at the newcomer, he was big as a Dragon-koopa, only with smaller horns, and even had spiked wristbands on his wrist, but between his pig snout, armadillo shell, and pink skin, he was definitely no koopa.

"Taste defeat? You're gonna taste my fist, you little piglet!" Bowser threatened.

"Taste your fist? Ha. Ha. I think not, I HAVE NO TASTE!" the newcomer, Midbus if Bowser had to guess, said.

Bowser raised an eyebrow. "That doesn't even make any sense!" Bowser said, annoyed at this pigs words, ‘Pigs were supposed to have good sense, right? Or maybe that was just smell....’ Bowser thought to himself before concentrating back onto the conversation.

"Sense is for the weak." Midbus narrowed his eyes threateningly. " You listen. Peach, gone. Lord Fawful, new ruler. Now, no need for you. Fawful says you sleep. NOW YOU SLEEP!!!"

"GGGRRRAAAGGGHHH!!! What is WRONG with you!? Nothing you say makes any sense!" Bowser yelled. 'Peach gone....Fawful new ruler....And the way this guy speaks...Its almost as bad as Fawful.' Bowser swore he heard Fawful's broken english before, but he just can't remember. "And now you made me mad! And once I get mad, I need to punch something! C'MERE!"

Bowser got into his battle stance while Midbus pounded on his chest, ready to battle.


"I HAVE BATTLE!" As Bowser lunged at Midbus, Fawful returned, eager to see his minion take out the Koopa King. "Midbus! He is having a big punch!" Fawful knew Bowser was in no condition to fight, but he still couldn't help but to coach his loyal toady. "Midbus! Have readiness! The longer he is holding back his punch, the bigger the hurting to your face! If you are snacking on a punch held to the very last second...I have the brain pain just with the thinking of it!" Despite Bowser's poor condition, he still managed to land a couple of punches. "BADNESS!!!" He shrieked. "The worst kind of bad badness! Do not have the naughtiness-"

Bowser rolled his eyes, what he wouldn't give to blast the little bean out of the sky-!

Suddenly as if his wish was granted a green fireball blasted Fawful out of his platform. Both Bowser and Midbus turned towards the source of the attack, and saw a black bug-like creature, Chrysalis.


Chrysalis stomped towards Fawful, a look of rage on her face. "YOU ARE GOING TO PAY!!!"

Fawful began to experience an emotion he hadn't felt in a long time- Fear. "Midbus! Fawful is in needing of your assistance!"

Midbus snapped out of his confusion and ran towards his master. "You leave master Fawful alone!"

Chrysalis turned towards Midbus, murder in her eyes. "Oh, you want to go!? Well come at me!" Green flames soon covered her body, and soon enough there stood an almost exact copy of Midbus in her place, only instead of pink it was black and grey and instead of yellow there was green.

Midbus looked at the copy shocked, the shock however quickly changed into a look of pain as Chrysalis punched Midbus on the stomach, causing him to stagger backwards. Fawful seeing Chrysalis busy with Midbus, went back to his floating platform.

"Midbus! Now is the time for striking!" Fawful ordered, as Midbus curled into a ball and spun towards Chrysalis, but much to Fawful's chagrin, Bowser jumped in front of Chrysalis and punched Midbus, causing him to roll backwards. "NAUGHTY! That is danger! That punch is like a danger sandwich....Not guys are the handful. But my Midbus eats danger sandwiches like they where fun hoagies-!"

"SHUT UP!!!"

Fawful looked shocked as both Bowser and Chrysalis charged at Midbus and punched his ball form straight towards him. Lucky for Fawful, Midbus had uncurled from his ball, and charged both Bowser and Chrysalis (Who by now reverted back to her Changeling form.), and doubled the intensity of his attacks.

Bowser started to feel even worse than he had in the morning when he fought Mario, but this time, he knew why he was having trouble countering the pig as he bounced around and hit them both with a painful body slam. "Grah...hah...haah.." Bowser panted, smarting the blow as Midbus spun around in the air, ready and raring to strike again. "What did that crummy mushroom do to me....I cant win like this.." Bowser said, not feeling so good at the moment.

Chrysalis turned towards Bowser. "Don't you dare quit on me now! I can't beat him on my own." she was right, she was more angry that one of her most loyal servants is probably captured by Fawful with the rest of her changelings, maybe her whole new army was too.

Midbus smirked. "Muh. muh. muh. You are most weak. Yes you two are very weak."

"" Bowser said weakly, 'Why is this happening to me!?' he thought to himself.

Midbus approached the two with murderous intent. But when he caught sight of Fawful, he stopped. Fawful shook his head, he still needed Bowser alive, besides the two proved to be more trouble than they're worth. Fawful signaled Midbus to retreat. The pig had a bad feeling about leaving the two alive, but a part of him was glad, this will give him another chance to pummel the two into oblivion. Midbus turned to address the two. "It does not end here, work on your skills. Only then do you two have a chance." Midbus started to walk away, leaving a humiliated koopa and an enraged changeling.

Bowser had never been so insulted. Someone walking away in the middle of a fight! 'How dare that pig!' Bowser gritted his teeth, barely resisting the urge to call Midbus back so they could finish the fight. As much as he hated forfeiting, he hated losing more, maybe if he had his firebreath he risked it. Which reminded him. "Hey!" Chrysalis turned to Bowser. "Not that I'm ungrateful or anything, but why did you help me?"

Chrysalis turned back to the leaving forms of Fawful and Midbus. "That guy, Fawful." Chrysalis took a deep breath to calm herself. "He used some sort of device to mind control my changelings, even went as far as to use them against me, so when I saw you fighting against him, I couldn't resist the chance to try to get back at him." Chrysalis chuckled. "And with how strong you where, I thought I could actually get back at him."

Bowser went into deep thought, if Fawful was able to mind control her 'changelings' ‘Those sound familiar too’ he thought, then who's to say he didn't do the same with his minions?

Chrysalis turned back towards Bowser and saw him gritting his teeth in rage. "Hey? Are you alright?"


Chrysalis startled from his reaction, backpedaled. "What's the matter with you!?"

Bowser turned towards Chrysalis, his eyes full of rage and determination. "Look lady, thanks for the help, but I got a nutjob to catch." he started walking past her.

"Oh, no! I know that you know where that nutjob is don't you!?" she questioned him, making Bowser turn to her.

"And what if I do!?" he yelled angrily.

Chrysalis growled. "Well you!" Chrysalis poked Bowser in the stomach (his carapace?), "Are going to tell me where!".

Bowser scowled. "And just why, would I do that!"

"That maniac hypnotized my changelings!!!"

"Well that's not my problem is it!?"

Chrysalis sat down, and rubbed the bridge of her nose, already feeling a headache coming on. "Look how about we compromise ." Bowser tilted his head in confusion. "*Sigh* I mean we work together, to take this guy down."

Bowser laughed. "HAHAHA. Me? Work with you!? HA!"

"Look, we obviously will have a better chance at winning if we work as a team." Chrysalis grinned deviously. "Think about it, my magic and your strength, we'd be unstoppable, you saw how that hog couldn't handle the both of us!"

"Imagine me! Queen Chrysalis and you-" Chrysalis blushed at forgetting to get the koopa's name.

"Bowser, king of the koopa's." Bowser puffed out his chest in pride.

"Yes and you-" Chrysalis went to a full stop as what Bowser had said registered. "You're a king?"

Bowser snorted. "Ya? and?"

"Um... Nothing, forget about it, so what do you say?"

Bowser thought about it for a bit, until a voice inside him rang out.

"I think you should do it." Starlow said, shocking the group inside Bowser, Starlow obviously didn’t know who Chrysalis was if she was agreeing to a partnership with her.

Bowser looked at his gut, accusingly. "Oh ya!? And who asked you!?"

"I just think that you might have a better chance at beating Fawful if you had some help."

Bowser wanted to refuse, but the more he thought about, the more it made sense, especially since he had lost his firebreath. "*sigh* Fine..." Bowser turned to Chrysalis, ignoring the odd look she was giving him. "Alright Chrysalis right? You got yourself a deal."

“Give me a second” he said before taking a few steps back and turning his back to her and looking at his gut, “Hey! You in the gut! Are you still listening?!”

“I hear you! Sounds like Fawful is taking over!” Starlow said.

“Well, me and Chrysalis are heading for my castle!” he said.

“Huh? No, that's no good! Go to Peach’s Castle!” Starlow argued, “We HAVE to go to Peach’s Castle”.

“What am I, a taxi? Want a coffee too? Maybe a massage?” he asked sarcastically in anger, “Look, my castle’s in danger! My kids are there and that Fawful moron might hurt them! We gotta head there right now! That weirdo can’t have it!” Bowser said in anger, Chrysalis eavesdropped and heard him talking about his kids, she was certainly surprised now, a King and already has kids to boot.

“...OK, I understand. Do as you must.” Starlow said before she turned to the group, “Nothing we can do right now...but Bowser’s in bad shape, its possible some changes will take place in his body…” she said.

Back outside his body, Bowser saw Chrysalis’ confused expression, he sighs before speaking, “I can’t explain much, only that some weird thing is in my body because of some crummy mushroom I ate, and now she thinks she can talk back to me!” Bowser said.

“Then perhaps you should show them her place once she is out of you” Chrysalis said, smirking at the idea of punishing someone who would speak up against royalty such as them.

“Oh I plan to” Bowser said before he started walking, “Come on, I wanna get to my kids as fast as possible, no way in Tartarus is Fawful laying a weird little hand on them!” he said, Chrysalis followed him, already agreeing on wanting to hurt Fawful ten fold.

Chapter 10: Evil Royal Duo

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As Bowser and Chrysalis continued their journey, they went down some stone steps and into the next area, what they saw next was giant Goombas, they looked chubby with fattened cheeks and huge lollipops on their backs.

One of them sees the villains and huffed as it stood up, “Itsh Bowsher!” it said, it then charges at them.

“Please, this will be easy!” Bowser said as he prepared to fight, Chrysalis watched him from the sidelines for now.


Bowser decided to start the fight by throwing a punch at the enemy.

“Take that you...Chuboomba!” Bowser said, naming the enemy type.

The Chuboomba huffs before started to run, Bowser prepared to throw a punch, then the Chuboomba stopped and huffed again, throwing Bowser off as it charged and tackled him.

“H-hey! Cheap move!” Bowser said, getting angry as he let loose another punch, taking down the Chuboomba

[Bowser gained +15 XP]

Bowser growled, he wasn’t upset about winning, more so on the fact that the Chuboomba pulled a trick on him.

Deciding to blow off some steam, he found another Brick Block and broke it, gaining 10 coins from it.

Chrysalis sees another Chuboomba as it spotted them, it charged at them.

“My turn!” Chrysalis said as she got ready to attack.

“Bow to your queen!”

Chrysalis decided to let out a physical attack, she proceeds to let loose a strong buck to the face on the Cuboomba.

The Chuboomba got angry and charged straight at her, however she made a magical copy of Bowsers fist, it punched the Chuboomba back, defeating it.

[Chrysalis gained +15 XP]

After she finished her battle, she let out a sigh of relief.

“That felt good” she said as Bowser walked to another brick block, punching it and getting more drumsticks

[Bowser obtained x 2 Hot Drumsticks]

“Tell me about it, punching these Chuboombas are like hitting the gym!” Bowser sai as the 2 continued their journey.

They continued heading down stone stairs while facing 3 more Chuboombas and gaining 5 coins from another brick block.

Bowser and Chrysalis walked down the cliff's path, , the Changeling Queen then looked to the Koopa King.

“I’m going to search around, see if we can find somewhere to make camp, its getting dark soon, and I’d rather not want to keep fighting till the next day, I need rest after today's troubles” she said.

“Fine, I’ll search for some food” Bowser said, he wasn’t tired, sleep wise for now, especially after his “nap”, no thanks to Fawful, but his body still ached.

Chrysalis had gone ahead to see if there was a place where they could camp for the night.

Bowser hated to admit it, but with Chrysalis's help they had actually made it towards the bottom of the cliff in less than an hour, even if they had been attacked by a swarm of Chuboombas, no doubt they had been sent by Fawful.

It sickened him to have to rely on the help of others just to defeat a couple of fat goombas, he had just about had enough of it. His body screamed at him to lie down and rest, but he wouldn't have any of it, not until he beat Fawful and his pig. He was the king of the Koopas, he will not give up! Even if it kills him.

"A great beast slouches by."

Bowser stopped in his tracks, he quickly turned around trying to locate the source of the voice, he was sure that they had beaten all the Chuboombas back at the top of the cliff.

"It is you, who is he,"

“What? What is this?” he asked himself as he looked around for the new voice, before scowling to himself, "Great just what I need, another voice in my head!" he said to himself.

"Ah. search not, for I am not there." The voice said, confirming his suspicions. "How would one describe me?" the voice continued, "I... I am the voice within, I am your consciousness.... I am above, and all around. I am all that is you. A consciousness bound to you, as you are to me. Shall we travel together?"

Bowser had enough of this, at least the 'attitude girl' didn't try to pass herself as his inner voice. "Stop talking!" he snapped, quickly turning to walk away from the area as fast as possible and maybe search for Chrysalis.

"Ah. So very unenlightened. Anger will get you nowhere. It matters not where you go, for I will speak my piece."

"GAH! SHUT UP!!" Bowser yelled, knocking his head in desperation to shut it up.

"I bear you no ill will. Our minds have bonded. This is a rare thing, so rare, that I will teach you."

"Teach me what?" Bowser growled impatiently, "Hurry up!"

"Smash that boulder to see. Use your inner strength." The voice instructed.

Bowser looked around. The clearing he was in was pretty bare- except for a large hole in the ground, and true to the voice's words, one lone boulder. Bowser supposed he had nothing to lose- at least this voice wants to help him out, unlike that female voice from earlier. He walked over to the rock and smashed it in one punch, revealing a strange, swirling portal hidden beneath it.

"And so it springs to life," The voice spoke, "That is a Chakroad, a conduit for energy waves that bond this planet and space."

Bowser snorted, "Hey buddy, you are making NO SENSE!!! Enough with the crazy talk!"

"Fret not with the details, touch the Chakroad..."

Bowser hesitated. He had already gotten himself into trouble for accepting a gift today, but there was something inviting about the swirling vortex, he reached out towards the Chakroad, it felt weird.

“Be still in body and mind. Be one with immobility.” the voice said as Bowser felt something in his head, like this voice, was looking through his mind, his memories maybe.

“This place is nice…” and instantly he was sucked in.

"Now we travel....WITH OUR MIIINDS!!!"

The large koopa looked around his new surroundings, seeing he was back in the cave, "Hey! I was JUST HERE!" he yelled.

"Wondrous. Thrilling. Yes. Such is the power of this planet and space. Our journey took us to a place etched in your mind, do you understand? No. For you are unenlightened."

Bowser gritted his teeth, "Quit messing with me! TAKE ME BACK NOW!!!"

The voice sighed sadly, "Anger benefits you not. Touch the Chakroad again."

Chrysalis gritted her teeth in rage, "Where is he!?"

'If he ditched me here, then I am going to make sure he pays.'

Chrysalis continued to lay in the spot she had agreed to meet the koopa in, for about 30 minutes. She continued to replay the event in her mind over and over again, in case she landed in the wrong spot. They both decided to split up, Bowser would search for food and she would look for shelter. Chrysalis snorted, "If he isn't here in 5 mintues-!"

Suddenly a large purple swirling vortex opened up, and out came out the very Koopa she had been waiting for.

Bowser looked around the clearing he had appeared in approvingly, ignoring the shocked and angry changeling.

"How amusing. Yes...You are surprised"

"Not too shabby brain guy," the Koopa yelled, "Take me to the Darklands! Straight to my castle, and make it snappy!"

"That is beyond even me, one can only travel Chakroads one has found. If an areas Chakroad is hidden, you go there not, it is the way of the mind..." the voice said, “When you find a Chackroad, your mind bonds to it… then you can travel” the voice continued.

“TOO MANY WORDS!” Bowser yelled at the voice, “You are unenlightened… when you find Chakroads on your travels, touch them. You cannot find Chakroads by merely walking around...they hide their waves, their energy, their very essence. Break things to find them.”

“Not that I care or anything, but who are you, really?” Bowser asked.

“Who am I… I exist somewhere in this kingdom, and that is all, find chakroads and you shall travel...Besides, I do not think your companion would be very happy, if you suddenly left her here."

Bowser suddenly remembered about Chrysalis, and noticed her looking at him, with an angry yet confused expression. "Uhh... Hey can you teleport me out of here? Just for a few minutes?" he asked with a nervous tone.

"I am sorry, but I am needed else where for now.... until we meet again."

"HEY WAIT!!!" Bowser waited for a few moments for the voice to return, but no such luck.

Suddenly Bowser's train of thought was interrupted when he heard a loud scream, "AND JUST WHERE WERE YOU!?"

"*Sigh* Forget about it, did you find any place where we can sleep?"

Chrysalis gritted her teeth, "Yes I did, did you find any food?"

Bowser took out a brown bag from his shell, "Found some hot drumsticks, and a mushroom."

Chrysalis sighed, “Come on let's go." Chrysalis got up and started to stretch her wings, after a few failed attempts at flying, she decided to just stick to walking. 'Looks like me love energy is running a bit low, I need to find a new source of love fast!'.

As they walked, there was an awkward silence between them, so Bowser decided to bring up a subject.

“So, I never seen a species like you before in this kingdom, why are you here?” he asked.

Chrysalis growled as she remembered how she was here, “I was merely following a group of ponies who have ruined my life, I was a queen of an entire hive of Changelings, until those ponies took EVERYTHING from me! I had to build a new army and my newest plot was almost complete!” she said, before gritting her teeth in anger, “if it wasn’t for those idiots in red and green!”.

The last part caught Bowsers attention.

“Red and green?” he said before looking to her, “Was one of them short and fat and the other tall and stupid looking, both with stupid mustaches?” he asked.

Chrysalis looked shocked at the description she would say was accurate, “You know of them?” she asked.

“Heck yeah I do! That was Mario and his stupid brother, those 2 have completely stopped my plans on conquering the Mushroom Kingdom over and over again! I even went through the lengths of conquering Galaxies! And they still BEAT ME!” Bowser yelled with anger as he clenched his fists and teeth in anger.

Chrysalis looked shocked at the mention of one of his feats, “You took over GALAXIES?!” she asked.

“Yeah! I could have rule an entire galaxy and made my own worlds, if it wasn’t for Mario and his stupid brother!” Bowser said.

Chrysalis was impressed by his accomplishments, even with his defeats, she felt something familiar about Bowser as they interacted.

“So Bowser, I heard you talking earlier, something about your children?” she asked him.

“Yeah, I got kids, thought not all of them are “Mine” mine” Bowser said, confusing Chrysalis.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I have 8 kids, 1 is mine by blood and 7 are adopted” Bowser explained.

“Adopted?” Chrysalis questioned, “Your wife couldn’t handle birthing another child?” she asked.

At the mention of wife, Bowser got angry and stomped on the ground hard enough to leave an imprint on the ground, “Don’t. Ever. say. That. Again!” Bowser said through clenched teeth.

Chrysalis was surprised at this, as a changeling she can feel emotions in the air and where it originates, she focused on love mostly but her difference in being a queen changeling lets her feel more emotions, she could feel Bowsers anger overflowing, as well as a lingering love that wouldn’t satisfy her and, sadness.

“What do you mean?” she questioned.

Bowser growled before sighing in sadness as they continued walking.

“I’m not married, the woman I had my son with, she left as soon as he was born and left him with me, she didn’t care about him or me, just about herself, I knew that when I found half of my treasure missing...not long after that I had found my other children, the Koopalings as everyone calls them, I adopted them after they became my top generals in my army, now I try my best to make sure they become just as awesome as me!” Bowser said.

Chrysalis was now interested in this relationship he had, for some unknown reason, she felt a building hatred to this woman that left Bowser, but she couldn't figure out why she was feeling this way.

“Hey, is that it?” Bowser asked as they approached a cave.

“Yes, this will be our camp for tonight, then we continue on” Chrysalis said as they entered the cave.

After they sat down and Bowser gave Chrysalis one of the hot drumsticks, they ate their food and prepared for sleep.

“First thing in the morning, we find our way to my castle” Bowser said.

“Got it” Chrysalis said as she laid down.

“Night” Bowser said as he laid on the ground, his head on his arms as a makeshift pillow.

“Night” Chrysalis said as she closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep, neither of them knowing they thought the same thing.

‘Where have I seen you before?’

Chapter 11: Bowser Jr.'s Journey Begins

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[Before the ponies made it to Toadrey Station]

Bowser sat in his throne, he was trying to think of a new plan to capture Peach and defeat Mario, his long time enemy once and for all, however, his thoughts were interrupted by his Royal Advisor/Caretaker/Royal mage, Kamek.


Kamek flew in on his broom with a panicked expression on his face.

“There’s a massive ball of trouble rolling our way! I’m freaking out!” Kamek said

“Slow down Kamek, what the heck are you talking about?” Bowser asked, annoyed being interrupted from his planning.

They then heard something rolling towards them as Kamek looked to the throne room entrance.

“Oh, I’m too late…” Kamek said.

Suddenly rolling into the throne room is a ginormous brown ball, on top of the ball was Bowsers son, the only child of his by blood, Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. looked exactly like Bowser as a kid, green shell, red hair and eyebrows, even his shell was covered in spikes, however the distinctive difference is the white bandanna with drawn on fangs, he was happily laughing while running on top of the ball

“It’s headed straight for you milord!” Kamek said in a terrified tone.

Bowser then got out of his throne and winded up a punch, as the ball got closer, Bowser unleashed his punch, hitting the ball away and Bowser Jr. fell off, Bowser quickly caught his son in mid air.

“Ah, Junior, found a new toy, huh?” Bowser asked as Junior smiled and nodded, Bowser then looked at Kamek as he put down Junior.

“Kamek! Tell me you didn’t work yourself into a frenzy over THAT!” Bowser said.

“...Would we call it a frenzy?” Kamek said nervously, trying to hide his freak out from earlier.

Junior then jumped in front of Bowser.

“Hey dad! Check it out!” Junior said as he tried to direct his fathers sight at the ball.

Bowser, while humored by his sons behavior, wanted to get back to planning, “Son, I’m in the middle of something-” Bowser said before noticing something about the wasn’t a ball.

“Wait, what IS that?” Bowser asked as he took a closer look at the ‘ball’, he then saw it was one of his Goombas, only it was large and round and its cheeks were puffed up, it could barely move as it wiggled its feet around.

“Who did this to one of my Goombas?!” he asked, shocked and angry.

Bowser than got complaints from many of his minions, saying giant Goombas were causing problems all around the castle, blocking entry ways, filling the cannons somehow, falling onto other troops when trying to move, this was annoying Bowser to no end, so he had Kamek do some research on what was happening.

Kamek now stood in front of Bowser as the Dragon-Koopa stood in front of his throne, along with them were Junior and the Koopalings, Juniors brothers and sister.

“All right, I’m working on a theory, that overlarge Goomba and the other Goombas may have been afflicted with a condition known as “The Blorbs”.” Kamek explained.

“Hey, Blorb! Watch where you're rolling! You're gonna mess up my decorative barrels!” Bowser said.

“Master…” Kamek said, gaining Bowsers attention, “No one knows what causes the blorbs or how to remedy the condition” Kamek explained.


Suddenly flying into the throne room was a little white bird that was wearing a blue orb around its neck.

“There’s a conference on blorb prevention happening right now at Peach’s Castle” the bird said, “All of the most important leaders have been invited” the bird said before saying something else, “...Except for you of course, hoo boy” it said.

“Hey! Nobody holds an important conference without Bowser!” he said in anger before letting out a stream of flames, the bird and Kamek flew away from the flames while Junior and the Koopalings retreated into their shells, which were fire proof.

After Bowser finished spewing flames, he thought for a few seconds before speaking, “Kamek!” Kamek then came back into the room, “Get your quivering hump over to Peach’s Castle right away!” Bowser ordered.

“Yes, Your Robustness, I’ll see if there have been any developments in de-blorbing…” Kamek said.

“Rotten, lousy conference planning jerks...They know how much I like a continental breakfast! This is completely unforgivable.” Bowser said before turning to his children who had come out of their shells.

“Kids, I trust you all would be able to look after the castle in my absence” Bowser said

“Yeah! Me and the others will make sure no jerks enter the castle on our watch Dad!” Junior said as Bowser nods before leaving the throne room.

Outside Bowsers castle, Bowser is seen flying in his Koopa Clown Car with Kamek following him.

What they didn’t realize was that Fawful and Midbus were watching from afar, they saw Bowser and Kamek leave the castle.

“Oh, breakfast boy is having the cravings again! He is simple like butter sandwich” Fawful said with his massive toothy grin.

“Lord Fawful...the plan is in motion” Midbus said.

Fawful turned to his large minion, “Great news I am hearing! And you will join me in the completion of this plan to its utmost completing!” the bean man said.

“Now where are the loud and muscle having ones? he asked before calling out, “Dieter! Beef! Kaley! Come and share in the chortles with Fawful!” suddenly appearing from colourful lights were 3 beings.

The first being was a short girl who was floating, her arms looking like a mix of wings and fins, she wore a black shirt with a blue bow, white fingered gloves on her wings/arms and blue hair tied up in a pony tail.

The second being is a thing man with scrawny arms and legs, he has a black bodysuit covering his body, leaving his arms exposed and a black pointed hat with yellow poofy hair poking out, white rimmed glasses with black lenses in them, covering his eyes, he also had a yellow tie, white pointed and heeled boots on while holding six small flags, 3 in each hand which had white gloves on with black cuffs, the flags were blue, yellow and red.

The third being was large and looked between muscle and fat, he was wearing black wrist bands, black bottoms with white shoes and a red karate belt around his waist and tied up red hair, his eyes were covered by a black eye mask.

They all had pink skin which showed they had relation to each other.

Fawful grinned as they all faced each other, “Leave the capturing of Bowser to us!” he said.

The one in yellow, Dieter, responded, “Your wish is our command, Lord Fawful” he said.

“Yes! Fawful’s wishes are the gold coins in your tattered thrift-store pants!” Fawful said, “You must never be forgetting about them!”.

“...Understood” Dieter responded.

“Leave it to the Best Fitness Friends!” Kaley announced, announcing the 3 beings' team name before the 3 beings teleported away.

Inside the castle, the Koopalings seemed to be watching Junior battle against the squad of Captain Goomba, Captain Goomba was like any other Goomba, only he wore a red flag on top of his head.

“Looking great Junior!” Ludwig said as Junior battled against the Goombas.

Ludwig was a Dragon-Koopa, just like his brothers and sister and their adopted father, only his shell was blue instead of green and his hair was blue instead of red, as well as being much bigger compared to Bowser.

Junior slashed at one Goomba and then shot a fireball at another, most of the goombas in the squad were defeated as Junior set his sights on Captain Goomba.

“Your next!” Junior said as he retreated into his shell before his shell moved at fast speeds, colliding with Captain Goomba.

“JUNIOR STRONG!” Morton said.

Morton was the biggest of the Koopalings, instead of having yellow scales, his scales were dark gray and his head was white with a gray star over his left eye, his shell was black with the spikes on it being golden, he had bushy eyebrows and only 3 strands of hair on his head.

“Yeah, but will it be enough for when he takes the throne?” Roy said, a little annoyed on how the birth son of Bowser was getting stronger every time he trained.

Roy was the second biggest of the Koopalings, his shell was purple and his head was pink and wore red rimmed shades over his eyes.

“Say Roy, where did you and Morton put all those Blorbed Goombas anyway?” Wendy asked her brothers.

Wendy was the only female Dragon-Koopa in the group of Koopalings, instead of wearing spiked black wristbands like her brothers, she wore large gold hoop rings and a red pearl necklace, pink high heels, wore red lipstick and a pink bow with white dots, she had no hair like the other Koopalings and her head was yellow, her shell was pink with silver rings around her spikes.

“It wasn’t easy, but we managed to stuff them all in the broom closet, with the blorbs we don’t know what's gonna give, the blorbs or the brooms.” Roy said.


“Hiya!” the Koopalings then looked to see Junior had defeated Captain Goomba with a proud look on his face, “Oh yeah! That's right! You just got taken down by the Koopa Prince! Bowser Junior” Junior said as he let out a roar that was higher than Bowsers own.

“Hello! Is anyone here?”

Suddenly everyone looked to see people enter the throne room, it was Kaley, Dieter and Beef.

“Hello, there! My names Kaley” Kaley introduced herself in a friendly manner, “And...HOW FIT DO YOU FEEL?”.

The Koopalings were cautious while Junior just thought of the trio as weird.

“Who are you? Castle-to-castle sales...things?” Roy said, not remembering the final part for some reason.

“Salesman, bro” Larry said.

Larry was at the same height as the other Koopalings, his hair was long and light blue while his shell was light blue, his head was green like Junior and Bowser.

“Right, man, Pops would let ANYONE in here…” Roy said while he got elbowed in the side by Wendy.

“Oh, it’s your lucky day!” Kaley said, “By virtue of simply being here, you have earned a FREE SEMINAR!” Kaley announced.

“Free Seminar?” The Koopalings and Junior thought in confusion.

“We’re here to talk about…” Kaley said before Beef posed in a muscle flexing pose, “Health!”, then Kaley posed with a kissing motion, “Beauty!” then Dieter posed with him crossing his arms in a X motion.

“And a personal enrichment system known as Perfect You!” Dieter said.

Beef then pose again in another muscle flexing pose, “Get bouncy and smooth hair!”.

Kaley then made a swaying hip motion, “Teeth that don’t fall out!”.

Dieter then posed once more while balancing on one leg, “Muscles that quiver like whippets!”.

Then all 3 started shaking as they prepare to pose once more, “That's right, you can have all of these and more when you sign up with…” they then did their final poses.


The Koopalings and Junior stood in silence at this display.

“We even brought samples!” Kaley said.

“Best Fitness Friends, huh?” Wendy questioned.

“Or BFF for short! Heehee!” Kaley said.

“Go away” Roy said bluntly, “We’re up to our eyeballs in blorbed Goombas! We don’t have time for this sales pitch” Roy said.

“Aww, I’m sorry we don’t have time for personal fitness” Kaley said, “I guess we’ll be on our way!”.

As the BFF started to walk out of the throne room, Wendy thought to herself for a few seconds before speaking up, “Hol up a minute Roy” she said as she got all of their attention, “I know it’s crazy, but...what if their products DO have an effect on the blorbs?” she theorized.

They all thought about it before realizing she was right, Roy quickly started running to the exit of the throne room, hot on the BFF’s tails, “Hey! Salesmen people! Come back for a second!” he said as the Koopalings and Junior decided to follow after him.

Captain Goomba sighed in relief, “Man, I’m glad that's over” he said before falling down to relax.

Later on, the Koopalings, Junior and the BFF were standing before a blorbed Goomba.

“My goodness, I’m so glad you reconsidered our products” Kaley said, “Now, for a case like this...I’d recommend…” she then pulls out a circular pill that was blue on both ends with yellow in the middle, “Skeletone Formula:D” she then feeds the pill to the blorbed Goomba, after a few seconds, the Goomba feels something changing.

“Ulp...oooh, whats happening?” it said before it started to shrink, surprising the Koopalings and Junior, while the BFF secretly smirk to themselves.

The Goomba is then seen back to normal, cured, “Yowza!” the Goomba said, amazed that he was cured.

“You see! Skeletone Formula:D! Its the only product on the market that actually tones your skeleton!” Kaley explained

[Discord: Results may very. Not responsible for skeleton damage]

“Amazing!” Wendy said.

“Thats incredible, Bwahaha!” Iggy said.

Iggy was a taller but thinner Dragon-Koopa, his shell was lime green with his hair and head, he wore large glasses.

“Yeah, uh, we’ll take it.” Roy said.

[Discord: Side effects include dizziness, fainting and soggy bones]

“Go ahead and hand over everything you got” Roy said.

“Oh, well I’d be extremely grateful for the business… if I had anymore Skeleton to sell you” she said while wincing, “I’m afraid that I only brought a trial sized portion with me today” Kaley said.

“What?!” Roy said, clearly angry and annoyed by that explanation.

“Why would you do that? Aren't you suppose to be selling the stuff?” Lemmy asked.

Lemmy was the shortest but apparently the second oldest of the Koopalings, he had a rainbow mohawk and a yellow ponytail with a orange shell.

Roy was mad and didn’t wanna keep looking at the BFF who who was thinking just scammed them from the cure, “GET OUTTA HERE!” he yelled.

“Now now, there's no need to get upset” Kaley said calmly, “After all, I can sell you something much better than the product itself” she said, “I can sell you the recipe”.

That caught Juniors and the Koopalings attention.

After they got the recipe, the BFF left the castle with the Koopalings and Junior looking at the recipe.

“Says here we need a Giga-Carrot, an Omega Onion and some Ever Ice” Ludwig said.

“Alright, whos going to get the ingrdients and who’s staying at the castle?” Larry asked.

“Juniors gotta stay, he is the prince after all” Ludwig said.

“Oh come on! I can totally get those ingrdients!” Junior said.

“Sorry little bro, maybe next time!” Iggy said, “Bwahaha!”

“Alright then, I think Iggy, Roy and Larry should go, you guys are the more resourceful in the batle field, the rest of us will stay at the castle” Ludwig said as he gave the recipe to Larry.

“Ya got it” Roy said as the three Koopalings left to search for the ingredients, that left Lemmy, Wendy, Ludwig, Morton and Junior to stay at the castle, not knowing what will eventually happen to their father and king.

[Present day]

Ludwig stared at his opponent, determined to defend his father's castle till the very end, his opponent had already defeated the rest of the koopalings, and Junior had gone missing moments after Morton's defeat, Ludwig was the only one left to defend the castle while three of his brothers went searching for the ingredients.

"Muh. huh. huh. You are strong, both in magic and power." His opponent puffed out his chest. "But you are still weak compared to me!" Ludwig glared at his opponent, he was big as a Dragon-koopa, only with smaller horns, and even had spiked wristbands on his wrist, he also had a pig snout, armadillo shell, and pink skin, he was called Midbus.

Ludwig shakily pulled out his trusty wand out of his shell. "We'll see who's weak," he growled, swaying on his feet from his injuries.

Midbus rolled his eyes, "Magic can't hurt me! You are wasting time." Midbus curled into a ball and launched himself towards Ludwig. Ludwig waved his wand, attempting to conjure a shield around himself, but it was not enough and Midbus had smashed right through it.

"I told you. Magic weak. All that matters is strength." Midbus huffed. "And now you serve Fawful."

Ludwig scoffed, even though he was badly injured, he will not surrender. "I sooner die, than work for a vegetable. "

Midbus smirked. "And what about your siblings?" Ludwig froze. "What's to say we don't choose someone else to die?"

The doors to the throne room slammed open, and out came out two spiked armored Koopas.


Behind the two Koopatrols was Wendy, "AS SOON AS DADDY COMES BACK YOU'LL BE SORRY!!"

Midbus walked towards Wendy with malicious intent, "huh. huh. huh. So this is daddy's little princess?" Midbus continued to circle Wendy, "huh. huh. huh." Midbus snapped his fingers, and instantly a small flying saucer flew towards them, "Well let's see how she handles being Master Fawful's servant." From under the floating saucers came out a speaker like object, the speaker fired a signal at the young princess. Instantly Wendy started to grab her head in agony, doing anything she can to prevent the signal from entering her head.



Ludwig stared at the scene in horror, as his little sister desperately fought against the signal. "STOP THIS NOW!!!"

Midbus smirked at seeing the prince's shocked expression, "huh. huh. You are not in any position to make demands here young prince."

The door opened again, this time the Koopatrols were holding four other members of the royal family as prisoners. In front was Lemmy, trying his best to look brave.

Behind Lemmy were the infamous 'Pallet Trio', the Pallet Trio were in fact triplets and looked almost exactly the same, with some minor differences, the bravest of them was named Red Koopa, like his name implies, his head was completely red, his hair was a darker shade of red, his shell was also the color red, he wore red spiked collars and wristbands.

The second member of the 'Pallet Trio' was Blue Koopa, just like Red, his head was completely blue, his hair only being a darker shade of blue, also having a blue colored shell, he wore a blue spiked collar and wristbands.

The shyest and the final member of the trio was Green Koopa, like his siblings, his whole head, hair, and shell was the same color of what his name implies, he also wore a green spiked collar and wristband.

Unlike the Koopalings, the Pallet Trio didn't like fighting and preferred to play party games with their Uncle Bowser and youngest sibling Koopa Kid. Despite this however, the trio are able to create mechs that can be used for fighting or for playing games.

Red snapped his jaws at Midbus, "Hey! Let us go!"

"Or else!" Blue growled.

"Yea-Yeah! Our uncle is the great King Bowser, he'll mess you up! " Green tried to join in, threatening Midbus.

Midbus watched the trio in amusement, “Do they really think they can intimidate me? HA! Too bad Fawful needs them alive, I would've loved to put them in their place”.

Midbus turned away and snapped his fingers, "Consider yourselves lucky. You'll get to become part of Lord Fawful's new army," four more saucers appeared behind them, "Huh huh huh, and don't think your uncle will come any time soon, after all with the beating I gave him and his buddy, he won't be getting up anytime soon."

"You're lying!"

Midbus turned towards them grinning, "Then why isn't he coming down here to save you?" At the koopas' silence, Midbus decided to end this. "I wasted enough time. Koopatrols, as soon as the mind altering process is complete, take them into the Fawful Theater. I hear a new show is about to start."


As they screamed in pain, suddenly, Midbus is hit from the back of his head, knocking him to the ground, he turned to see a green spiked shell slide on the ground before Junior appeared from it, he growls before he brought out something, it was a long paint brush with a yellow handle and multicolor paint on the brush.

“Leave my family along you big fatty!” Junior said before unleashing many fireballs at Midbus, the large pig like creature crosed his arms as he braced against the barrage of fire balls, then Junior painted something along the ground, brown paint blobs appeared on the ground, suddenly growing out of them were creatures resembling pihrannah plants, these were Polluted Phirannahs, one of Juniors own special minions.

The Pollued Phirannahs snapped at Midbus as he tried to punch at the paint creatures while Junior helped up Ludwig.

“Come one, we gotta save the others!” Junior said before Ludwig grabbed his arm and shook his head.

“No brother, you got to get to Roy, Iggy and Larry, warn them of what's happened and get those ingredients, we need all of our forces to stop this!” Ludwig said.

“But…” Junior looked to his sister, brothers and cousins as Lemmy, Wendy and the Pallet Trio were still groaning from the flying saucers, “But…” Junior looked to Ludwig as he had tears in his eyes.

“Just go! Find dad and help him fix his mess!” Ludwig said as he grabbed his wand, “Besides, Dragon-Koopa’s don’t give up a fight!” Ludwig growled before he charged into to fight Midbus again.

Junior quivered for a second before growling, he started painting on the ground as more paint creatures rose and joined the fight, Junior then ran out of the castle gates as he kept running, he looked back at the castle but kept running, “Don’t worry guys, I’ll get you all back!” he kept running as he saw 4 special minion captains, Captain, Goomba, Captain Boo, Captain Shy Guy and Captain Koopa Troopa, they are as they are, a Boo, a Shy Guy and a Koopa Troopa, only with the same special flag Captain Goomba has.

“You four!” he shouted, getting there attention as they see Junior running, “With me! We gotta get outta here!!” he said before retreating into his shell as he spun past them, the four captains soon follow as they dodge the madness happening.

Chapter 12: Plack Beach and a Blocky Encounter

View Online

Inside Bowser, the group of heroes awoke from the temporary Inn that was set in Toad Square, it wasn’t a desirable place to sleep for the night, but it was better than the Trash Pit.

After they had some breakfast from the Inn, which was some Pancakes with syrup, they left the Inn and journeyed on through Bowser's Body, making it to the tunnel entry ways.

“Alrighty everyone, we better be-a careful, after what happened yesterday, we should keep our eyes and ears open for any threats in here” Mario explained.

Fluttershy then spoke, “Um, I don’t mean to interrupt, but, are we not going to talk about, um, Bowsers story on his children yesterday?” she asked nervously, everyone felt a little awkward that they had eavesdropped on Bowser’s story about his children, especially with knowing about Bowser having loved someone before, only to be robbed from them and left with a child.

“While upsetting as it is, we can’t just be kind to him, he inhaled us into his body and to my knowledge, attacked the Mushroom Kingdoms more times than I can count, as well as the fact he took over galaxies” Starlow said, not really feeling pity towards Bowser.

Mario and Luigi on the other hand did pity Bowser, at least they finally knew something about Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings.

“Anyways, I think we should get this tub of lard to get moving,” Starlow said.

“Yeah, it's morning already and this big turtle hasn’t moved an inch” Rainbow Dash said, annoyed at their progress not continuing at the moment.

“I’ll get him up” Starlow said as she floated up to the ceiling so she could get Bowser to hear her, “Hey! Get up!” she shouted.

Bowser groaned in annoyance at recognizing the voice, but not wanting to argue in the morning, he yawned as he awoke from his sleep, he shook his head to get rid of his groggy feelings as he stood up, he stretched out his arms and legs to get rid of any stiff feelings as he heard his sockets pop.

“Ugh, way earlier than I should be waking up” he groaned.

Bowser looked around the cave and saw Chrysalis still sleeping, deciding not to disturb her, he decided to look around the cave for directions so that he could find a way to his castle faster.

He looked around the cave and found several signs on directions that wasn’t helping at the moment, one path that lead to a place called “Bubble Lake” was not possible, too many platforms for him to even reach with his body, in the area he and Chrysalis slept in, he saw a massive pink button switch on the ground, but for some reason he couldn’t activate it, even with his own weight.

After a few more minutes, Chrysalis finally awoke, she stretched out her legs and wings as she yawned.

“Finally, you're awake” Bowser said.

“Indeed I am, now, where to?” Chrysalis said, getting straight to the point.

“I looked around and the only way we can go is that way” he points to another exit of the cave, just next to the way they came in, “It leads to a place called Plack Beach”

“Then lets get going” Chrysalis said as the both of them left the cave, bright sunlight hitting their faces.

They soon smelt something, it was ocean water, they looked around to see a beach of sorts, but what was strange was the giant rocks around that looked like decaying teeth.

Bowser saw a brick block and smashed it, getting some hot drumsticks

[Bowser got x 2 Hot Drumsticks]

The evil duo journeyed on as they looked around the beach, they saw a ton of blocks with a face of some weird creature on them, then Bowser saw a small raft that could fit him and Chrysalis on it with a sign next to it.

“What's that?” he asked as he and Chrysalis looked to the sign, Chrysalis read the sign out loud.

“Taking the kingdom by storm, Squid Fit! Ride the balance raft and punch the coastal walls! Flex your abs as you twist your hips! The balance raft is all about momentum! If it starts moving, then your doing it right! Soon you’ll have the shapely hips of a squid! Nice, right? Its Squid Fit!”

“This sounds ridiculous” Chrysalis said before she turned and gaped as she saw Bowser stepping onto the raft, he looked at her and said, “What? This is the only way we are getting around, your having trouble flying right?” he asked.

Chrysalis attempted to fly, only to weakly flap her wings, “Y-yes”

“Then get on” he said, Chrysalis grumbled but compiled as she climbed onto the raft, Bowser then faced the wall the raft was next to, and punched it, sending them quickly across the water, making Chrysalis scream in surprise.

Bowser then punch oncoming blocks to direct the raft, then they made it to the other ide of the blocks from before.

Bowser leaped off the raft as Chrysalis slowly stepped off.

“Hmm, not too shabby, might get something like that installed at my castle!” Bowser said as he smirked and cracked his knuckles.

“Lets just keep going” Chrysalis said as they walked, only to get jumped by some weird creature that looked like stacked up teeth with a smiling face.


“Bow to your Queen!”

Bowser led the attack with a punch, launching the stacked up teeth away, the head landing upside down.

The head then spat out a weird creature as it bounced at them, Chrysalis quickly zapped the creature with her horn, destroying it.

Chrysalis then attacked by stomping the head with her front legs.

Then the head shook as the stacked teeth rolled back, stacking on each other again as the creature shuffled at them, Bowser punched the stack of teeth again, dispersing the teeth.

Bowser then launched a punch, destroying the head.

[Bowser and Chrysalis gained +18 XP]

“What was that?” Chrysalis asked.

“No clue Chrysi, looked like a Pokey, or I guess a Toothy in this case” Bowser said, Chrysalis looked confused by what he called her.

“Chrysi?” she asked, the nickname sounding somewhat familiar.

“What? Can’t I call you by a nickname?” Bowser asked as he continued walking.

“...Whatever” Chrysalis said as she followed the Dragon-Koopa.

Suddenly, Something flew out of Bowser's shell and floats in front of Bowser and Chrysalis, it was 2 cards, one yellow like Bowsers scales and one was dark green, they had pictures of Bowser and Chrysalis on them, showing they Leveled up, at the top of Bowsers card said his rank was Bronze Boss Rank with a picture of a bronze crown, on Chrysalis’ card showed her rank to be the same, only her image was a bronze version of her crown.

“What the?” Bowser questioned before a note suddenly appeared out of nowhere, Bowser grabbed it and read what was written on there.

“Author needed a way to show you guys' leveling up and ranks, so he asked me, kind regards, Discord” Bowser read, “Who the heck is Discord?” Bowser asked.

Chrysalis grinded her teeth in anger, “Discord is a fool who took part in destroying my hive!” she said in anger, the cards then disappear in a flash of light.

“Whatever, let's just keep moving,” Bowser said as he and Chrysalis decided to move on further down the beach.

As they walked, they both saw a rope that was on the beach, but ignored as they walked, until-


They both got confused from the sudden voice and looked around, then the voice spoke up again.

“Ah! Allo over zere! Monsieur Turtle Bits and Madame Bug Equine!”.

This time they heard it coming from the ocean and looked over and saw a small island, on the island was what they could best describe was a living pile of yellow blocks with thin eyebrows and a bushy rectangular mustache, red bow tie and wearing white gloves, he was standing next to many different sized Mystery Blocks.

“Ah, sweet monsieur and madame! ‘Elp me! I need elp! Helpez-moi, s’il vous plait!” the strange block person yelled.

“Huh? What language is that? And what are you doing there?” Bowser asked.

“I believe the language he is speaking is Prench, and I am curios myself to why this, block person is out there” Chrysalis said.

“Ah! Bonjour! Why are you… Non! I am too rude!” the block person said as he turned to his blocks, “I am Broque Monsieur! I ask zat you look upon zis! I was cleaning zee collection, but…” Broque Monsieur then turned back to them, “Disaster, it struck moi! Zee bridge to zee beach, it fell into zee water!”

Bowser and Chrysalis look at the water near the island and saw really old looking planks floating in the water.

“Monsieur!” Broque said, pointing to Bowser, “You ‘ave zee odor of a gentleman! Ah, oui! It wafts!” he said, “And a gentleman ‘elps zee needy! Surely you ‘ave zis credo, oui?”.

Bowser however laughed mockingly, “Whatever you’re smelling isn’t me, pal! I don’t do charity! I’m too busy for this” Bowser said.

Chrysalis had to agree, they didn’t have time to help some poor sap stranded in the ocean, they needed to get back at Fawful, they then started to walk away.

“STOP, I AM BEGGING YOU!” Broque yelled in panic, “Good Monsieur Turtle Bits and Madame Bug Equine! You who I am not smelling!”

Bowser stopped and looked annoyed and he yelled back, “Enough with the yelling! Why would we help you?” Bowser said.

“We?” Chrysalis said questioningly.

“But ‘ow can you say zis thing? You ‘ave very much to gain! I will give you zee gratitudes!” Broque said.

The part about gratitudes got the evil royals attention, “What? Gratitudes?” Bowser asked.

“Ah! Your interest, it piques? Zis is wonderful! Marvelous!” Broque said, “Oui, a hot block spirit dwells in you, Monsieur Turtles Bits and Madame Bug Equine, a blazing, fiery block spirit...Oui, you ave zee power…” Broque then pulled out a block, it was a green block with a wind suction cone on it.

“Look upon zis! How is zis for gratitudes, honh? I give you zis glorious thing! Zee hot block spirit cries out from your belly, and it cries for zis block! It is born for you!” Broque said, dramatically.

“...What is wrong with you? Its just a stupid block!” Bowser said.

“Ah! You tongue, bite upon it!” Broque said, “Zis bloc is magnifique! Do not utter one ill word to zis block!”

“Zee block collectors, zey will pay one million coins for zis, honh? It is so very rare, oui! You will know zis if you hit it! Oui, you will be in for zee big surprises, Monsieur Turtle Bits!”

Bowser pondered on this, “Hmm… Surprises, huh…”.

“Are you seriously questioning on helping this creature for a block?” she asked the Dragon-Koopa.

“Incase you didn’t know Chrysi, blocks in this kingdom carry a lot of things, and these surprises this guy is talking about are intriguing to me” Bowser said before looking at Broque.

“Fine...what do I do?” he asked.

“Ah! Thank you! Merci!” Broque said, “You are a gentleman, apres all!”

“Look upon zis! Zis petit island, it is floating in zee ocean, a surprise to you, non? You see zis rope on zee beach?” Broque pointed to the rope on the beach, “If you are to pull on zis, you will movez zee entire island!”

Bowser and Chrysalis looked to the rope on the beach, “Pbbth! Just pull on this rope? Gimme a challenge, pal!” Bowser said before grabbing the rope and started to pull on the rope.

“Have a taste of Bowser Power!” Bowser yelled as he pulled.

Chrysalis rolled her eyes at this, many knew you can’t just pull an island close to you with a simple rope.

Meanwhile inside Bowser's body, the group were going over a new map that Starlow made. It was a map based on Bowser's body, and suddenly they felt the area shaking.

The map then flashes before a circle showing Bowsers arm appeared, flashing red, Starlow looked to the map.

“Somethings happening at Bowser’s arm! We need to check it out” Starlow said as everyone agreed and ran to where the map led.

Soon they entered a room much like the rest with flashing red lights in the room, however sitting in at the end of the room was a cannon like device, and a familiar red shell and pink pony.

“Come on Koopy, cheer up, everypony will be here soon!” Pinkie Pie said before noticing the group, “Hey guys!”.

Kooper then emerged from his shell and looked at the group, “Oh man, am I glad to see you guys” Kooper said before Starlow, Mario and Luigi went to the cannon like device, it was pointing to a large red nerve in the wall.

“This is Bowsers arm muscle” Starlow said, gaining everyone's attention, “Its reacting somehow!” Luigi went near the cannon as Starlow examined the muscle, Twilight flew up near her, examining it as well.

“He must be carryin something or trying to pull something…” Twilight said before Starlow and Twilight flew down, Starlow and Luigi were looking at the button on the cannon.

“Some kind of switch huh?” Starlow said.

Luigi pondered before taking out his hammer, “Let me-a try something” Luigi said before hitting the button with his hammer.

The cannon suddenly fired a blue energy orb, it bounced off the muscle and became red, it was heading for Mario.

“Mario! Look out!”

Mario quickly pulled out his hammer and hit the orb back, it then got absorbed into the muscle

Suddenly, the muscle grew bigger.

Back outside, Bowser suddenly felt a rush as he felt stronger, “Whoa!”

“What? What's wrong?” Chrysalis asked.

“Feels like I just got a power boost!” Bowser said as he kept pulling.

Back inside Bowser, the group observed this and Starlow spoke, “Whoa, what happened?”

Suddenly the cannon fired again, 3 energy orbs, it first was red, green and red, Mario and Luigi hit them back as the orbs came at them with their own colors, they then got absorbed into the muscle as it grew larger.

“HAAAAARGH!” Bowser yelled as he felt his power increasing.

“I think that stimulated Bowsers muscles! They’re getting huge!” Starlow said before looking to Mario and Luigi, “Hey! Try hitting some more of those light balls!” Starlow said before Mario and Luigi nod and get ready.

Another light ball shot out of the cannon, bouncing off the nerve and at the bros, the bros kept hitting it over and over before it grew large and went straight for Mario, the red plumber swung his mallet hard, hitting the light ball and it got absorbed into the nerve

Bowser then felt all of his power increase ten fold as he yanked the rope, and to Chrysalis’ own disbelief, the island was suddenly pulled to shore.

Bowser had just pulled the entire island to shore, Chrysalis was further more impressed and shocked at Bosers abilities.

Bowser panted as he looked at his work, glad he finally pulled the island ashore.

Back inside Bowser, the group recovered before Starlow spoke.

“I get it now… if we stimulate Bowser’s body like just now, he appears to manifest some extreme strength”

“Oh yeah” Bowser said before yelling, “OH YEAH! FEEL IT BABY!!” Bowser yelled before he got up and saw Broque Monsieur, upside down.

“...Hmmmm, strange...Zee world appears to be upside down” Broque said as Bowser and Chrysalis approached him “But zat is no matter. You ‘elped me, and for zis I salute you!”

“Enough blabbing buddy! Make with the surprise block!” Bowser said

“You might want to hurry there blocky, my partner here is getting antsy” Chrysalis said, however Broque didn’t even seem worried.

“Ah, but of course! Zee block! From moi! Such a fine block! We sing the song of block!” Broque then pulled out the block he showed earlier, “Pour vous!”

Bowser grabbed the block showed it off in the air

[Bowser obtained Vacuum Block]

“...This is just a normal block!” Bowser complained, “No surprise! What gives?!” Bowser said.

“So it wasn’t worth it then?” Chrysalis asked.

“Your tongues, bite upon them! Non! Zat LOOKS like a normal block!” Broque said, “Zat is what is so devious about my little block. So devious!”.

“Zis is actually a Vacuum Block! You hit zis block, and you inhale whatever lies before you” Broque explained, “Say you use zis in battle, honh? Ah, what is zis?! You inhale zee enemy with bravado! Tres bien!”.

“Whoa, whoah, INHALE an enemy?! I can do that in a battle?” Bowser asked.

“That sounds ridiculous” Chrysalis said.

“Ah! But of course, it is simple! Come, let us try zis out!” Broque Monsier said before he leaped up and landed on his feet, suddenly he takes off his own head and flips it, it then lands back on his body, his thin eyebrows now became a thin mustache an his thick mustows became thick angry eyebrows, his eyes flashed red.

“You! You will submit to zee power of zis magnificent block! And you will do so NOW!” Broque said, now sounding very angry, “


“Bow to your queen!”

“We begin right zis second! Zis is showtime, oui!” Broque Monsieur said, “Now, I tell you about zee Vacuum Block, non?” he asked

Bowser and Chrysalis look to each other before Bowser nodded, “Go ahead blocky”

“Ok, so, zee Vacuum Block, it is reacting with zee intensity! Choose it right zis instant!”

Bowser saw the block he had in his hand was reacting, so he punched it and suddenly Bowser felt a new power rising something familiar.

Bowser opened his mouth and suddenly, he started to inhale, Broque tried to explain, however Bowser quickly inhaled him into his mouth and into his body.

Inside, Broque Monsieur lands in front of the group of heroes and they are just as shocked to see him inside as he is.

Zut alors, zis is a surprise! Messieurs inside zee monsieur… how are you, honh?”

Everyone agreed they were fine.

“I cannot pass zee time, for I am training zee big monsieur about zee block tricks, oui? Allow moi to go back outside. Do not bother, s’il vous plait” he said before he started climbing out.

Bowser then spat out Broque as he landed on his feet.

“Monsieru Turtle Bits, you inhale like zee tornado, what a vacuum...” Broque said, “When you inhale like you just did, you inhale zee monsters and zee items, and zee monsters who float in the air will get sucked in too, no way to avoid inhaling in the sky, oui, your inhaling abilities will make most battles easy...maybe, remember to watch zee Vacuum Block during battles, oui?”.

“Oh, one more thing” Broque then gives them a blue clock with a yellow star inside it.

“What's this?” Asked Bowser as he held it.

“Zis unbelievable, surprising thing that brings smiles to zee world is called a Retry Clock, if you have a Retry Clock, when your HP reaches 0 in battle, time rolls back to zee battle’s start! It is, how you say? ZEE DO-OVER!” Broque said

“Oui, for zee battle’s start! With all your items back, honh? HP and BP are also restored, fully, zat is tres bien, oui?” Broque explained, “But zere is only a limited number of zee Retry Clocks, so do not use zem too much! Oui, plan your usage of zem, very carefully, s’il vous plait. Keep zat one as zee souvenir”

“Now zen, your block tricks are almost parfait, honh? Now let us continue...UN, DUEX TROIS!”

Broque Monsieur summoned a block and hit it, a coin popped out of it, Broque Monsieur looked upset about that, Bowser then saw the Vacuum Block was flashing, so he hit it and started inhaling.

He inhaled Broque Monsieur, then Broque climbed out again the same way from before and Bowser spat him out, Broque hit another block, another coin came out, then Bowser inhaled again, this time however Broque didn’t climb out.

“Ello again messiers, hows about a quick battle, oui?”

The group didn’t object as they prepared to fight.

Mario pulled out the Green Shell, “Green Shell!” Spike quickly jumped onto the shell as Mario kicked the shell, Spike was quick to use his claws to add the damage as the bros and spike performed the Green Shell attack, every time the shell hit, coins came out of Broque Monsieur.

Broque then escaped again and Bowser spat him out, Broque pulled a block out again, however instead of a coin, a giant orange and red mushroom came out and Broque absorbed it, he became big and charged at Bowser, however the Dragon-Koopa was quick to throw a punch, decapitating Broque as he body flew away, Bowser quickly punched the head as then the body came back and put the head back on, he then shrank.

Bowser inhaled him again and the group inside battled once more, Mario went for a jump while Luigi pulled a green shell attack, then Applejack and Rainbow Dash bucked Broque Monsieur, Broque then escaped again and tried the block again, only getting a coin.

Bowser inhaled him once more as Twilight and Rarity blasted Broque Monsieur with magic, Broque escaped again, Broque then got a giant mushroom from his block and charged at Bowser again, however Chrysalis joined in and did the same thing as Bowser did before and decapitated him and punched his head with a magic Bowser fist till his body got back.

Bowser then inhaled Broque Monsieur for the final time as Mario and Luigi jumped onto the block man, Broque escaped again but called out, “STOP! PARFAIT!”.

“You have zee mastery of zee block tricks, oui. Zis battle is OVER”

[Bowser, Chrysalis, Mario, Luigi, Mane 6 and Spike gained + 30XP]

“Ah, how was zis? Nice, honh? Zee magnificent Vacuum Block! Zee color! Zee gloss! Zee feel! We are not worthy of zis block! Who dares say zis is not so? And you, Monsieur Turtle Bits and Madame Bug Equine, you become block collectors after zis block, oui?” Brqoue said.

“Alors, let us meet again, Honh? Until zen, good-byes to you!” Broque Monsieur then walked away.

“What a weirdo, whatever, at least I got this sick attack now!” Bowser said.

“So, shall we get moving?” Chrysalis said.

“Yeah, lets move!” Bowser said as they walked on, now with a new power to their arsenal.

Chapter 13: Vs Sea Pipe Statue

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As Bowser and Chrysalis traveled more on the beach, Mario, Luigi, the Mane 6, Spike and Kooper traveled more inside Bowsers body, after some time, they entered a new area, as they did, they encounter a blue rectangular Globin, which opens into two rectangles, one where its orange eyes are on top and the bottom having its large mouth.

“Globin? You are new to me…” it said.

“Have you all come to test your limits in the Challenge Node?” the blue Globin asked.

“Challenge Node?” The group asked.

“I laugh silently at your naivete...This place is unique as Globin.” it said to the group, “Travel down and seek details from those who dwell below, strike their undersides to learn about the fun that awaits”. It then closed up and flew downwards.

“While I am curious about what it means, we shouldn’t stay here, Bowser might encounter something we need to help with” Twilight said.

“I agree with the Princess, we should head back to Toad Square for now” Mario said.

“Aw, do we have to? This Challenge Node sounds like fun!” Pinkie Pie said.

“As much as I would want to have fun right now Pinkie, I think the mission comes first” Kooper said

Soon everyone left the Challenge Node area and head back to Toad Square.

Meanwhile outside of Bowser, the Dragon-Koopa and Chrysalis had fought more Chuboombas and Toothy’s, with Bowsers new Vacuum ability, he was able to beat the enemies easily, taking the massive lollipops from the Chuboombas was the weakness for the fat Goombas, they started to cry and run away as soon as their snack/weapon was taken from them.

The occasional Drill Crab didn’t get in their way as Bowser just stomped past, defeating them instantly.

After they obtained 3 Hot Drumsticks from another Brick Block, they continued onward north.

“This Vacuum ability is awesome! Can’t wait to test it on that stupid Fawful” Bowser said.

“I as well can’t wait to see the fear on that beans face as you consume him whole” Chrysalis said with a evil smile.

Bowser soon destroyed enough Brick Block and found one of his other favorite foods, Cheese.

“Oh yeah! Now we’re talking, cheesy goodness!” Bowser said with a happy smile.

“What's so special about cheese?” Chrysalis asked

“What's special about it? Well us Dragon-Koopas are able to gain some strength and even some magic abilities when we eat cheese, something to do with one of my ancestors changing our species genetics or something” Bowser explained

Chrysalis seemed impressed, for one of Bowsers ancestors to change something in their own genetics to gain more power from eating something as simple as cheese, they must've have been a genius back then.

“That and, I love cheese!” Bowser said, which made Chrysalis face hoof from such a reason.

After dealing with that and defeating more Toothy’s, not only did the two royal evil’s level up once, but twice, Bowser then broke another Brick Block and gained what he would guess to be a delicacy to him, a cheesy Drumstick, he was drooling.

“Ohohoh boy! That looks delicious!” Bowser said.

“Focus, we need to get going” Chrysalis said, although she secretly agreed the cheesy drumstick looked delicious.

After they journeyed on, they entered a new area.

“Hey!” Bowser said as he and Chrysalis see a strange statue in the center of the area.

The statue was a large pedestal with two pipe-like ends on its sides and a statue of a creature known as a Blooper on top. The blooper statue looked like a small squid with a black eye mask.

“What's this thing?” Bowser asked.

“How should I know?” Chrysalis said to her partner.

“Hmm, seems to be some weird statue,” Bowser said as he looked at it more.

Inside Bowser, the group overheard them as Starlow spoke up to Bowser.

“A weird statue on the beach...Might be the Sea Pipe Statue.” she said.

This got Bowsers and the groups attention.

“The Sea Pipe Statue?” they asked, Chrysalis looked to Bowser as she suspected he was talking to the supposed “Chippy” creature again.

“Sounds stupid, what is it?” Bowser asked.

“Getting really sick and tired of not knowing what this “Chippy” is saying to you” Chrysalis said.

“A Statue honoring a hero of the sea.” Starlow said.

“Ah, a hero of the sea huh? So that means...I’m the model!” Bowser said as he laughed.

Chrysalis just deadpanned at this, “...What?” she asked.

Bowser than looked to the statue to see how the mystery crafters captured his awesomeness, only to realise it looked nothing like him.

“HEEEY!!!” he yelled before he started to punch the statue in anger.

“It looks nothing like me!”.

“Hey stop that you idiot!” Chrysalis shouted at Bowser.

“Wait! Wait! No violence!” Starlow said trying to warn Bowser.

Bowser finally stopped punching, “Hmph!” he huffed.

Chrysalis sighed in annoyance.

“My eyes are much more manly than that!” Bowser complained, which just made Chrysalis annoyance grew more as her eye twitched.

Suddenly, the statue started to shake violently with a bright light shined from it, Bowser and Chrysalis saw this and stepped back from it.

“Whoa! This thing is moving!” Bowser exclaimed.

“What?! Moving? That's not possible!” Starlow said.

Suddenly it stopped, only for the stone colour to change from white to blue, the pipes on its arms grew out and the eyes from the statue flashed twice before its arms started flailing about.

“Hey! What’s the story with this crazy statue? Its going nuts!” Bowser asked “Chippy”.

Only instead of Starlow, they were interrupted by another voice.


Soon a familiar flying saucer flew in and floated near Bowser and Chrysalis, the underside opens to reveal a mechanical mouth as it spoke in a familiar voice the two Evil Royals didn’t want to hear right now.

“It is I who added the nuts to that statue!” it said.

“That voice!” Bowser growled.

“We know that voice all to well” Chrysalis said as she growled.

“Fawful!” they yelled in unison and in rage.

“I HAVE CHORTLES!” Fawfuls voice from the saucer said, “Your plan that I laugh at now makes for more laughing! You are wanting your castle Bowser? You are not getting there!” it said.

“OH YES WE ARE!” Bowser said in anger.

“AND ONCE WE GET THERE, WE WILL RIP YOU TO SHREDS YOU LITTLE WORM!” Chrysalis said in fury, which in the back of Bowsers mind, he found it was, cute? And hot?!.

“Look pal, I can tell ya, it’s not wise to get in my way, or even hers” Bowser said, mentioning Chrysalis.

“Take us to my castle right now!” Bowser demanded.

“You have the must stop and sample the sprinklies in life’s salad bar” the saucer said.

“I say no to your rushing! Time instead for some playing with a fawfulised statue!” it said, before suddenly another voice came from the saucer, to which Bowser quickly recognized it.

“Once daddy gets back you're gonna be a baked bean soon!”

“Make with the quietness!” Fawfuls voice came again.

“Wendy?! What have you done to my little girl?! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY KIDS?!” Bowser yelled in fury, one could even see a faint spark of his flames come out of his mouth as he roared.

However the saucer flew off as the statue flailed even more.

“Looks like we have no choice, lets deal with that statue,” Starlow said.

However Bowser didn’t speak as a shadow casted over his face.

“Bowser?” Chrysalis asked, she could sense his emotions, and they were of sadness, love and...unyielding rage.

Then Bowser laughed, “GWAHAHAHA!”

“Aw, I was all fired up to let Fawful have it!” Bowser said, though one could tell he wasn’t in a good mood right now.

Bowser than looked to the statue, “Guess I’ll take you out instead!” he then looked to Chrysalis, “Chrysi, back me up here will ya? This is going to get messy” he said in a dark tone.

Chrysalis, although with a bit of reluctance joined his side, “Very well, let us be rid of this creation of that fool”

Bowser and Chrysalis then charged at the statue, engaging in the battle.


Bow to your queen!

The statue’s “head” leaped into one of its pipe arms, then fired it out of the other, Bowser wasn’t ready for it as it had damaged him.

“Oh really? You want some do ya?!” he yelled before he charged at it, landing punch after punch on it, however there was no effect.

Chrysalis saw this and quickly thought about Bowser’s vacuum block.

“Bowser! Suck it up!” she yelled.

Bowser heard this and jumped back and quickly activated his Vacuum Block, he started to inhale the “head” into his mouth and inside him.

Inside his body, the team encountered the stone blooper, however it floated up and turned upside down, stabbing into Bowser’s inner body, then it began to spin, damaging Bowser from within.

“OW! OW! OW!” Bowser yelled in pain.

It then stopped and floated back up, the stone blooper then tried to attack the team, only for Kooper to jump up and kick it back.

“Oh no ya don’t!” Kooper said

Applejack then went infront of Mario and Luigi, “I think I’ll show this varmit not to mess with an apple and her friends, Mario, green shell please?” she asked.

“Oki dokie” Mario said as he handed over a green shell to her, Applejack smirked before turning around and bucking the green shell at the blooper, “Shell Buck!” she yelled out as it crashed against the statue blooper and bounced offf while dealing damage.

“Ooh! Ooh! I got it!” Pinkie said as she jumped in frontand bucked the shell back at the statue, dealing damage.

The Shell Buck seemed like a more powerful version of the normal green shell move, after many bucks and the shell hitting the statue, the final hit did it as the statue turned red with anger, son it flew up and triedto hit the group again, only for Mario to aim his hammer and swing it, hitting the statue and launching it out of Bowser.

Back outside, Bowser shot the blooper statue out of his mouth and into the statue body, causing damage.

“Nows our chance!” Chrysalis said as she and Bowser charge at the statue, Bowser let loose as he punched it over and over again while Chrysalis bucked and made magic bowser fists to hit the statue.

Soon the head falls off the body and reattaches to the top, soon it shot its head again through its arms, hitting Bowser once more.

Bowser knew he felt weak so he quickly ate one of the Drumsticks he stashed in his shell to heal up.

The statue tried to attack Chrysalis this time, however she was prepared as she turned and bucked the incoming attack, hitting the Blooper statue into its body, damaging it.

Bowser decided to suck it up again and he inhaled the statue's head.

Inside Bowser once more, the Bros and Mane fought the head, Mario and Luigi used their hammers while Twilight fired a laser from her horn and Rainbow dash and Applejack unleashed some strong bucks to it.

The Blooper statue tried to harm Bowser from the inside once more as it spun into the innards of Bowser.

It stopped and tried to attack the group once more, only for Pinkie to have a pink and blue hammer that looked like a squeaky toy.

“Sayonara Bloopy!” she said before swinging the “toy” hammer, hitting the blooper statue and surprisingly launching it out of Bowsers body.

Bowser spat it out once more as it hit its own body.

“Time to bring the pain!” Bowser yelled as he started to unleash a flurry of punches on the statue.

After receiving a ton of damage from Bowser, the statue tries to fire its head at him again, only for Bowser to finally hit it back, it crashed into its body and landed back on the statue body.

“Time to end this!” Bowser said as he winded up a punch with his right hand, Chrysalis agreed as she made a Magic bowser fist over her left hoof, they then unleashed a punch together on the statue, greatly damaging it.

The statue glowed brightly as that indicated it was defeated.

Soon Both the Evil Royal Duo and the Group inside bowser leveled up, Bowser let out a roar of victory while Chrysalis basked in the victory with a evil smirk.

[Bowser and Chrysalis gained +150 EXP, Mario, Luigi, Mane 6, Spike and Kooper gained +30 EXP]

Koopers rank was shown to be simply as Koopa rank, showing a green koopa shell as the rank.

The statue turned back to white with the arms going back in

“BWAHAHAHA!!!” Bowser laughed evilly, “He seriously thought he could stop Bowser and Chrysalis with this toy?” Bowser said as he laughed, feeling slightly better after the fight.

“Hah! That fool can try all he wants, we will always be victorious!” Chrysalis said as she laughed also.

However the laughter stopped as suddenly, trees spontaneously grew in the entrance to the area, blocking their way out.

“Hey!” Bowser yelled out in surprise.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Chrysalis yelled.

However the statue started to shake again as the two Evil Royals saw this.

“Again?!” they asked.

However, the statue stopped shaking as the pipes suddenly shot out water, then the water flowed out of the pipes.

“What's with the water?” Bowser asked.

“Perhaps the statue provides a source of drinking water for any locals” Chrysalis thought aloud.

“...Actually, I am kinda thirsty” Bowser said before walking over to the statue and started to drink the water, his whole mouth catching the flowing water and into his body.

“H-Hey! Save some for me you big oaf!” Chrysalis said as she went to the other pipe and drank some water, not as much as Bowser was.

Inside Bowser, the star map within the Dress Case with the group flashed into the open as it showed a new area, just near Bowser’s throat.

“Look! That area over there...something happened in his body, let's go check it out!” Starlow said as she group quickly traveled there, hoping whatever was happening in that area could help them find something useful as well as find some people who were still missing from the group, Moonlight, Princess Luna, The CMC and Princess Peach.