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Mario, Luigi and MLP: Bowser's Inside Story and Chrysalis' Journey - XLR8 Fox

When Queen Chrysalis meets King Bowser, they must travel together to stop Fawful from taking what's theirs, Revenge

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Chapter 6: Enter the Trash Pit

Mario had landed what could be best described as a literally trash pit, there was junk everywhere, planks of wood, rocks, blocks, mushrooms, lots of stuff was wedged in the walls of the area.

Mario suddenly woke up from movement that bounced him up.

“Ugh...where am I?” Mario said to himself as he looked around, deciding not to stick around, he left the area to explore.

He saw a large pit filled with some sort of substance, not wanting to take the chance, he leaps onto some floating platforms above the pit.

He then sees a question block, however the colour of it was different, instead of the usual yellow, it was sort of white, and the shape of it looked different too, Mario couldn’t tell why.

He jumps up and hits the block, after a couple jumps, he gains 10 coins, he then sees another weird question block on lower platforms, he goes to it and hits it, he gains some Mushrooms.

[Mario got x 3 Mushrooms]

Mario then makes it back to his original path and comes across a strange block, it was yellow and its inside was filled with fluid with 2 blue balls and a red line, curiosity getting the better of him, Mario hit it, it suddenly changed shap as he looked like a face with a massive head.

“What in the name of globin?” it said, “Strange to meet you, O visitor.”.

Mario was surprised to see such a thing, he had never encountered a talking block before.

“Some call me an Emoglobin. Of secret-ish things in the body of Bowser, I know them all.” The Emoglobin said.

Mario then remembered, he and everyone else was sucked into Bowsers body, but still, the question of how lingered in the air.

“I can impart this knowledge to you, if you have the globin.” it said, Mario thought this thing talked strange.

(You ain’t the only one)

“And I have Emoglobin brethren. Hit them, O jump-ish creature.” it said, “Being struck bothers us none… for such is the way of globin, anyway, O traveler, about what are you curious? The nature of globin? The meaning of globin?”.

“BRZZZZZZZZZT!” it made a noise similar to a buzzer on a game show.

“I tell you NOTHING!” it said, “But I will let you pass, since your globin reminds me of me”.

“By the way, O traveler, like all things in life, I am temporary, so be careful-ish!” it said before it reverts back into its block shape.

Mario then proceeds to go to the next area, which then he hears a familiar voice.


Mario looks to see Starlow, she seems to be trapped in a pink bubble like thing, Mario couldn’t tell what exactly, only that it was alive and had captured Starlow.

“NOW! RELEASE ME!” she said, demanding to be set free, Mario also noticed someone else in the room, it was one of the ponies from Equestria, it was Princess Twilight, she was knocked out like he was.

“RRRGH!” Starlow struggled as she tried to free herself, “NOT how to treat a lady!” she complained.

“YAH! QUIT IT! That… Tickles!” she said embarrassingly as her captor tickled her, “QUIT IT! NOW!”.

Mario tried to find a way to help free her, he noticed something looking like a pipe, it was pink and strange looking.


Mario then sees another Emoglobin appear as it floats down from out of nowhere.

“I am a wandering Emoglobin. I come bearing knowledge” it said, it moves lower and in front of Mario, looking at the pipe, “O strange pipe-ish thing I see! How I long to sink down below into you! For then I might fly skyward! Or perhaps travel to far places. There are many pipe-ish types.” it said before looking to Mario, “O traveler, when you find a pipe-ish thing, please sink below! Remember, or be forever globin!” it then reverts to block form and floats away, “See you globin!”.

Mario then looked to the pipe and looked above it, seeing an activation block, it was pink and had a exclamation mark on it, Mario then jumped up and onto the pipe before sinking into it, it then shot him out, “WAHOO!” Mario yelled as he hit the block and landed.

Then rising from the ground was another pink pipe, Mario looked above it and saw another activation block, he then climbed into the new pipe before being launched out and hitting the block.

Then a third and final pink pipe appeared from the ground, Mario saw it was directly under Starlow.

“Hang on!” he said before entering the pipe and then being launched out.

He hits the bubble Starlow is in and lands on the floating platform, he spins before lifting Starlow in the air, she looked somewhat exhausted from being captured.

Starlow then floats off his hand before floating in front of Mario.

“Mario! You saved me!” she said.

Suddenly something drops from the roof of the room, Mario and Starlow look to see what it is, it resembled a goomba, only it was pink and see through and has a yellow ball inside its body.

The strange creature then proceeds to charge, “Watch out! Here it comes!” Starlow said as the goomba creature tries to tackle Mario.

Mario quickly jumps up and lands a hit on the creature, the creature then tries to tackle again, Mario seeing it’s plan was only doing one thing over and over again, decided to try and end this quick, Mario quickly jumps onto the creature and performs a double jump, quickly defeating it as it disappeared.

[Mario gained 3XP]

Suddenly another creature attacks from out of nowhere, catching Mario off guard, before he could try and attack it, it's suddenly blasted away by purple energy, Mario looks to where it came from and sees Twilight awake, she is still on the ground but managed to blast the creature before Mario could enter another battle.

[Twilight gained 3XP]

“Thanks Princess Twilight” he said as he went to help her up.

“No problem Mario, and it’s just Twilight” Twilight said as Mario helped her up, then more platforms appeared near the bottom and towards the exit of the room.

“Thanks for saving me Mario” Starlow said before Twilight asked, “My memory is a little fuzzy, where are we?”.

Starlow looked around before speaking, “Hmm, I’m pretty sure we’re inside Bowsers body” she said, Twilight however looked disturbed.

“You mean, we’re INSIDE Bowser?! The massive Koopa that charged in the castle and ruined the meeting?!” she asked.

“That's right, I’m still stumped on the situation myself” Mario said before Twilight gasped.

“Our friends! Your brother! The Princesses! They must be in here too! We got to find them!” Twilight said before she tried to leave, Mario grabbed a hold of her.

“Calm down Twilight, we need to stay calm and get our bearings, we can’t rush ahead just yet” he said, “I’m just as worried about them as you are, but we need to remain calm for us to find them”.

Twilight took a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

“Your right, your right, I’m calm now” she said.

“Anyways” Starlow spoke up, “After Bowser inhaled me, I woke up and wandered around and then that amoeba thing grabbed me outta the blue” she said.

“Well what about the others?” Mario asked.

“Hmm, the others? I don’t know” Starlow said as she looked around, “I didn’t even really understand I’d been inhaled until I realized I might be inside Bowser.”

(Does that line sound weird to any of you? It sounds wrong to me, not in ‘that’ way, I mean grammatically wrong)

“I bet everyone else is in here somewhere, but right now I have no clue where anyone is…” Starlow said as he flew around the room, inspecting it.

“Yep, Definitely inside Bowser” she said as she flew back to Mario and Twilight, “Who knows how in the world THAT happened, but one thing’s for sure, if we don’t find the others soon, we’re all in BIG trouble” she said.

“Then we best get moving“ Mario said.

“Yeah, your right, we’d better just press on, someone might be nearby!” Starlow said.

“Lets-a-go!” Mario said as they started to exit the area.

They then entered the next room and encountered more creatures, Starlow had decided to call the creatures, Goombules, as they resembled Goomba’s.

Both Mario and Twilight fought a Goombule each as it seemed only 2 resided in the area for now.

[Mario and Twilight gained 3XP each]

Mario then encountered more of the strange question blocks, which he jumped and hit them, gaining 10 coins out of one of them and 5 coins in another.

“I’ve been meaning to ask Mario, why do you hit these blocks? I notice yellow ones floating back in Toad Town and Princess Peach’s castle” Twilight asked.

“Well you see Twilight, these blocks are what we call Mystery Blocks, these blocks can give us anything, be it coins, power ups, some even give nasty surprises” Mario explained.

(I gave the name Mystery Blocks because its too obvious calling then Question Mark Blocks)

“So anyone can just use the blocks and get whatever they can from them?” Twilight asked.

“Yep, they are pretty helpful on some of my adventures with my bro” Mario said as they descended down a hole, they encountered another Goombule and Mario defeated it easily.

(I’ll lay off the ‘someone gained XP’ stuff after someone does it for the first time or if its a new enemy they encounter with more XP)

The trio then found a orange pipe, with nowhere else to go, they enter the pipe.

They then enter a new area as Mario notices a Emoglobin block, however it was orange instead of yellow, Mario jumped up and hit it, causing the Emoglobin to awake, its eyes were green and had a yellow mouth.

“Some know me as an Emoglobin with a Kind-ish heart, for I alone soothe the soul and heal the weary globin, shall I heal yours?” it asked.

Mario pondered on this before deciding to go with it, even with Starlow and Twilight not wanting to try it.

“A wise decision indeed. Stand...right...there-ish” it said before dropping a orange liquid onto Mario, Mario suddenly felt re-energized, like he was given back all of his energy and any injury from battles healed instantly.

[HP and SP fully restored]

“Until next globin” it said before reverting to block form.

Mario, Starlow and Twilight continued on as they encountered more Goombules and descended downwards, Mario got 4 coins from another block and a mushroom in another.

As they continued to the next room, the trio saw something that surprised and relieved them.

It was Luigi, Rarity and Spike, Luigi was stuck in a amoeba thing like Starlow was but he was
knocked out, Rarity and Spike were on the ground knocked out as well.

“Luigi!” Mario said as he ran to help his brother.

“Rarity! Spike!” Twilight said as she rushed to her friends.

Mario looked up to his hanging brother (Did not feel right writing that), trying to figure out how to get him down, Starlow looked up to the unconscious bro.

“Hey! Luigi, why are you goofing off up there?!” she asked, expecting an answer, however Luigi just groans.

Rarity groaned as she started to wake up, “Ugh, keep it down darling” Rarity sai before being hugged by Twilight.

“Rarity! You’re ok!” she said to which Rarity was fully awake and hugged back to calm her friend.

“Of course I’m alright darling, why wouldn’t I be?” she asked.

Twilight nervously asked, “Whats the last thing you remember?”

Rarity pondered a bit, “Well, last thing I remember was we were in the meeting room after that brue Bowser interrupted, then I believe he came back and did something, but my memory is fuzzy beyond that point” she explained.

Twilight winced as she knew what was going to happened next, “Ok Rarity, just try to remain calm on what I’m about to tell you” she said as Starlow and Mario conversed on how to help Luigi.

“Um, why should I remain calm darling?” Rarity asked nervously.

“You see...Bowser inhaled us into his body and now we seem to be trapped inside his body with no sure wait out” Twilight explained as she smiled nervously.

Rarity’s eyes shrunk in horror as she looked around her, before anyone knew it, she let out the loudest horrified scream she ever one as she realized where she was standing.

Everyone winced at the scream, even Spike woke up from it as he held his ears to block out the scream, even Luigi was stirred by it but the amoeba seemed to make him stay asleep.

"OH SWEET CELESTIA!!! WE ARE INSIDE THAT BRUTES BODY?! HE ATE US?!?!” Rarity asked as she began to panic, even hyperventilating as Twilight made a paper bag appear as Rarity took it and breathed very fast into it.

“Man that was loud” Spike said before realizing what Rarity said, “Wait, we’re INSIDE someone right now?!” Spike asked.

Starlow looked at Rarity with a deadpan look, “Sheesh she is overreacting, no need to be screaming your head off” she said.

(Look I’m writing Starlow as Nintendo and Alpha Dream did, she was very rude at times so I see her saying stuff like this with peoples appropriate reactions)

Starlow then looked to Mario, “Mario, see if you can jump up and grab Luigi and pull him out” she said.

“Okie Doki!” Mario said before he leaped up and grabbed Luigi by his legs, he hung for a bit before Luigi finally slipped out of the amoeba, which had split apart into pink slime near the bros.

“Luigi!” Mario said, hoping his brother would wake up.

Luigi then woke up and jumped up and stood up, before he faced Mario and quickly hugged him and cried, “MARIO!” Luigi said as Mario patted him on the back to calm him down.

Luigi and Rarity finally calmed down as then the pink slime took shape, transforming into many Goombules as the creatures surrounded them.

Starlow then floated above the group, “Mario! Jump and Stomp ‘em! Twilight! Charge and zap ‘em!”.

Mario and Twilight did just that as they performed their attacks, starting the battle.


Okie Dokie!

Let's do this!

I’m ready for battle Darling!

As the battle started, the group consisting of Mario, Luigi, Twilight and Rarity, Starlow and Spike stood by the sidelines.

The battle starts as 4 Goombules attacked first, Twilight noticed an attack pattern as each one lifted a specific foot in a direction of the ones fighting, 2 went after Luigi, with one of the 2 managing to hit Luigi, one went after Mario and one went after her.

It was their turn to attack, Mario and Luigi used the jump attacks as they attacked a Goombule each, Twilight used her horn to fire a magic blast at a Goombule, Rarity doing the same.

It was then each Goombule tried to attack again, targeting all 4 of them each, Mario and Luigi countered by jumping over their charge attacks and landing on their heads, defeating them.

Twilight countered by turning around and using her hind legs to buck her attacker back defeating the Goombule, Rarity had also done the same thing and bucked her attacker away, defeating it.

[Mario, Twilight, Luigi and Rarity gained 6XP each]

“Phew” Starlow said as she flew past the group, accidentally knocking over Luigi, Luigi took offence to that and got angry as Starlow looked up, “Even inside Bowser's body, there are enemies to fight”

She then looked to the new members of the party, “Luigi, Rarity, Spike”.

Said people turned their attention to her, “Have you seen Princess Peach or Princess Luna anywhere?” She asked

“I haven’t, sorry” Luigi said

“I’m terribly sorry darling, I haven’t either” Rarity said.

“Me neither” Spike said.

“Hm...Not you either, huh…” Starlow said, “Looks like they’ll be tough to track down…”.

Spike looked around their area and saw a white suitcase, “Uh, Rarity, is that your case?” he asked the unicorn to which she looked and gasped.

“Oh my Celestia it is!” she said as she picked it up with her magic, she examined it before sighing, “Oh thank goodness, it's in perfect condition!” she said.

Starlow examined the case before getting an idea, “Hey Rarity, do you mind if I take a look at your suitcase?” she asked.

“Well Darling, to be accurate, it is a Dress Case, but of course, I don’t see why not” she said as Starlow looked around the case before the star above her head glowed brightly as a light enveloped the Dress Case.

The light then disappears as the case now shows a big yellow star in the middle, surrounded by purple diamonds, “There, now you guys can access the Star Menu!” she said, confusing the party.

“Star Menu?” they all asked.

“Oh yeah, the star menu lets you keep track of all kinds of useful information, I had made it more useful to give you access to it through Rarity’s Dress Case” Starlow explained.

“Wanna hear about the star menu?” she asked.

Mario looked to the others, they were curious and Twilight looked excited to learn something new, “Sure, why-a not” he said.

“Alrighty, open up the case and we’ll see the star menu!” she said, since Rarity was still holding the case in her magic, she set it down and opened it up.

Suddenly night sky blue light illuminated the area as they saw many small stars float up, creating shapes as objects appeared in the shapes, one was a Mushroom that had black eyes and white spots, one was a pair of overalls, one was multiple books with different colours, 2 books can be seen as red and green with Mario and Luigi’s logos on them and the final one was a map, 2 star shapes however had no objects in them however.

Starlow then floated next to the stars and objects, “Ok, so this is the Star Menu.” she explained before she hovered to the mushroom, making a purple screen appear, showing the mushrooms Mario and Twilight had collected, there was also a green mushroom in there with them.

“In here, you can use items you’ve found…” she then exit the “Items” part and to the overalls, making another screen appear, this time showing special stats of Mario and his current overalls, which the item is called Thin Wear.

“Change gear...” she left the “Gear” part and into the books, which showed different stats of Mario and symbols, one of the symbols was a mushroom with a sign under it saying Mushroom Rank.

“Or check out your info in detail.” Starlow said before looking at a yellow bar which showed a number with a symbol of coins next to it.

“You can also take a look at the coins you’ve collected…” she then looked to a clock with a set time next to it, “You can even see how much time you’ve spent adventuring.” Starlow said before going to the basic info that appears above the stars, showing info on the group, Mario, Luigi, Twilight, Rarity and Spike.

“Your basic info appears up on the top here, so you can take a look whenever you want, its smart to open the star menu to check in now and then” she said before looking to Luigi’s info, “For instance, Luigi...”.

“Did you get dinged up in that last fight? Or did you just trip? Either way, your health's down...” Starlow said as Luigi’s HP was at 29/30.

“You better restore your health, just use a mushroom from the items” she explained, Luigi being curious, tapped the mushroom symbol and the list of items appeared again, Luigi then pressed the icon for mushrooms, then a single red mushroom appeared floating in the air before Luigi grabbed it and ate it, his info then made a ding sound as his HP went up, the list disappeared as Starlow then floated down and manage to close the case, making the star menu disappear.

“So that’s my spiel on the star menu” she said as everyone got a good understanding on the star menu, Spike then picked up the Dress Case, deciding to be he one to carry it around.

“Ok then, lets go look for the Princess’!” Starlow said as everyone agreed.

“Lets-a-go!” Mario said.

“Oki dokie!” Luigi said as the group then continued on their journey.

They see a green pipe at the end of the room and go through it, prepared to find their friends and find a way out of Bowser’s body.

Author's Note:

[Luigi, Twilight, Rarity and Spike rejoined the party]

I hope you guys liked this one, don't worry the others will join in soon, I also hope you guys like the idea of the Star Menu being in a suitcase.

I like the mechanic of Stuffwell from Partners in Time being your inventory, so I did the same, only with Rarity's Dress Case...what? what else did you think it was important for?

anyways I'm thinking on ranking levels for the Ponies and other characters, I'll explain it in a blog later on.

so anyways, hope you all liked this chapter, next chapter is coming soon