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Mario, Luigi and MLP: Bowser's Inside Story and Chrysalis' Journey - XLR8 Fox

When Queen Chrysalis meets King Bowser, they must travel together to stop Fawful from taking what's theirs, Revenge

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Chapter 2: Preparations and Departure

As Luna prepared herself, she began to think on her sisters warning, it was true that the King of the Koopas in the Mushroom Kingdom was known for doing the most evil of things when his mind is set on it, but she was sure that not even he would dare to interrupt a meeting about a possible global crisis...right?

Meanwhile in Ponyville, the Mane six had split up to their respective homes to gather what they needed for their trip.

At Suger Cube Corner

Pinkie had grabbed her saddle bags and somehow managed to pack her Party Cannon into her mane

[Pinkie Pie obtained Party Cannon]

“Of course I did silly” Pinkie said as she giggled before quickly packing some cupcakes into her saddle bags and ran out of Sugar Cube Corner while quickly saying goodbye Mr and Mrs. Cake and the Cake Twins who waved goodbye to her, wishing her goodluck.

At Carousel Boutique

Rarity knew she couldn’t pack ‘everything’ so she went with what was important to her, a few dresses and a bag filled with gems before putting them into a white and purple suitcase, having diamond patterns on the suitcase.

[Rarity obtained Gem Bag and Dress Case]

“A lady should always be prepared” Rarity said before suddenly squealing, “Oh I’m going to meet a princess from another kingdom! Oh I wonder what kind of mare she is like, maybe somepony powerful! Or elegant! Or maybe even drop dead gorgeous! Oh I can’t wait!” she said as she grabbed her suitcase, not noticing her sister, Sweetie Belle, had heard and saw everything, with curiosity getting the better of the filly, she followed her sister after locking the Boutique.

Rainbow Dash flew around her home as she gathered what she thought was important for the trip, she had grabbed her Wonderbolt outfit and goggles and folded it neatly and put it into her saddle bag, she wasn’t as a fanatic on outfits as Rarity, but even she agreed that her Wonderbolt uniform should be taken care of properly.

[Rainbow Dash obtained Wonderbolt Uniform]

“Alright! Time for another adventure!” Rainbow Dash said as she flew out of her house to meet with the girls, not realizing Scootaloo who was riding near her house, had heard what she said.

“Rainbow Dash is going on an adventure? I wonder if me and the girls can tag along?” she said to herself before flapping her small wings, pushing her scooter as she rode to meet with her friends.

Fluttershy had said farewell to all of her animals friends as she prepared to leave, visiting a whole different kingdom was thrilling but also scary for her, but she had to be brave and help those ponies that had caught the Blorbs, so after finally gathering her things, she left her home and made her way to meet with her friends.

Applejack had finished whatever chores she needed to do and was now preparing to leave for the Mushroom Kingdom, she prepared what was needed, including her lasso.

[Applejack obtained Lasso]

But then Granny Smith had called her to the kitchen, so she went there to see why Granny Smith was calling her.

“Now I heard your going to the Mushroom Kingdom, been there ma self in my younger years, just wanted to pack you with somethings that can be mighty handy in that there kingdom” Granny Smith said as she gave Applejack a jar filled with what Applejack guessed was syrup, it had the apple family label on it.

[Applejack obtained Apple Syrup]

“Be careful ye hear? That place can be mighty dangerous if yer not” Granny Smith said as Applejack put the jar of Apple Syrup into her saddle bag.

“Don’t worry Granny, I’ll be fine, ah got my friends to back me up” Apple jack said as she said her goodbyes and ran out, leaving the farm to join her friends, not noticing her little sister Apple Bloom sneaking past Granny Smith and Big Mac to follow her sister.

Twilight was almost over packing if not for her assistant and friend Spike, he was making sure she didn’t over pack her saddle bag with books she didn’t really need or parchments and quills she didn’t need either.

“Come on Twilight, just take one book, a few parchments and 1 or 2 quills, that's it” Spike said as Twilight packed.

“But Spike, this is a meeting about a disease that could affect all of the world, what if I don’t have the right book on hoof? Or I need to write down a specific detail so I don’t forget?” Twilight said before Spike spoke up.

“Then why don’t I join you? Starlight can watch over the castle and I can join you and help with whatever you need during the meeting” Spike suggested.

Twilight wanted to argue but found she couldn’t, he made a good point, besides, Starlight should be able to keep a watch over things while she is gone, granted if she can keep Trixie from breaking anything.

“Alright then Spike, you’ll come with us, but remember, this meeting is important, so try not to sleep through it” Twilight said as she finished packing her saddle bags.

[Twilight obtained Book of Equestrian Creatures]

“Please, when do I sleep through important stuff?” Spike asked, finding it impossible that he has slept through any important things.

As the Maine 6 and Spike met back together, they went to the Ponyville Train Station, where they see Luna, Kooper and Toad waiting for them.

Kooper saw them approaching spoke up, “It's about time you girls got here” he said before noticing Spike, “Who's the dragon?” he asked.

“This is Spike, he’s my assistant,” Twilight said.

“Oh, I see, I guess he also is like your royal advisor Princess?” Kooper asked.

“Oh no, I wouldn’t say that, he’s more like a little brother than an advisor, and please call me Twilight, I don’t like friends addressing me as my title” Twilight said to which Kooper nods.

“Whatever you say Twilight, now come on, the train is arriving” Kooper said, to which the ponies looked to where the train should be approaching, but saw nothing on the tracks.

“Uh I think you got the timing wrong turtle boy, the train doesn arrive for another half hour” Rainbow Dash said before Kooper chuckled a bit as he walked near the main building of the train station, specifically the walla which was between the ticket booth and a bench.

“I don’t mean the Equestrian train Rainbow, I mean the other train” Kooper said before knocking the wall three times before the wall suddenly opens up, revealing a tunnel that lead to underground, the Main 6 and Spike were surprised and looked to Princess Luna who had a knowing look on her face, she turned to the ponies as they walked to the new entrance.

“This entrance was made years ago for any visitors outside of Equestria so they could visit, unfortunately with many events in their own kingdoms, this station had not been used as much, luckily after Discords second defeat, news traveled further outside of Equestria, which then led to other kingdoms wanting to visit Equestria and see its sights, so as of late this station has become quite busy with new visitors” Luna said as they all walked down sets of stairs, they all then see a underground train station, they also see many different creatures waiting in the station.

The creatures ranged from Dragons from the Dragons Lands and Manehatten, Diamond Dogs they haven’t seen before, even a couple of ponies were there, as Main 6, Spike and Princess Luna admired the many creatures waiting for the train, Twilight caught sight of a creature which made her blood run cold, it was a changeling, but it wasn’t like the reformed changelings Thorax now ruled, it was one that looked like the changelings that were during Chrysalis’ reign, however instead of black, its body was grey and it had eyelashes, presuming it was a female.

“Girls, look” Twilight said to her friends, directing their attention to the Changeling, the girls got worried before they decided to head to the changeling, Kooper saw them approaching the changeling and got worried and told Toad, Spike and Princess Luna to wait for them, he then retreated into his shell before it spun fast and it raced over and past the ponies and in front of the changeling who noticed the girls approaching and had a look of worry on her face.

Kooper then popped out of his shell and stood in front of the ponies.

“Whoa girls hold up” Kooper said to which Rainbow Dash got annoyed, “What are you doing Koop? It's a changeling!”.

“Well sorry for defending a friend” Kooper said, surprising the Mane 6 before he stood to the side to give the girls a full view of the changeling, “This here is Moonlight, I met her during one of her visits in the Mushroom Kingdom”.

Moonlight looked to the ponies and bowed to them, “Greetings Elements of Harmony, I had heard of what had happened to Chrysalis’ Hive, I am happy to hear that my kind in that hive were freed from her reign and are under better rulership” Moonlight said to them, she looked at them as she saw they were surprised, “Is something wrong?”.

Rarity was first to speak, “I’m sorry darling, but if you aren’t with Chrysalis and aren't evil, then why are you still..um” Rarity tried to finish but couldn’t find the words until Rainbow continued for her.

“Why are you still full of holes?” she said bluntly.

“Rainbow Dash!” Rarity said to her friend, appalled at the bluntness and how rude it was.

“What?” Rainbow Dash said, not understanding why Rarity sounded shocked.

“It is alright Miss Rarity, I am what is known as a defective changeling, I can not feed off of love like the changelings used to, instead I eat like a normal pony would, that and I can eat things other species can as I change into them, like eating gems as a dragon” Moonlight explained, “The reason I haven’t gone through the change as other changelings have in Thorax’s kingdom, it is because I had left that hive when Chrysalis had organised the invasion on canterlot”.

“But that was years ago, how come we never saw you until now?” Twilight asked.

“Well I had my disguise most of the time” Moonlight said before whitish blue flames covered her and she then looked like a grey earth pony, her main was short had dark shades of blue and grey in them, her legs now had patterns of her leg holes and on her back her changeling wings become a coat pattern, on her head where her horn should be was no replaced with a blue gem, her eyes were sky blue, her tail no longer had holes and her culture mark was 2 crescent moons with one of the moons having grey spots on it.

The ponies looked amazed at her disguise, “Wowee, that's a neat looking disguise there Moonlight” Pinkie said.

“Indeed Darling, you look simply marvelous” Rarity said as she walked around Moonlight, admiring the form, “You incorporated your own normal looks to this forms coat patterns, simply a splendid fashion choice, and that gem, it must be a placeholder for a horn yes?” Rarity asked, to which Moonlight nodded.

“Looking good Moonlight” Kooper complimented as Moonlight looked at the Koopa, “Not bad yourself Kooper, the scarf is new,” Moonlight said.

Applejack then spoke up, “If ya don’t mind me askin’ Moonlight, are ya headin’ to the Mushroom Kingdom too?” she asked.

“Oh yes, I wanted to visit some changeling hives that were there, they need to hear the news about Thorax and his rulership, they will be very happy to hear it” Moonlight said before changing back to her true form, “What are you heading there for if I may ask?”.

“We’re heading to a meeting about a disease that could be affecting Equestria” Kooper said to which Moonlight gasped, “Do you mean...the Blorbs?!” Moonlight asked, shocking the Mane 6 and Kooper.

“You know about the Blorbs?” Twilight asked to which Moonlight nodded, “I heard it was affecting some of the hives at the Mushroom Kingdom, I wanted to visit them to not only to tell them the good news, but to also help in anyway I can, but if your going to a meeting to sort this mess out...do you think I could join you as a representative to the changelings?” she asked.

The Mane 6 pondered at this, if good changelings were also being affected, it would be beneficial for a changeling to help and attend the meeting so relations could be better with them, plus Moonlight wasn’t bad, so what harm was there?

Twilight smiled as she looked to Moonlight, “Of course Moonlight, you may join us in the meeting” Moonlight smiled as she jumped in joy, “Oh thank you Princess Twilight! I will help in any way you wish!” she said before they hear Spike running to them.

“Twilight! Toad and Princess Luna said the train is approaching” he said.

“Thanks Spike” Twilight said before addressing her friends, Kooper and Moonlight, “Lets get ready for the train” she said as they all regroup with Toad and Princess Luna, with the 2 and Spike meeting Moonlight.

They then all hear a train whistle as the train arrived, it was definitely different from the Equestrian trains the ponies were familiar with, the trains passenger cars were painted red with green stripes and yellow triangles along the bottom of the cars, with the main train being red with pink stripes and pink hearts on it, the ponies could see the conductor of the train was a koopa like Kooper, only this one's shell was green and it wore a conductor's hat on its head, the cars doors open to show some creatures the Mane 6 and spike never saw before, some looked like walking brown mushrooms with fangs sticking out from their lower jaws and some looked like ghosts with black eyes, sharp teeth and long tongues, even some koopas and Toads walked out of the cars.

“All aboard for the Shroom Express! Next stop! Mushroom Kingdom!” they all heard before the Mane 6, Princess Luna, Toad, Kooper and Moonlight boarded one of the passenger cars, not noticing 3 familiar fillies sneaking onto the train, as they did, they didn’t see a unicorn pony leering at the group, she had mint green coat with orange mane, part of the main obscuring one of her eyes, her cutie mark showed a ladybug with three little leaves under it, her eyes were many shades of green, next to her with figures that couldn’t be identified due to them wearing black cloaks, they all boarded another passenger car in secret.

“Soon Princess Twilight, you and the rest of your friends will feel my revenge soon enough” the unicorn said before the cars doors closed, the train began its departure, traveling to its next stop.

The Mushroom Kingdom.

Author's Note:

[Moonlight has joined the party]

[progress saved]

As you can see I'm putting some extra effects to this, hope you guys like it and with what's to come

Moonlight the Changeling is my OC
images drawn by my friend GundamOswald on Deviant Art https://www.deviantart.com/gundamoswald