• Published 3rd Mar 2021
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Mario, Luigi and MLP: Bowser's Inside Story and Chrysalis' Journey - XLR8 Fox

When Queen Chrysalis meets King Bowser, they must travel together to stop Fawful from taking what's theirs, Revenge

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Chapter 3: Arrival and Battle

As the Mane 6, Spike and Luna rode the train with Toad, Kooper and their new friend Moonlight, they saw that the train moved from being underground to finally being on the surface, the train moved much faster than the Equestrian train they were used to.

As they rode on, Each of the ponies passed the time with whatever they could, Twilight with her book she brought with her, Fluttershy was talking with Kooper about the many creatures from the Mushroom Kingdom, Spike talked with Toad as they shared the quality of being the little guy of the group, Spike even found out Toad was a fan of comics, so they talked about what comics they liked.

Time passed on as the ponies tried to make the most of the time on the train, Pinkie even finding a catering car as she bought many treats for her and her friends, one thing they also found out about Moonlight, she loves chocolate, apparently to changelings, chocolate is another form of love for them to feed, so Moonlight was able to have her fill on love, even if she couldn’t feed on love like normal changelings used to.

Meanwhile in another car, the unicorn from before was sitting on a seat while the cloaked figures with her differed in placements, there were 5 of them in total, 2 were tall, which were standing by the unicorns seat, 2 were the unicorns height and were on 4 legs , they also had taken a seat but on the opposite end of her, and the final one was the shortest, reaching just over the unicorns legs, this one was sitting on a seat slightly close to the unicorn, glowing red eyes peering from the cloaks hood, the unicorn noticed before turning to the other cloaked figures.

“Why is Private Cluck not blindfolded?” she whispered, the other cloaked figures turned to each other before one of the taller ones shrugged, which annoyed the unicorn, “Blindfold them, now! Before somepony gets suspicious!” she hissed before one of the taller figures notices a long piece of cloth on a empty seat, they grab it before going behind the small one known as Private Cluck and pulling the hood off them, Private Cluck is seen now as a Cockatrice, they have white feathers on their chicken head with fangs poking out of their beak, the scales can be barely seen with the cloak but the scales on them are purple and dark green, the taller figure then quickly blindfolds them and puts their hood back up, stopping anyone from seeing the hidden cockatrice.

One of the pony sized cloaked figures walks to the unicorn, “Your majesty, we near the next stop, our enemies are still unaware of our presence” they whispered, the unicorn smirked evilly.

“Thank you Lieutenant Dogma, soon revenge will be in my grasp” she said as she chuckled evilly before turning to the other cloaked figures, “How are the rest of the troops?” she asked, one of the taller ones spoke up.

“Our flight soldiers are above the train using the clouds as cover as we speak” they said before the other tall figure pulls out a blue gem that lays in a black and brown paw, soon the gem makes a bright light before making a circle grid map with multiple glowing dots following a large dot in the center.

“My diggers are working hard on following the train from underground, they should arrive just as we depart” they said in a gruff female voice.

“Very good Commander Scorch, Sergeant Razer, once we depart, alert them to start the attack” the unicorn said as she smiled evilly.

After a few more minutes of traveling, the train finally made its destination, the Mane 6, Princess Luna, Toad, Kooper and Moonlight exit their car as they admire their surroundings, the Train Station was much like the one back in ponyville, however instead of ponies in the area, it was Toads, it was a small town that consisted of Toads with the occasional Koopa or Goomba walking by.

Moonlight was first to speak, “Princess, Elements of Harmony, welcome to Toadrey Station, the town that acts as a greeting point for any visitors outside the Mushroom Kingdom” they all admired the town before they suddenly hear something behind them say “ow”.

The ponies turned to see what it was, and Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were very much shocked at what they saw.

Sitting in a pile was Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, they had tried to sneak past, unfortunately one of the fillies had tripped and cause them all to be in a tangled pile, they looked up to see their sisters (Sister figure in Scootaloo’s case) staring at them, they laughed nervously before Applebloom spoke, “H-hey Applejack, hows it going?” she asked with a nervous smile.

“Applebloom? Sweetie Belle? Scootaloo? What in land sakes are you three doing here?!” Applejack asked, she probably knew the reason but was too shocked and upset at them to even think right.

Scootaloo decided to speak up, “Well we heard about your adventure and we wanted to join you guys, we just wanted to see you and the Princess in action!” Applebloom and Sweetie Belle glared at her for being a blabbermouth, then Rarity spoke up.

“Well unfortunately for you girls, you are going straight back to Ponyville and will wait till we get back and then you will receive punishments for not only sneaking out of your homes, but also onto a train and to another kingdom no less!” Rarity said, which the three fillies were scared of what would happen next, they just wanted adventure, instead they might be grounded forever, no one even noticed the unicorn and the cloaked figures sneaking by them.

“They can’t go back Rarity” Kooper said, gaining the ponies attention.

“And why not Kooper? These three shouldn’t be here” Applejack said.

“I don’t mind them being here, could be awesome having them with us” Rainbow Dash said, immediately getting glares from Applejack and Rarity.

“Because the train left” Kooper said pointing to the tracks, the ponies indeed saw the train leaving, it was too far now for them to catch it, so Rarity and Applejack sighed in defeat.

“Fine, but they can’t go on their own anywhere, they stay with us” Applejack said, to which the three fillies smiled in victory before shrinking back when Rarity and Applejack glared at them.

“This doesn’t mean you're out of trouble you three, you're still getting punishments when we get back” Rarity said.

Suddenly everyone heard screaming, they all look to where the screaming was and they see a Toad screaming in fear, next to him was a statue of a Toad, only they could see it wasn’t a statue, it was a Toad stuck in fear, the culprit for the stone Toad, they look to see a large Cockatrice, it was Private Cluck without their cloak and the makeshift blindfold on the ground, the rest of their body was seen, a purple scaly body with green scales and green scaly wings with red tips, red spines along their back and tail and large talons, it was plain to see that Private Cluck was anything but a normal cockatrice.

“Cockatrice!” Twilight said as everyone closed their eyes to avoid the sight of Private Cluck, “Don’t look at its eyes, you’ll be turned to stone!” she warned everyone nearby, any Toads that heard her took the warning and covered their eyes, only to suddenly hear what was described as dragon roars, everyone decided to look where the roar came from and didn’t like what they saw.

Flying down from the sky were 3 types of creatures, there was a group of small dragons, a group of griffins in battle armor and what they feared the most, a large swarm of evil Changelings.

“Everybody! Take cover!” Kooper yelled as Toads, Koopas and Goombas ran for their lives, Kooper then looked to Toad, “Go get the Bros! We’ll need their help!” he then turned to the CMC, “You three, go with him, it will be safer for you to get away from this battle till more help arrives” with hesitant nods from the CMC, Toad nods confidently before running through the chaos to somewhere unknown to the ponies with the CMC following him, avoiding the battles, Kooper then ran towards any of the flying beasts that had landed.

“Hey fly brains! Over here!” Kooper yelled as Changelings and Dragons looked at the Koopa, he then charged at them and quickly went into his shell, it spun fast before it started colliding into the evil changelings, dragons and griffins, the Mane 6, Spike and Princess Luna decided to join in on the fight as they charged into the battle, Rainbow Dash and Applejack took on some griffins, Pinkie was facing against some dragons with her party cannon and Rarity, Twilight, Spike and Princess Luna fought off any charging Changelings.

A changeling tried to sneak attack Pinkie before being tackled to the ground by Moonlight, the changeling looked at her and hissed, “Traitor!” it tried to kick her off but she teleported before it could attack, Moonlight then appeared again before changing her form into a grey Swamp Hydra with blue eyes, the changeling looked in fear before fleeing, Moonlight then chased off any evil forces with her hydra form.

As they all fought, the ground suddenly started to move, then everyone saw diamond dogs rise from the ground, wearing silver armor , as they climbed out, soon enough more cockatrice appeared from the holes, these cockatrice just having different shades of green scales and being smaller than Private Cluck.

“Where are all of these creatures coming from?!” Twilight said as she blasted a changeling with magic, then everyone heard evil laughing before they saw the unicorn with the other cloaked figures, Private Cluck standing next to them.

“I would have thought you would have figured it out by now Princess Twilight, my changelings should have been a dead giveaway” the unicorn said before being engulfed in green flames to reveal her true form, her height matched that of Celestia, her legs full of holes and one of the few changelings to have an actual mane, her horn was long and jagged as she wore a black crown on her head, the Mane 6, Spike, Princess Luna and Moonlight gasped at seeing her true form.

“Chrysalis?!” Twilight said incredulously.

“That’s QUEEN Chrysalis to you, and I am not alone this time” she said before the other cloaked figures ripped off their cloaks.

One of the taller ones was a Dragon that was the size of a teenage dragon, but he looked older, his scales were black with his underbelly scales being purple, his eyes were golden yellow and he had curved grey horns on his head, this was Commander Scorch.

The other taller figure was seen to be a female Diamond Dog, she looked to be a Doberman breed, she was wearing a black buttoned up vest and a silver war helmet on her head, she has large claws and large teeth to boot, this was Sergeant Razer.

One of the pony sized figures was a griffon that had crimson red feathers, grey feathers on her head with a sharp beak, her head had large feathers acting as bangs with purple shade on the feathers tips, her eyes can be seen as dark green.

The other pony sized figure was a Changeling, however he looked different from the others, he had purple armor around him with his eyes having pupils like Chrysalis, his eyes were a dark shade of orange with his wings having an orange shade to them.

“Meet my new members of my army, Commander Scorch of the rogue dragons, Sergeant Razer of Diamonds dogs known as the “Ruff Diggers”, General Glynda of the griffins, ones that care for more than just bits, and finally Private Cluck with their large flock of Cockatrices, you have already met Lieutenant Dogma back at the Canterlot Invasion and at my old hive, he has gone through a bit of...evolution since then” Chrysalis said as she introduced her army, she then saw Moonlight change back into her changeling form.

“Well well, if it isn’t the first traitor, here I thought you might have died already from no love to keep you alive” Chrysalis said.

“Well sorry to disappoint, “your highness”, but I don’t need to act like a parasite to survive,” Moonlight said as Rainbow Dash chuckled at Moonlights comeback.

“Nice one Moonlight!”.

Chrysalis growled before smirking, “It doesn’t matter, my new army is clearly too much for you, there's only 10 of you, and Hundreds of us!” Chrysalis said before she started to laugh evilly, her generals joining her as they laughed, suddenly they hear some commotion as they stop laughing and look to where the commotion is coming from.

The ponies, Kooper, Spike and Moonlight look to where it was coming from and soon 2 newcomers arrive, defeating the dragons, griffins, changelings, cockatrice and diamond dogs they came across, one was a short man in blue overalls, red shirt, brown shoes, a red cap with a M logo on it and a nice mustache.

The other newcomer was a taller man in blue overalls, green shirt and green cap with a L logo on it, brown shoes and also having a nice mustache.

They both charged through the forces with ease as they jumped on their heads or even punched and kicked through them, the Elements, Princess and Spike were very much impressed with these two newcomers skills in combat, Kooper smirked in confidence and Moonlight smiled with hope.

Chrysalis was appalled and horrified that her supposed powerful forces were being taken down easily by 2 newcomers, she glared at Lieutenant Dogma, “What's going on?! Who are those two and how are they beating my army?!” she demanded.

Dogma stuttered his answer as he feared what his queen might do to him, “I-I’m not sure your majesty, I have never seen them before in my life”.

Chrysalis growled before flying up in the air, “I will take care of this, you 5 deal with the Elements, Princess and their pathetic backup” she said as she flew towards the 2 men, Kooper yelled to them.

“Mario! Luigi! Take her down! We got these chumps!” Kooper yelled before he started to attack nearby changelings and dragons with his shell attack.

The two men, Mario and Luigi nod to each other before facing Chrysalis.


“Okie Dokie!”

Mario and Luigi charge at the queen as she attempts to fire green fireballs at them, Mario and Luigi dodge the fireballs before leaping and jumping onto her head hard.

Chrysalis growls as she glares at them, “So that's how it's going to be is it?” she then calls upon a few changelings before they changed into duplicates of her, however the bros saw the duplicates were imperfect, one had derpy eyes, one had no mane and another had large crooked fangs, so the Bros focused on the one they knew wasn’t a fake, the 4 Chrysalis charge at the bros, the bros leap into the air and jump onto each Chrysalis, the ones that were changelings changed back once hit, while Chrysalis was knocked back.

Chrysalis was starting to feel weak, she didn’t know why, something was amiss before she then saw Mario and Luigi leap up and land kicks to her head, knocking her down, barely conscious.

Chrysalis groaned, “H-how? I’m not supposed to be defeated so soon and so easily…”

She notices a blue aura around her before Princess Luna walks near her with her horn glowing, “That is because of my magic and strength dampening spell, your forces are defeated Chrysalis, it's time you face your consequences!” out of a bit of anger and spite, she lifted Chrysalis and her army into the air and flung them away into the distance, the ponies, Kooper, Moonlight, Spike, Mario and Luigi were surprised by her action.

Twilight then approached Luna, “Um, Princess Luna? Wouldn’t it have been better if they were placed in custody instead of thrown away?”

Luna thought about it before chuckling to herself, embarrassed by her choice, “I am sorry Twilight Sparkle, I am still upset over last time, I wasn’t thinking straight” Luna said before everyone took the focus to the Bros who approached the group.

Kooper was first to speak, “Elements of Harmony, Spike, Princess Luna, allow me to introduce to you, the Super Mario Bros, Mario and Luigi” Kooper said.

“Hello!” Mario said to the group as Luigi waved to them.

“Nice to meet you Mario and Luigi, thank you for helping us deal with Chrysalis and her army” Twilight said.

“Indeed, such a task on facing a threat such as the changeling queen is quite noble, then our progress for coming here would have been halted” Luna said before Kooper let out a short gasp.

“The meeting! We’re going to be late thanks to that bug queen, lets get going!” Kooper said as he started running, getting everyone's attention.

“He’s right, we must go” Princess Luna said as everyone, including the Mario Bros started running and followed Kooper, to the castle of Princess Peach.

Author's Note:

[Mario and Luigi have joined the party]

hope you guys liked that introduction of new characters, I wanted Chrysalis to have more than just Changelings with her, plus we haven't seen much of the Diamond Dogs ever since Season 1 and I wanted to make a Cockatrice character for a while now, also if anyone wants to make fan art of Chrysalis' new generals then I'll allow it, just make sure to credit me on them, just make sure to get their designs accurate