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Mario, Luigi and MLP: Bowser's Inside Story and Chrysalis' Journey - XLR8 Fox

When Queen Chrysalis meets King Bowser, they must travel together to stop Fawful from taking what's theirs, Revenge

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Chapter 9: Cavi Cape and Midbus Battle-1

As Bowser went through the exit, he saw many boulders in his way, not wanting to stay in the cave longer than he wanted to be, he punched through the boulders and carried on.

He sees a metal bar door, however it was locked.

“Damn it!” Bowser said to himself before noticing a sign on the door, “huh? Whats this?” he then began to read the sign.

“This door is pure technology. It is also retro-vintage chic. If you want to open the door, hit the left pillar’s switch. If your hand can’t reach it, slam it with something else. This door is a technological miracle, it will not break.”

Bowser looked to where the switch was and noticed some large cannonballs falling down a ramp, this gave him an idea.

He stood on a metal platform near the edge of the hole, he then winded up a punch.

“Lets see if you like this!” he then lets out a punch at the right time, punching a cannonball and it launched into the switch, he looks to see the door lifted up.

“Hah! I’m a genius!” Bowser said as he continued on with his journey.

"Where did I go wrong?" Chrysalis asked herself.

Chrysalis had laid in the spot she had crashed in, this has been the second time she was sent flying because of some princess, the plan was supposed to have been fool proof, yet two fools in red and green ruined her plans.

"Damn them!" she shrieked at the sky, gaining a small amount of joy as birds scattered in fear. However that joy quickly disappeared as she realized that Princess Luna and the Elements could be sending guards to capture her soon.

'If I stay here I'm a sitting duck' Chrysalis craned her head up and began to survey her surroundings, Trees, Trees, Rock, Trees, A dark forest was all that surrounded her. Staring back up at the sky through the hole she had torn through the tree Canopy the rays of sun shining through the hole as if to mock her.

'They won't find me' she told herself. 'By the time they get here I'll be long gone and once they've let their guard down, I'll strike again'.

Chrysalis was able to climb to her feet with surprisingly little effort. However it was only after she tried to walk when she discovered the full extent of her injuries. She dropped back to the ground as a sudden jolt of intense pain flooded her senses. She looked down and saw that one of her legs had a deep gash. "Damn, I guess I wasn't as lucky as I thought" she said aloud, grimacing at the pain.

"Okay, okay, we've got this, we've been through worse. All we have to do is get out of this forest and then we can just fly away. There is no way those foalish ponies can keep up with me." Chrysalis continued to speak aloud, doing her best to motivate herself without giving away her position.

Once again, she began pulling herself up and once again she fell.

"Damn it" she swore, "If I don't find a way out, this will be nothing compared to what those fools will do, if they find me."

Chrysalis began to run through her options in her mind. Flying out of the forest was out of the question. The canopy that hid her was far too thick, and any attempt to break through it would draw too much attention. Using her magic was out of the question. Everything had been drained when she was hit by that strength dampening spell Princess Luna casted on her, leaving her with just enough to move small objects.

The bushes begin to rustle. "Pssst my queen, are you here?" came the muffled voice from inside the bush.

Chrysalis was surprised she hadn't expected any of the changelings to find her, especially not so quickly after they had been scattered.

"My queen? Are you here?" rang the voice once again, Chrysalis quickly recognised the voice as Lieutenant Dogma

Chrysalis let a small grin slip across her face; she might make it out of this yet.

"Yes Lieutenant, it is me, now hurry and help me." she answered

Lieutenant Dogma then walked out from the bushes, he saw the changeling queens injuries and winced, he quickly moved to where Chrysalis is, the Changeling began to use his magic to try to heal the wound, after a few moments all the wounds had been healed and Chrysalis was once again free to move.

"Come my queen, I'll take you to the others." Dogma said as he began to lead Chrysalis to where her army resided for now, Chrysalis knew she had to make better plans for her revenge.

Bowser continued smashing through some boulders, Bowser looked for a way out of this cave. The cave was a mining cave as far as he could tell, there was still some machinery littered around the cave.

Finally, he saw daylight filtering through the gloom and hurried around the corner. The exit was blocked by what appeared to be a giant cobweb, there weren't any giant spiders, so he figured it was all clear.

“Look at this flimsy little thing." He scoffed. "Time for some burnage!" He took a deep breathe, ready to unleash his flames like back in the forest, but when he tried breathing flames, hot air was all that came out.

Blinking in confusion he tried again, and again, but all that came out was air. “Wait, what happened? HEY! Why did no flames come out?!” Bowser was getting worried, as if his day wasn't bad enough, now he can't breath fire! Then a thought accrued to him, he looked down on his belly accusingly. "Hey! You in my belly! Wake up! You hear me?!"

Starlow and the group heard him calling and Starlow decided to see what was wrong with the Dragon-Koopa.

"What’s wrong?" she asked.

"I'll tell you what's wrong! My flames aren't working!” he said angrily, “You probably messed something up in there!" he sai, blaming Starlow.

"I didn't touch anything, don't blame me for this!" she said, getting angry that Bowser accused her of something she didn’t do.

Bowser was getting even more mad. "Hey jerky! I never had any trouble until you got in there!” he said “I was a burning MACHINE! And now you broke me!” he said, he knew he was right, he was a prime Dragon-Koopa till she came along, “SO FIRE ME BACK UP!!!"

"Now just hang on for a sec! what would I have to gain by disabling your flame system?" Starlow asked, trying to bring reason in this argument, the group just stared and listened to this argument.

"Do I look like I need logic!?" Bowser didn't care how it happened, he just needed it now! Without it, it made him feel.... vulnerable. "Listen, I NEED to breathe fire!" he said angrily.

"I'm sure you do! And I'm also sure I didn't disable it! So have a good time trying to fight without your fire and all” she just as angrily before yelling “YELLO GOOD-BYE!"

"HEY! HEY!” he said, trying to get her to listen, “Why you! GRAAAAHHH!!!" Bowser couldn't believe this, who was she to talk to him like this! HIM! The king of the Koopas. "This is complete garbage! I’ve gotta get my fire back!" Bowser turned to the cobweb and sneered.

“Someday, I'll get that punk." he said before he continued on, going the different direction while breaking more boulders to clear his path, but also to relieve his anger.

Bowser enters the next area and sees a large stone platform, he proceeds to step onto the platform, it then starts to move, Bowser sees 2 large stones jutting out of the wall which could make him fall off his platform, so he punched the stones, destroying them.

As he makes it to the other side, he walks off the platform and sees it go all the way back to the other end of the area, Bowser then sees a Brick Block, it was larger than any he ever saw, so he decided to punch it and out came one of his favorite foods

[Bowser got x 3 hot drumsticks]

“Oh yeah! Drumsticks! The best food a koopa can eat!” Bowser said as he stored the drumsticks in his shell for now, “Thank god for hammer space” Bowser mumbled to himself as he started to walk to the next area.

"This is it?"

Chrysalis looked around the small clearing that Dogma had taken her, in front of her were about 100 changelings, and none of her newer forces in sight, "This isn't even half of the invasion force! Where are my generals?!"

"This was all we could find my queen, we could not find any of the generals." Dogma said,

Chrysalis groaned in annoyance, “If it wasn’t for those 2 fools in red and green, then I would have defeated those foals!" this failure was just reminding her of the time she failed to conquer Canterlot, she didn't want to be reminded of that day.

Suddenly the bushes began to rustle and from it came out four changelings. "*Hiss*"

Chrysalis growls. "Great, seems we've landed in another hives territory."

However she noticed something about these changelings, their bodies were a very dark green and their eyes had a faint swirl pattern in them, they were wearing some type of devices which hung around their necks by chains.

"What is your surprised face? Is there forgetting about your minions" Above the four changelings stood another creature, who was beanish in appearance. The beanish creature wore blue glasses, red robes and was standing on a floating platform, it was Fawful.

Chrysalis tilted her head in confusion. "What?"

Fawful looked behind Chrysalis and gains an expression of happiness at the site of the changelings. "Oh joy for Fawful! More bug-horses to spread the delicious mustard of doom!"


Two floating saucers appear behind the grinning bean, from under the floating saucers came out a speaker-like object, the speaker's fired a strange signal at the changelings.

Instantly all of the changelings, except for Dogma, started to grab their heads in agony, doing anything they can to prevent the signals from entering their heads.

Chrysalis turned towards Fawful, a look of outrage on her face, "What do you think you are doing to my changelings!".

Dogma took a battle stance, “Surrender now fool, or face the queen's wrath!”

Fawful looked at Chrysalis still grinning. "The horse-bugs will help me spread the delicious mustard of doom onto the bread that is the mushroom kingdom, also the horse-bugs are more tougher than any Goomba or Koopa."

Chrysalis was a bit confused by his words, 'Goombas?' 'Koopas?' and something about mustard and bread. "Look I don't know who you think you are! But I demand you to release my changelings!"

"Who do I think I am!? I am Fawful!" Fawful flew straight up to Chrysalis. "The changelings belong to me!" Fawful started circling around her and Dogma, while chanting me! me! me! Fawful came to all full stop in front of Chrysalis. "All mine!"

Chrysalis laughed. "Yours? Ha! The changelings obey me!" Chrysalis leered at Fawful, who was still grinning. "And want to know why? Because I'm their queen!" Chrysalis turned towards her small army. "Changelings attack him!"

They didn't move.

"What's the matter with you!? I said attack!"

They still didn’t move.

“Soldiers! Your queen gave you an order! Attack the this Fawful now!”

Fawful suppressed a giggle at the pathetic attempt Chrysalis and Dogma did to get her changelings to obey her. "Changelings!" All of the changelings stood up looking at Fawful. "Eliminate your queen!"

Chrysalis looked on in shock and horror. All of her changelings were obeying him and not her. "Stay back! I order you!"


Dogma quickly casted a spell that made a wall, pushing the hypnotised Changelings back.

“I’ll hold them off my Queen!” Dogma said to which Chrysalis nodded and flew off, while Dogma may not have been the smartest changeling, he certainly was the strongest and most loyal.

Bowser gazed out into the ocean beyond the cliffs, he briefly wondered if there was a volcano nearby that was causing the sun-reddening haze, but he didn't care, he just wanted to gather his bearings enough so he can figure a way to his castle and have his fire-breathing problem looked at. Bowser was pretty high up on the cliffs - which made sense considering how much climbing he did in the cave. Turning away from the cliff, he started walking around seeing if he could find any landmarks, when a shadow flew over him, putting all of his thoughts on hold.

Fawful, having already secured the two castles and his position as ruler of Bowser's castle, decided to go see if Bowser was awake. Fawful flew towards the edge of the cliff seeing Bowser running up to meet him.

"Hey! Hold up!" Bowser yelled as he neared Fawful. "Quit hovering!"

"What is your surprise face? Was there forgetting about me?" Fawful grinned as he hovered to the now stationary koopa.

Bowser thought for a moment, and his eyes snapped open. "Wait, I know you! You're that weirdo who tricked me into eating that mushroom!" Bowser said, now remembering Fawful.

"You are the one who is correct!" Replied Fawful, continuing circling his prey. "Wasn’t it full of delicious!? Such a special treat is called a Vacuum Shroom! I, Fawful, invented it to make you inhale everything you see!" Fawful revealed.

The name rang a bell for Bowser, but he wasn't as good as remembering things as Kamek was on a good day, and he couldn't make the connection with the Beanbean Kingdom misadventure. He was still having trouble remembering what happened to him this morning, he did remember eating a mushroom, and then pain, nothing but pain.

Fawful caught the look on Bowser's face and had to suppress a giggle. "And I, Fawful, am betting that you remembering nothing. You inhaled like a hungry syrup pig at the free pancake buffet. And then you had the napping. And then I put you in a cave!" Fawful explained in his weird way.

"WHAAAAT?!" Even if Bowser couldn't remember what happened, he was still angry. "What's your problem pal?" Bowser snarled. "What's your beef with me!?".

Fawful looked confused, "Beef? I am lacking in beef. Fawful is beefless, but I am having a goal!" Fawful flew higher, and cried out on the top of is lungs. "The Mushroom Kingdom...WILL BE MINE!!!"

Bowser blinked in stupefaction.

"All of Mushroom Kingdom spread for Fawful like power punch!" chattered the young bean. "First the appetizer of making toads round with blorbs! Then a side order of using Vacuum-shroomed Bowser! Fawful is gorging on his plan of win! And he still has hunger!"

Fawful however didn’t realise that Mario, Luigi, the Equestrians and Starlow were eavesdropping on the conversation, they found the culprit for the blorbs, but for now they just had to wait.

"You're nuts!!" Bowser growled.

"No hunger for nuts, just to Mushroom Kingdom....First, the emptying of the castle of Peach, AND THEN!!!" Fawful circled around Bowser. "ANDTHENANDTHENANDTHEN!" He came to a stop, looking at Bowser with his mad grin. "The castle of Bowser for me! I will be powering it up into the castle of Fawful!"

"Whoa! Hold up, chump! What's this about my castle!?" Bowser demanded.

Fawful chuckled as he reminisced on the attack on Bowsers Castle. "I had the attacking of it, explosions of plenty. Koopa's had the flight like freighted sparrows, but Fawful's minion are like the sparrowhawk: he had captured Bowser's toadies. Now they sing the song of caged birds.... Or have them working for Fawful."

"I say it again, you're nuts! My minions will defend my castle with everything they got! There's a reason why toads tremble in their boots whenever the koopa troop makes a move! You're out of your league pal!"

"Hmm...We will be seeing..." Fawful started to circle Bowser again, watching him from the corner of his eyes, he knew the Dragon-Koopa was rather stubborn. It was a miracle that he was still conscious considering what he had gone through. Fawful didn't like miracles. "Anyway." Fawful faced Bowser again. "I thought you would be sleeping long, like a lazy bear." He paused. He'd like to know why Bowser wasn't still asleep. But curiosity killed the cat. "And I thinking you should be sleeping more! COME! MIDBUS!!!"

As Fawful flew, Bowser hurried to give chase. "Hey! HEY! COME BACK HERE! I'm not done with you!" However, he had barely taken two steps, when a pink blur came out of nowhere and tackled him.

"HRRRGH!!! You. No longer needed. Here, you taste defeat."

Bowser glared at the newcomer, he was big as a Dragon-koopa, only with smaller horns, and even had spiked wristbands on his wrist, but between his pig snout, armadillo shell, and pink skin, he was definitely no koopa.

"Taste defeat? You're gonna taste my fist, you little piglet!" Bowser threatened.

"Taste your fist? Ha. Ha. I think not, I HAVE NO TASTE!" the newcomer, Midbus if Bowser had to guess, said.

Bowser raised an eyebrow. "That doesn't even make any sense!" Bowser said, annoyed at this pigs words, ‘Pigs were supposed to have good sense, right? Or maybe that was just smell....’ Bowser thought to himself before concentrating back onto the conversation.

"Sense is for the weak." Midbus narrowed his eyes threateningly. " You listen. Peach, gone. Lord Fawful, new ruler. Now, no need for you. Fawful says you sleep. NOW YOU SLEEP!!!"

"GGGRRRAAAGGGHHH!!! What is WRONG with you!? Nothing you say makes any sense!" Bowser yelled. 'Peach gone....Fawful new ruler....And the way this guy speaks...Its almost as bad as Fawful.' Bowser swore he heard Fawful's broken english before, but he just can't remember. "And now you made me mad! And once I get mad, I need to punch something! C'MERE!"

Bowser got into his battle stance while Midbus pounded on his chest, ready to battle.


"I HAVE BATTLE!" As Bowser lunged at Midbus, Fawful returned, eager to see his minion take out the Koopa King. "Midbus! He is having a big punch!" Fawful knew Bowser was in no condition to fight, but he still couldn't help but to coach his loyal toady. "Midbus! Have readiness! The longer he is holding back his punch, the bigger the hurting to your face! If you are snacking on a punch held to the very last second...I have the brain pain just with the thinking of it!" Despite Bowser's poor condition, he still managed to land a couple of punches. "BADNESS!!!" He shrieked. "The worst kind of bad badness! Do not have the naughtiness-"

Bowser rolled his eyes, what he wouldn't give to blast the little bean out of the sky-!

Suddenly as if his wish was granted a green fireball blasted Fawful out of his platform. Both Bowser and Midbus turned towards the source of the attack, and saw a black bug-like creature, Chrysalis.


Chrysalis stomped towards Fawful, a look of rage on her face. "YOU ARE GOING TO PAY!!!"

Fawful began to experience an emotion he hadn't felt in a long time- Fear. "Midbus! Fawful is in needing of your assistance!"

Midbus snapped out of his confusion and ran towards his master. "You leave master Fawful alone!"

Chrysalis turned towards Midbus, murder in her eyes. "Oh, you want to go!? Well come at me!" Green flames soon covered her body, and soon enough there stood an almost exact copy of Midbus in her place, only instead of pink it was black and grey and instead of yellow there was green.

Midbus looked at the copy shocked, the shock however quickly changed into a look of pain as Chrysalis punched Midbus on the stomach, causing him to stagger backwards. Fawful seeing Chrysalis busy with Midbus, went back to his floating platform.

"Midbus! Now is the time for striking!" Fawful ordered, as Midbus curled into a ball and spun towards Chrysalis, but much to Fawful's chagrin, Bowser jumped in front of Chrysalis and punched Midbus, causing him to roll backwards. "NAUGHTY! That is danger! That punch is like a danger sandwich....Not tasty...you guys are the handful. But my Midbus eats danger sandwiches like they where fun hoagies-!"

"SHUT UP!!!"

Fawful looked shocked as both Bowser and Chrysalis charged at Midbus and punched his ball form straight towards him. Lucky for Fawful, Midbus had uncurled from his ball, and charged both Bowser and Chrysalis (Who by now reverted back to her Changeling form.), and doubled the intensity of his attacks.

Bowser started to feel even worse than he had in the morning when he fought Mario, but this time, he knew why he was having trouble countering the pig as he bounced around and hit them both with a painful body slam. "Grah...hah...haah.." Bowser panted, smarting the blow as Midbus spun around in the air, ready and raring to strike again. "What did that crummy mushroom do to me....I cant win like this.." Bowser said, not feeling so good at the moment.

Chrysalis turned towards Bowser. "Don't you dare quit on me now! I can't beat him on my own." she was right, she was more angry that one of her most loyal servants is probably captured by Fawful with the rest of her changelings, maybe her whole new army was too.

Midbus smirked. "Muh. muh. muh. You are most weak. Yes you two are very weak."

"What...how?" Bowser said weakly, 'Why is this happening to me!?' he thought to himself.

Midbus approached the two with murderous intent. But when he caught sight of Fawful, he stopped. Fawful shook his head, he still needed Bowser alive, besides the two proved to be more trouble than they're worth. Fawful signaled Midbus to retreat. The pig had a bad feeling about leaving the two alive, but a part of him was glad, this will give him another chance to pummel the two into oblivion. Midbus turned to address the two. "It does not end here, work on your skills. Only then do you two have a chance." Midbus started to walk away, leaving a humiliated koopa and an enraged changeling.

Bowser had never been so insulted. Someone walking away in the middle of a fight! 'How dare that pig!' Bowser gritted his teeth, barely resisting the urge to call Midbus back so they could finish the fight. As much as he hated forfeiting, he hated losing more, maybe if he had his firebreath he risked it. Which reminded him. "Hey!" Chrysalis turned to Bowser. "Not that I'm ungrateful or anything, but why did you help me?"

Chrysalis turned back to the leaving forms of Fawful and Midbus. "That guy, Fawful." Chrysalis took a deep breath to calm herself. "He used some sort of device to mind control my changelings, even went as far as to use them against me, so when I saw you fighting against him, I couldn't resist the chance to try to get back at him." Chrysalis chuckled. "And with how strong you where, I thought I could actually get back at him."

Bowser went into deep thought, if Fawful was able to mind control her 'changelings' ‘Those sound familiar too’ he thought, then who's to say he didn't do the same with his minions?

Chrysalis turned back towards Bowser and saw him gritting his teeth in rage. "Hey? Are you alright?"


Chrysalis startled from his reaction, backpedaled. "What's the matter with you!?"

Bowser turned towards Chrysalis, his eyes full of rage and determination. "Look lady, thanks for the help, but I got a nutjob to catch." he started walking past her.

"Oh, no! I know that you know where that nutjob is don't you!?" she questioned him, making Bowser turn to her.

"And what if I do!?" he yelled angrily.

Chrysalis growled. "Well you!" Chrysalis poked Bowser in the stomach (his carapace?), "Are going to tell me where!".

Bowser scowled. "And just why, would I do that!"

"That maniac hypnotized my changelings!!!"

"Well that's not my problem is it!?"

Chrysalis sat down, and rubbed the bridge of her nose, already feeling a headache coming on. "Look how about we compromise ." Bowser tilted his head in confusion. "*Sigh* I mean we work together, to take this guy down."

Bowser laughed. "HAHAHA. Me? Work with you!? HA!"

"Look, we obviously will have a better chance at winning if we work as a team." Chrysalis grinned deviously. "Think about it, my magic and your strength, we'd be unstoppable, you saw how that hog couldn't handle the both of us!"

"Imagine me! Queen Chrysalis and you-" Chrysalis blushed at forgetting to get the koopa's name.

"Bowser, king of the koopa's." Bowser puffed out his chest in pride.

"Yes and you-" Chrysalis went to a full stop as what Bowser had said registered. "You're a king?"

Bowser snorted. "Ya? and?"

"Um... Nothing, forget about it, so what do you say?"

Bowser thought about it for a bit, until a voice inside him rang out.

"I think you should do it." Starlow said, shocking the group inside Bowser, Starlow obviously didn’t know who Chrysalis was if she was agreeing to a partnership with her.

Bowser looked at his gut, accusingly. "Oh ya!? And who asked you!?"

"I just think that you might have a better chance at beating Fawful if you had some help."

Bowser wanted to refuse, but the more he thought about, the more it made sense, especially since he had lost his firebreath. "*sigh* Fine..." Bowser turned to Chrysalis, ignoring the odd look she was giving him. "Alright Chrysalis right? You got yourself a deal."

“Give me a second” he said before taking a few steps back and turning his back to her and looking at his gut, “Hey! You in the gut! Are you still listening?!”

“I hear you! Sounds like Fawful is taking over!” Starlow said.

“Well, me and Chrysalis are heading for my castle!” he said.

“Huh? No, that's no good! Go to Peach’s Castle!” Starlow argued, “We HAVE to go to Peach’s Castle”.

“What am I, a taxi? Want a coffee too? Maybe a massage?” he asked sarcastically in anger, “Look, my castle’s in danger! My kids are there and that Fawful moron might hurt them! We gotta head there right now! That weirdo can’t have it!” Bowser said in anger, Chrysalis eavesdropped and heard him talking about his kids, she was certainly surprised now, a King and already has kids to boot.

“...OK, I understand. Do as you must.” Starlow said before she turned to the group, “Nothing we can do right now...but Bowser’s in bad shape, its possible some changes will take place in his body…” she said.

Back outside his body, Bowser saw Chrysalis’ confused expression, he sighs before speaking, “I can’t explain much, only that some weird thing is in my body because of some crummy mushroom I ate, and now she thinks she can talk back to me!” Bowser said.

“Then perhaps you should show them her place once she is out of you” Chrysalis said, smirking at the idea of punishing someone who would speak up against royalty such as them.

“Oh I plan to” Bowser said before he started walking, “Come on, I wanna get to my kids as fast as possible, no way in Tartarus is Fawful laying a weird little hand on them!” he said, Chrysalis followed him, already agreeing on wanting to hurt Fawful ten fold.

Author's Note:

[Bowser and Chrysalis are now a team]
[Saved Changelings 0/100]

Looks like the 2 big bads have teamed up to take on a even bigger bad, will Bowser and Chrysalis be able to work together? lets find out

also I finally worked up to where the original author started their story, so now I can get to reworking what they wrote and write further on