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Mario, Luigi and MLP: Bowser's Inside Story and Chrysalis' Journey - XLR8 Fox

When Queen Chrysalis meets King Bowser, they must travel together to stop Fawful from taking what's theirs, Revenge

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Chapter 11: Bowser Jr.'s Journey Begins

[Before the ponies made it to Toadrey Station]

Bowser sat in his throne, he was trying to think of a new plan to capture Peach and defeat Mario, his long time enemy once and for all, however, his thoughts were interrupted by his Royal Advisor/Caretaker/Royal mage, Kamek.


Kamek flew in on his broom with a panicked expression on his face.

“There’s a massive ball of trouble rolling our way! I’m freaking out!” Kamek said

“Slow down Kamek, what the heck are you talking about?” Bowser asked, annoyed being interrupted from his planning.

They then heard something rolling towards them as Kamek looked to the throne room entrance.

“Oh, I’m too late…” Kamek said.

Suddenly rolling into the throne room is a ginormous brown ball, on top of the ball was Bowsers son, the only child of his by blood, Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. looked exactly like Bowser as a kid, green shell, red hair and eyebrows, even his shell was covered in spikes, however the distinctive difference is the white bandanna with drawn on fangs, he was happily laughing while running on top of the ball

“It’s headed straight for you milord!” Kamek said in a terrified tone.

Bowser then got out of his throne and winded up a punch, as the ball got closer, Bowser unleashed his punch, hitting the ball away and Bowser Jr. fell off, Bowser quickly caught his son in mid air.

“Ah, Junior, found a new toy, huh?” Bowser asked as Junior smiled and nodded, Bowser then looked at Kamek as he put down Junior.

“Kamek! Tell me you didn’t work yourself into a frenzy over THAT!” Bowser said.

“...Would we call it a frenzy?” Kamek said nervously, trying to hide his freak out from earlier.

Junior then jumped in front of Bowser.

“Hey dad! Check it out!” Junior said as he tried to direct his fathers sight at the ball.

Bowser, while humored by his sons behavior, wanted to get back to planning, “Son, I’m in the middle of something-” Bowser said before noticing something about the ball...it wasn’t a ball.

“Wait, what IS that?” Bowser asked as he took a closer look at the ‘ball’, he then saw it was one of his Goombas, only it was large and round and its cheeks were puffed up, it could barely move as it wiggled its feet around.

“Who did this to one of my Goombas?!” he asked, shocked and angry.

Bowser than got complaints from many of his minions, saying giant Goombas were causing problems all around the castle, blocking entry ways, filling the cannons somehow, falling onto other troops when trying to move, this was annoying Bowser to no end, so he had Kamek do some research on what was happening.

Kamek now stood in front of Bowser as the Dragon-Koopa stood in front of his throne, along with them were Junior and the Koopalings, Juniors brothers and sister.

“All right, I’m working on a theory, that overlarge Goomba and the other Goombas may have been afflicted with a condition known as “The Blorbs”.” Kamek explained.

“Hey, Blorb! Watch where you're rolling! You're gonna mess up my decorative barrels!” Bowser said.

“Master…” Kamek said, gaining Bowsers attention, “No one knows what causes the blorbs or how to remedy the condition” Kamek explained.


Suddenly flying into the throne room was a little white bird that was wearing a blue orb around its neck.

“There’s a conference on blorb prevention happening right now at Peach’s Castle” the bird said, “All of the most important leaders have been invited” the bird said before saying something else, “...Except for you of course, hoo boy” it said.

“Hey! Nobody holds an important conference without Bowser!” he said in anger before letting out a stream of flames, the bird and Kamek flew away from the flames while Junior and the Koopalings retreated into their shells, which were fire proof.

After Bowser finished spewing flames, he thought for a few seconds before speaking, “Kamek!” Kamek then came back into the room, “Get your quivering hump over to Peach’s Castle right away!” Bowser ordered.

“Yes, Your Robustness, I’ll see if there have been any developments in de-blorbing…” Kamek said.

“Rotten, lousy conference planning jerks...They know how much I like a continental breakfast! This is completely unforgivable.” Bowser said before turning to his children who had come out of their shells.

“Kids, I trust you all would be able to look after the castle in my absence” Bowser said

“Yeah! Me and the others will make sure no jerks enter the castle on our watch Dad!” Junior said as Bowser nods before leaving the throne room.

Outside Bowsers castle, Bowser is seen flying in his Koopa Clown Car with Kamek following him.

What they didn’t realize was that Fawful and Midbus were watching from afar, they saw Bowser and Kamek leave the castle.

“Oh, breakfast boy is having the cravings again! He is simple like butter sandwich” Fawful said with his massive toothy grin.

“Lord Fawful...the plan is in motion” Midbus said.

Fawful turned to his large minion, “Great news I am hearing! And you will join me in the completion of this plan to its utmost completing!” the bean man said.

“Now where are the loud and muscle having ones? he asked before calling out, “Dieter! Beef! Kaley! Come and share in the chortles with Fawful!” suddenly appearing from colourful lights were 3 beings.

The first being was a short girl who was floating, her arms looking like a mix of wings and fins, she wore a black shirt with a blue bow, white fingered gloves on her wings/arms and blue hair tied up in a pony tail.

The second being is a thing man with scrawny arms and legs, he has a black bodysuit covering his body, leaving his arms exposed and a black pointed hat with yellow poofy hair poking out, white rimmed glasses with black lenses in them, covering his eyes, he also had a yellow tie, white pointed and heeled boots on while holding six small flags, 3 in each hand which had white gloves on with black cuffs, the flags were blue, yellow and red.

The third being was large and looked between muscle and fat, he was wearing black wrist bands, black bottoms with white shoes and a red karate belt around his waist and tied up red hair, his eyes were covered by a black eye mask.

They all had pink skin which showed they had relation to each other.

Fawful grinned as they all faced each other, “Leave the capturing of Bowser to us!” he said.

The one in yellow, Dieter, responded, “Your wish is our command, Lord Fawful” he said.

“Yes! Fawful’s wishes are the gold coins in your tattered thrift-store pants!” Fawful said, “You must never be forgetting about them!”.

“...Understood” Dieter responded.

“Leave it to the Best Fitness Friends!” Kaley announced, announcing the 3 beings' team name before the 3 beings teleported away.

Inside the castle, the Koopalings seemed to be watching Junior battle against the squad of Captain Goomba, Captain Goomba was like any other Goomba, only he wore a red flag on top of his head.

“Looking great Junior!” Ludwig said as Junior battled against the Goombas.

Ludwig was a Dragon-Koopa, just like his brothers and sister and their adopted father, only his shell was blue instead of green and his hair was blue instead of red, as well as being much bigger compared to Bowser.

Junior slashed at one Goomba and then shot a fireball at another, most of the goombas in the squad were defeated as Junior set his sights on Captain Goomba.

“Your next!” Junior said as he retreated into his shell before his shell moved at fast speeds, colliding with Captain Goomba.

“JUNIOR STRONG!” Morton said.

Morton was the biggest of the Koopalings, instead of having yellow scales, his scales were dark gray and his head was white with a gray star over his left eye, his shell was black with the spikes on it being golden, he had bushy eyebrows and only 3 strands of hair on his head.

“Yeah, but will it be enough for when he takes the throne?” Roy said, a little annoyed on how the birth son of Bowser was getting stronger every time he trained.

Roy was the second biggest of the Koopalings, his shell was purple and his head was pink and wore red rimmed shades over his eyes.

“Say Roy, where did you and Morton put all those Blorbed Goombas anyway?” Wendy asked her brothers.

Wendy was the only female Dragon-Koopa in the group of Koopalings, instead of wearing spiked black wristbands like her brothers, she wore large gold hoop rings and a red pearl necklace, pink high heels, wore red lipstick and a pink bow with white dots, she had no hair like the other Koopalings and her head was yellow, her shell was pink with silver rings around her spikes.

“It wasn’t easy, but we managed to stuff them all in the broom closet, with the blorbs we don’t know what's gonna give, the blorbs or the brooms.” Roy said.


“Hiya!” the Koopalings then looked to see Junior had defeated Captain Goomba with a proud look on his face, “Oh yeah! That's right! You just got taken down by the Koopa Prince! Bowser Junior” Junior said as he let out a roar that was higher than Bowsers own.

“Hello! Is anyone here?”

Suddenly everyone looked to see people enter the throne room, it was Kaley, Dieter and Beef.

“Hello, there! My names Kaley” Kaley introduced herself in a friendly manner, “And...HOW FIT DO YOU FEEL?”.

The Koopalings were cautious while Junior just thought of the trio as weird.

“Who are you? Castle-to-castle sales...things?” Roy said, not remembering the final part for some reason.

“Salesman, bro” Larry said.

Larry was at the same height as the other Koopalings, his hair was long and light blue while his shell was light blue, his head was green like Junior and Bowser.

“Right, man, Pops would let ANYONE in here…” Roy said while he got elbowed in the side by Wendy.

“Oh, it’s your lucky day!” Kaley said, “By virtue of simply being here, you have earned a FREE SEMINAR!” Kaley announced.

“Free Seminar?” The Koopalings and Junior thought in confusion.

“We’re here to talk about…” Kaley said before Beef posed in a muscle flexing pose, “Health!”, then Kaley posed with a kissing motion, “Beauty!” then Dieter posed with him crossing his arms in a X motion.

“And a personal enrichment system known as Perfect You!” Dieter said.

Beef then pose again in another muscle flexing pose, “Get bouncy and smooth hair!”.

Kaley then made a swaying hip motion, “Teeth that don’t fall out!”.

Dieter then posed once more while balancing on one leg, “Muscles that quiver like whippets!”.

Then all 3 started shaking as they prepare to pose once more, “That's right, you can have all of these and more when you sign up with…” they then did their final poses.


The Koopalings and Junior stood in silence at this display.

“We even brought samples!” Kaley said.

“Best Fitness Friends, huh?” Wendy questioned.

“Or BFF for short! Heehee!” Kaley said.

“Go away” Roy said bluntly, “We’re up to our eyeballs in blorbed Goombas! We don’t have time for this sales pitch” Roy said.

“Aww, I’m sorry we don’t have time for personal fitness” Kaley said, “I guess we’ll be on our way!”.

As the BFF started to walk out of the throne room, Wendy thought to herself for a few seconds before speaking up, “Hol up a minute Roy” she said as she got all of their attention, “I know it’s crazy, but...what if their products DO have an effect on the blorbs?” she theorized.

They all thought about it before realizing she was right, Roy quickly started running to the exit of the throne room, hot on the BFF’s tails, “Hey! Salesmen people! Come back for a second!” he said as the Koopalings and Junior decided to follow after him.

Captain Goomba sighed in relief, “Man, I’m glad that's over” he said before falling down to relax.

Later on, the Koopalings, Junior and the BFF were standing before a blorbed Goomba.

“My goodness, I’m so glad you reconsidered our products” Kaley said, “Now, for a case like this...I’d recommend…” she then pulls out a circular pill that was blue on both ends with yellow in the middle, “Skeletone Formula:D” she then feeds the pill to the blorbed Goomba, after a few seconds, the Goomba feels something changing.

“Ulp...oooh, whats happening?” it said before it started to shrink, surprising the Koopalings and Junior, while the BFF secretly smirk to themselves.

The Goomba is then seen back to normal, cured, “Yowza!” the Goomba said, amazed that he was cured.

“You see! Skeletone Formula:D! Its the only product on the market that actually tones your skeleton!” Kaley explained

[Discord: Results may very. Not responsible for skeleton damage]

“Amazing!” Wendy said.

“Thats incredible, Bwahaha!” Iggy said.

Iggy was a taller but thinner Dragon-Koopa, his shell was lime green with his hair and head, he wore large glasses.

“Yeah, uh, we’ll take it.” Roy said.

[Discord: Side effects include dizziness, fainting and soggy bones]

“Go ahead and hand over everything you got” Roy said.

“Oh, well I’d be extremely grateful for the business… if I had anymore Skeleton to sell you” she said while wincing, “I’m afraid that I only brought a trial sized portion with me today” Kaley said.

“What?!” Roy said, clearly angry and annoyed by that explanation.

“Why would you do that? Aren't you suppose to be selling the stuff?” Lemmy asked.

Lemmy was the shortest but apparently the second oldest of the Koopalings, he had a rainbow mohawk and a yellow ponytail with a orange shell.

Roy was mad and didn’t wanna keep looking at the BFF who who was thinking just scammed them from the cure, “GET OUTTA HERE!” he yelled.

“Now now, there's no need to get upset” Kaley said calmly, “After all, I can sell you something much better than the product itself” she said, “I can sell you the recipe”.

That caught Juniors and the Koopalings attention.

After they got the recipe, the BFF left the castle with the Koopalings and Junior looking at the recipe.

“Says here we need a Giga-Carrot, an Omega Onion and some Ever Ice” Ludwig said.

“Alright, whos going to get the ingrdients and who’s staying at the castle?” Larry asked.

“Juniors gotta stay, he is the prince after all” Ludwig said.

“Oh come on! I can totally get those ingrdients!” Junior said.

“Sorry little bro, maybe next time!” Iggy said, “Bwahaha!”

“Alright then, I think Iggy, Roy and Larry should go, you guys are the more resourceful in the batle field, the rest of us will stay at the castle” Ludwig said as he gave the recipe to Larry.

“Ya got it” Roy said as the three Koopalings left to search for the ingredients, that left Lemmy, Wendy, Ludwig, Morton and Junior to stay at the castle, not knowing what will eventually happen to their father and king.

[Present day]

Ludwig stared at his opponent, determined to defend his father's castle till the very end, his opponent had already defeated the rest of the koopalings, and Junior had gone missing moments after Morton's defeat, Ludwig was the only one left to defend the castle while three of his brothers went searching for the ingredients.

"Muh. huh. huh. You are strong, both in magic and power." His opponent puffed out his chest. "But you are still weak compared to me!" Ludwig glared at his opponent, he was big as a Dragon-koopa, only with smaller horns, and even had spiked wristbands on his wrist, he also had a pig snout, armadillo shell, and pink skin, he was called Midbus.

Ludwig shakily pulled out his trusty wand out of his shell. "We'll see who's weak," he growled, swaying on his feet from his injuries.

Midbus rolled his eyes, "Magic can't hurt me! You are wasting time." Midbus curled into a ball and launched himself towards Ludwig. Ludwig waved his wand, attempting to conjure a shield around himself, but it was not enough and Midbus had smashed right through it.

"I told you. Magic weak. All that matters is strength." Midbus huffed. "And now you serve Fawful."

Ludwig scoffed, even though he was badly injured, he will not surrender. "I sooner die, than work for a vegetable. "

Midbus smirked. "And what about your siblings?" Ludwig froze. "What's to say we don't choose someone else to die?"

The doors to the throne room slammed open, and out came out two spiked armored Koopas.


Behind the two Koopatrols was Wendy, "AS SOON AS DADDY COMES BACK YOU'LL BE SORRY!!"

Midbus walked towards Wendy with malicious intent, "huh. huh. huh. So this is daddy's little princess?" Midbus continued to circle Wendy, "huh. huh. huh." Midbus snapped his fingers, and instantly a small flying saucer flew towards them, "Well let's see how she handles being Master Fawful's servant." From under the floating saucers came out a speaker like object, the speaker fired a signal at the young princess. Instantly Wendy started to grab her head in agony, doing anything she can to prevent the signal from entering her head.



Ludwig stared at the scene in horror, as his little sister desperately fought against the signal. "STOP THIS NOW!!!"

Midbus smirked at seeing the prince's shocked expression, "huh. huh. You are not in any position to make demands here young prince."

The door opened again, this time the Koopatrols were holding four other members of the royal family as prisoners. In front was Lemmy, trying his best to look brave.

Behind Lemmy were the infamous 'Pallet Trio', the Pallet Trio were in fact triplets and looked almost exactly the same, with some minor differences, the bravest of them was named Red Koopa, like his name implies, his head was completely red, his hair was a darker shade of red, his shell was also the color red, he wore red spiked collars and wristbands.

The second member of the 'Pallet Trio' was Blue Koopa, just like Red, his head was completely blue, his hair only being a darker shade of blue, also having a blue colored shell, he wore a blue spiked collar and wristbands.

The shyest and the final member of the trio was Green Koopa, like his siblings, his whole head, hair, and shell was the same color of what his name implies, he also wore a green spiked collar and wristband.

Unlike the Koopalings, the Pallet Trio didn't like fighting and preferred to play party games with their Uncle Bowser and youngest sibling Koopa Kid. Despite this however, the trio are able to create mechs that can be used for fighting or for playing games.

Red snapped his jaws at Midbus, "Hey! Let us go!"

"Or else!" Blue growled.

"Yea-Yeah! Our uncle is the great King Bowser, he'll mess you up! " Green tried to join in, threatening Midbus.

Midbus watched the trio in amusement, “Do they really think they can intimidate me? HA! Too bad Fawful needs them alive, I would've loved to put them in their place”.

Midbus turned away and snapped his fingers, "Consider yourselves lucky. You'll get to become part of Lord Fawful's new army," four more saucers appeared behind them, "Huh huh huh, and don't think your uncle will come any time soon, after all with the beating I gave him and his buddy, he won't be getting up anytime soon."

"You're lying!"

Midbus turned towards them grinning, "Then why isn't he coming down here to save you?" At the koopas' silence, Midbus decided to end this. "I wasted enough time. Koopatrols, as soon as the mind altering process is complete, take them into the Fawful Theater. I hear a new show is about to start."


As they screamed in pain, suddenly, Midbus is hit from the back of his head, knocking him to the ground, he turned to see a green spiked shell slide on the ground before Junior appeared from it, he growls before he brought out something, it was a long paint brush with a yellow handle and multicolor paint on the brush.

“Leave my family along you big fatty!” Junior said before unleashing many fireballs at Midbus, the large pig like creature crosed his arms as he braced against the barrage of fire balls, then Junior painted something along the ground, brown paint blobs appeared on the ground, suddenly growing out of them were creatures resembling pihrannah plants, these were Polluted Phirannahs, one of Juniors own special minions.

The Pollued Phirannahs snapped at Midbus as he tried to punch at the paint creatures while Junior helped up Ludwig.

“Come one, we gotta save the others!” Junior said before Ludwig grabbed his arm and shook his head.

“No brother, you got to get to Roy, Iggy and Larry, warn them of what's happened and get those ingredients, we need all of our forces to stop this!” Ludwig said.

“But…” Junior looked to his sister, brothers and cousins as Lemmy, Wendy and the Pallet Trio were still groaning from the flying saucers, “But…” Junior looked to Ludwig as he had tears in his eyes.

“Just go! Find dad and help him fix his mess!” Ludwig said as he grabbed his wand, “Besides, Dragon-Koopa’s don’t give up a fight!” Ludwig growled before he charged into to fight Midbus again.

Junior quivered for a second before growling, he started painting on the ground as more paint creatures rose and joined the fight, Junior then ran out of the castle gates as he kept running, he looked back at the castle but kept running, “Don’t worry guys, I’ll get you all back!” he kept running as he saw 4 special minion captains, Captain, Goomba, Captain Boo, Captain Shy Guy and Captain Koopa Troopa, they are as they are, a Boo, a Shy Guy and a Koopa Troopa, only with the same special flag Captain Goomba has.

“You four!” he shouted, getting there attention as they see Junior running, “With me! We gotta get outta here!!” he said before retreating into his shell as he spun past them, the four captains soon follow as they dodge the madness happening.

Author's Note:

[Bowser Jr. recruited Captain Goomba, Captain Shy Guy, Captain Boo and Captain Koopa Troopa to his party]
[Bowser Jr. obtained Paint Brush]

Ok so I admit, after playing through some of Bowser Jr.'s Journey, it is pretty good and the story is good too, so I'm incorporating it into the story, but with some obvious changes as you can see, with a certain special paint brush from Super Mario Sunshine.

Anyways, next time, we continue the adventure with Bowser and Chrysalis and see what they are doing to get to Bowsers Castle