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Mario, Luigi and MLP: Bowser's Inside Story and Chrysalis' Journey - XLR8 Fox

When Queen Chrysalis meets King Bowser, they must travel together to stop Fawful from taking what's theirs, Revenge

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Chapter 4: Meeting and a Kings arrival

It was a peaceful day in Toad Town, many of the Toads in the town wandered around the town, enjoying the day, a small Toad, a child, walked into his house and saw his mom cooking what he could guess was dinner.

“Mom! I’m home” he said.

“Well, hi there, sweetie! Home early today huh?” his mother asked.

“Ms. Ingletoad just couldn’t stop talking. Blah blah blaaaaaah!” the kid complained, “So I snuck out and came home!”.

“You naughty little scamp!” his mother said to him, “You’ll never grow up into a fine Toad with such bad behavior” she said.

“Fiiiiiiiiine, Mom, whatever.” the child said before sitting himself at the table.

(Yeeesh this kid is terrible, even I wasn’t like that at that age)

“So, is dinner ready yet?” he asked.

The mother Toad had checked a pot that was cooking the food inside before turning to her son, “Yes dear, it is”.

“But call your dad before we eat,” she said.

“Ok” the boy said before going to the next room, “DAAAAAAD! Dinner’s ready!”



Suddenly the boy runs back into the kitchen/dining room and runs to his mom.

“What is it dear?” she asked her son.

“It’s Dad! He’s…” before the small Toad could finish his sentence, the whole house started shaking, then the wall to the next room suddenly broke apart as a very large Toad that is bloated like a ball, wearing a green vest and green dots on his head and a mustache.

He rolls through the wall and stops on the house's main wall.



“Mushroom Kingdom Marred by Mystery Malady! The Blorbs!”

“It comes without warning! First, you balloon to blimp size! Then the rolling! you roll away! Oh, the horror of the blorbs”

“As of press time, the cause and cure unknown…”

“Day by day, the number of blorbed Toads swells, even races from outside the Mushroom Kingdom have been diagnosed with the blorbs…”

“Seeing how grave the situation is, Princess Peach convenes an emergency meeting at her castle…”

We are now shown to a meeting room, a large table in the middle of the room with Toads a plenty at the meeting, on a raised platform at the end of the room with a pedestal was the leader of the kingdom, Princess Peach, she wore a pink dress, white elbow length gloves, a blue gem on the front of her dress, long blonde hair that reached past her back, a gold crown on her head with red and blue gems on it and blue round earrings.

Next to her was her royal advisor, Toadsworth, he is a Toad with beige cap and brown spots, purple vest, whitish grey mustache, glasses, white shirt and cane.

“Oh! How absolutely wretched…” Toadsworth said, “Such a thing has never happened in the history of the kingdom!”.

“Soon the entire Mushroom Kingdom will get the blorbs…” one of the Toads said, “We’ve gotta find the cause and get this place back to normal!”.

“Yeah, obviously, but we’ve never dealt with something like this!” another Toad said, “I have absolutely no idea what to do! I suggest we panic!”.

“Pull yourself together, man! We have to do something!” the first Toad said before starting to sob, “My son… He’s also… He’s also got the blorbs.” he then started to cry over his loss.

Toadsworth turns to Princess Peach, “Princess! We still await…” he said to her.

“Yes...we’ve sent word to the Star Sprites for help, even to Equestria, we have had word help from Equestria is on their way as we speak, but… we’ve gotten no response from the Star Sprites.” Princess Peach explained, while she was happy help from Equestria was coming, the Mushroom Kingdom had dependence on the Star Sprites for years, they needed a sign from them that they would help them in their time of need.


Toadsworth and Princess Peach turned to the sudden new voice, “Ah, glorious! I daresay our Star Sprite has arrived!” Toadsworth said.

Just then, entering the room was a round creature, its body was round like a ball, yellow, had brown feet and a small flashing star floating above its head and its head was its body.

“Sorry I’m late! This castle is huge!” the creature said before Toadsworth looking at Princess Peach with uncertainty, “Princess...this thing is...what?” he asked.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Starlow!” Starlow said as she introduced herself, “Peach sent word of trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom… So as a representative of the Star Sprites, here I am!”.


“Mercy! Such pep! Such verve! Such unswerving confidence!” Toadsworth said, “So you’ll be able to simply cure the blorbs, then! Correct?”.

Starlow then looked nervous before answering, “Oh… Uh… Well…“.

After explaining herself, the good news turned bad once more, Starlow as now at the table with the other Toads, “Hrm… If this is even beyond the power of a Star Sprite…”

“Well, I did some research on similar afflictions, but…” Starlow said, “The blorbs are in a class of its own. It seems incurable” she said.

“If we could just find a cause, we’d have a place to start…” she said.

Then a Toad wearing a nurses uniform with pink dots on her head spoke up, “The medical staff did what we could to ease the swelling, but as far as we can tell, we can’t reverse the effects”.

Another Toad spoke up, “You docs gotta do SOMETHING! This is a national, turning international, emergency!”

The nurse Toad replied, “Thanks for the news flash! Obviously we want to help!”.

Starlow then whispers to the Toad next to her, “Psst… who is that over there?”.

The Toad then speaks to her, “Dr. Toadley’s intern”.

“Dr. Toadley?” Starlow asked, never hearing about this person before.

“He’s a really famous doctor. He knows EVERYTHING”. The Toad said, “He couldn’t make it to today’s meeting, so his intern is here”.

“Hmm...” was all Starlow could say.

“Well, I have many patients, so you’ll have to excuse me” Dr. Toadleys intern said before leaving the meeting room to help with blorbed patients.

Toadsworth then started to word his worries, “Blast… Doctors are stumped… The Star Sprite is helpless.. To whom might we turn?”.

“Look, I’m really sorry, ok?” Starlow said, she felt bad enough that they couldn’t just help with the blorbs right away, “There are some things that even a Star Sprite can’t do!” she said before frowning in sadness.

“I guess we just give up, huh?” she said.

Toadsworth however was having none of it, “Hmph! How insolent!”.

Princess Peach then spoke up, “Both of you… calm down” she said in a calm tone.

Then a Toad with a blue head and white spots, glasses and blue yellow zipped vest spoke up, “Yeah, what’s wrong with you Toadsworth?! There IS someone we can count on, by boogity!” the Toad, known as Toadbert said.

This caught Toadsworth's attention as he remembered, “Oh! Quite right! Hope endures”.

Toadbert then looked around, confused, “So uh… whats up? They’re not here yet? The bros...” he said, confused on why their country’s heroes aren’t in the room with them.

Meanwhile at the entrance hall of the castle, Toad and the CMC were waiting, “Oh I hope they got there in time” Toad said as the CMC looked worried for their sisters, just then, the giant wooden doors opened up as Toad rushed to the door to see the group running to the entrance.

“Hey! Mario! Guys! Hurry! Hurry!”.

Then Mario jumped in letting out a “Wahoo!” before he landed, the group of ponies, dragon, Koopa and changeling entered as well, each of them panting from running so far.

“So...tired!” Pinkie said before slumping down onto the ground with her tongue rolled out, panting loudly from exhaustion.

Mario then noticed someone in the group was missing before seeing his brother Luigi catching up to the entrance.


Luigi then accidentally tripped on a rock, causing him to barrel into the entrance and crash into Pinkie before flying in the air and crashing face first into one of the bright pink pillars, the group winced at his landing with Rainbow Dash laughing a bit before helping him out, she grabbed Luigi and put him on the ground, his face being flat as a flat tire before he shook his head, his face turned back to normal.

(I just realized that the Mario Bros’ have the same reality breaking powers as Pinkie...just be glad they don’t break the fourth wall here folks)

“Anyway! The meeting started sometime ago but there’s still time to get in! You gotta hurry! Please! Everyone's waiting, Mario! In the conference hall in the back!”

The CMC then went to their sisters.

(Again, sister figure for Scootaloo’s case)

“Can we come aswell? Please?” Sweetie Belle asked as the three fillies put on the puppy eyes act.

Rarity and Applejack were more resilient, Rainbow Dash wouldn’t mind, but the other grown up ponies in the group were hesitant, Princess Luna however had a soft spot for the Cutie Mark Crusaders ever since she helped them with their nightmares some time back, she would be lying if she said she didn’t like the dream hangout sessions with them, especially the one time the CMC helped pull a small prank on one of Celestia’s dreams.

“Serves her right for taking my last slice of chocolate cake” Luna thought to herself as she smirked at the memory before looking to the CMC before Rarity and Applejack could say anything.

“You may join us, but please remember this meeting is important, so remember to only speak when spoken to and not interrupt anyone speaking, understood?” she said, missing the shocked expressions of Rarity and Applejack as the CMC nod to the night princess, she smiled. “Good, now let us head to the meeting everyone” Luna said as she and everyone else started heading to the conference hall.

Twilight on the way was sneakily reading a special book she picked up on the way to the castle, “A newcomer's guide to the Mushroom Kingdom”, she wanted to learn everything she could on the new kingdom from it’s creatures and special items the kingdom called Power-Ups.

As the large group walked through some halls, a Toad saw them, mostly Mario, enter the courtyard and went to them.

“Hey there! The conference hall is just up ahead. Yup, everyone’s in there, and I’m sure they’re eager to see you!” he said before noticing Princess Luna, “Oh! Princess Luna of the night, I’m sorry but we were expecting Princess Celestia coming to attend the meeting” he said apologetically.

“Tis alright young one, my sister would’ve really wanted to come, but the delegates back in Equestria suggested I come in her stead”.

“I understand, anyways, don’t let me hold you up, head your way forward and you’ll find the conference room past the throne room” the Toad said before walking off, Rarity was a stuttering mess as she registered the information.

“Th-Th-Throne room?” Rarity said before going into a dramatic faint, only for Pinkie to catch her.

Twilight looked around the courtyard and saw many Toads before gasping, catching the other pony’s attention, just in the left corner near where they stood, was a blorbed Toad, he was very large and could barely move, they approached him as Mario and Luigi saw this and were upset at this, poor Toads were catching a disease that had no found cure yet.

The blorbed Toad saw them and saw Mario.

“Ooooog, Mario” he said, his voice sounding like his mouth was full but it wasn’t, he also sounding tired just from speaking, “Phew! You’ll fix me up, won’t you?! I can’t wait, seriously. Not a fan of the blorbs.” he said as he wiggled a bit, but barely even moving an inch from his spot..

“Don’t worry big guy, we’ll take care of this” Rainbow Dash said before the group started to head to the conference room.

The group passed a very elegant statue of what the group could guess was the ruler of the kingdom, Princess Peach, Rarity commented on how fabulous the statue alone looed, Toads nearby talked with Mario and Luigi as they walked.

The group then entered the throne room, it was very much similar to that of the throne room back in Canterlot, however here was statues of Princess Peach in all corners of the room, the Throne itself was on a raised platform with steps, the throne having comfy red fabric on the white and gold throne, with some mushroom styled lamps on the platform.

The group saw one of the hallways blocked by a blorbed Toad so they went to the right hallway.

As they entered, the group saw the meeting was still taking place.

Everyone in the room then noticed them enter as Toadsworth spoke.

“Ah! Master Mario! Master Luigi! We’ve awaited your arrival!” he said before looking at the ponies, “As well as the Princess and heroes of Equestria, Princess Luna and the Elements of Harmony”, He then looked to Kooper, “Excellent job bringing them here Master Kooper”.

Kooper shrugged with a smile, “Eh, no biggie, also I hope you don’t mind us bringing a friend with us, she wanted to be part of the meeting for important matters” Kooper said as he showed Moonlight.

“Not at all Master Kooper! Now, let us resume the meeting!” Toadsworth said as everyone then took their places at the table, Princess Luna standing next to Princess Peach near the platform, Twilight and her friends sitting near Mario with Kooper and Moonlight on the other side of him while Luigi sat at the other end of the table next to Starlow, Spike right next to the green taller brother, the CMC stood next to their sisters.

(You know what I’m gonna say)

Toadbert then brought out a book before starting to explain.

“Now then, going on what little information we’ve unearthed, the cause MAY be from a mushroom sold by a local merchant” Toadbert said, no one noticing Luigi and Spike were having trouble staying awake.

“Oh dear! A mushroom?” Princess Peach asked, “You mean to tell me that a mushroom causes the blorbs?” she asked.

Luigi and Spike are now seen just sleeping, Luigi’s head on the table and Spike just on the table, using Luigi’s head as a pillow of sorts, still nobody took notice.

“Well, yeah, we interviewed all the blorbed Toads we could, even some of the blorbed ponies and changelings we could get to cure them…” Toadbert said.

“And? What did they say?” Twilight asked, concerned for the Toads, Ponies and Changelings that got blorbed.

“Well Princess Twilight, they all said they’d bought a strange mushroom called Blorb Mushrooms” Toadbert said.

Toadsworth was confused by the name, “Blorb Mushroom? Perplexing… Not a local variety, of that I’m quite sure” he said.

Kooper then spoke up, “Yeah, I would know, I have come to know a lot of different kinds of items sold in the kingdom, these Blorb Mushrooms sound like a foreign item” he said before looking to the ponies, “Have you girls heard anything about these Blorb Mushrooms?”.

“Heavens no darling, never heard anything of the sort” Rarity said.

“Ma family are known for growing apples, sure we find some mushrooms sometimes in the fields, but never heard of Blorb Mushrooms before” Applejack said.

“Never heard of ‘em” Rainbow Dash said.

“They sound like a bad ingredient for special mushroom cakes,” Pinkie Pie said, getting some stars from her friends, “What? They make those types of cakes here”.

“I’ve talked with Zecora on different flora and many types of items she needs for ingredients for her potions, I never heard of Blorb Mushrooms either” Fluttershy said in a sad tone, upset she couldn’t help with the answer.

“I have gone through my own notes on Equestrian Flora as well, I have never heard of such a thing” Twilight said.

“Even in the badlands we have no such thing” Moonlight said.

“Then either they are sold in a different kingdom entirely or they are man made” Kooper said.

“What sort of rapscallion would sell such a thing?” Toadsworth asked.

“Well, according to one witness, it was a fellow in a cape, all signs point to the suspect not being from this kingdom” Toadbert said.

“Well, whoever he is, he’s our only lead” Starlow said, “So, it’s decided! Let’s go find him!”.

“Master Mario! Master Luigi! Your hour is at hand!” Toadsworth said, Luigi, nor Spike we even awakened by Toadsworth, “Go forth and stomp this fellow as if he were bowser!”.


Everyone (except Luigi and Spike, still asleep, go figure) was surprised at the sudden laughter, everyone but the Mane 6 and the CMC knew who that laugh belonged to.

“Did someone just page the king of awesome?”

Everyone looked to the entrance of the room as were shocked and scared, the Toads mostly scared as they ran away.

Entering the room was a giant turtle like beast, it looked like a Koopa like Kooper, only more menacing, his shell was green with large spikes growing out of it, the beast has yellow scales like a dragon all over its body, arms, legs and tail, a beige carapace over his body, his tail having spike spines on it, claws instead of hands, his face having beige for his mouth and nose and green scales for the rest of his head, sharp horns on the sides of his head, red eyebrows and a red mane of hair on the top of his head, his eyes are red and he’s wearing black spiked armbands over his wrists and arm biceps, he’s also wearing a black spiked collar around his neck.

This is the Koopa King, Bowser.

“Sweet Celestia what is that?!” Rarity said, scared of the beast as her sister hugged her for safety.

“PEACH!” Bowser yelled, “So I’m an outcast huh?! What’d I do to deserve this?!” Bowser then punched through where the table connected and marched through and towards Peach who still stood on the platform behind the pedestal.

“What are you doing here?! We’re in an important meeting! The kingdoms in danger!” Peach said.

“Gee, PARDON ME! Guess what? I live here, Your Royal Genius!” Bowser said rudely, “I’ve got as much right to be in this meeting as anyone!”.

“I mean right? Help me out here! Toadsworth! Back me up!” Bowser said, trying to get his reason to be justified.

Toadsworth stuttered, “That… Erm… That’s… Well…”.

Starlow however decided to add her own 2 bits into the conversation, “Don’t be ridiculous! You have no right to be here! Get out!” she said rudely.

“Um, darling, not to interrupt, but maybe you could have put that in a nicer way?” Rarity said before everyone saw Bowsers enraged face as he breathes in deep, Mario, already knowing what's going to happen, jumped over the table and grabbed Peach, he then jumped away as Bowser unleashed a torrent of flames from his mouth, “Crud!”.

Everyone moved away as the flames appeared, except Luigi and Spike who were still sleeping, the fire had left the projector screen in tatters and the podium burnt to a crisp and the platform covered in soot.

Mario leapt onto the platform in a battle ready pose.

Bower looked furious, “MAAARIO!”.

“Are you seriously trying to start with me again?!” Bowser complained, “I hear about this big meeting, and I’m all ready to act nice… But man, the second I see your face, Mr. Nice Bowser is GONE!” Bowser yelled.

“Yeah, forget your dumb meeting! I’ll pummel you and grab Peach!” Bowser said as he got into a battle stance.


As Mario got ready for battle, Toadsworth called him out, “Master Mario!” he then walked to Mario, “Your first battle in some time! Shall I refresh you on attacks?”.

Mario didn’t want to inform Toadsworth of the battle that happened before back at Toadrey Station yet, so he didn’t contradict him, instead he replied, “No thanks Toadsworth”.

(NANI?!?! Mario can speak?! All jokes aside I’m letting the man speak, anyways…)

“Ah! But of course not! As if Toadsworth could teach YOU about battling” Toadsworth said as he went to stand at the sidelines of the battle.

The Mane 6 wanted to help, only for Kooper to stop them, “Don’t worry, he’s got this”.

Mario then proceeded to jump onto Bowser's head, jumped up again while doing a backflip and landing on Bowser's head again, he then landed back where he stood.

Bowser wasn’t having any of that as he took a deep breath before firing a ball of fire from his mouth, Mario was quick to dodge it as he jumped over the fireball.

“Very good Master Mario! This gargantuan lout fazes you not at all” Toadsworth said.

“Shut up!” Bowser yelled, clearly knowing the old Toad insulted him, “I’ll burn you too, Blabby!”.

As the Mane 6, The CMC, Kooper and Moonlight watched the battle, they didn’t notice Princess Peach, Princess Luna and Starlow sneaking behind Bowser.

Bowser let out another fireball to which Mario dodged with a jump, Mario then proceeded to double jump on Bowser’s head again, Bowser tried to attack with more fireballs, only for Mario to keep dodging.

Mario then heard something flying above, he looked to see Princess Luna flying in the air while using her magic, a faint blue aura covered Bowser as well as hearts and little stars, Mario seeing this battle was coming to an end, decided to finish the battle, he got a running start before charging at the Dragon Koopa.

Bowser, not seeing what was transpiring behind and above him, thought Mario was making a death wish as he tried to throw a punch at the plumber, only to miss as Mario dodged at the last second, Mario then jumped up and performed one last double jump, causing Bowser to topple over as if he had just been in a large scale battle.

Bowser laid on the ground, groaning in pain, “Where are my skills? That was not my “A” game…” he groaned, “I mean, I’ve lost before, but not THAT easily…”.

“Tis because it was our magic that helped in your defeat” Princess Luna said as she descended onto the ground next to Peach and Starlow.

“Yes! It was my star power, Peach’s wish power and Luna’s night magic” Starlow said, “It weakened you, didn’t it?!”.

Bowser just groaned in confusion, “Whuh… What…”.

“Alright Peach” Starlow said, “Lets clean up this mess!”.

Princess Peach then used her own power to lift Bowser in the air before launching him out of the castle, far away.

Princess Peach then approached Mario, “Thank you Mario, you’ve saved me once again. Thank you” she said before kissing Mario on the cheek, Mario sighed lovingly as Rarity let out a squeal, she always loved romance.

And not surprisingly, Luigi and Spike were still asleep.

However, nobody realized that it was far from over.

Author's Note:

[Boss Battle 1: Bowser, DEFEATED]

So Yeah, I'm gonna have Mario and Luigi talk more in the future, call it a stupid idea, but I think it will be better for them to talk, especially in some moments I plan for the future

Don't worry I will still include the funny Italian gibberish they do, just for unique circumstances.