• Published 3rd Mar 2021
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Mario, Luigi and MLP: Bowser's Inside Story and Chrysalis' Journey - XLR8 Fox

When Queen Chrysalis meets King Bowser, they must travel together to stop Fawful from taking what's theirs, Revenge

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Chapter 1: It begins...

Chapter 1: It Begins...

Twilight was thinking many things as her and her friends ran towards the Canterlot Castle, why? Because Princess Celestia had sent a message to her via magic fire from Spike, the message stated it was an emergency so Twilight gathered her friends and made their way to Canterlot.

“What do you think the emergency is?” Rainbow Dash asked as she flew next to her friends.

“Hopefully its not a end of the world emergency, I was in the middle of working on a new order” Rarity said as she ran.

“Maybe it has to do with the missing ponies lately” Pinkie said as she ran backwards… somehow.

“What missing ponies?” Applejack asked, Twilight also wondered what her friend meant as she led her friends to the castle.

“Well normally I know everypony in Ponyville and I was supposed to give a cake to one of the ponies today, Storm Drop for her birthday but her brother, who is her room mate, told she she had went missing and he was told by the royal guards she’ll be back soon, then I went to see if anypony else went missing and some other ponies went missing too” Pinkie explained in one breath as they finally made it to the castle.

“Then they must be the reason we were summoned, to find these missing ponies” Twilight said as they made it through the castle and to the throne room, as they walk in they see Princess Celestia and Princess Luna standing in front of the throne, but also one of the royal administrator ponies who had yellow fur and silver mane, it was a unicorn stallion who was wearing a black suit jacket and white undershirt and was holding a clipboard with his magic.

There was also two creatures the Mane Six were not familiar with, one of them was short and standing on too legs, had peach tone skin, wearing white pants, brown shoes, a blue sleeveless jacket and a large round cap of sorts? It was white and had red spots, its eyes were black.

The second creature looked more like a turtle, only its skin was pure yellow, its shell had a white rim with the rest of the shell being dark red, it was wearing a white scarf around its neck, wearing black and blue boots with white socks and is wearing a brown satchel, its eyes were blue.

As they approached, Princess Celestia took notice of them, “Twilight, I’m glad you and your friends could make it” she said.

“We came as fast as we could” Twilight said, “So what's the emergency? Does it have to do with the missing ponies?”

“Yes, it does” Celestia said before motioning her hoof to the strange creatures, “But first, let me introduce you to our visitors, who are also part of the emergency” Celestia said as she began introducing them.

“The small one is known as Toad” The now known Toad waves, “he is a race of mushroom like people from the Mushroom Kingdom”.

She then motions to the turtle, “This is Kooper, his species are known as Koopa’s, turtle like species with tremendous abilities” Kooper nods to them, “Hey there” Kooper said, which surprised the Mane Six, they didn’t expect him to really speak.

“Now that introductions are out of the way, let us address the emergency” Luna said as she walked forward.

“In just a couple of days, we have had reports of the strangest things that have happened, ponies from Canterlot, Ponyville and even the Crystal Empire, had grown into large orbs, research had shown their their entire muscle mass and their fats had grown unhealthy large in a short manner of time” Luna had explained, which shocked the Mane Six.

Celestia then continued, “Yes, the sickness was unknown until residents from the Mushroom Kingdom has encountered the same thing and identified the sickness as, The Blorbs” Celestia said.

“NOOO! NOT THE BLORBS!” Pinkie said dramatically, before quietly whispering to the mane six, "I don't know what that is".

"The Blorbs?" Rainbow Dash asked skeptically, she really didn't believe a disease could have such a silly name.

“Yeah, it's just terrible!” Toad said, “Most of the people in Toad Town have been diagnosed with the Blorbs, no one knows exactly what's caused them”.

Kooper then joined in, “I even got reports from my folks in the more...dangerous parts of the Mushroom Kingdom that Koopas, Goombas, even Thwomps have gotten the Blorbs...though I think the last one could’ve been a exaggeration” Kooper said, the Mane Six were scared on what other damage this disease could to, but also confused on what Kooper said, Goombas? Thwomps?

“Fortunately, an old friend of ours, Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, has organized a meeting to figure out a plan against these Orbs, I would go myself-” Celestia said before being interrupted by the royal administrator pony.

“Absolutely not! If Princess Celestia were to leave Canterlot, Ponies will start to question her whereabouts and the populace will soon find out about the Blorbs being found here in Equestria! We cannot allow it” the stallion said.

“Yes Silver Buckle, we understand” Celestia said, exasperated by the stallion, Silver Buckle said, it's obvious he has said this more than once and it annoyed her to no end.

“Fortunately, I, as well as you Six, will be permitted to go to the Mushroom Kingdom to attend this meeting and figure out how to fix the Blorbs” Luna said.

The Mane Six thought about this and it made sense, Celestia leaving would make most of Canterlot's citizens panic since they needed her presence in the city to feel safe, Luna has been free to wonder outside of Canterlot without much trouble and the Mane Six are the Elements of Harmony, they are Equestrias heroes, so it made sense for them to go.

“Then you can count on us, we’ll help the Mushroom Kingdom find a cure for the Blorbs!” Twilight said as the rest of her friends agreed.

“Yeah! Road trip!” Pinkie said excitedly.

“Great!” Toad said “I’ll lead everyone to the Mushroom Kingdom” he said before Kooper chuckled a bit.

“Hehehe, oh no you don’t shroom head” Kooper said as he poked Toads head, “I’m leading us back”.

Toad looked confused, “Huh? Why?”.

Kooper however looked annoyed at his question, “Why? Why?! You had us get lost for a whole night on the way here!” Kooper said.

“What? No I didn’t!” Toad said, now getting annoyed himself.

“Yes, you did!” Kooper argued back, “You didn’t bother checking the map and we got lost in the Everfree Woods! You’re lucky I was able to fend off any monsters in there” Kooper said.

“You somehow got into the Everfree Forest on the way to Canterlot?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Yeah, blame shroomy over here” Kooper said as Toad got annoyed, he then turned to Toad, “I’ll guide us back, at least I will check the map and keep us on the path” Kooper said.

“Very well Kooper, let us prepare for the journey and we shall leave” Luna said before looking to the Mane Six, “You best head back to Ponyville and gather what you need for the trip, it will be quite a journey to the Mushroom Kingdom” she advised.

“Of course” Twilight said before looking at her friends, ”Come on girls” she said as they started to go back to Ponyville to prepare.

“Toad and I will wait for you all by the train station,” Koopa said to them all as the Mane Six left before he and Toad left the Throne Room as well.

Luna turned to her sister, ”I shall get ready myself” Luna said before noticing Celestia’s worried expression, “Do no worry sister, I will be alright, I’ll have Equestria’s greatest heroes protecting me, as well as the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom, we will find the answer to the Blorbs” she said.

“Just please be careful Luna, you know how that brute of a king over there is like when he sets his mind on something” Celestia warned her before Luna nodded and teleported away, Celestia then turned to the administrator, “I still should have gone, my sister would be fine ruling for a few days” Celestia said, still annoyed that she wasn’t allowed to go.

“I’m sorry Princess, but with how long you have been ruling, your subjects are too used to you being the face of the city and country, seeing you missing will cause the citizens to panic, you must remain here while your sister attends the meeting” Silver Buckle said.

Celestia sighed as she looked to the exit of the throne room, “It doesn’t mean I have to like it” Celestia said.

Author's Note:

This is my first story on this website so please no flames, I hope you guys like this crossover, more chapters are on the way