• Published 3rd Mar 2021
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Mario, Luigi and MLP: Bowser's Inside Story and Chrysalis' Journey - XLR8 Fox

When Queen Chrysalis meets King Bowser, they must travel together to stop Fawful from taking what's theirs, Revenge

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Chapter 7: Traveling through the Trash Pit

As the group exit the pipe, they come across more Goombules, once they were defeated, Rarity’s Dress case lighted up before opening to show the Star Menu, but it was showing flag poles being raised with each party members logos on them, Mario’s and Twilights flag poles rose to the top and text appeared, saying


Mario’s stats appeared as they increased with certain numbers and logos, then it changed to show Twilights stats.


Twilights stats rose up as well, showing similar numbers and logos next to them, only replacing the Stache section was Mane, Twilight didn’t know what this meant but decided to wait for later, but she also noticed her rank, with Mario his rank was Mushroom, but her rank was different, it showed to be a symbol of a Earth Pony with the words under it saying Earth Pony Rank.

After battling more Goombules with Spike even joining in, his attacks consisted of the same jumping technique the Mario Bros. used.

[Spike gained 6XP]

After the battle was won and Mario hit a block for some coins, they entered the next room.

As they entered, Mario saw another Emoglobin block, though hesitant to hear the weird speech patterns, he hit it, causing the Emoglobin to form.

“Do mo globins deceive me? Odd to see a traveler about… let alone a group of them!” it said, “You are fortunate, for the paths ahead are uneven-ish and better navigate by teamwork, you are also fortunate that I have wisdom for your globin, hear my wise-ish lecture?”

They agreed, turns out the “Wise-ish lecture” was just about jumping, something they already knew, they moved on to the next room and see a purple pad on the ground with 2 floating blocks above it.

After figuring out the contraption, Mario and Luigi had to jump and punch the blocks when they showed their logos in order to make the platform rise up.

After they got lifted up by the platform, they went into the next area, Starlow observed the area, seeing a lot of junk around.

“Wow, looks like Bowser inhaled all kinds of junk huh?” she said, 2Lets hope some of it turns out to be stuff we can use!” she floats over to a wooden crate with a logo of a hammer on it.

“Maybe in this wooden crate… if we could break it open…” she looked above to see a platform above with a purple activation block above it, she then looks to the group, “Lets try and get to that block, it might help us out” she said, the group agreed as they continued on their path.

They see the bottom path is blocked by so crates, so they leap onto some platforms to go through the top path.

As they enter the next area, they leap over a small pit that had the weird substance in it, however Luigi wasn’t so lucky as he slipped and fell in.

“MARIO!” Luigi cried out in panic, Mario saw his brother sinking in the weird substance and quickly tried to pull him out, “LUIGI!” Mario tried to pull him out, but he got pulled in too, both of them sank into the substance, leaving the group petrified.

However, they hear the two bros come from a orange pipe on the ceiling, they then see the bros fall out of it, completely unharmed.

“M-M-Mario, w-what was that?!” Luigi asked.

“I’m not-a sure Luigi” Mario said, also confused.

Spike chuckled nervously, “Well, at least we know we won’t get hurt if we slip into that stuff” Spike said, Mario and Luigi gave him a deadpan stare before they got up and jumped over the pit again, not falling in again.

As they continued on, Mario noticed a strange block, it had a capital A on it nd it was in four colors, red, green, yellow and blue, deciding to see what happens, Mario punched it.

Coming out of the block was a sort of puzzle piece in the same colors as the block.

[Trash Pit Attack Pieces: You got piece #1]

[Pieces left to find: 9]

Suddenly, a door at the end of the tunnel opened as Starlow observed the piece Mario found.

“Ooh, is that an Attack Piece?!” she asked, “So Bowser swallowed some of those as well…”.

The group looked confused, “Attack Pieces?” they all asked.

“Hm? You don’t know about them? Attack Pieces are fragments that form Special Attacks, if you collect 10 of the Attack Pieces, you’ll be able to use that Special Attack” she explained.

“What do you mean Special Attack?” Spike asked.

“What’s a Special Attack? Well… I’ll tell you later.” Starlows answer caused everyone to anime fall.

“If there’s one Attack Piece here, I’m willing to bet that there are others nearby…” Starlow said, “Lets find them!” she said.

The group agreed and leapt over another pit as Mario hit another Mystery Block, coming out of it was 3 jars of Syrup

[Mario got X 3 Syrup Jars]

They go into the next area and see more platforms and even more Attack Piece blocks, everyone had split up and hit the blocks to collect the Attack Pieces

[Everyone got 8 Trash Pit Attack Pieces]

[Pieces left to find: 1]

They then see another door open and follow to the next area.

They see another door blocked and the final Attack Piece block, Mario jumps up and hits it, getting the last piece

[Trash Pit Attack Pieces: You got piece #10]

[All Trash Pit pieces found!]

[You got a new Special Attack!]

Starlow counted all the pieces they collected, “You got all the Attack Pieces!” the pieces then started to glow before they all smashed into each other, putting themselves together and formed into a picture before the picture created an object.

The object landed in Mario’s hands, it was a green Koopa shell.

“Awesome! Now you can use a Special Attack!” Starlow said before she started to explain, “Special Attacks are powerful offensive battle moves! If you get good at using them, you’ll dominate battles!” before the Dress case opened and it showed a new menu, it shows the green shell with 3sp next to it.

“You can now use Green Shells!” she said, then a red button appeared with the words DEMO below it, “Huh?” Starlow looked at the button, “Hey, check this out! Out of this menu, you can practice your Special Attacks” she said, “You can watch demos, too! Practice and watch all you like!” before she turned to the group.

“You want to watch a quick demo before you try it in battle?” she asked.

The group conversed before agreeing, “Why not, it will be useful for us” Twilight said before she pressed the red button, the menu then changed into a starry area with Mario and Luigi facing a Goombule.

The group watched as Mario pulled out the green shell, the 2 bros proceed to kick the green shell into the Goombule, the shell kept going to the other bro as it hit the enemy.

After watching the demo, they exit the Star menu and the dress case closed, two new enemies appeared, they looked like blue goombules with hard shell like hats on their heads.

“Perfect timing!” Starlow said as everyone took their battle stances, “All right, you guys! Give em’ a taste of that Special Attack!” she said before the creatures attacked.


Oki Doki!

Lets Do this!

I’m ready for battle Darling!

Battle Time!

As the battle begins, Mario decided to follow Starlows command and pulled out the Green Shell, “Green Shell!” he yelled as he aimed at one of the Elite Goombules and kicked it, the Elite Goombule wasn’t prepared for it and got hit, Luigi then kicked the green shell, hitting it again, the bros kept hitting it until it was destroyed, then performed the same thing with the second Elite Goombule, destroying it completely.

[Everyone earned 8 XP]

The door then opened as the battle ended, they entered the next room, which was the platform from the room before Mario saw the purple block and hit it, but nothing happened.

Everyone looked at the block with confusion, before the floor disappeared, everyone fell and broke the crates below, causing 2 hammers to fall out, Mario saw the hammers and showed them to Luigi, they both grabbed them and presented the large hammers in the air.

[Mario and Luigi got Hammers!]

Starlow saw the hammers and examined them, “I bet you break all kinds of things with those hammers!” she said as Mario proceeded to swing his new hammer around to get a feel of it, “You just KNOW that’ll be useful all over the place! Try it out!” she said.

Mario sees the crates that blocked the bottom path from before and decided to use his new hammer to smash the crates to pieces, everyone followed Mario as he smashed the crates, unblocking the path.

They come across a pit, seeing nothing on the bottom that could hurt, Mario and Luigi jumped down, Twilight used her wings to carry her and Rarity down while Starlow let Spike fly down with her.

(This is after Season 6 btw, so no wings for Spike yet)

Mario saw another crate and smashed it with his hammer, what they saw next was a red button like thing in the wall and Applejack and Fluttershy who were knocked out.

“Applejack! Fluttershy!” Rarity said as the group went to the ponies and tried to wake them up.

They both groaned as they opened their eyes and stood up, “Ugh, what in Equestria’s name happened?” Applejack asked as she rubbed her head.

“Believe me darling, this is going to be the craziest thing you ever heard” Rarity said.

“Come on Rarity, it can’t be that bad” Applejack said.

One explanation later

“Ok, that IS the craziest thing I ever heard” Applejack said.

“W-we’re inside that scary monster?!” Fluttershy squeaked as she was scared out of her mind.

As the girls and Spike tried to calm down Fluttershy, Luigi looked at the button.

“Hey Mario, maybe that can help us get outta here!” he said.

Mario looked at the button and shrugged, “Only one way to find-a out Luigi” Mario said before he used his hammer to hit it, suddenly they see a yellow electrical current travel through the wall and above, it opened lard doors that let a strange ball-like egg roll, it fell and crashed into the ground next to the group.

The sudden appearance of the egg made everyone jump, Mario looked at it cautiously, Luigi thought something in it might help them, so he prepared to swing his hammer, Mario saw this and panicked.

“Luigi! Wait!” Mario said but it was too late as Luigi slammed his hammer on it, the egg was destroyed and out came weird green slime like creatures with spike red shells on their backs.

Everyone prepared for battle, except for Fluttershy who hid behind the group.


Oki Doki!

The battle starts as Starlow observed the creatures, “Mario, if you stomp on these things spikes, it’ll hurt, I think a jumping attack is out of the question here” she explained, “instead, what you ought to do is use your hammer” she said.

Mario pulled out his hammer and ran to one of the Spike Blops and swung his hammer, Luigi followed suit before they destroyed it, however another one took its place.

“Mario!” Starlow said as she floated in front of the red plumber, “Same deal on defense! You can’t stomp on the spikes to counterattack! You need to defend with the hammer” she said before one of the Spike Blops tried to attack, Mario defended himself with a hammer swing, hitting it as it retreated to its partner.

Luigi then got an idea as he looked to Spike, “Hey Spike! I got an idea!” Spike went to him as Luigi whispered his idea to him, Spike then nodded, “I can do that” Spike said as Luigi pulled out the green shell, “Green Shell!” Luigi yelled as he set it on the ground, Spike then jumped onto the shell before Luigi kicked it.

As Spike approached the Spike Blop, he blew flames from the side, causing the shell to spin faster as he let a few claw swipes hit the target.

Mario saw the plan and smirked as the shell approached him and he kicked it back, the shell destroyed the first one before it continued hitting the second Spike Blop, Spike did the same technique and spun the shell with his fire and slashed the Spike Blop, it was then destroyed as Spike leapt off the shell and ran back to the group.

[Everyone earned 10 XP]

The battle ended as then the Dress Case opened showing Luigi and Spike leveled up, Spike’s Ranking was shown to be called Hatchling Rank with a Dragon Egg as the logo.

As the battle ended, a pink launch pipe grew from the ground, Mario, Luigi, Applejack and Spike climbed into it before they got shot out and onto the platform above, Twilight used her magic to levitate Rarity up while she and Fluttershy flew up.

As the group continued their trek, they saw more Spike Blops and battled, , these ones showed more of a challenge as they climbed the ceiling to attack, Mario and Luigi however use their hammers to swat them away.

After that battle finished they ventured on, Mario obtained 20 coins from another block and they battled more Spike Blops.

After they used the same combo attack again with Spike on the green shell, they called that combo the Shell Slash.

They traveled more and gained some more syrup jars on the way, they then finally made it to the end of the area as Starlow looked around.

“Looks like we finally made it out of that messed-up area…” she looked around the many tunnels around them, “We may be able to access some other areas of Bowser’s body…” she said as Rarity whined.

“Oh do we have to? I just want to get out of here!” Rarity said, not wanting to spend more time in Bowsers body.

“We have no choice Rarity, we could find the way out if we traveled in here more” Twilight said.

“Your right Princess” Starlow said as she looked at the tunnels, “These tunnels represent places we can probably reach, just follow the paths to get to where we want to go...I wonder if there’s a place where we can get ready for what lies ahead...” Starlow said as she joined the others.

Mario looked at the tunnels available before he picked one of them, “Lets go through here, follow me” he said, nobody disagreed as they followed him.

Author's Note:

[Green Shell added to Special attacks]
[Applejack and Fluttershy rejoin the party]
[New special attack, Shell Slash, added to battle guide]

the Shell Slash was inspired by the baby spin technique from Partners in time, I liked the idea a lot and Spike is the right size for it so I thought, why not? also hope you like the different rankings for the characters

Next time, the heros must find the rest of their remaining friends as well as the Princesses, but will they be able to handle more of the creatures that hide within Bowsers own body?