• Published 8th Oct 2020
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I'm Fine - Lemonshrike Catworthy

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I Know

I walk into her bedroom.
She's been crying.
I can see it.
I hate it.
I hate seeing her cry.
I've never seen her cry like this before.
When she sees me, she looks at me in terror.
But something else is in her eyes too.
I can't tell what it is.
I see the tears.
In her eyes and on her bed.
On her fur.
I hug her.
I hold her tight and don't plan to let go.
I tell her she'll be okay.
She says she's fine.
I know she's lying.
She knows I know.
I know she knows I know.
I see faint scars on her forelegs.
How have I never seen these before?
I hug her tighter.
She starts crying again.
She asks if I know my hug makes her happy.
She asks if I know how much she loves me for helping her.
She flinches.
She didn't mean to say it aloud.
I tell her I do.
I love her too.
I tell her that.
I kiss her head and her eyes.
I take her tears away.
She grabs onto me and hugs tighter.
She cries into me.
I don't mind.
I love her.
I stroke her head.
I love her.
She loves me.
Her eyes shine with happiness.
Her mane bounces back up.
I grin.
The grey fades from her now-pink coat.
I look at her.
She beams back at me.
She looks beautiful.
She looks happy.
She's vulnerable.
I love her.
She's fine.
She's really fine.
She will be fine.
There's still a journey yet.
She's my Super Duper Party Pony.
She's my Pinkie Pie.
She's my light.
She helps me when I need it.
She always has.
Her face shines with pure joy.
She tells me I'm perfect.
I tell her she's perfect.
She starts crying again, happy tears this time.
She asks herself how I love her.
How she's perfect.
I tell her it's because of how genuine she is.
How she loves smiles and laughter.
How they make her entire week.
It's true.
It's who she is.
She looks at her scars.
She tells me she'll never hurt herself again.
I kiss her head again.
I love her for her.
She says she's not merely fine.
I giggle.
I taught her that.
She tells me she feels splendiferously magnificently wondrously insanely perfect.
She says that's what I am.
I laugh and blush lightly.
She's looking better now.
She's grinning.
She says she'll throw a party.
Just for the two of us.
And I hold her as she holds me.

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This was good.

Thanks a bunch.
My first foray into the world of writing fanfiction.
It's quite different to my preferred style, so I'm glad you liked it.

Your welcome

I forget my brain is weird.
By that I simply meant that it was intended to be mysterious.
This story was one that was supposed to be able to be easily edited into something outside of MLP if needed, so I kept details vague.

Some interesting TwiPink stuff here.

Well, I liked it.

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