• Published 1st Mar 2020
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Sonic: Equestria Girls - cornholio4

Sonic ended up in the Equestria Girls earth and befriends Twilight.

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School Zone

Twilight with the hood of her jacket up had gone on the nearest bus to Canterlot High; she got off while ignoring Sonic’s grumbles and remarks about being there. Once getting off Twilight went to the side of the school building quickly to hide. She then opened up the backpack to let Sonic out and he looked like he was gasping for air while having held his nose.

“What do you put in there? It smelled like a bunch of dog farts and don’t ask me how I would know what that smells like.......” Sonic complained letting go of his nose and Twilight giggled; deciding to keep quiet about the fact that she often uses her backpack to sneak Spike into school. He then got out and sighed muttering “okay so I go in and get my Rings and get out; then I go to the nice and safe Mushroom Planet like Longclaw said. Nothing to see, eat or talk to but mushrooms all the time.... I will be all alone.......”

“Do you really want to go? I am sure we can find somewhere else for you to stay or just give it enough time and you can safely go back to your cave. I can come and visit you.” Twilight offered and Sonic shook his head.

“I don’t want to go but I have to; Longclaw said that as long as people know about me then there will be people after my powers. The only way for me to be safe is to keep running and hide all alone... Forever........” Sonic said depressed and Twilight put a hand on his shoulder.

“A safe life of nothing but loneliness doesn’t sound like a good life at all; I keep telling myself that I am alone at school by choice but........ The truth is that all the other students look down on me for just wanting to focus on my studies and not go out for sports and get togethers plus they don’t like i am the top student....... They alienate me and hardly anyone seems like they would want to be my friend....” Twilight told him pushing away a tear and Sonic was silent. Twilight decided to change the subject as she then got out from her backpack two ear pieces with a small microphone attached to them. “This way we can talk to eachother and you can tell me if something goes wrong.” Twilight explained to them and Sonic gave thumbs up as they then put them on.

Twilight went to hide behind a tree as Sonic went through a door for the custodians, he then found a vent and tried to pry it open without much lucky. He then stomped the ground in frustration before realising he was making a sound and so ran up to the top of the lockers, “Okay I am in but I couldn’t get through the vents, looks like I won’t be able to do Die Hard after all.....” Sonic whispered into the ear piece and somehow felt the eye roll that Twilight was giving in response.

He then began crawling across them and found a door labelled lost and found, thinking his rings might be there if they had been found already he then began thinking of a plan. He saw the custodian had put his keys in as if to lock it. He then jumped down and banged on the lockers.

This distracted the custodian long enough for him to rush right through into the room, in the nearest box he found the red bag of rings and then gave a self satisfied smile. The custodian looked inside and so Sonic rushed past him but came across a corridor of stunned silent open mouth students. “Uh....... meow.......” Sonic said weakly putting on his best innocent smile.

“Let me guess, you got caught Sonic......” Twilight’s voice asked him through the ear piece and his silence was all the answer that she needed.

Robotnik was in his personal lab inside his van and was reading Mein Kampf and then noticed Tempest standing there with her arms crossed and giving a raised eyebrow. “Don’t you dare judge me Commander Shadow with your inferior intellect. Even the most horrible people ever were capable of great insight and genius in their own way. The atom bomb’s father; the destroyer of worlds was an adulterist. He was a great genius and his greatest flaw was regret for what his greatest creation had caused.” Robotnik snapped but then saw there was a large energy reading coming from Canterlot High and Tempest scoffed when she saw the location.

“The third time that place has had something like that...... GUN Personnel have put off from researching the phenomenon due to higher matters and we had plans to keep an eye on the school....” Tempest said with a smirk only to get an incredulous look from Robotnik. “Something the matter Doctor?” Tempest asked sighing.

“This school had two phenomenons and you thought you had more pressing matters than that?” Robotnik asked shaking his head and Tempest glared at his direction.

“We had terrorist cells to worry about at the moment.....” Tempest explained but then Robotnik put up a finger to silence him.

“You think that trumps an energy surge coming from a school of all places? That is where your priorities lie? I always underestimate the foolishness of lesser people than me and that pretty much entails everyone else in the world. That is the ultimate curse of being the smartest and most intelligent lifeform on this planet; you have to deal with everyone else’s stupidity.” Robotnik continued on and Tempest was doing her best to keep her anger in check. Robotnik then began pressing buttons and mechanisms on his glove and told her “I have diverted all drones to this school to find the source of this surge; move all GUN forces here to Canterlot High.” Robotnik ordered her and Tempest nodded before leaving.

“I get sent here to investigate an energy surge that knocked out all power in this part of this country and it led me to two different high schools in the same morning.....” Tempest muttered underneath her breath.

Sonic stood there beginning to panic and Fluttershy ran to the front crowd of students with a big smile; Sonic instantly recognised her as the pink haired girl who had saw him before and tried to catch him. “I knew it; I knew the blue creature was real and here is all alone and confused.” Fluttershy said putting on a soft tone of voice as she slowly walked up to Sonic. “There there little one, don’t be afraid...... I can find you a place where you will be safe and well looked after......” Fluttershy said only for Sonic to run past her wanting to get as quickly out of there as possible.

Sonic ran past but unfortunately down the corridor there were soccer students playing with a ball that ended up accidentally hitting Sonic in the face. He lost his balance and crash at a wall while dropping his bag of Rings causing them to scatter. “Sonic, I think you should hurry out of there as........ I see flying robotic drones in the sky and I am pretty sure that I know who they are after......” Twilight’s voice told him and he then panicked as he then began quickly taking a handful of his Rings into his hand but then was sent back as there was at the wall. The students began running away in fear and someone quickly pulled the nearest fire alarm.

The drones locked into Sonic and he then began running to get away from their machine fire, he then ran down the wall in a panick, he then met up with Twilight and saw the drones coming near them. Thinking quickly he then got one of his Rings and then flew it thinking of Twilight’s room. They then jumped through it and the portal disappeared through it before the drones could come through it.

Twilight almost ended up tripping where Spike was lying on the ground and she quickly apologised to him as she then sat the panicked Sonic on her bed. She then went to the door and told him “We will figure out how to deal with this later, in the meantime get some rest and I will get you something to eat.” She opened the door and went through to see Shining looking serious with his arms crossed and Cadance looking excited.

“We didn’t hear you come in through the door and heard a noise coming from your room; don’t think that we don’t know you have someone in there Twilight.” Cadance told her and Twilight gulped as she then began muttering any excuse she could think of. “We wanted to let you have your privacy but we might as well tell you now that we know; I am just so happy that you found a boyfriend.” Cadance said with a beaming smile as Twilight was open mouthed and Sonic just yelled asking what she just said.

“Sorry Twiley but I must meet this boy you have been sneaking into your room during the night.” Shining said forcing himself through the door. Shining and Cadance could now see Sonic lying on the bed and their eyes widened.

“Don’t worry; we are just friends. You don’t have to worry about Twilight having an alien hedgehog as a boyfriend. I don’t know if she is my type or if I have a type at the moment as I never gave much thought to dating......” Sonic said jokingly and both Cadance and Shining both fainted face first onto the floor of Twilight’s room.

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