• Published 1st Mar 2020
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Sonic: Equestria Girls - cornholio4

Sonic ended up in the Equestria Girls earth and befriends Twilight.

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After about half an hour the GUN personnel were at Canterlot High where all the students and staff were being looked over by paramedics and questioned. Robotnik was with Tempest as they both of them were looking up at the hole in the wall left by the Drones. “You did that to a school and put all the students inside in danger? They could have easily been killed!” Tempest told Robotnik sternly and he looked unconcerned about the idea of the students put at risk.

“Would have just been unfortunate collateral; I am sure our representatives can just tell the media that it was an unidentified dangerous creature and we were forced to act. No one was seriously hurt anyway.” Robotnik stated simply but then they were confronted by the furious looking Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna. “Let me guess, you of lesser IQ are here to complain about the damage done to my school and feeling outraged about where your tax dollars are going. I assure you that the most advanced state of the art technology is well worth every penny.” Robotnik told them and they just looked angrier as Tempest sighed.

“Not only did you damage our school and more importantly you put the lives of my staff and especially our students risk with the nerve of wanting to pass their possible deaths as collateral damage. What do you have to say for yourself?” Celestia demanded as Robotnik raised an eyebrow. Tempest shook her head knowing this wasn’t going to go well.

“We are here investigating the possible source of the blackout and a most dangerous life form. Besides I bet it may possibly be your own students that put yourselves at risk.” Robotnik replied and they looked affronted at the accusation. “Come now, this is like the third high energy incident that your school has had in no little time and if there were any competency in government then your school would have been investigated earlier. I will be prepared to take action if I catch the glimpses of evidence saying that a student here is involved; then you will also be held responsible.” Robotnik finished as he then walked off leaving them agitated.

“Sorry about the good Doctor but if it helps then I can say he is no less irritating and hard to deal with around colleagues as well.” Tempest told them straight faced her voice showing she was not entirely happy with the situation herself.

Celestia and Luna gave a smile as Luna said “Thanks anyway and I do understand you all have to look over the incident with this creature even if we are most not pleased that your Doctor has put our students at risk with his flying robots. Still it’s always nice to see a former student Ms Berry.....”

“Commander Tempest Shadow; that is my name now and my title is Commander so I wish to be referred to as such.” Tempest snapped at once with a fierce glare as Luna gave her apologises and Celestia was holding back a laugh.

Sunset, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Rarity were together after being questioned by the GUN soldiers, “Okay Fluttershy, maybe you’re imaginary speedy blue creature wasn’t so imaginary after all. Still, what was that thing?” Rainbow Dash asked scratching her head while Fluttershy was slightly pleased about being vindicated.

“Maybe he was an alien or an escaped science experiment.” Pinkie suggested and they began muttering about Pinkie watching too many movies again. “Perhaps he is a character from a video game escaped to ours.” Pinkie suggested this time and they just sighed.

“I think we know what this creature most likely is, don’t we?” Applejack said speaking up and most of them knew what she was taking about. “This varmint is most likely another magic being from Equestria, just like the Dazzlings.” Applejack said and there were mutterings of agreement.

“Well I never saw anything like that in Equestria or read about but then again Equestria is home to a lot of strange creatures. Especially from what I read resides in what we call the Everfree Forest.” Sunset said with a shrug as she got out her journal from her backpack used to communicate with Princess Twilight. “I will write to Twilight and tell her about it, it would probably be best if we get her help in tracking down this creature ourselves.” Sunset said as she started writing.

“Wonder why the thing was after these little things anyway? I know fashion and good taste and while the gold is a nice touch, they are nothing special.” Rarity asked looking over the red bag with the rings that Fluttershy had collected from the ground after the creature jumped out; before she had left.

“Hope the poor fellow is alright, all scared and now there are scary looking soldiers and robots after him.” Fluttershy said concerned and Sunset put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“It will be for his safety and everyone else’s if we find him and then Twilight can take him back to Equestria. We would have to be careful with these GUN people around with their robots.” Sunset said and they looked on in agreement.

“No kidding; things were tense enough when it was just high school drama with magic involved that had a big climax in the end but now it feels like we are in a Sci-Fi movie where the government and military after some strange life form.” Dash commented and everyone felt amused by her comment.

Robotnik was now in the lab in his van looking over his computer; from the screen he was playing the memory in his drones’ built in cameras for him to witness; he was taken aback when he saw the footage of what appeared to be a blue hedgehog moving at super speed. “Dr Robotnik sir, the students that witnessed the creature said it was a blue hedgehog moving at super speed that looked like this.....” One of the GUN Soldiers said showing him a crude drawing of the creature. “I see that you already know......” He muttered and Robotnik shook his head at how slow they worked especially compared to someone like him.

One of the other GUN Soldiers gave him a blue quill and told him “We found this among the grass outside the hole in the wall sir.” Robotnik then put the quill in his analyser as he then continued playing the footage. He was taken aback to see the creature take a girl as the creature tossed something into the air that turned into a portal he disappeared to. After freezing and looking through the frames he paused at the best look of the girl’s face.

He then had the computer look for a match out of all teenagers in the city, any lesser person would have only gone for the Canterlot High students but he was not a lesser man. He Saw his data analysis of the quill showed the power inside went beyond limitless. A smirk formed on his face as he thought about what to do.

Then his computer told him there was a match found and he looked and saw the profile of Twilight Sparkle. He then called in Tempest and she gave a salute, Robotnik then rewound the footage to show the Rings dropping to the ground. “When you’re men looked where the hole was from the inside; did they find these rings?” Robotnik asked and she shook her head. “Question all the staff and students, find out who has them and retrieve them. I am going to go catch our life form at the main suspect’s home.” Robotnik ordered and she nodded before leaving.

Twilight had explained what had happened to Cadance and Shining, once they had gotten back up and caught their senses that is. “So let me get this straight; Sonic here is an alien you found that accidentally caused the black out. He has super speed and you were helping him find his magic Rings that create portals to wherever you want to go? On top of the fact that he had been spying on us for who knows how long?” Shining asked with his hands to his head wanting to wake up at any moment.

“I know that it sounds kind of crazy but you are the guy who has the name that sounds like he should be some sort of knight in a fantasy kingdom.” Sonic joked with Twilight and Cadance giggling and Shining trying his best not to show how amused he was by Sonic’s joke.

“Okay, okay but you do realises that accident or not you had caused a blackout and it was a miracle that you didn’t cause a death or serious injury. There are GUN here and they are bad news, not someone to mess with. They would know he is here in Canterlot now and I don’t doubt that they won’t stop until they find him.” Shining stated and everyone was shocked by what he was implying.

“Shining, you are not suggesting that we hand him over? Who knows what they would do to him and he means no harm, he just wants to stay safe.” Twilight said with a strong glare to her brother and he looked uneasy especially as Cadance was sharing the glare.

“He needs our help Shining and do you really think GUN getting their hands on him will turn anything good? Not only would be a science experiment to them but who knows what could happen if his Powers fall into the wrong hands.” Cadance chided him as Sonic was now on his knees begging.

“Yes listen to your wife Police Guy as the last people after me and my powers didn’t have any good intentions at all! I have no one else to turn to for help; please!!!!” Sonic begged and Shining sighed as he gave a small smile.

“I guess that as a cop, I shouldn’t turn down someone who truly does need my help, it’s not that he is a dangerous criminal or terrorist or something.” Shining said with them smiling before hearing the front door being knocked which Spike started barking at. They looked out and saw Robotnik’s van there.

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