• Published 1st Mar 2020
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Sonic: Equestria Girls - cornholio4

Sonic ended up in the Equestria Girls earth and befriends Twilight.

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Classes Cancelled

Shining Armor was with the fellow CPD police officers early that morning in the baseball pitch of his alma mater Crystal Prep; just about all the lights and the fence around it was destroyed by whatever had caused the blackout. He had hardly any sleep as it seemed the entire CPD had been up all night ever since this blackout.

He had a ray of nostalgia thinking of himself as a student playing ball before looking towards his fellow officers as they were finishing sanctioning the area off with yellow police tape. He joined his wife Cadance and the school principal Abacus Cinch who looked furious and demanded “Shining Armor, I must know when the baseball pitch will be up and ready again. Crystal Prep has a reputation to ahold and we will need to get our baseball team’s practice schedule proceeding as normal!”

Principal Cinch was prioritising how it affects it school than the mere fact in the area; there could be something that set off the power surge that caused the black out. “Principal Cinch; with all due respect we have investigations that need to be done before we can allow repairs to be started........” Shining replied but they and everyone noticed the trucks pouring into the green grass. Cinch was looking furious but Cadance and Shining blinked with fear building up as they noticed the GUN logos on them.

Tempest walked out along with several other soldiers in dark blue military uniforms; “Captain Armor, I read that the CPD have put you in charge of investigating the power surge from here?” Tempest asked getting closer and Shining nodded with him agitated asking who they were. Tempest flashed her badge with the color draining from Cadance and Shining’s faces when they saw the GUN logo on the badge. “Commander Tempest Shadow of Guardian Unit of Nations and I am here with my boys to take over this investigation. Your welcome for taking some of the pressure off from you and I am sure Dr Robotnik can take it from here.” Tempest stated with Dr Robotnik walking out of his own personal truck.

Cinch glared as Shining and Cadance began whispering about what it means that GUN was here. They heard about the reputation of this military government organisation that had support, resources and authorisation from other countries in the world and were able to operate with special privileges about normal military. They had heard about in another town about how a computer specialist had managed to hack into a government satellite; GUN paid the man a visit and the man was never heard from again. Especially since all traces and evidence of the man even existing seemed to have vanished.

“Well if it isn’t Ivo Robotnik.” Cinch stated once Robotnik got close to them but he pulled up a finger.

“That’s Dr Ivo Robotnik; I have a dozen PHDs now and I would like that to be acknowledged. Nice to meet the science teacher who belittled my disinterest in physical activities and would threaten detention if she caught me complaining about her old star students. Especially the one bully who punched me and yet you wanted him to be moulded into a future sports star; you tried to blame me for what happened to him but couldn’t prove it. How is it working out for you?” Robotnik asked but Cinch scoffed.

“You had a brilliant mind Ivo but you let it get to your head it seems; thinking you can mouth off to me. Plus letting yourself go by the way; I don’t care what government lapdog position you have now but remember that I am the Principal of the most prestigious academy in the country. I want you and your government goons to make sure you get this done as quickly as possible without hampering the education of my students. Do I make myself clear........” Cinch spoke to him walking up and gave a shrug that caused Robotnik to signal to the soldiers.

Cinch was taken aback as the Gun soldiers grabbed her hands and she protested with demands to unhand her as she was cuffed behind her back. “Principal of ‘the most prestigious academy in the country’ and yet she was dumb enough to think that she could threaten a government employee in the middle of an investigation without consequences? Perhaps a few days in custody will change her tone. Don’t take her to the fans immediately; bring it to the street and then take her in it: try and get enough people to witness for word to spread around. Her reputation being taken a hit due to being arrested should humble her a bit.” Robotnik told the soldiers as they proceeded to carry out the instructions.

Shining was open mouthed but Cadance was holding back laughter seeing a still protesting Cinch being dragged to the entrance where a Van was driving up. Robotnik then activated buttons on his glove and out from Robotnik’s van were several egg shaped silver, black and grey drones that began scanning the immediately area with dark blue lights.

They were amazed and Cadance asked Tempest and Robotnik; “sorry Commander Shadow and Dr Robotnik sirs but how will this impact our classes today? I think the students will be distracted if they see flying robots about.” Cadance asked as Robotnik looked at her and asked who she was. “Mi Amore Cadenza but everyone calls me Cadance. I’m the Dean here at Crystal Prep”. Cadance introduced and Robotnik should his head.

“Well Dean ‘Mi Amore Cadenza But Calls Me Cadance’; this is a delicate operation that can’t be done with brats around. I do realise that it will be last minute to call all the parents but the classes here will have to be cancelled until further notice as we have a possible terrorist plot here. If you have any complaints then please write it down and place it in the new complaints department here.” Robotnik said pointing to a nearby dumpster.

Cadance nodded and told Shining that she would have call all the parents and then they would have to let Twilight know. Shining joke that Twilight would love to study Robotnik’s robots and Cadance agreed.

Twilight had woken up and changed into her school uniform after kicking Sonic out and then invited him in; “Okay here is the plan; you can hide in my backpack and you just have to wait until after school then I will take you to Canterlot High so you can get your Rings.” Twilight told him and he looked very unhappy about it. “Does that not work for you mister?” Twilight asked crossing her arms and Sonic shook his head vigorously.

“Of course not! I can’t spend who knows how long in a backpack and the longer we wait the longer someone else could find my Rings and take them for themselves! Not only would that inconvenience me but who knows what would happen if a normal human messes about with a power that they can’t understand!” Sonic replied and they heard knocking and Twilight quickly motioned Sonic to hide under her breath.

Twilight shouted for them to come in and there was Shining Armor there with a smile; “Guess you wasted time changing into your uniform Twiley; your school will be closed for the foreseeable future. There are people who will be investigating the blackout last night for the time being and they have sanctioned off the entire school premises.” Shining told her and he was surprised to see how well she was taking it.

“How long do I have to stay down here? There is a dust bunny here and I am pretty sure that it wants to fight my nose!” Sonic complained from underneath Twilight’s bed as Twilight gave a straight face to Shining’s eye widening suspiciously.

“Just been practicing my ventriloquism and I think I have been doing a good job. Thanks for telling me Shining. This means I can go out right now.” Twilight said with a smile shooing Shining out with him being taken aback as she shut the door. Sonic gasped as Twilight pulled him out and told him “okay this means that we can go now but please try and not draw attention to yourself as the school will be full of the students and staff. Plus please be quiet when you are in my backpack.” Twilight told him and he gave a salute.

“Don’t worry; I will be stealthy when I got through the vents! It will be like Die Hard in a school!” Sonic said striking an action pose making Twilight giggle. She then put him into the bag as she walked out and said goodbye to Shining and Cadance. “This is worst than under the bed and this is so cramped!” Sonic complained as Twilight gave the best fake smile to the direction of Shining and Cadance from the living room as she said she was going out and bye.

Outside Canterlot High Sunset Shimmer met with her friends Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rarity as she asked “so did anyone else notice the surge that caused that blackout from last night? The news said that it had even gone beyond Canterlot itself. I sure felt it when it woke me up from my sleep.” The five friends all shared a look and gave a nod knowing what she meant.

“No kidding as it affected all my beautify appliances and woke me up from my beauty sleep; it might be some time before I can use them again so I better not need a makeover in the near future.” Rarity complained not looking pleased.

“I was up on my Soccer Ultimate Star Champion’s Edition online and I totally would have scored the goal that won the tournament I was in if it wasn’t for that stupid blackout!” Rainbow Dash ranted looking very angry and her arms crossed.

“The power surge pretty much woke up all animals at the farm; took an hour to clam them all down before we could all get back to bed.” Applejack explained looking like she had lost quite a bit of sleep due to what happened.

“I was babysitting the Cake Twins and I was in the middle of making the best midnight snack ever before the blackout ruined everything! All that delicious treats never had a chance to be enjoyed and they were all ruined!” Pinkie said looking like she was about to cry.

“Well I got woken up but my parents put the backup power on; I spent the time going over my plans to find the blue creature.” Fluttershy said and practically everyone rolled their eyes as for some time now Fluttershy had been claiming that she had spotted a blue creature around the city but would get away at super speed before she could get a closer look.

“Are you sure this creature is not just in your head Fluttershy? I am pretty sure if there was some sort of super fast small blue Bigfoot than anyone else would have noticed it.” Rainbow Dash asked and the sentiment was shared by the rest of the group.

“I am certain that the poor thing is just lost, confused an so very shy. Once I am able to find him then I will be able to find him a good home where he will be taken care of.” Fluttershy replied and the group gave a look that said they were just humouring her.

Shining and Cadance were in the living room of the Sparkle house; they were looking at eachother with raised eyebrows as Cadance decided to break the silence. “Hasn’t Twilight been acting weird since yesterday? When she got home last night I thought I heard her talking to someone in her room.” Cadance told Shining and his eyes widening.

“I just heard a boy’s voice from her room and the voice came from her bed but she passed it off as ventriloquism as she pushed me out of her room.....” Shining explained and their eyes widening as if getting a realisation. “You don’t suppose that Twilight had a boy brought over and is trying to hide him from us?” Shining asked his older brother instincts kicking in about the idea of Twilight and a boy which stayed over in her room.

Cadance looked excited as she squealed “Twilight’s growing up and she must have decided to go out with him on a date right now! You think we should talk about it with her later if we catch them in the act?” Shining nodded as he now wanted to find and talk to this boy himself.

Author's Note:

Who doesn't love comedic misunderstandings?

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