• Published 1st Mar 2020
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Sonic: Equestria Girls - cornholio4

Sonic ended up in the Equestria Girls earth and befriends Twilight.

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Robotnik had decided to aim a shot at a street with busy people in there; Sonic panicked as he pushed them away and was caught by the shot. The Sparkles were furious at this and went to make sure Sonic was alright as the people were confused but saw that the blue creature had just saved them. The Sparkles helped him up but looked up at Robotnik while going into a protective circle. Some passerbys decided to join in on a mob thinking the creature might be some sort of hero since he was trying to save people from this maniac in a machine.

“This is why I prefer machines over to people; they do what they are told and if something is wrong there are ways to fix them but not so with humans. Why would you put your life in danger just to protect some rodent who doesn’t belong here on this planet?” Robotnik asked shaking his head as Twilight stepped forward with Spike growling up at him.

“Sonic is a more pure soul than you will ever be Robotnik; he has more humanity than you will ever have. You know what; I feel sorry for you since you are content to think yourself above humans and be a total jerk about it. I would rather be like Sonic than you any day; you thinking that it’s a good thing to have a higher IQ and makes you above humanity and that actually makes you the dumbest person here!” Twilight shouted right at him and this made Robotnik furious.

Then there was clapping and they turned around and saw Tempest with the GUN Soldiers who had arrived just in time to watch Sonic take a hit to help people.

“After what your stupid brother did before he left and your comments now; I will make you pay! I will track down all of your family, friends and anyone else that you even have the slightest bit of fondness towards or is the slightest bit nice of you.... Then I will kill them all in retribution for this, no one will think to go up against me....” Robotnik snapped but then there was a dark blue light from within the protective circle causing them to get out of the way.

Drawing in power including from the quill powering the Robotnik Mobile was Sonic who was standing up with fury in his eyes and his quills radiating dark blue electric power. Robotnik panicked when he saw that his Robotnik Mobile was losing power at an alarming rate.

Twilight with Spike got back along with Shining, Cadance and the rest of the crowd. One of the GUN Soldiers asked Tempest for orders and while smirking she replied “just stand back and enjoy the show Lieutenant.”

A Canterlot student who went by DJ Pon-3 and had managed to get close enough thought that this scene needed fight music. So using her boombox she then played a song at full blast.

“No more running now that I have friends that I care about, I had been using my powers to run practically all my life and now i use it to protect my friends!” Sonic shouted as he then jumped up and becoming a ball launched him at the Robotnik Mobile about 7 times causing it to become heavily damaged. Robotnik was remaining defiant but Twilight got an idea and rant to Sonic to shout something.

“Hey Sonic, you think that Robotnik likes mushrooms?” Twilight shouted and Sonic smirked as he then threw a Ring right behind the Robotnik Mobile causing a portal to open up to the Mushroom Planet. With one final attack he then sent the Robotnik Mobile back through the portal as it closed up.

The Sparkle family cheered as they then engulfed Sonic into a hug; “Okay guys, now that the show is over let’s get to work. Here is what happened; the blackout was caused by one of Robotnik’s robots and he went rogue to catch it causing all sorts of property damage. That is what happened and offer what you much to make sure that no witnesses contradicts the story. I don’t think anyone at the Pentagon or in the President’s cabinet will care when they learn that we don’t have to deal with Robotnik anymore.” Tempest ordered her soldiers taking charge of the situation. She looked to Sonic and the Sparkles and said “I think we need to have a talk....”

A month had passed and things were almost fixed at Crystal Prep with the students still off; Cinch was meeting with Cadance as she was ranting about her treatment while in GUN custody. “Can you believe it and when I complain about my treatment to the complaints department; I was told Ivo doesn’t and never has worked with them! The nerve of them and now I have the indignity of word getting around that I was seen being arrested by them!” She was snapping as she got to the office. “So when can we have the basketball team ready for the next big game in the league?” Cinch asked and Cadance looked at her nervously.

“Actually, I already talked with the school board and they decided that we have to postpone all sports teams and competitions, we might be able to do the Friendship Games judging by if Canterlot High is operation by then but we have had to forfeit our place in the baseball league....” Cadance explained and Cinch had her mouth wide open.

“You are not serious........ I am talking to the board about this, we have to play as I have already made preparations for the victory party and the very expensive company doesn’t give refunds for the deposits.........” Cinch was ranting while Cadance just sighed.

The 7 of them had arrived too late to witness the end of what happened between the blue creature and the man in the flying contraption which Twilight was most interested in. The GUN personnel was keeping them back and they couldn’t see the blue creature anywhere. They did see people lining up including DJ Pon-3 in order to be told something by the GUN personnel and then given cheques. Probably a bribe in order to keep with whatever cover story they were cooking up.

With no other option they had to disperse and were sent home along with the other Canterlot High students, however in her jacket pocket Rarity still had some of the golden Rings and Twilight was taking them back to Equestria for study with them promising to update her when they had another lead on the blue creature’s whereabouts. Hopefully she will find something about him or the Rings soon.

Pinkie was muttering about them just being background people in whatever this story was. The 7 of them went to the wall the next day after the whole mess and they had spotted DJ Pon-3 in the music store buying some new expensive equipment. They knew very well instantly where that money had came from. Rainbow Dash was feeling jealous that she was not bribed by government personnel for silence after the previous magical encounters.

Now they just had to wait for updates.........

the Sparkle house was fixed with repairs thanks to help from GUN Personnel, Twilight was covering Sonic’s eyes as she had led him into a spare guest room in the house. She had let go and he was stunned with excitement as he saw it was turned into a bedroom just for him with a race car bed and all the stuff he had from his cave. There was other new stuff and there was even the old washing machine and she had worked on it to turn it into a functional exercise machine.

Sonic gave her a tight hug and she returned it, “So big sis, do you want me to help you with that study of that other school that I saw in your room?” Sonic asked and she shook her head.

“I will go back to that some other time, can’t believe I am saying that but there is plenty of time to study whatever strange thing is happening at that school but for now.......... I think I just want to recover from my last adventure.” Twilight said and they heard the door being knocked and then Cadance and Shining calling them both down.

They went down and were stunned to see Tempest standing there in more casual stuff and holding a cage which had Grubber in it. “There was no way that GUN and the government was going to let you have Sonic stay with you without someone being kept an eye on you. Consider me your new next door neighbour.” Tempest told them as she was invited in. “Thanks for all your help and cooperation; I have a little present to say thanks.” Tempest told them giving them a parcel and the Sparkles excitedly opened it.

They blinked when they saw that it was an early copy of the upcoming Tirek’s Revenge game, “Cashed in a few favours and please don’t let this get out but the GUN Director Discord and the President Johnson give their own thanks as well.” Tempest told them and was amused by how much glee Twilight and Sonic was giving the game box.

“Thank you for all the help but I must say; given GUN’s reputation I would not have believed how nice you all are being to us.” Shining commented and Tempest just laughed.

“I guess you can say that I have a fondness for hedgehogs.” Tempest told them and Shining and Cadance invited them to the karaoke night they had that night. Soon it was Sonic’s turn and he found the perfect song to sing in the list:

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